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So I did one Talk about the quad that we have on campus. We have a couple of different hang on places. The main one is the machine. Brevard College is not a class in dorm Austin. And on what? You're both freshmen dorms. I told you guys about there's a walkway in a one sided, just a huge place, just huge. A little field, I guess of grass on. We have a whole bunch of different stuff that goes on there. There's on table in events that go on there during rush week for fraternities or sororities. Um, and then there's also a lot of table ing for clubs and essentially what it is. You just go up to the table that you know what the club's about, you confined up If you want to be a part of it, there's a whole bunch of stuff that goes on there to raise money for the school. We do have where you come like pie. A professor like, pious, certain frak eye of a certain returned. You sort of think so. There's like a whole bunch of different stuff always going on on that side. Uh, the other side is just tables of some umbrellas. That's where a lot of people like, you know, just hang out there. Tio, eat study. It's also a really nice place to hang out in between classes. I know sometimes I try to give my classes like back to back. So I have a ten to eleven fifty and then in twelve to two fifty, etcetera, and sometimes I'll get out of class early, But it's not really enough to go back to my apartment. Uh, so But it's too. There's too much time to just like, walk to my next class, so it's a nice place just to hang out. If you have some extra time in between classes to take a phone, colleges hang out whatever. I'm also kind of like off to the side of the quad is the Greek garden. Each rock represents. One of the fraternities are stories that we have on campus right now. We have twenty two, I believe. But we do try to add a new fraternity or sorority every year or every other year, I would say as faras Greek life climate goes here. Um, it can be a huge thing and could also not be. I know at some schools, it's kind of like you feel like you're forced to rush and you're forced to join a sorority or fraternity. But it's not like that here. Obviously, if it's something you want to join, it is most definitely an option for you. A lot of my friends or party authorities. Yes, I absolutely love it. Um, and it's not just social sororities we do have been this business. Sorority is, uh, degrees, specific fraternities and stuff like that. So there's definitely a bunch of different options for you. But it is not something I never felt like. I was pressured to join it or is pressured to do it. People don't look at me rude when I say I'm not in a sorority or anything like that. That sounds a little bit about it. A little mini quad on campus. We do have other hangout areas, like behind Starbucks. We have one. We can't have one of each door in place like there's one behind more Sani one. Here in Palm, there's little hangout place, so there are different places to hang out. But I would say that's the main on just because it is so central to Well, I'm walking over to the stadium. I'll tell you a little bit about the sports culture here at UT. Um, and honestly, there isn't much of one. Our basketball team is pretty popular. Andi have events that go on with that Sometimes we do not have a football team. Um, our soccer team is pretty popular, too. Um, but honestly, if you're looking for a big sports culture, beauty is not the place. So towards the outskirts, we got this field. It was a trap. For sake. I have done. Stress. Over here. We have the Martinez Athletic Center, which is where we have all our volleyball in basket recreation. Scream for me. First year student at us. Here for mint human use. Lots of Oh, I just want to say folks like college describe the student client student. It's a relatively smaller school, so it's not hard to make friends kind of knowing a lot of kids, mainly French. What building I'm in with one of the things you see Prince, Three clubs. You everything right? Okay. What clubs are you involved in on campus? Part of the successful, which is over. Agnes, especially Navigator. College. Wait women's club like first year girls team get it. I also find a colored every meal. Make it pros and cons of this school beyond. Really? That's my teacher. Stupid ass. Do it, John Doors. As you can be involved in something that you can. Richmond it makes life here so much just being like do it. Kids. Some of the kids here, most of it. No up right stuck up yet? Just like I found my niche. I don't feel judged by anyone here Pro. We do for fun here? University. I'll go through my okay Monday through Wednesday. We like Go to class, get our stuff done. There's games and interview games. Go watching real games season and attractive for club Thursdays. Club Friday is kind of. Saturdays on Sundays. Bye. You really give advice to your high school senior pass itself? No. I got here. All right, look. Hey, guys. So next I'm gonna be talking to you about sports culture show you are one stadium, what it looks like on and talk about what sports has to do and what that looks like on my campus. So sports is not a huge thing. At my school, we actually got rid of our football team. Um, well, yeah, we did. So all the sports we have on campus are and C w division to, with the exception of beach volleyball, which is division one, I would say the most popular sports on campus are volleyball across and soccer. That is where we get the most amount, the most volume of students coming in. Um, I wouldn't say that Our our school spirit doesn't really come in sports. That's not where we really get our school spirit. Like, you know, you like my friend goes to the Big Ten school and it's like, you know, at the football game is just like everyone is just, like, so, like like about their school. And we don't really have that sort of environment here. But we are all really proud to be here, all really passionate about her school and I think our school spirit comes in more with her academics. There are a lot of sporting events that do happen. It's like Friday nights just issue soccer game going on that some students will go to position, not huge volume that you can get at these games. But they're so really fun to go to, have gone to couple, and I really enjoyed it with my friends. Um, if playing sports professionally isn't really what you're looking at doing, we do also have intramural sports. So I didn't care about about last year on essentially what it was like my friends and I like, you know, we met up like once a week we competed with, like, some other people on campus. And it's just really fun, really low key, A really good way to de stress from homework and studying and stuff like that. Yes, that's that's kind of going on. This faras a sports goes not a huge thing, but if it's still something that you want to be involved in, that there's definitely enough of it for you to The guy's. So I'm gonna be talking to you about my favorite on and off campus places. Um, being in the heart of downtown, there's definitely always a lot going on. So a couple of my favorite places on campus, the first one is the meditation garden. Um, it is right behind the Sykes Chapel. So our sex chapel really beautiful, really open, really room. He looks really nice inside, just like, really aesthetically pleasing. It's a very calming place to spend time in. We are non denominational, so we don't affiliate with any religion. But behind the Sykes Chapel is Thie Meditation Garden. It's kind of it's weird because even though there's a lot of traffic that goes through, like right by the meditation garden, not a lot of people know about it. Not a lot of people spend time there. Um, it's just a really it's a really beautiful, quiet place to hang out, lit up really nicely. There's a lot of plants. Just kind of feels like you're, like, enveloped in nature, which is really nice. So I do like to go there, studies sometimes if I just need to be alone with my thoughts and just kind of need a minute to hang out there. Um, I really do enjoy that place. Another cool place. It is a food option on campus. It is wrath scholars. It is a sub shop out if you guys have heard of it. But ours is kind of like stored, like underneath Plant Hall s O. I remember my first day of school and, like, Well, that's kind of sketchy like, What is that like? That's where the weird. So it's really cool place there are like places to sit. So obviously you could, like, sit and dying there if you want, or I go there to study. Sometimes they're like little cubbies, kind of in the walls that you can use to study, which is really nice. So now off campus, I want to talk about some of my favorite places in the first one is Oxford Exchange, which it's like this really bujji really nice restaurant. There's also a tea bar. There's a coffee bar. Really, really good coffee. They serve. Um, there is like a like a glass frame shop. There's a bookstore. There's just a miscellaneous little like gift shop with, like, candles and like books about like different kinds of ruse, say and designers and stuff like that. So it's a really nice place that's like where all the girls that's like, where they dress up to go out to brunch should get their memo says. I, like, treat myself or if, like my family's coming to visit like I always want to go there. It's probably my most favorite place here in Tampa. They also have really, really super good food. It's so good and it's not super expensive. So I I love I go. There is often as I can. The other place I want to talk to you about was Thie. Riverwalk. The Riverwalk is really nice. It like, obviously, it's a little sidewalk that goes along the river in downtown Tampa. They're some really nice restaurants that are on the river walk. It's lit up at night with a bunch of different colors. It's really pretty. There's a coliseum there that people go to hang out at, um, and it's like right in the middle of downtown. It's like right off the river and then behind it is like the business district, and that's where a lot of restaurants are and stuff. So there was a lot of traffic that goes on there over on the river walk in the Hickson Park. I don't know how often I know it's on Sundays that they do have, like yoga. Um, in the park and there are, like a whole bunch, like really big steps. And you put yoga mat Donny, do yoga on It's really fun. They're like a couple hundred people and show up for it I've seen before. Well, there's also thanks in park there. There's a lot. There's always events going on there, and they're usually free and like, it's like a two minute walk from campus. So, um, that's usually where we're spending a lot of our time because, you know, we can't spend a whole bunch of money all the time. And it's it's nice just to get off campus and to do something new and like keep things fresh, especially because you can get caught in such abrupt with studying. So it's nice that there's always something going on for us to be able to take a break from and go to. Yeah, so those were some of your favorite on and off campus places to go and hang out. So I'm going to talk to guys about Plate Hall and the psych school of business. So play Hall is kind of like the image of what UT is. It's what you see when you go on the website. It's what town are logo's stuff like that? So plain hall. As you could see, it kind of just looks like a huge castle. It was originally built in the late eighteen hundreds. It was a hotel. When I was first built, we've had like Teddy Roosevelt. We've had the Queen of England's day there, Babe Ruth. A whole bunch of really famous historical figures have stayed there. In the nineteen thirties. It turned into the University of Tampa. Originally the school's boat. That's where, like everything less that's for like the students went to class. It's where they slept. It's where they ate campuses. Definitely. You know, we've changed since then. We've definitely grown eso. Now there is whole bunch difference of going on. There are a lot of the important offices air. They're like Mercer's office, registrar's office, study abroad, office. Everything like that. Is there a lot of professors? Offices are there, but we also have a whole science wing, so some of your labs will be in their science. Lectures will also be in there. I had like my philosophy of religion class in there, my intro journalism class. And there's a hunch, a bunch of miscellaneous classes. So you'll definitely have at least a couple classes and plant hell for at least some of your academic career. The other building I want to talk to you guys about is these six school of Business s O. Obviously your business major. That's where the majority of your classes will be. I've only had one or two of my communication major classes there's. So there are some miscellaneous classes that are housed in there as well. It didn't really have much of an impact on my academic career. I just really love the building. I think it's so beautiful. I think it's a really cool building. There's a whole bunch of unique stuff in there. We do have a flag room that goes up a couple floors in the sex building, essentially what the flag room is. It's like each flag you see represents five seasons from that country who have graduated from you tea and we have over one hundred thirty flags, so there's definitely a bunch of diversity or school. It's like sixties, sixty students are out of state, twenty are in state and twenty percent are international. So you get just I'm always meeting new people always like getting to know like different cultures and stuff like that, which is super super awesome. The psych school business. We also have a really awesome program for an upper level finance class and essentially what it is. It's like, really, it's it's confusing. It's like you see its whole bunch of computers, whole bunch TV monitors with a bunch of numbers. I don't know what they mean, but essentially what happens is every semester we get donated a sum of money, and the students in that class got to use that really money. Put it into the rial stock market, and it's really exciting. Um, so obviously, if you make money, it goes back into the program. If you lose money, nothing happens to you like it's just It's a really awesome example of the real world experience that we have here on campus. I'm currently heading to the gym. It's about ten thirty ish. The gym closes Monday through Thursday at midnight, and since it does close at midnight, I prefer to go at night just because I'm not a morning person, so it's very convenient for me. That's why Stark out and that's where I'm going. And my is here, too. So this is our fitness and recreation center. It's two stories tall, and it's brand new. It just opened a few months ago, right outside of the fitness center. There are basketball. These are usually weigh more busy than the gym. So even at ten thirty at night, there's still people out playing. Here's the first floor. It's all It's currently ten thirty, which is when I usually come, but my one usually come to the gym. Coming. It's usually empty, always not like empty, but like pretty like there's no one really around. That's the other side. There's two sides cardio and the the check in desk in the middle of separating about treadmills, ellipticals fight. Is one of the classrooms. They do offer a lot of classes. Yeah, but not him. This is a lounge they have back here. UT offers a lot of different classes. They do zumba and cycling. Cycling. What else? Yoga. They body like all different levels. Cardio. Yes, they do offer a Thursday early morning sunrise yoga class, which I've tried to make it to like. Like, also all semester, basically. And I haven't made a single one. It's at seven a. M. And I try every Thursday to get up and get going. And I always miss it. They have Monday meditation. Oh, yeah, Not here, though. They haven't traveled. Now I'm going upstairs. This is the second floor. Has lots of options for strength. Lots of dudes appear functional training spot. It's like CrossFit type stuff to move. Here is a psycho class rhyme, lots of bites. I'm thinking that a lot of kids in there I have not been to a psych class, but they sound so in case you forgot to mention, you have to swipe in to enter. It opens every day at six thirty, except on weekends. It opens at nine, and that's So now I'm gonna show you some important landmarks on campus. Here's the change. This is the main part of the chapel. I can't go in there right now. Thirty Oregon. What's a seeding? There's always a little concert to hear. Religious events aren't normally held in here, but it is used weekly for music events. Okay, we're currently in the hallway of the chapel behind me. It's a meditation, and down here there's another one. I have a meeting Morning news. Behind the chapel. We have a little sand garden. Humans consider. So something unique about UT is that we have a pool that's open toe, all students. So during the day, the swim team also practices. But almost every day there's a tonic AIDS out. Tanning, huh? And hanging out the pool. There are lots of music, usually lots of kids out. Actually, today's kind of cloudy, so there's a lot less kids, But on the weekend, there's a time. Cabanas, which are really nice. There's a small team practicing. So even though you t is an older school, there is constantly construction going on and brand new things opening, like our riverside center, which I'm heading toward right now. Um, the only thing open there right now, it's the mailroom, and I'm actually going to get a package. So I thought I'd show you guys around. Um, that's actually one of the parts of beauty that I think it's really cool that we always have new things building. We just got a new fitness center. We just got a new health sciences building. Um, it just really awesome that you choose always growing and expanding. Before five PM, usually people handing. So the new technology in this room's really awesome mutual section has a touch screen. Suppose pick a parcel. Then they email you on two different codes. One's a pickup code and one is a confirmation. And once you take that in one of these little boxes pops open. Your package is in there. I'm currently heading to my writing class, which is in the johns like school of business. So I'm gonna give you get two around, so it's a little dark out. But here it is. This is one of my favorite buildings on campus because I think it looks like it's straight out of a northern school. The trees on architectures. Jones. So this is your bobby when you first walk in. So the first four, sort of mystical and in the middle is its leader. And then right or left side. So we're gonna put on the work. This is the hallway on the right. There's a break and then this is a classroom. And this is actually a finance classroom. They have a stock ticker appear, and usually during the day. The windows are open, but they're not. It's like a computer lab set up, so it's a long time, Peters projectors the nurses. It's a building, gives an elevator. So this hallway is lined with classrooms. There's a computer lab in this home. So this is one of the classrooms at the end of the hall. I'm in the business school. This is actually where I have my writing class. There's a spot for the teacher to stand right here and lecture if they want to. There's a projector, rolling chairs. This is actually a pretty nice classroom at school. Most of the classrooms in the business school are pretty nice. I'm currently in the elevator on the way to the second floor, and I've never been up there, so it'll be adventure for both of us. So on the second floor, area offices down for Michael, too, and the second floor is also home to the graduate business. There's also a few classrooms. There's even more classrooms in this only just like the ones on the first floor. There is a third floor, but it's the same as the other two. So we're not gonna head up there. Our campus here. University Tampa is set up a little bit different because it is smaller, so we don't really have quads. But you do in my favorite place, which is plant part just right behind me. Plant Part is perfect for studying for lunch for just taking a walk. It is gorgeous. It's right by the river, right by the city to see old buildings way have the perfect trees for setting up hammocks. We even have a hammock club that meets every it does on weekends. It's common to see families, people taking pictures here. I was here on Saturday, and there were two bridal party's on, like six different families taking pictures. It's just a gorgeous place to be. It's open to the public, but during the week it's usually just mostly students Plant park marks like the outside this. So sometimes when I'm going downtown, I come here to get back to my building. Just a really nice walk life. Everything you do is set up a blanket where that girl's sitting with her. Bring my backpack, Study it's perfect. As you can see, there's the sun is starting to set, so it's absolutely gorgeous. There's the bridge that you could cross from campus to get downtown. Behind me is an infamous found on campus and its infamous because students like to swim in there late at I'm currently sitting outside the library and I got to head in, um, and I can't narrate in there because it's a quiet study space. But hear this. It's two stories, and there's lots of study space for students. It is one of the smaller libraries have seen. I've actually toured about thirty different colleges before I decided on UT, so it is pretty small compared to most college libraries, but it's so pretty. So just a quick couple things during the day. The library's definitely a busier spot on campus to study, and the first floor is a little bit louder then the second, which is the case with most libraries. Why did I choose UTI? Uti was one of the on ly schools that I applied to that I hadn't looked at beforehand. So I applied. I got in. And then a few months later, in January, I came and I toured. And, um, as soon as I walked on campus, I loved it. And I sat through the informational session, and before I even got to go on the actual tour, I knew I was gonna come here. I don't know why it just clicked, and all of a sudden I was like, No, this is a school for me. I hadn't gotten that feeling anywhere else, which is crazy because everyone says, like, As soon as you get there, you will feel it. And I did feel it, which is I always thought that was dumb, but it's true. But some like the real reasons I chose here it was. First of all, it's only three hours away from my family, which is really nice that I can still go home when I want Teo. It's also in a city That was a big deal for me. I really wanted to go to school in the city. I grew up in a very, very small town surrounded by cornfields and cows, and I did not want to go back there, especially since I knew that I wouldn't be able to have a car. As a freshman. I wanted to be able to, you know, uber or take a train or walk anywhere they wanted to go. I didn't want to be stuck on campus all the time, and everyone always told me, You know, like your life is on campus, your life's on campus and it is on campus. But it is so nice. People, too, walk a mile and be in a completely different area and have stuff to do or take a ten dollar override and go see a movie. I love hanging out on campus, and I really like it here and it's gorgeous, But it is nice for you to get off once in a while and just take a breather. Also, um, even though I did not know what I wanted to do completely. I did know that at some point I wanted to be taking some business classes. And Beauty is ranked the seventh most valuable business school in the country, and so now I'm getting my minor in marketing, so it's perfect because I am in the business school. But that was like a big deal, especially to like my parents. They saw that and they thought that was create. See, that was a big deal for me, too. And then also, when I got on campus, I noticed there was a lot of construction. Even though UT is an older school, they are constantly expanding and renovating their older buildings. And it's just like a growing, thriving culture that they're trying to create here, which I just thought was great. There are offering new majors, for example, new media, which is what I'm majoring in. They're just growing and changing for the better, which is something that I really wanted in a school. And it's great to go to an established school that has all those great things. But it's also awesome to go to a school that doesn't have everything but is working on it and is in the process of. And overall. UT just has a really gorgeous campus, and I love it here. I love being in the city. I love the buildings and the architecture here It's just gorgeous is just a great place to be. So that's why I chose you teeth.