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Uh, uh uh uh uh. Everyone looking to my channel. We're gonna be talking about male plants today. You want to know why? Because it's important you and B 23 check in right now. Coming down below. I know you're here. I know you're watching, and I know you're kind of confused, so I'm here to help you. All right? I have a little thing right here from orientation last year in my orientation book. So we're gonna go through it. Not the whole book, but something something's about. I'm like blazer books and dining dollars. If you're still confused about that so less get into this video. I want to keep this as clear, and it's understandable as possible. All right. I want to help you. I want to help you. You'll be 23 because this was confusing for me. Let me tell you all these mill plans and these will prices and dining dollars laser looks, dragon cash. I'm gonna talk about green and gold first, because that's what I had experience with so less getting. Go in. You get nine mils per week, you get 600 dining dollars and the cost per semester is $1875. Okay, so the nine mils per week on your one card When you're ready to go to the comments to eat, you will be able to check your balance online. Um, you just goto one card, and then you'll have to sign in, and then you'll see all your accounts and your history of what you have bought so you could budget. We're getting to that. You'll have eight mil swipes, but then you'll have one guest swipe. That's your nine. Okay, so don't don't think that they're lying to you. That's your total nine. So say you use your eight mil swipes in one week, but you don't have any guests and you want to go again. You're able to use that guest white for yourself. All right, so that's your nine. You're nine mil swabs. I was getting too dining. How? Loans, Dining dollars. I like the green and gold because it made me feel a little bit rich, not saying I spent it all because I didn't just just just hear me out. You're dining dollars is what you can use at these places right here. Can you see all that. That's a lot of food, baby. So with that being said, don't spend it all needs budget. This is where we all learn. It's like having a credit card and not being charged by the bank. All right, this is where and how you will learn how to budget. This is what I did say it's January, and it's the end of that month. Like maybe last two couple weeks. I would say that I would not go over a certain amount if I've if I know that if I keep spending the way I am, I won't have enough for the end of the semester. So maybe I won't go over 20 or $30. That sounds like nothing. But remember, you have your meal swipes and you get to tape like if you like. If you don't finish your food, you can take it to your room. It's not something where you have to sit in the cafeteria. You have to eat like you're in high school, like you can't take food out or something like that. You'll be and you'll be in good. It's OK. Don't don't worry about that. You're not gonna start so budget. Learn how to budget. Tell yourself I'm not gonna spend over this much this week. I'm not going to spend over this much this month to have enough. I haven't been the semester. That's how I was able to spend over $100 on wings for my family. Another thing about dining dollars. It will not roll over sadly, so don't think that I'm not gonna touch the $600. So I'm gonna have, uh, $1200 next semester. You're not gonna have 1000 200? No, don't spend all your money. Don't spend all the diamond. I was at Starbucks. Don't spend it all that mean bowl. Full mood. Don't Don't do it. Let me read you what Dragon Cash says. And then I'll tell you in my own language what it means so you can understand, right? Get close. Personal Dragon cash is all full time. Undergraduate student students and any student living on campus are charged a $225 campus dining in the fall and spring semesters. This is assessed in the form of dragon cash. A declining balance account that can be used at any you may be dining location. So when it says that that fee will be assessed in the form of dragon cash, that's another account that you will have on your card so you'll have the $600. You're dining dollars in one little account, and then you'll have your dragon cash and another Don't touch this. All right, Like how you have an option to choose debit or credit whenever you shop for something. This is kind of like you're dead. Don't touch it, or it could be your credit. Whatever is the second separate account on your car. This is your backup money. I say. You do run out of your dining dollars, but you weren't spending too much. You just happened to run out at the end of the semester. Have $225. Give some neat Don't spend that whole 225 because it's the end of semester. That's not being smart, Okay, because this money will roll over. So remember what I told you that I did when I decided not to spend over a certain amount of money with my dining dollars at the end of semester, I spent all of my dining dollars before I left to start the second semester. My spring semester, Because they will take that money back. Basically, it won't be in your account anymore. It's not going to roll over, so spend it wisely until the end of the semester and you're legit. Ready to go watch the video of me explaining and showing you guys that I bought $100.100 dollars worth the wings for my family. That was close to Christmas break, I believe. And then when we came back, we started the spring semester. So that was legit. My last week. Okay, so spend it wise. Pretty sure you guys are going to orientation about right about now. So you're gonna see this if you haven't been. Okay, let's get into blazer, books, blazer, bugs. This is what I like. Ladies books. This is what parents don't like. Leisure boats. Okay, your parents can put money on your card. This is the money that will come from family. Or if you have a job. I believe that that money could be deposited onto your card as well, but I don't know much about that. We're not going to get into it. say you want to go to CBS Down street, you can use Blazer books at CVS. Okay, um, you can get your medicine there or anything like that. This is ssh, money. Like real Ssh. Money. Like green paper dollars, Not just blazer. Bucks is really You can spin this at CBS, and you can also spend this anywhere on campus. Um, including these places and not the commonest cause. I don't think you need to buy anything there you can. Legit. Just use your swipes there. Okay? So let me read to you what it says, says blazer. Boats can be added to your one card at any time. That's what I said. They could be used on campus for dining books. Printing who? Laundry M war. Many off campus shops and restaurants also accept laser books. Please make sure you have blazer butts on your car so you can print out your essays or anything that you need to print out. Because those printing stations, unless you have your own printer, they'll cost a couple cents. It's not expensive. They just charged by the pains. So makes you have money for that. Um what else? Books. If you need to buy book, maybe $100 for book or something like that. Your parents could put that money on your card and pay for it that way. Laundry. Okay, let me Okay. When it says laundry, it doesn't mean that Oh, I need to put money from my card every week so I could do my laundry. No, you will have laundry bucks on your car and they'll give you $6 it's a dollar to dry and a dollar to wash. Say, you run out of your $6 of laundry books or whatever. They're not going to give you a blazer. Bucks specifically for laundry. If you have extra money on your Blazer book account, you can use that money for laundry because it it starts over every Sunday, just like the mill swipes do. You'll get new swipes every Sunday, and the swipes do not roll over. So don't think that you'll have tense wives one day or anything like that. It's all first time Freshman residing in off campus housing must choose from Dragon Fire seven Dragon Fire five and green and gold so you can only choose the 1st 3 as freshmen will pay. So in my pee in green and gold is the way to go Really enjoyed this video. I'm hoping that it helped you and it cleared some things up, subscribed to this channel. I reached 400 I could not have done it without you guys. So thank you very much. I will see you in the next video. Well, welcome back to my channel. And I have been gone because school and it's Lady Day. I don't know Y'all. Can you hear me? Way Just got our business folders straight wallet my plan to make a wall in the future. Emergency came on. Come up straight wallet. You heard him. So Laura got hurt is no, not business medical folders. And right now we're just basically walking around. Wait way. We're touring with our school. So far. Good. Everyone's woke me and nice and everything is in order. They're behind me. Mom's back there. Say, Hey, Mom, stay in a Sendai City. It's kind of cold, though. Yeah, people, you Hey, you'll be here. Looks. So is this one of the halls? But this isn't happening. Classrooms in it. This is kind of like, basically way also having offices upstairs. I could help you. You know how they're talking about, Marketer, actually. Also have another building. That And if you ever want to serve your own club, they have an office. All you have to do is get five students, get an adviser to prove you. There you go. Oh, the way or yeah, You want