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Talking to my Friend at the Charger Union!

This video shows you inside the CU, which is sort of the "hub" for students on campus. It has a theater, multiple dining options, and tons of public and private areas to study at. You'll be introduced to my friend who will tell you a bit about his opinions and experiences so far at UAH.

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Ryan Braden
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So this is basically sort of for student life on campus. There's always something going on with the charges. We got a bunch of the restaurant's further in the back, but then look over here. I made him wait like twenty minutes, so I could ask you basically what you kill you Okay? This isn't like a hearse thing. What you think of the campus first? Because this guy's from my DVD. He's pretty cool. This from water, for it is really It's really, really spread out. Which is like like I said earlier, why? The bike thing is a central for me and he doesn't have a bike. How come you never writing them once or twice? But never seen a comet. So tell Tell them what? Your major majoring in Aerospace aerospace. Tell them how hard that where should I begin? Yeah, I've been telling them that there was a workload on this campus is a lot. Yeah, we're both freshmen, and we're already like, Oh, so it's Yeah. So having to go through math a little bit slower than everyone else is just adding a little bit more that. Yeah, because your professor will be like, I use this equation with Sarah. Space thing you'll be like, I don't know that yet, So yeah, but it presents Callaway right now. I told you about this already, but they have free tutoring on campus. So your student here, you can get free tutoring for, like, any subject whenever you want it. It's amazing that we have a business, like once. Usually that's what's gotten me through the semester. I got good grades, so they work their magic over there. It's not that the professors aren't good teachers. You know, Kathy was board to be a little bit of a taskmaster. Yeah, just Just just it's really there's so much work that if you don't stay on top of it, you fall behind, There's no catching. Yeah, but that's that's the college has stuff to catch you in case you fall behind. More than suffer your colleges on around interviewing stuff. You got a lot of scholarship, three tutoring stuff here. So it really does come down to like, if you come to you age, you're not coming here to party, You're coming here Henry said. Not a lot of free time, like pretty much the only time, at least for me. I don't know about you, but it's our DND session, which is great because there's a ton of clubs on campus and basically it's the weekend's pretty much using It's dandy and the occasional club that goes on because aren't like heart is now like a super smash bro's thing and afford anything goes down here. What? Really? Because I don't personally go to those, but I know there's a ton of stuff like that goes on in this building. It's like it's really late at night and there's still full of this place. That is in their open, like, twenty four hours, at least this part. Hey, thanks for letting me bother you and get you to walk down here just so I could film you and ask you questions. Appreciate it when the people of the Internet will appreciate it as well.