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Thinking about University of Alabama in Huntsville and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting University of Alabama in Huntsville in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet University of Alabama in Huntsville’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to University of Alabama in Huntsville, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the University of Alabama in Huntsville experience. These University of Alabama in Huntsville video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Is the library. It's pretty self explanatory, what that is, But I'll show you guys inside. I'm only going to be going on the first level because part of the thing with this libraries, there's four different levels to it. And for every level you go up, you have to be quieter. So already, probably gonna be getting some glares, as is for walking and here talking. But this place is one of my favorite places to study. If you look behind me, they have these computer labs in here for people to come in here and code and do assignments. They got study rooms pretty nice, and they get a lecture hall, This stuff going on in there right now. No lectures. But there there are lectures that go on there. And then we're getting in my favorite part right up here, which I'll show you guys this trying to keep my voice down. You know, you don't get Claire back because they're people trying to study it's finals are coming up. You know how it is. This right here to the main study room. Really, really nice guy in in here long, because we gotta start books like ten feet away from where you studied. So you've got a place to charge your phone and stuff a bunch of really comfy chairs to sit in a Starbucks, so it's it's amazing. And then we got this art gallery right over here that they wrote are in and out all the time. It's really, really nice. So you're an art fan. You going going, browse the art there? In addition to that, they normally have, like art exhibits all over campus sometimes, like earlier today, there was some people with a car out in the middle of a field hitting it with a hammer. And that was cool. I didn't know. I didn't know what was going on, So I'm just here in this garage and I decided to show you guys one thing that I personally really enjoyed about Uhh is the security on campus. You're gonna be safe. You come here because we have our own personal police department, which has already been very helpful to me on several occasions. They don't just protect you like, like, you know, cops do, but they also handle parking and all that stuff. You know, the business stuff. But they also help you if, like, your bike is tampered with or your car battery dies. Really kind officer came out once and give me a jump in my car batteries. And that was the reason I was able to get home on time for a holiday. So thank you to that to that officer, but it's it's really good. Because if you're wandering around campus at night and you spooked or you feel like someone may be following you or you feel like you're in danger, there is. You can call the wage police department and an officer will. We'll be there. You always have access to a police officer that service directly. This campus and the campus is students only. So it's really, really good for security reasons. That's campus is very, very safe and very, very well. Patrol. That's excellent. I love it. So this is basically sort of for student life on campus. There's always people staying here. There's always something going on with the charges. We got it. Dunkindonuts. We got a bunch of the restaurant's further in the back, but then look over here. You got a big area from study. There's an upstairs. I'll show you that later. There's my friend like electric. I made him wait like twenty minutes, so I could ask you basically what you kill you Okay? This isn't like a hearse thing. This is just genius. What you think of the campus first? Because this guy's from my DVD. He's pretty cool. Yeah, on Dr Campus hot now It's a little big. This from water, for it is really It's really, really spread out. Which is like like I said earlier, why? The bike thing is a central for me and he doesn't have a bike. Yes, you do. Yeah. How come you never writing them once or twice? But never seen a comet. I have a selective memory. But wait. So tell Tell them what? Your major majoring in Aerospace aerospace. And tell them how hard that where should I begin? Yeah, I've been telling them that there was a workload on this campus is a lot. It's a bit, and we're both your fresh. Yeah, we're both freshmen, and we're already like, Oh, so it's Yeah. Didn't help the fact that I have to. It was a little bit behind. So having to go through math a little bit slower than everyone else is just adding a little bit more that. Yeah, because your professor will be like, I use this equation with Sarah. Space thing you'll be like, I don't know that yet, So yeah, but it presents Callaway right now. It's basically just teaching myself. See, that's how I would have been. But I told you about this already, but they have free tutoring on campus. So your student here, you can get free tutoring for, like, any subject whenever you want it. It's amazing that we have a business, like once. I'm a visitor multiple times a day. Usually that's what's gotten me through the semester. But I got good grades, so they work their magic over there. And it's not that the professors aren't good teachers. It's that I fell behind. So, you know, Kathy was board to be a little bit of a taskmaster. Yeah, just Just just it's really there's so much work that if you don't stay on top of it, you fall behind, There's no catching. Yeah, but that's that's the college has stuff to catch you in case you fall behind. So actually, more than suffer your colleges on around interviewing stuff. You did? Yeah. I picked this place for two reasons. One of three reasons. One good aerospace. Yeah, that's an amazing aerospace. You got a lot of scholarship, three tutoring stuff here. Wass. Wow. So it really does come down to like, if you come to you age, you're not coming here to party, You're coming here Henry said. To study, It's a study school, which is good. That's the point of school, you know. But it's going to be doing a lot of it. Not a lot of free time, like pretty much the only time, at least for me. I don't know about you, but it's our DND session, which is great because there's a ton of clubs on campus and basically it's the weekend's pretty much using It's dandy and the occasional club that goes on because aren't like heart is now like a super smash bro's thing and afford anything goes down here. Strategy board game. Oh, come on. Yeah, I have. What? Really? Because I don't personally go to those, but I know there's a ton of stuff like that goes on in this building. Charge a lot of people. It's like it's really late at night and there's still full of this place. Doesn't empty out at all. That is in their open, like, twenty four hours, at least this part. Yeah. And even like I've been here. Three thanks to math test panicking. It's still free. Yeah, because we're college students. We don't sleep. You know how it is. Asleep. Exactly. But, hey, thanks for letting me bother you and get you to walk down here just so I could film you and ask you questions. Appreciate it when the people of the Internet will appreciate Hello again, everyone. It's me, right? And I'm just sitting here in my dorm. They may look quite different from the first time I showed it to you because I and pretty much all packed up for the semester. The semester spring semester, twenty eighteen is winding down, and so is my tour on campus Real. And I hope that you guys have gotten a very, very honest assessment of it. I genuinely love going to college here like I love it. In spite of some of the cons I've listed, I don't think that you can get a better education in many other places. The classes here are super great, super informative, super and death and the faculty, all the professors I've had a great I living on campus is super pleasant. And just overall, it's been a wonderful experience. My first year of college, I've loved it. So I hope that this this will help decide If you age is right for you, which I hope it is. I hope to see as many of you possible come here. And if you do, if this if these these these videos help you come to campus and you're looking to make friends track me down. Find me? I don't know. We'll figure out how to find you something. You know, Internet snooping, all that, all that. All that good stuff. But it's it's really It really is a wonderful campus. So I hope this is major college decision easier. Take care, guys. So I'm going to give you guys a bit of a run down on my dorm and how housing works on campus. So you're required to live on campus for two years. But but it's not as bad as you think. On campus housing. It's pretty nice. It's pretty good stuff. I'm in North Campus Residence hall, right across over there is Franz, which is the honors hall. But North is pretty much the same on every dorm on campus. No matter what, you get your own bedroom, Every dorm is a private bedroom. It's actually really, really nice. So over here is my room, and I have a desk where I keep my computer and my tech and all that and a lot of other stuff. So this is where I store my clothes and stuff, you know, just and my boxes of games and wires. Because I'm a tech guy, you know, I got all my tech stuff. I've got my computer and my desk that it is never cleared papers because I'm always working on something. I got my bed, which is an absolute mess. My printer and my dean, the stuff. I have more of it in the closet. But I'm not going to go through there. Then over here, I got more stuff, Pilot. But essentially my room is just one big pile of stuff. And then I got some posters on the wall and, you know, over here is my roommate, Chris. He's not here right now. You may see him later. Depends on if I can get him to appear on video or not. You know how it is and that here is the bathroom. So this out of seeing is mine. The Senate's thinks Chris and essentially, there's a line right down the middle work. I don't touch anything on his side. He doesn't touch anything on my mind, just basic roommate boundaries. And then down here from out of the two roommates around. I don't think either of them were here right now. Either is Chris and Trend. And, yes, this is my dorm room, and it's it's honestly, I really do enjoy living off campus. It's really nice. The housing is really well. I said, Really nice, but I've said that a lot. Essentially, what you need to know is it's not that expensive. Get your own bedroom, which is fantastic. And the IRA's They're always pretty cool is at least in North. I have nothing bad to say. So where I'm at right now is pretty much the Center for Greek life that you age, and a few a few houses that look pretty nice, too. And I think they're building. Yeah, they're building another one right over there. So like with everything else on campus, there's, you know, a kind of expansion, a ton of growth going on. But the Greek life here isn't Is it too rowdy? It's cool. I've talked to a few of them when they're really nice guys, but it's it's not like it's not like it really, really big universities where they for awhile, parties. And there's all you know, all sorts of just off the walls. Craziness going on. But it's there still very active on campus. And if you're into that, there's a ton of really good chances, you know, get involved, joined up with them and all that stuff. Don't know a ton about it personally, but it is here and it exists, and it has a fairly strong presence. So this is the Oland seeking technology hall, and it's where all my programming classes take place. I'll show you guys inside. Hey, okay? Well. Not very exciting, but you know, the classes here are the building is just like, you know, it doesn't need to be. It's just a program building. There's tons of labs everywhere, people working on all sorts of projects. This is also where my CS Club meets at, which is one of my favorite parts that you ages is the club's. If I haven't already talked about them, there's tons of clubs for like everything. And it takes like nothing to start up your own like these aren't once I personally go to, but we've got like a beekeeping in a pine cone gloves. So like if those exist like anything exists, there's a There's a club that I go to. There we go dress up in armour and like whack each other with swords and it's it's It's so much fun. So, like, if I can find something like that for me, you could find something for you. So every day I'm usually when I'm not in class and then one of three places I'm at my room studying. We're sleeping because, you know, I'm a college student. I never get enough sleep for him in the library studying. You're sleeping because I'm a college student. Ever get enough sleep? Or here, the trees conveniently blocking the sign. But what? I'm pointing out into the cafeteria, and this place is great. Come, you have to have a mandatory meal plan when you come here, which not a fan of, But they get you get you access to this place, and this place is wonderful. If you like eating food, which I do, I like eating food. I'm a fan of food, Good. And it's a really nice building. It's got multiple. So it's got the cafeteria, which is just like a giant buffet full of like, Goodness, it's it's amazing and they also got shake guys over here. I got a Starbucks right of it there, Starbuck. And then they got this place closing right now. Sand Ella's. It's like a I don't really eat there, but they got, like, healthy food and stuff. So you know, you're healthy food. That's an option. Yeah, this place cafeteria. I'm good. I came in to talk to you, E. Thank you so much. Let me show you guys what they have on offer here. I've got a giant dessert buffet, all sorts of goodies. Fruit, pretty self explanatory and then? Place. I like burgers and fries. It's a good start over here. Yeah, I like pizza. Other Italian thing. That's something that changes everything. This this I can never keep straight with the order of what they rotate in and out. But it's always something good and well, then we'll take It may be pricey. At least you Khun, get your money's worth out of it if you come here frequently enough. So this is the university fitness center, and if I'm being honest, I never come here. But that's not because it's not good. It's fantastic. It's really, really nice. You've got over here get like huge halls, weightlifting equipment, another stuff and you can't see it, but it goes all the way down. Then you've got It's not far we can get all sorts of healthy stuff for your post workout food. I don't know. I don't know. You athletic people do. I'm sure cure. The athletes will see that and just understand what. Then I'm not going to go in here. People playing games get a really big gymnasium with a second floor full. Expect a tres and stuff really nice. It's very big, very clean, very well maintained then. If I would ever come here. This is what I would be using personally. What I'm about to show you guys is We have a pool, a full indoor pool. It's very nice. Very good for swimming exercises, you know, because pulls their pools are for swimming in other obvious statements like that. Yeah, we got an indoor pool. That's pretty cool. Very cool indeed. And this This whole place is free if you are a full time student. And so when you come here your first time, you'll need to show them your your schedule. Basically proving your full time What you do that they'll give you, like a little a little tag you keep with you scan it every time you come in and you're good. And they also have personal trainers, which I didn't know until just now, which is very cool. I may actually to check that out. It's your boy's trying to get in shape, you know? And then let's go ahead and look upstairs. This is pretty cool. They've got a bunch of cardio stuff upstairs. Cardio machines, which is good because, you know, I like cardio. Party is nice. They've got this thing for stretching. I'm not flexible, so I may want to check that out and then this is really cool right here. They've gotten indoor running track on the second floor, right about the basketball court. You can come up here and run laps even if it's raining, and it's very nice. Very, very nice. So this is pretty much the University Fitness center, and I'll show you guys the weight room again. This is it from top. A lot of people in there, very big, you're natural. Yeah, yeah, it's just It's a good old fitness center. So this is Charger Village behind me. It's arguably the nicest storm on campus. But right next to it is this little food court built right into the parking garage. I want to show you guys inside. We've got a chick fil A Get Papa John's and a burrito bowl. Pretty good. You could pay for it all with your dining. You like with Vale Penn? You get that with the cafeteria? No. Pretty nice, and then you need groceries and stuff, which I do because I don't always eat at these places. I usually eat my dorm because I'm busy doing things he's got. Boars head. They got all sorts of good stuff in here. They got all you know, gum for you. Got meters, other snacks for you stack eaters, milkshake machine. And just basically, like a good, convenient store with a lot like they got, like, hot pockets and stuff over there. All sorts of other good assorted dining options. I come in here quite a bit. It's a little bit pricey. I burn through money so fast here because that means having it on campus like it's better than nothing here at all.