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So this is one of my favorite spots on campus. To chill in between costs is or just relax, and some people take naps here. But I don't like to do that. So here is the sculpture garden, located in North Campus and during orientation. They told us that Playboy raided this place, the number one kissing spot in the US I don't know if that's true, but there you have the information. So here is a sculpture, and inside you can see there are Sid seating areas and it gets really pretty in the springtime because these trees turn lavender. It's beautiful. And that structure right here, it actually turns when there's wind. If I come to the side, you could probably see it a little better. Maybe not. Yeah, the things been around here are some more sculptures. And if you're wondering why it's so empty on campus right now, it's because it's seven a. M, so usually there would be more people. And, yeah, this is sculpture garden. I'm going to show you my favorite sculpture, which is over there. It's a horse and we are his horse. It kind of looks like it's made out of wood, but it's not. It's made out of some kind of metal. Yeah, it's cool. If you get closer to it, you can see it looks like wood. I think they told us it was made out of Okay, So what we're about to approach now is called Bruun Plaza, which I pretty much think is the center of campus. And right here we have our mascot. And as you can see, the back of Joe Burns fight actually is just brilliant. Is it lifted? So people usually rub this before any an exam to give them good luck? But also other students say that some students pee on it, so you can choose if you want that kind of luck or not. But this is what the front of it looks like. And then the gym is over there, there to Jim's on campus. And so here is Brewin Pasilla. So the way that works is that it is split into North and South campus. So North classes are aware most of the humanities causes are in South Campus is where I usually at, so that's where the some classes are, like science, math, engineering and all of that kind of stuff. Here's the store. You could buy books here or clothes that are super expensive. Nobody knows why you need to sell a college sweatshirt for, like sixty dollars, but you know, and here's brew and walk. So Bruin Walk is known for clubs selling a lot of things to fundraise for their club, and it's also known for flier ing. So a lot of clubs, especially in the beginning of the year, we'll flyer for their clubs and hand out flyers. And a lot of students think it's really awkward to take or reject flower flyers. So they actually take it this way, which is a bike path. And then, as you can see, there are a whole bunch of signs for clubs and as you will learn as I'm giving this campus tour, Ella is filled with so many stairs in hills, it gets a little tiring walking around campus. So if I get a Okay, Well, I'm going to give you a tour of my apartment in West L. A. This apartment is actually only two minutes from the dorm, so it's really convenient. And your keys, keys to get in kind of shit. Okay, So welcome to my apartment. And it's too bad. Too bad place. So let's go into the living room for way. Have this Jakey couch. It was actually free because my friend to us Yeah, I'm gonna show you. So yeah, This is college living, you know, you've got to be You've got his money when you can and is very empty. She's reading by furniture yet. Wait. And you of other parts, and the dorms are actually that way. But you can't really see it from here. Can everybody in this apartment complex has about these is we can see someone stole a moving car. Well, okay, so that's pretty much it for so let's go into the kitchen area. Wait study here. But it may be for you. What? Yeah. Have a great day. We have, you know, a kitchen appliance, Just, you know, normal kitchen stuff. And when you come over here. We have a hallway. I'm not going to show you this room because I don't live in that room. But it's basically a broom, a double, and here we are. A little. Yeah, I just, you know my roommate is building for me. Thank you. And And this is my room. No island triple. It was kind of difficult to figure out where to put all of the furniture. But you could see all of the beds are here way. Have death. This is our closet. Very spacious over three people is pretty good. It's nice because it's a large mirror. Your cover. Calling on Mr. This is my bed. Yeah, she's on the floor and we have another balcony here, which is nice. There's a fly. Okay, way. Have another bathroom here. Yeah, it's pretty small. So, yes. So that's basically it for the apartment tour, But, yeah, I was living in the dorms is actually a lot nicer because people clean for you and you get to eat food and you have a study space in. You also get to meet a lot more people, because here everyone kind of has their own friends. So it's not about social, but it's okay because we have the room. So, yeah, this is I used the What is up potential. So I'm right by Kobol Commons Right now, this is actually where the Koval dining hall is, and what's behind me is one of our events. So there's a lot of different events that happens randomly, like there might be a Bounce House night where these much like bouncy houses you can jump at and then tonight is the sustainable. So that's like a sustained Ability festival, and there's a bunch of free giveaways. They'll do that a lot. They're just a bunch of different things that happens. And when you're living in the dorms, you're always right. By these events was like your music open mike nights. There's different things. They offer a lot of different activities. Hello. So I just wanted to show you guys my favorite spot on campus. So I'm currently in the Botanical Gardens, and I really like to come here in between classes because it's super peaceful and there are a lot of beautiful plants here, so let me just show you around. It's really big, too, so I don't know what section we're in right now, but basically this place is split up into different sections of types of plans. Like, There's a cactus section, um, a conifer section. Yeah. So I actually didn't know about this place until I took my first biology class here at U. C L. A. And we had to give presentations about one of the organisms here, like one of the plants. These air bamboo stalks, I believe. And what's really cool is that there are turtles here, so just come down here Yeah. See, you don't see that there's a turtle right there, and you're not allowed to feed them, but, oh, there's one over there, too. But it's really peaceful because, um L. A. Is really crowded. But over here, Not that many people are here at the same time, so it's really nice. Just you come for a rest in between classes. Fancy it says, Don't feed the turtles. Yeah, This is my favorite spot on campus, located in Deep South campus, where all the same classes are. And I actually haven't been here in a long time, so it's nice to see it. Oh, also, I think the sign is really funny, but it says, Do not feed, tease or play with the squirrels. Yeah. Welcome to the Botanical Garden. So I'm going to show you one of my favorite places to study on campus. It's actually on the hell where most of the dorms are that it's called Hedrick Study, and they actually made this a year ago. So it's brand new, and it's super nice inside. I come here all the time during midterms and finals week. I literally lived there during finals week here. You'll see why. Um, so I'm doing a voiceover because people study here. So I wanted to be respectful of their time and their even though it was kind of empty. So this is what it looks like, All right, when you walk in, there are a lot of seating options, but surprisingly, it gets super crowded during exam week. So this room right here is what people call the zoo because it kind of looks like a cage or to exhibit because people are just looking in looking into it from the outside. And I really like this room because we let the lighting is so bright. So it keeps you awake, especially when you're up out like three and avoiding trying to cram for your exams. And then there's actually a fireplace over there and more table. So, as you can see, it's called the study at Hedrick. Hedrick Hall is actually a dorm, so it's connected to adore. And right here is the Blue Room because as you can see, it is blue. And I read an article that apparently the blue light is supposed to help keep you awake and the ceiling is stars. It's so pretty here Heisey of lawless land. Uh, yeah, you get these individual study desks, you could turn on the light and the chairs are really comfortable. It's patted and everything, and I really like coming in this room to study as well. It's very, very like You can hear a pin drop on the floor if someone were to drop point. But I just really like this. Think of it as well. And what's really cool about this place is that there is a cafe convicted and you could actually use your swipe. Serious. You have your plan, or you can purchase them, but mostly people just use their swipes. So, yeah, they have a really fancy stuff. They have co butcher on tap. I don't know what kind of college has that But you know, you see away you do you And they also have pressed juice is really healthy. And also really Yeah, yeah. No top. Anyways, this was like my lights because they have such that way. They have tables too. Get with it. Honesty, studying dreams. One of the side. We have three cups a day, fancy little trees and vegetables rather. You. I really, really love this place so much. You know, I missed it when I was not at the L A over the summer. So they have these private rooms, too, that you can rent out for two hours, and it's really nice because there's a window right here. So you get a lot of natural lighting, and it's a pretty spacious room. And there's a TV there that you can hook up your computer to toe watch, lectures and stuff. And these chairs are also really comfortable. So I really like reserving. I really like preserving these rooms when I need to study with groups or even buy myself sometimes. So yeah, and then if you just go out here, the cafe's right there. And then there's a big study table. Look at the marble aesthetic staying. Here is a small tunnel. Teo, enter South campus and it just says Mathematic science building. Sometimes people will flyer in here, but it's only one or two people. First, science clubs. There are a lot of vending machines. If you're hungry, you want to grab a quick snack. More vending machines on DH. Welcome to some campus. Hey, potential ruins. So we're right in front of Royce Hall. This is one of the biggest used a landmark. I'm actually going to show you guys Powell library, which is right across from it. Here we go. We're gonna go. So power actually happen. It's a computer line. Up their way is what they call downstairs. There's also more serum. No, no. God, you wanna try? Try to take two So this is what in which is the gym on campus. There are two children that you see away. What is on the hill where the dorms are on This one is on campus, where classes are and this is the bigger Jin. So when you first walk in theirs, monastics area where the chimneys practice. And there are also a lot of cardio machines and, as you can see, outlined in yellow like an Arab area, our workouts and just work out and we're about to enter right now is called the Strength and Conditioning Zone, which just have a lot more machines to Runner do cardio. And there are also some weights in the back of medicine balls that you could do on your math. Yeah, the gym's pretty big, but it does get crowded sometimes, especially during New Year's Wait, what and it's really nice because watches what you're doing lunch is it doesn't really matter because doing their own thing. This building right here. It's a really big It's called the credits hall, and this building is where all of the life science classes are. So at way, don't call biology classes biology. We call them Life Sciences. So as a life size major, I have to take a total of five biology, lower dips or prerequisites. And they're just split up into two categories, like genetics intro to molecular biology and then their cells, tissues and organs and ecology and at research is such a big thing. Sally is a really big research school. So if you're interested in any subject, like I personally didn't know that sociology, hod research. So if you're interested in sociology can partake in research. And I am personally in a health psychology research lab, and I just think it's really interesting the entire process of research. But, yeah, you see, Ali definitely has a lot of biology, research opportunities as well as physics and chemistry, so if you come here, I would definitely take All right. What's up? Potential ruin. So we're here at the John Wooden Center. This is the rec center. Sized him that it's on campus. And what's cool is this actually where the I am teams play would be like me and go Oh, for for your family. Well, what's cool is LeBron James has been seen has been seen here practicing also, Jeremy Lin was apparently seen here. My roommates. I'm but you know, I never got to meet him, all right. So additionally wouldn't have a rock while taking your right climbing at and what I'm going to go show you is actually, there is also multiple racquetball courts. Here's one, two, three, four, five and this is the rest of the gym. So there's a kennel area. There's also this freeway, and there's awesome machines back here. Theo back to channel If your new welcome to my chance So today's video is going to be my vlog slash Just me talking kind of about orientation at U C L. A. As a new transfer student. My orientation waas on Thursday, July 26 today's July 31st and I honestly haven't had the time at all just to sit and record this name didn't have an intro. So I'm doing this intro now, working us a wedding planner and working as a city hole or assistant like planner in Working Single has been really, really rough in terms of like scheduling. I've just been so exhausted, so I haven't really had the time to just say just kind of record a video, so I won't get back before I am for u C L. A. Just to get up to get ready and go. And honestly, I only have three hours asleep because I won't just be about what I am. And then I got four and I got ready and I started driving over at five. Five ish 5 30 ish. So I was absolutely done, like I don't even know how I survived Global Day But that's kind of why I didn't do an intro and I'll talk about that. I don't believe love too much because I just wasn't really comfortable being around so many people. And just like being on my phone, I feel like this was us. Transfer me to just go around and make friends, introduced myself. Just get used to the environment of you. See, Elaine, students, everything, anything. I definitely wanted to do that more and focus on that bento block. So but I did the best that I could and try to balance it out, and I opened it any kind of messy. So please bear with me. It's It's like my clips need an explanation because that really explaining the club. So let me just roll over, too. Wait. Currently stuck in traffic? Well, not like Stark Stark. What kind of like it's going slow, But, um, about five miles away from Sunset Boulevard, which means some 20 minutes away, I'm just getting But, um, my jackass at 10 minutes, so that should be good. And I'm actually a little surprised because right now is 6 15 So I'm gonna get there by 6 30 So I'm half hour early, which is good. It's always good to be early. And if you guys can see the reddish youto my hair right now Oh, my God. Absolutely freaking Hate it. And no matter how many times I dye, it stays like that. So I'm just gonna leave it at this point, that was really relevant, but I'm really bored in this dumb ass traffic. So So I just exited. And you guys, I'm really not gonna be driving and logging because I've already already got it. Take it. I don't need another one, but I just wanted to show you guys because it's really foggy over here. But that's because it's close to Santa Monica. Anyways, I'm off, so I made it here. I'm currently by Powell Library and Royce Hall, which is very good chicken. I'm actually 30 minutes early, and you know how I said I was 30 minutes early, like half an hour ago. It didn't start until 7 30 and, um and it took me about half an hour to find kept going wrong parking structure. So I'm finally here, and I'm not late for the first time in my entire life for anything Why is everything? We're currently on the tour of the school. That's where we'll put your hand in there. And if you touch the water for the first time right now and you won't touch the water again until you your last final, what's really cool about the inverted found is that usually like you'll like. Once you get through in ties, you don't touch the water. And if you do, you're cursing Stand other corner, which is not a bad thing. But again, it's a curse that we like to talk to your students. So after people, that's finals usually like pop champagne inside them later found in Swim in there. I've seen people think floaties in there. It's like up to you what you want to do in the inverted cone. And so that's what we'll be doing right now. So e just got brewing ties, so I'm officially a U C l A student. I feel different. Wait, make you feel better. Okay, guys, So right now I look like crap, so I'm not going to show you my face. But it was a really exhausting day, and I'm gonna go home, take a shower, sleep. Since I'm running on four hours asleep, and then some there, we'll see. I'll give you guys a little summary of how today went a little update. This is the Powell cat, I think. I think that's its name. But how cute. Right, buddy? It's letting me. You're so beautiful. That was a little crazy. I know. I hope he is. Can't understand what it was. But basically, just a summary of how the day went. Obviously started off with us going to the registration line and giving our stuff. So they gave us this whole bag and hit the bag. There is this little injustice that hand buck. This pretty much has all the information that we need, Like planning your degree, how to sign up for classes, stuff like that. And then we got this thing, the new Senate orientation, which has a little map behind it. This has, like, the schedule, which is really, really helpful. And also, we had a colder in here. So this folder and this hot a lot of like E c l a stuff immunization requirements after the uprising, objectives like a bunch of, like, different information that you might need. I really like this. The political science department gave me this pretty little, like, full day with a bunch of stuff in it. And I definitely don't need in terms of my Matrix. Oh, yeah, definitely came in. We checked in. And then after that, we met her adviser. Everyone kind of was set up in groups that are your major. So everyone in your group is the same. A dress you you're gonna say, or you in your new son advisers Also somebody who isn't that major a small. So they know a lot about everything and healthy. Oh, by the way, I did mention they do give you three meals. So you get breakfast like little bagels, donuts, coffee, stuff like that outside. And then you get lunch, and then you get that. We had a dinner in Koval, and our legend, Coe Bell and food was like Bob getting them lightly. That was amazing. I like Loki worried because I feel like I'm gonna get so fat. Especially that I got the 19 p plan. So I literally get like, formula today and then 8 45 we went to the to the huge hall. Are this lecture room whatever there. And they were just like a bunch of people just talking about different things, like telling us about the transfer center telling us how the quarter system's gonna be and, you know, at a gun show, you see, before I had orientation before. So I was saying this was just so redundant to me. It might be helpful to a lot of other people. I just personally didn't feel like it did anything because I already knew all the information. So we all got together and we all went to this room where our political department advisors came in and there was giving us information on how to do you see D. C have to like, planner degrees and stuff like that. So I was like, general information that specifically for, But we had lunch and lunch was fun, like I made a few friends and we were just sitting there just talking about you have the best thing about the whole thing that really, like made me feel so good about everything was that we were all sitting there. We were talking about her goals and, you know, they weren't just little girls. They're like people are trying to get their law degree. They're trying to go into law school. They're trying to pass. L sat there trying to pass the G. Matt, you know, like we were talking about going to Harvard and Stanford and, you know, like those ivy leagues in Colombia. It was just so I don't know. It's just like I belong here, you know, Was that feeling of like, I belong here and that's the Watch it with the fact that these people have the same goals as I do. You know, they're like, they're yeah, we have competition, but it's like we understand. Like we understand what we're going. We're sat on a servant mind. Sadly getting to you seal. It was our first stuff, and then we're just gonna keep going. I just I really like That was my That was, honestly my favorite part. And then at two o'clock, I had my appointment with the new student advisor and buy them as totally forgot to bring my laptop like David. I need to bring my laptop was a day dinner. Bring it. So he gave me his lots of when he was showing me which classes I should take and how I should take them. I feel like the only God said to this whole thing wasn't Yeah, it was my fault for not bringing in my laptop, But I felt like I didn't have enough time to sit there like choose my class at 3 30 I had to go to a different meeting or like a different conference or something, where we have to get a card from them where they was talking about, like, safety time about sexual harassment. We're talking about like school shooters, like every like all those earthquakes yourself, like that which apparently, like they would put a hold on my account if I didn't. If that's so I like That was definitely something that I had to get done. So I just feel like I don't have enough time. And then after that, we went to dinner, and then after dinner, we met up with our NSA. So in his room is where we actually sat and we were talking about her classes itself like that. That's where we were able to choose our classes. And it was really crazy because it was going like the computer was going so slow that Internet was so slow, like we only had seven PM until 10 PM to choose our classes. And then, since we already didn't have enough classes available all the costume that we wanted, we're like, completely bald in the second. So literally I have four backups of my back. Like I had my first costume in 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Got six backups for each class. That was just something else I'm feeling. But, you know, like it's competitive. Classes are competitive with the law. So I have fun, like, my biggest thing was like, I did make a lot of friends like I got to know a lot of people. I I just I feel at home, you know, I just I felt like I belonged here, and I belong with these people in that that really, like was the best part for me and also choosing the classes, obviously, because I feel like once enrolled in those costs, is that relaxed like all the gods, like I'm actually a Bruin, you know, like it finally hit me like I just felt like it hasn't hit me yet, So, like, that was a moment where it hit me overall, I would say it's a very long day. It's very, very exhausting, and I just felt really bored. I was, like, asleep 50% of the time. I was so tired. They told me this is this something I never knew But U C L. A. Has been filmed as Harvard more than Harvard has been filled this heart, and it's like you see L. A. Is one of the schools where everybody hunts end to fill for Ivy Lee. So it has asked such an Ivy League like feel to it. It's like you're already there. I hope this is helpful to those of you were going. And I hope it's helpful for those of you who like applying and you might be going next year or whatever the situation subscribe to my channel like this video, All right. What's up? Potential room. So this is Ron. They one of the dining halls at U. C L. A. This is my friend Matt on. We're eating together, so this is one of things you can get. There are two sides surrounding its gonna be on East Side and a West Side. The West Side's like polo and the side town like Paint express and way meal plans work used to like is There is either fourteen or nineteen meals a week. But there's two options with that. So you could get fourteen p or nineteen P, which is the premier plan, and you could swipe any time you want, and you get like you're fourteen times eleven weeks of meals at the very beginning of the quarter, whereas there's the regular plan where you kind of get your stripes each week. So I get nineteen swipes each week and it resets weekly. But that's how Brian Hall's If you walk up here. Actually, I'll just show you, but there is this random grass spot in South Campus. I've actually never stood here before, but I've definitely seen students sit on the grass on their laptops and stuff. So this is another view of what South campus looks like, and we're going to go down to the bomb shelter right now. In between classes, I'll usually go to the bomb shelter because you, Khun tragedy laptop there or sit out on these tables. And I really like the spoilage that they have right here. And this is called Southern Lights, which sells coffee and bagels and some pastries. And this is bomb shelter, which is closed right now. But I get a little closer. You might be able to see. You can see there are tables inside. And behind that glossy wall is where you can buy food. So here's the bomb shelter, a lot of tables, a lot of chairs. You'd be surprised that it does fill up on busy days. For example, Midterms Week. There are a lot of people here, but I usually prefer to study inside the bomb shelter because they have outlets where you can charge your electronics. Yeah. So this is a bomb shelter. So we're going, Teo. Organic chemistry right now. So I'm gonna flip the camera to show you. So this lecture hall is calling the on call where Mrs Camp three lectures are. And we only came, like, two minutes late, but every single seat was full. So yeah, downside to it is that causes are really big here, like two hundred to three hundred students. So we ended up having to sit on the floor. What's up potential? Run. So, Simon, never today I'm dining hall. So you see a way. Because hold your speed. The Asian one rebel, Italian Kristen now which is the Mexican army last month it's gonna be he played, which is healthy speaking. I'm sure it is. But that's all furthers wings on. So how the dining halls are set up? Are you too? On trade places like one of them wings today. Dessert bar is a stupid salad. For then, there's gonna be a place where there's like burgers fries for the feast feeling make rules on this place Sprint. What is different about you, this wife once and you need whatever you want. Whereas what I showed you guys, Broadneck, swipe for one take out places are wanting. And then there's gonna be a study. Hey, and there's gonna nineteen ninety. There's a lot of reading. It was ring number one All right. Hey, potential ruin. So this is the physics and astronomy building. Pretty important class for physics majors, engineering majors and life science majors. So in the physics and astronomy building, we take our entire physics serious. So that's usually three classes and a few labs on this. The thing about engineering a lot of class are curved like physics. And so on. Ly about twenty five percent get a's. About twenty five percent get B's and about forty percent get C's. And that's the reality. But on the other hand, if you're like premed lifesigns, Siri's for physics is going to be straight. And so if you get an A in the class to get an A, there's no way getting bumped down Right, A potential groom. So I'm in South campus right now, and you see, I was actually divide into South campus in North campus, sewn up North campus is where most of the humanity spots are going. Teo. Holy site costs are going to be there. But then in the building in South Campus, we're gonna have chemistry classes, physics. We're gonna have all our math and other stem classes. And so Bolter Hall, which I want to highlight, is actually behind me. Bolt Hall is Bree. You're gonna have dear math discussions, physic discussions. But then, what's confusing? His math sciences building is actually connected to Boulder Hall, and that's where you also might have your math discussions. It's one connected building, but it's confusing to find your way around and actually, on my first day of class, and I got lost in the maze and I actually ended up in the centre of Baltar, and there's like a courtyard they didn't know about. It's kind of fusing. But if you have us in either of the two buildings, I check it out ahead of time. And what's cool about Baltar is that it's actually home of the engineering counseling. And so if you want to switch into engineering, if you're trying to get a miner, if you need planning for your courses, just go to the Indian counseling there. Great help. I've been there, and they're just great for So that sculpture over there is called Big Bertha. A lot of students call it Big Bertha, and if I just turn over here, this is Broad Art Center. So this is where Desmond Majors Desmond stands for design, media arts and also fine arts students. Take cost is here, and there's a really cool structure over here that you can actually go into. And, yeah, it's a pretty tall building. I actually got to rooftop on this building my summer after my freshman year, so that was really fun to go up there and see what campus looks like at night time from a tall perspective. So here is this structure. Who? It's really echoey in here. I don't know if you can tell if the sound quality changed. Yeah. And there is a museum in downtown L. A. Called the Bro Code. The bro. Yeah, and it's actually the same person who created the broad art center. So I thought that was pretty cool. And if you come to you, you should definitely take advantage of everything that is in a lay. Everything is so close in proximity, And there are so many buses that you can take to go and just explore the city and enjoy Los Angeles here. Some more sculptures. Yeah. This is the broad art Center. Hey, what's up, guys? Sarah just talking about you. See? Like so what you So I had campus this spring before I decided to come to you. Seeley. I love the atmosphere. Cool party. Yeah, well, that went Yeah, pretty much like, you see, it was a school that I always meant to go to. Just fight. So describe body. It's definitely very delivers. A lot of different personality is a lot of people with different but common interests. So it's really easy. Lt's really easy to find other people that share. So what's your major like? I will come for you. And school is pretty. What you find the right. You can definitely find people in a study when people get text, so I wouldn't worry too much. What is your favorite thing about you? Bye. Everything is definitely being part of marching. What's up potential ruin. So we're here at the top of bruhn walk Ruin Rock is going to be the path from the dorms all the way down the campus. It's always super packed, and you probably gonna run into someone you know every time you want down it. Um, what's cool is what's behind me. Is Pauley Pavilion. That's going to where all our basketball game there hell gymnastics meets volleyball games. I actually soft Kobe Bryant. Wonder one of our basketball games once it was super cool, and then on the other side of that is the I am field. So this is where you can come play ultimate Frisbee. I am like football. You could be like my team and go undefeated, Ultimate Frisbee, but then losing the championship game. But that's cool. Yeah, this is also where the banner says, You come listen to us, watches, play door What is up potential burn. So we are in the sunken gardens right now, and the Sunken gardens is a nice place to study or sit and have a picnic. Sometimes people play Frisbee here, and then what I want to highlight today is actually Schoenberg Music Building. So this is the home of the Herb Alpert School of Music. If your music major gonna be taking a lot of classes here, but it's also important to me because I'm in the marching band. We have a few rehearsals in there. I'm also in the Band Service fraternity Kappa Kappa psy, which has has its meetings in there. And actually, I've been here till, like, three in the morning once, just because meetings have gone so long. But, yeah, this is a nice library. The music library is usually empty because people don't know it exists. Or kind of forget about it. It's a great place to study. Yeah, come to see the Schoenberg Music Building. What's up potential room. So we're in front of the inverted found today and they haven't found is actually right next to France. Haul France. Haul, as you can see, is under construction and a little nickname for you. See, I was actually under construction like always, but Franz Hall is not what I want to focus on today. It's actually the inverted found. So the inverted found you Seal Island, and we actually use it for our biggest tradition. This tradition is being brewing ties during orientation. And so when you touch the water, you actually get groom ties and you're not touched water until you graduate. If you do test water, you're cursed, too, taking extra quarter or you could graduate. So this one we get like fun Pranks, like people will come get water, guns and squirt other people. And but when you graduate, it's a good time because we're actually jump and take photos Hey, potential Bruins. So we're in a secret hidden little gem that's behind Dawn Hall. I wish I had found out about it. As you can see, there's national benches and it really like, signifies what I think a college life really means. For me, it's just like a nice place for you to hang out with. Your friends. Also study between classes and how do you get here? Is going to be So this is dot hall, right? And there's just a little pathway that I'm taking ten guys, Teo and right behind me is Murphy. And so you could just cross Street, come over behind Dodd and find this missile a gem of a hideout. All right, that's all I got for you. South campus is where most of my classes are because I am a cycle biology major. So that is part of the life sciences, and I will show you where I have my classes. So before we start this campus tour, I just wanted to mention that one downside about U C campuses that it's really hilly, Hilly. There are a lot of stairs, so you kind of get tired, but it's also a good thing because you're getting an exercise. So, yeah, I'll show you what crazy state looks like because you see, it's really crowded and it's actually seven. Wait, what time is it? Fine. It's seven forty four right now, and it's this crowded because everyone's trying to get to their ADM. Pro Tip tried on to sign up for a day of it because they're really hard to be cooked, too. So I guess a park of taking an a t m s that you get this nice. Actually, you can't really see it, but in person it looks prettier. But you can see the sun rising a little bit. Yeah, Okay. So we are approaching Bruin walk right now, and since it's the first day of class is probably going to be crowded. But it's also a M. So you know, some people don't want to wake up to fly here, but basically all the organizations on campus use this little isle of a walkway to flyer and recruit new members or fundraise. So yeah, sometimes it gets pretty awkward rejecting fliers from people or even accepting them as well. Yeah, I don't know what, but a lot of students figure out ways to avoid grew and walk so they don't have to go through this. And it kind of takes time because it gets crowded with so many people. But good thing is that sometimes they self number walk. So if you're hungry, you can always come here just to grab a quick snap for way this journey's Jane gave away the strength of the state, man, you know that I know everything. Yes. Give me my through my day. I know that your guy, me help me, you know that. No, thank you, honey. I can't like one. Yeah, because I bring Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So I literally just came back. I left my class. Really? Because I didn't want to say the whole time. Also, because I have these really intense blisters on my feet because the shoes I was wearing that psycho of acute I can work, Kaufman know. So I've completely changed. I'm like, I'm like, wearing these, like, comfortable pants, Probably gonna wearing comfortable shoes because they're cute, but at least the morning and it's this time, but I'm gonna eat my lunch really fast. It's 1 19 I have to be a working too. A little bit of time. Like like, a little bit? Yeah. Now that I'm starting work, I feel like prepare my week, my meals ahead of time. Sorry. I kind of dirty. Yeah. E To do that, it'll be a fun week. Hopefully. Not really. It's too. Okay. Bye. Hey. Already for lunch. Okay. Yeah, okay? Yeah, No anymore. Wear very stressed. And it's like we're not even trust her. Like, big things were like, We stress about the little things like midterms and, like, work. Even though my work isn't that hard, I literally work in a library. He see me? I work in a library, and I like I don't know why I think victories coming at tomorrow, and I haven't finished everything. I just go on the flight. Half were stressful, right? Like like winter quarters. Scheduling, like work. Like where you were both So working while in school were working? No. Yeah, like she doesn't have a job. Like my job only is two hours a day for three days. Okay, We'll find jobs too. Okay. What? You later about glass. I'm going toe So and now go. But one thing Oh, the fact that I can't get a parking for winter quarter, which really go home. So you find a job, get this. But it's really nice right now. What is a potential ruin. So welcome to my humble boat. This is going to be a classic triple, so classic is going to smallest. It's going to the cheapest housing. It's gonna have calm you'll bathrooms, and it's gonna have smallest room and knowing conditioning. But here it is. It's quaint, and I kind of like it, actually. So each person gets two closets, but there's this one long one. Hang stuff in and there's a shelf above and then on the other closet is much of shelves and drawers, A lot of storage space, then thousands. My roommates closet. This is mine. I have a nice over the door shoe rack that I think makes everything more efficient. Compact and then the other roommate actually has this. Instead, they have a closet that's below my bed. And then they also have this. He's under the bed drawers center, quite spacious to balance out the room issues as well. We have all this space above so Gant IQ storage spaces and then how the beds work is as a top on and a bottom bunk and aloft in bed that is above the desk so we could fit three beds and three desks. And so I actually keep a ladder because I am too lazy to climb up to my bed from the desk. But most people just used their desks. I don't know. I freak out, and I think I'm going to step on my laptop or something, or he's gonna wake up and this fall on my face, I don't know, but I use the ladder, use the ladder, and then there's enough space for a frizz. We have full fridge and freezer. Here's the view from my room and what's cool about this wall is actually comtech anything on the way this material you can put pins in. I have my photos up on my posters up and, yeah, all right, What's up, everyone? So this is going to be my class schedule, and so I'm taking through class right now. Most of the time in the court system, you take three classes. Engineer is actually usually take four classes sometimes, but that's about half a corn is going to be here. I'm taking a math class with me in math. Last year, when he was a Friday Thursday discussion. Tuesday Thursday, Elektra for physics and then this one, our discretion. And then I'm taking eggy faces. Five, which is dieting. Exercise sounded super interesting, and so I decided to take it. It's pretty fun so far. Make sure you take fun class for your general education choir mints because if they're not related to your major, people tend to not care about them as much so if you're interested in them than that, help you with their work ethic. So here's thie to our discussion. Avoid. But that only means every other week. And then music ninety m is just my band rehearsals for marching band. But that is just my scheduled for classes. That's what I'm enrolled in. Here is everything else. So this is all the extracurriculars Have a few meanings I have is my band fraternity meeting. And so there's a lot of things going on. Make sure you use Google calendar. I love. Go counter it's Grey has helped you overnight. Amend your time better. I really recommend it on. Then this looks like I have a lot of gaps, but in nationality, a lot of it is food breaks. I need lunge. Didn't happen at some point. Uh, thanks. Memories dinner until, eh? Maybe postpone dinner. Yeah, but sometimes a rough schedule. Hellman. All these gaps are actually also work hours. So what, you're gonna find out when you get solids? That work is gonna be super individual. So you're not gonna be able to rely on professors anymore. So this is gonna be, oh, reading the book. I'm learning from the book, studying the book books and become your best friend. And so this is just studying Big Glass staying in actuality, you're going to be doing a lot of individual setting. So that's the reality of college. Thanks. All right. Hey, potential. So welcome. When math lecture. It's a pretty big lecture hall, but a lot of students are missing. Just a cool thing about you say it is our lectures or sometimes bruhn casted. So they take videos and post them online from you to be able to watch. And so bye week to which it is right now. It's clearly we too. All your classmates are just gone, and they decide to ditch class so they can watch the videos later. But somehow, less was actually set up. They're either Monday, Wednesday, Friday, for an hour. And then an hour of discussion, like this math class Or there Tuesday Thursday, two hours each, and then an hour of discussion. But then there's a few exceptions. Of course, in general, the first two years of your undergraduate studies there is going to be very large classes for like, Geez, there's up to like three hundred students, but you know my mouth about like one hundred fifty students. But when you get through your major related classes, then you're kind of feeling a little bit. There is going to be forty, maybe fifty people, because you're only taking hostile people in your major. Yeah, that's what I got for you today. Go, Bruins. Alright. Hey, potential room. So right behind me, you can see Tom Powell here's Royce I want to highlight is actually Chan's Hill right here. So Jan's Hill is nice place to hang out. A lot of people just here sit here and have a picnic or study in between classes. There's a nice grave view of Drake Stadium back there, and so this is actually dance steps and the very bottom of dance steps. There's a little superstition that you can't step on the sixth step. If you step on the six step, then you have bad luck for a few days down. The myth is that one of Jan's brothers was buried on the six step, and so don't step on dead bodies. But cool story about thes pills is that a lot of people go ice blocking, and so will I. Ride of large. I squawk and tryto grace down this hill as fast as possible. Lot of injuries come from it. A lot of drunk stories, but it's a good time. Yeah, what's up? Potential room. So this is Ron. They one of the dining hall that you see like this is my friend Matt on. We're eating together, so this is one of things you can get. There are two sides surrounding its going to be on East Side and a west Side. The West Side, like polo and the side town like paint express and way meal plans. Work usually like is theirs either fourteen or nineteen meals a week. But there's two options with that. So you could get fourteen p or nineteen P, which is the premier plan, and you could swipe any time you want and you get like you're fourteen times eleven weeks of meals at the very beginning of the quarter, whereas there's the regular plan where you kind of get your stripes each week. So I get nineteen swipes each week and it resets weekly. But that's how dining Hall's work and yeah. All right. What's up? Potential ruin. So we're here in Westwood and I were visiting DD reso. This is where we can get delicious sandwiches. It's, uh, place frequented by a lot of Bruins. And so behind me is actually bjs. And there's a nice crepes place. There's just a lot of food variety. Year can visit Chick fil A Pulley, all your basics, but then it's also cool, different place like Spire works that has a variety of cultural foods. And so what's cool about the movie theater is This is a lot of big movie for years are the movie theater is right behind me and sew. I can actually see, like celebrities come and they'll have these big movie premieres right here. You can just line up to wait and see and meet Louise. What's up, guys? So we're here with my friend Natalie, and she's going to go over why? She shows u C L A. Um, well, I'm from Ohio, so it's always rainy and cold. They're so there's very appealing that u C L. A is literally right next to the beach in sunny California, so that definitely played a major role in twos. And also like great academics, good sports teams. They have a lot of school spirit, which I was like, really looking for. And then it's a bunch of activities, clubs that conjoined. So it's kinda like a total package. All right, So what's the student body like that You see, like on It's kind of hard to define because, you see, ladies like a pretty big school, so there's all different types of people. I mean, everyone's really into this studies, but no matter if we were like, you're gonna find other people that like the things you do. And then what's your major? I'm a neuroscience major. So how are the people like in your major? Finnerty, mainly premed. Some people want to do Ph D's I haven't really met many acts mourning a second year, so I'm just doing lower dips with all the other life sci majors. And then what's your favorite and least favorite part of you? My favorite part, without a doubt, is the food on the hill. You have so many options of, like, dining is going different types of food. It's honestly like the best thing ever. Get all the swipes you can and then my least fair pie probably, I don't know. Sometimes there's a lot of people so size could get annoy, like in lectures. Look, if you don't sit in the front or like in the middle, I give you in the back if you kind of, like, disengaged in lectures. So you really have to be proactive with that kind of stuff. Okay, thanks. What's up? Potential ruin. So I'm here back on Jan's Hill to answer a few questions about U C. I. So how big is? Usually, it's a very large school. There's about thirty thousand students in the undergrad program, and there's maybe ten thousand more in their grad school program. And it's just gigantic, enormous population. But land wise, it's the smallest of the UCS, and so is very compact, actually. And you can really see the population in the dining hall line sometimes, or when you're waiting for an hour just for chicken tenders at ten p. M. But another question is, what's the academic culture like? So everyone here works hard and plays hard. People go out all the time, but when it's some study, you can see all the libraries fill up all the different states, spots Philip. It's of weird side. So what is a defining feature of you? Silly. And it's community, I'd say it's its diversity and its openness. It's a very inclusive campus, and for me personally, there's a Filipino culture night that I went to. And what's cool is there's other culture nights like Korean Culture Night, Chinese culture night and you can go to any of those. But it's a very cool campus, and you, Khun, protects me in different organizations and you can kind of see of a variety of viewpoints of the world. What are clubs and organizations like? So since you seal, it is so large, there's so many organizations that you conjoined? I'd say there's so many opportunities you can find something that's related to your major Could definitely find something that you find fun like there's a Quidditch club. There's really obscure things like there is a herpetologist, her pathological society. There's just anything you might imagine that you could find it here. What's up? Potential? Run. So, Simon, never Today I'm dining hall. So you see a way. Because hold your speed. The Asian one rebel, Italian Kristen. Now which is the Mexican army last month it's gonna be he played, which is healthy. Speaking today is what that's all furthers wings on. So how the dining halls are set up are usually too on trade places like one of them wings today dessert bar is a soup and salad for And then there's going to be a place where there's like burgers fries for the feast feeling make rules on this place. Sprint What is different about You need his wife in once and you need whatever you want. Whereas what? I showed you guys, Broadneck, swipe for one take out places are wanting. And then there's gonna be a study. We have company. There's gonna nineteen. Ninety. There's a lot of creating, and usually it was bring number one last. No, it's for me. Hi. What's up? Potential ruins. So I'm outside Engineering six. And it was one of New York's newest buildings on campus. It was just last year. And there's a lot of modern amenities is very cool. Futuristic. Bless your halls. And it's the home of the CS department. There's a lot of places to study if you wanna study inside. I'm actually outside enjoying this rifle patio. Very quick. Chill. Sit with friends. I just want to send you guys off with advice. Check out all the colleges you want. They're all different some way. But make sure you check your living conditions. If you want a private bathroom, make sure the doorman gets like that if you can't even live there. And you sure can't study there. So we just check out food. What? The beds air. Like how big school is. Maybe you don't want to go to a gigantic school. Just check out all those little details. Yeah. Thank you for being on this journey with me. I hope you've enjoyed best of luck. So I'm currently at enough, which is a dining hall. It is. And my friends are going to explain what they got. And it's actually eleven. Thirty PM right now, and this is called late night. So I'm gonna flip the camera and look from top. Okay, So we got chicken tenders which come with curly fries. As you can see a perfect match for each other. Be gone. I've got the Rams got the catch of the barbecue sauce. Got more cash it because I'm a catcher person. Yeah, You need a room card swipe out Greece. Happens to move into the apartment? Yes, this's unfriend shit. That's yeah, my oasis. She gives me swipes and I give her love. Saying this famous cow library. If you go, you see a way I'm pretty sure top ten pictures will probably include power. Very. But yes, it is so beautiful in here, but it kind of gets a little stuffy. So I personally don't like studying here, but it's really nice to look at this, Very coli in here and people are very studio, so you kind of wanna focus on your work. It's well here here, which is good. So you see, Ella is a really big research school. So if you're interested in research or even slightly curious, I would highly encourage you to look for opportunities to engage with research. I am personally in a health psychology research lab, and I absolutely love it on there. Other opportunities in sociology, anthropology, biology, chemistry, physics and probably a lot more. So I would definitely look into opportunities to join a research lab because it is such an amazing thing to learn as an undergraduate. So yeah, that's my little tidbit on research. Okay. So before I put the camera, I just wanted to explain what this area is. And I am currently at Kharkov patio. There are more chairs and tables here, as you can see. But once I flip the camera, you actually see the building, and I like to study up there. Kind of like a secret study spot that I didn't know about until my second year here at U. C. L. A. So let's go inside and see Kirk off inside. Well, it's actually empty, which is really nice. The lighting is a little yellow in here, but it's still really quiet to study. Here's the really long table. You got a cushion chairs over there, and these things are really cool. So I couldn't figure out how to do it, but they lean back. Okay, I think you push, you pull this. Whoa. And then you've got the one eighty relaxing chair. There. Yeah, right next to here, I will show you is a printing station. So you can put your us being here, or I think you could send it from your laptop and you see a way out of these last year. So what you do is you would insert your Bruin, I'd be here and you can load up money on here. Or if you live on the hill, which is the dorm area, they give you five dollars in credit. But yeah, you can just pay their here, and your papers will come out through here and it's