Feasting on wings in UCLA dining

If there is one takeaway I want you to have from my UCLA tour, it is that UCLA has the best food at any college. My vegan friend who came to visit was extremely jealous of all the options Bruins have. There's an online menu that tells you what is going to be served so everyone can see when to crowd Covel for the spaghetti and meatballs. They also go all out with special events like breakfast for dinner night and Valentine's desserts like chocolate-covered strawberries! This was filmed before I devoured 3 plates of wings. After a long-drawn day of hard work and studies, you need a spot to sit back and treat yourself. This UCLA dining hall is just the right place, offering a great variety of meals served daily to make your day even more exciting. This UCLA dining hall is De Neve Plaza, but there are numerous other dining and food options on campus such as Rendezvous, Café 1919, Sproul Residential Restaurant, and Rieber Residential Restaurant. You can use your meal plan, meal tickets, BruinCard Easypay, or a visitor BruinCard. Los Angeles offers multiple off-campus dining options too. In this UCLA dining hall tour, you will get to experience what it is like from the inside of the dining hall. Also, learn everything you need to know about the types of food and meal plans available for you to feast with your friends and power up your day. Watch this UCLA dining hall video to get a sneak peek into the daily life at UCLA and witness the joy of dining in at one of the many food places the university has to offer. With amazing meal plans available at the UCLA dining hall facility, study breaks are more fun than ever before. No wonder why so many students stay on campus. Whether you're a domestic or an international student, at the UCLA campus everything is as good as it gets. The UCLA dining hall is a great place to hang out with friends, reenergize with a quick coffee, and generally socialize in the UCLA environment. Relish it for both the people and the conversations that grow an essential bond with your fellow classmates - UCLA dining hall is what everyone looks out for.