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All right. Hey, potential. So welcome my math lecture. It's a pretty big lecture hall, but a lot of students are missing. Just a cool thing about you is our lectures or sometimes bruhn casted. So they take videos and post them online for you to be able to watch. And so bye week to which it is. Right now, it's clearly we, too. All your classmates are just gone, and they decide to ditch class so they can watch the videos later. But somehow, like she was actually set up, they're either Monday, Wednesday, Friday for an hour and then an hour of discussion like this math class Or there Tuesday Thursday, two hours each, and then an hour of discussion. But then there's a few exceptions. Of course. In general, the first two years of your undergraduate studies there is going to be very large classes for like, Geez, there's up to like three hundred students. But you know my math classes about like, one hundred fifty students. When you get through your major related classes, then you're kind of feeling a little bit. There is going to be forty, maybe fifty people, because you're only taking hostile people in your major. Yeah, That's what I got for you today. What is a potential ruin. So welcome to my humble boat. This is going to be a classic triple, so classic is going to smallest. It's going to the cheapest housing. It's gonna have calm you'll bathrooms, and it's gonna have smallest room and knowing conditioning. But here it is. It's quaint, and I kind of like it, actually. So each person gets two closets, but there's this one long one. Hang stuff in and there's a shelf above and then on the other closet is much of shelves and drawers, A lot of storage space, then thousands. My roommates closet. This is mine. I have a nice over the door shoe rack that I think makes everything more efficient. Compact and then the other roommate actually has this. Instead, they have a closet that's below my bed. And then they also have this. He's under the bed drawers center, quite spacious to balance out the room issues as well. We have all this space above so Gant IQ storage spaces and then how the beds work is as a top on and a bottom bunk and aloft in bed that is above the desk so we can fit three beds and three desks. So I actually keep a ladder because I am too lazy to climb up to my bed from the desk. But most people just used their desks. I don't know. I freak out, and I think I'm going to step on my laptop or something, or he's gonna wake up and this fall on my face, I don't know, but I use the ladder, use the ladder and then there's enough space for a phrase We have full fridge and freezer. Here's the view from my room and what's cool about this wall is actually comtech anything on the way this material you can put pins in, I have my photos up on my posters up and, yeah, welcome your constant triples were these hard floor. So there's that. Man. No, No results. What life? Well, changing area shower. No there. Yeah. Quinn classic. Paul's work just kind of like a hotel room. This all the others? All these rooms are most. There's a few doubles. Second years on each floor. Actually a lounge there's there's. Yeah, Missile here you. Work study and yep. What's up potential? Run. So, Simon, never today I'm dining hall. So you see a way. Because hold your speed. The Asian one rebel, Italian Kristen now which is the Mexican army last month it's gonna be he played, which is healthy speaking. I'm sure it is. But that's all furthers wings on. So how the dining halls are set up? Are you too? On trade places like one of them wings today. Dessert bar is a stupid salad. For then, there's gonna be a place where there's like burgers fries for the feast feeling make rules on this place Sprint. What is different about you, this wife once and you need whatever you want. Whereas what I showed you guys, Broadneck, swipe for one take out places are wanting. And then there's gonna be a study. Hey, and there's gonna nineteen ninety. There's a lot of reading. It was ring number one recording. New. Yes. Okay. No, no. I want you to stay here and give me He's leaving. Oh, okay. Hello, everyone. Welcome back. So today I'm gonna be doing a video on things that I wish I knew before committing to you silly so they could be there, You know, positive things and other things. Things that I just want a comment or that I haven't seen on, like, public forums. Kind of things. So just getting right into it, I guess these are things that are from my perspective. So it might be different from someone else's. You know, everyone has so many things that they dio that, you know, it could be different. A Berries s. So the first thing that I had a problem with is parking. So if you're a frustrated, if you're a transfer of here anyone, that little hill, you know how difficult it is to find parking. Because the only people allowed to park parking laws, Nick's like next to dorms. So, indeedy, or like sunset sunset is an exception. But for GT, you have tohave a parking permit in order to park their from 7 to 4 30 and in order to get that parking permit you have tohave in off campus job. Which means you have to have, like, save it for the panel off this job, Uh, or a paid internship on campus. So I think that's pretty hard to do, especially like fall, because a lot of people are trying to do, you know, I get back into the court and then what I did for 1/4 was apart. So I had a job during the summer, and I used my w two statement from up until September like the early September. And then I use that in order to park there during the fall, which so I didn't have a problem, but it was kind of expensive, like, $400. Uh, and then what I did was for winter quarter. I had to park in Sunset. Sunset is a daily parking structure if you don't have Oh, my God, if you don't have a parking permit. So what we use is like the park mobile up. You have to do by 7 a.m. and then the price wolves more or less be $12 a day. But if you park on the weekends, we'll give you like a four day discount where it'll be like $7.8 dollars a day. So you do get that. But it is about twice as much, I would say, as a normal parking permit. So for spring quarter, I'm actually parking off campus at an apartment that are lacing parking spaces to usually student. So I'm saving a lot of money. It's about $300 for three months, so it's it's really good you second thing. But I wanted to talk about is, um I don't really have these in an order like most important to these important, it's just kind of mixed. But the second thing is that it's normal to eat alone. And when I was talking to some people, they're like way. But that makes it sound like it's bad to eat alone. It's not that it's just not the connotation between eating alone and like eating with friends. It's like, Oh, you're either, you know, like you're youse wanna be alone. You wanna have that alone time, but sometimes your schedule won't match up with your roommates. Cuddle with your friend schedules on. Sometimes you will have to, like, eat alone and that was something that was a little harder for me because I like you need friends like eating. You know, uh, when I would go to eat like dining homes, I would Sometimes I would look around and be like, Oh, my the only one eating alone. You know, I feel like it's a normal thing. Like people are eating alone so often on campus that it's a very normal thing to d'oh. So, yeah, it's okay. You know, something that's a little bit more academic, I would say is time management on. I think people hear about this a lot. Like, Oh, you need Thio. You know, make time for homework. For studying. You need to do so many hours of studying for so many hours, like in class lecture. Uh, and I feel like with time management also comes like that freshman experience where, you know, you want to join as many clubs as you can, you want to get involved, but understanding that you need to pick things that you're either interested in, you know that you think they're gonna give you good opportunities and not spreading yourself too thin because it's gonna come a time when you joined, like four or five clubs. You're doing like social. Every day. You're doing volunteer work, you know that's gonna catch up, Especially when you have, uh, 18 19 units of classes on dhe. You know, Max cap unit of classes that you're allowed to take his 19. So if you want to take more than that, it's a petition, and even that it's a lot of classes. So I would suggest that, you know, pick to one or two things that you're really interested in its focus and home, like your skills on that specific thing in order to get the best out of it. OK, the fourth thing is making use of connections. So usually you have a lot of alumni that you know how gone to really big productions. And you're in journalism. You know, you have the Dealey burn. Not like it's a sponsor. Anything you know, I'm not promoting, but it's just a very personal example. You know, we have freshman writers for sports, and then we also have alumni that right for NFL online, we have people working for Yahoo finance that are doing news broadcasting. You know, people were going l A Times editors as just beat writers. You know you have such a long legacy of alumni that you really want to that are willing to come back and help students that you know that we're just like them that were given internship opportunities. You know, there's a lot of internship opportunities, especially when you go back to the time management thing and you hone those skills. So if you say that you've been doing like an activity for two years, you know that looks a lot better than having five things for like, three months. Just having that consistent dedication, I would say, Um so yeah, I would recommend making that Nikki's of alumni, the alumni association, also easily. It's very prominent, You know, the center is willing to connect their students with people that are not have given like their contact info, and that they're willing to help. So the fifth and I would say one of the most important things is to realize that, and it's very appreciated, like you zillions very academically on even socially competitive. I would say academically in the sense that yes, everyone did get in for a certain reason, like they do have that drive. I would say, you know that they're willing to get things done, you know, be on time on their very academically advanced, I would say. And so But you need also need to realize is that people from all over the U. S from like across the world are also applying with the same skill set on with same drive that you d'oh! And so if you think, like what I thought was that okay, I got in. I should be able to compete and, like, still be able to be very social. And I take my time on things like, uh, I feel that you really need to work hard and consistently work hard in order to produce results that you're capable of and, uh, also realize united some classes. You're not gonna be this morning person and that you'll be very average. But then that also means that you have an opportunity. Thio learn from the people that are a little more adventure, and then that kind of pushes you. So there were gonna be some cost of like that. They're gonna be some causes where you are the person that's setting the bar. So another thing based on like the academic. Um, I'll put them all right here in bullet points. But I have them on my Google doc. So one is that English classes don't really have curves. Um, office hours are very important. I took a I don't remember what you like. What class number it was. But it was reading religion in the secular context and that kostos this exceptionally hard it was a theory class on it was basically reading so deep into writing are, like very about religion and like, secularity that you really have to understand what each word means within a sentence. Even if it's like five words long, you'll have each word meaning something important to the like. Overall concept. Uh, the writing center and academic resource is writing center people associative. It's like, Oh, I'm not I'm not performing on also you go friendly myself. Really need to look up. Um, what was I talking about? Oh, writing center is People associate it with not performing on a a certain level and that you would need help. But I think that the people that go to the writing center sometimes are just looking for extra help from like details of this sentence being sensitive. If I'm using this right context, people help you review your essays. It's not always about helping you catch up in a sense, but also helping you to just further your detailed writing. Attendance is not always necessary, and I say this very vaguely because some cost is where it's a little bit smaller. You know attendance is necessary. Well, where teachers won't drop you after four substances because the quarters only so that's only 28 uh, classes. And if you miss for them, that's 1/5 that you haven't been present for her. But, um, I did take a history class where I went to a weak one of me, too, and I realized that in such a large pot size it was about 400 people, 3 50 that the way she was teaching, I would be able to teach myself in the same amount of time and probably be more productive in my dorm on DDE, realizing that religion that I would be more productive instead of like, goofing off and going out or something. So I'm doing this from an oconnecticut perspective, not like a social perspective that I would do better teaching myself and having the materials home syllabus rather than going into class, not paying attention and then wasting that two of two and 1/2 hours. It would help me just overall, achieve better grade, so attendance is necessary. But in some cases like this, it's really not, Um, but, yeah, I went to one of two. I didn't go until the mid term where I turned it in because it's in cost final and in class, mid term. And then I went. We tend to turn in my midterm I to turn in my final, so in that case, it's not really necessary. But I would just consult with yourself to see you know, what's the best option. Okay. And lastly for academic, um, what the topic of academics, class sizes, units and freshman abilities like with rolling um, class size is usually well, I'm not really sure for anything else, but for English classes, it's usually captured 30 to 35 people. Unless it's a caps on seminar. Usually it's 10 to 15 people on. You won't really ever have discussions for English majors because your class is gonna be an hour 50 twice a week. So, you know, during that hour, 15 is a lot of time for discussion. I thought you would pretty much do in a discussion section if your cost of, like an hour long units your captain 19 which is for me. Usually it's four units each. So my major causes for a lecture, usually five units. Uh, my history units were usually four. And then any true to a course will usually be three units. You might find someone unit classes if your senior year, Um e think they have, like, dance classes, yoga classes, things like that. That will be one unit, just just a very like fun, I would say G. And then enrollment is kind of tricky because from a freshman point of view, if you have a P classes and you did take the test and you got like, four or five, the units will count towards your freshman unit account. So if you start off with zero, you're gonna have the latest enrollment date. He started with, like, 10. You'll probably be in like, a good range because they have to allow you to roll in at least two causes. So you won't get the too cautious, but 3rd 1 is not always available. So you might have to plan out each of your quarters and to see what you can take one, because there are pre Rex that you would need for, You know, sir, your costumes, fourth year costs is that you might have to take first year, second year. Uh, but I think, and it also depends because a lot of people take three crosses, which is around 13 14 units. Uh, which means the next time enrollment comes around, you're gonna have a little bit of a litter date compared to people better taking four crosses, which is 18 or 19 units. So that's just something to keeping to consideration. If you're trying to do you no extracurriculars, you know, keep it at three. Sometimes four is just too much. You're working at the same time. That's also something to consider. Um and then I guess the 16 relating to academics is changing your major or taking classes outside of your major. Um, I've heard that people didn't take losses outside the major because they thought it wasa like they didn't have time or that they didn't, uh you know, they couldn't stay an extra semester 1/4 on DDE. In that case, I feel like you should visit your departmental advisor at least once 1/4 maybe even like once a year if you're really play organized. But I do visit my departmental advisor. I was once 1/4 just to keep on track that I'm doing all the cost of that. I need to. But then I also actively planning my bosses when Google box, just to see, like, which categories I need to take three units, three classes on dhe, then seeing where the holes fitted. Like I could take a insurance to you. You know, Fall, quarter and then I have to do three of my major causes for wind recorders. I would definitely be proactive in that sense and get everything organized. Pond out, make sure you're not behind in certain things because I know people that haven't finished. Like for English majors. You have to finish the 10 series and you can't enroll in anything in the 200 or 300 if you don't finish those and some people are continuously are there taking my tendency. At the same time, they're taking 8 to 14 clause. So just be organized. I feel like you have to be proactive. Okay, seven thing that is kind of important, but I don't think it's a deal breaker. It's not a deal breaker, at least not for me. It's how large field is, and I think how large the campuses. And if you're a South campus nature, which is anything with stem engineering, Wait. Stuff is interfering. Um, you know any of the math majors? It's a little bit of a shorter walk. It's like 12 minutes. Um, but if you are in English Major, you're right. If you're a North campus major, anything in humanities liberal arts on Do you have a class? And let's see bunch Bunches about a 20 minute walk 25 minutes if it's raining? Um, anything in road? If you're like accounting Nikon, that's probably just as far. It's a little bit further, so I would say 30 minutes. But you know, you have to take that into consideration. If you have a 90 m, you have a week of it like a timber toe. Leave I'II 30 to get there right nine. And sometimes on the first week you know, you're gonna have to get there 10 minutes earlier in order to get a seat from someone that is hoping, hoping, hoping, hoping, hoping to petition for a cost? Uh, yeah. So they have to get, like, PT in order to enroll. But sometimes if the class only fits 30 and they have 35 students, you know, you don't want to be that person that's enrolled, but sit down. I feel like I've kind of words sometimes for me, but I always try and get there early. I guess you've been taking to consideration that we do have 45,000 students on DDE. You know, private schools, there are their class sizes are smaller, so they do get more attention. And you know, it's not something that you're considering between private and a public. You know, you want to consider if you want to be participating more if you wanna have that individual attention or, you know, a few one that doesn't that. But I would I would consider it. I would do a campus tourists see of the vibe of school fits on. Definitely do a campus tour. A one school's in session because you can't really feel that five when no one is there. Um, so I would say do it in the spring time around March or April. You know, when sentences they're going out and then that also goes with the court system versus this semester system corner system goes by really fast. You know, you'll go to first class, and then the next week is gonna be first round of mid terms. And if you're not prepared for that, it's definitely something that can bring great for Dunya grade. Significantly, you'll have. Sometimes, in some classes you'll have the midterm as 50% your finals, 50% pure. If you don't show up to your midterm, you know you should just drop the cost. So but, yeah, you should be aware on the syllabus of one things they do, especially with such a short quarter. 10 weeks is not a long time, especially taking, you know, four classes. You're gonna have papers due to when? If you procrastinated by the books week, too. It's gonna be a lot of all nighters. I've done a few all nighters, and I don't recommend that, but I feel like the cornice is, um it's kind of good in the sense that it does keep you. It does keep you very aware. If you're being proactive on DDE because of the semester, I feel like it. It gives you the leisure and the time to kind of early for me, it gave me the timeto like, slack off. And so, with the court system, it's like I need to stay on top of everything and, you know, get things somebody by the duty. And so, yeah, course number nine is work, study and parking. Oh, I think I talked about this. Okay, um, number 10 is housing off campus and are being off campus and dorms, commuting everything on that agenda. So housing you seeley, is very competitive. And and experience, I would say so for freshman. Usually you'll live in Hitch. You live in Hedrick, and they are pretty crowded. It's usually a triple with a shared bathroom, or like a whole bathroom. Um, I know Hitch on. I don't know. But I do know Hedrick is mainly freshman, but if you are looking for something a little more expensive, But you do get a private bathroom so you don't have to walk down the hall over time to go the bathroom or take a shower and taking your caddy wth e Unification has triples with private Doss. Your room is a little bit smaller, but having the access to a private bathroom results are really nice because you don't have to share it with 12 people or 50 people. You've been on some floors? Uh, yeah. Hey, that was an experience from someone. But I heard Is that you know, fresh neurons, usually pretty dirty. They're pretty old. So, um, commuting from off campus. If you live in an apartment, it's not that big of a deal. But in order to get an apartment, it is I kind of like a like a head hunt. Um, it's you have to be on top of it, and you should start in January. You before just to see buildings that you would want to live in when they're really state is for, you know, Lee signing or even viewings. And, uh, seeing how much you know, a two bed, two bath or three good two and 1/2 bath and what that entails and how much square feet. It's definitely the adult ing of college finding apartment on dhe. I feel like if you're prepared for it, as of anything else, it should be pretty easy. Um, I know that from my group of friends. You know, there was several buildings that we really wanted to be in, but because of either just how packed using again, especially with tours, they're gonna be 50 people with their deposit in hand with an application, but are willing to put down, you know, the $4000 before January even starts. Um, so I usually try and find a lease around. I feel like the general date is there on April May, uh, went most people do earlier lee signings, and your lease will probably begin in July and probably under on July. Um, if you're living in Axiom, I know that I think they start some leases in September, but they are a little bit harder to you because some people don't actually move out after one year. They might be second years a mike in two years in that apartment. And sometimes those groups will be taken before a group of 30 years because they know that they are guaranteed two years of rent. So That's another thing to consider. And the bonus, um, topic would be my favorite places study if I have things to really get done. I know that studying in my dorm is not exactly the most productive space for me because it's too quiet. It's really comfortable. My bed is literally up there, Um, and so I do like to go to the study, even though it is kind of loud. But in order to if you get into the centre studying part where it's blocked off with, like glass doors, the booths are the best place because the study hod the kitchen right, so you can go there, um, and get food in between. If you're sitting there for, like, 24 hours, you'll have food consistently, even though they do close the kitchen. Um, but don't leave yourself there too long, because management will sometimes take your stuff and put it in a trash bag and move it all because we think that you're just, you know, not using the space productively. So, yeah, I would say the study because of the view food. I would say Powell, just for the overall college vibe, you know it is really quiet. It's a library. It's one of was popular places. Study for some people, but any library like wire l, uh, music library all over the quiet, Really good places. So, yeah, if you guys have any questions, make sure to leave the constant below. And then if there's anything but, you know, if there's any comment, that really pops up continuously, that I will make another video. But yes. Uh, thank you for watching, and I'll see What's up, guys? So we're here with my friend Natalie, and she's going to go over. Why? She shows you see L A, um, well, I'm from Ohio, so it's always rainy and cold. They're so it was very appealing that u C L. A is literally right next to the beach in sunny California. So that definitely played a major role in twos. And also, like great academics, good sports teams. They have a lot of school spirit, which I was like, really looking for. And then there's a bunch of activities with clubs that conjoined, so it's kind of like a total package. All right, So what's the student body like that you see on It's kind of hard to define because, you see ladies like a pretty big school, so there's all different types of people. I mean, everyone's really into this studies, but no matter if we were like, you're gonna find other people that like the things you do And then what's your major? I'm a neuroscience. So how are the people like in your major mom? Finnerty? Mainly premed. Some people want to do Ph. D's I haven't really met many Ex Mourning a second year, so I'm just doing lower dips with all the other life sci majors. And then what's your favorite and least favorite part of you? My favorite part, without a doubt, is the food on the hill. You have so many options of, like, dining is so in different types of food. It's honestly like the best thing ever. Get all the swipes you can and then my least fair pirate probably, I don't know. Sometimes there's a lot of people so size could get annoying like in lectures. Look, if you don't sit in the front or like in the middle, like if your back is kind of like disengaged lectures. So you really have to be proactive with that kind All right. What's up? Potential ruins. So this is gonna be an advice video for you, Fi called. If I could tell my high school self one thing, it would probably be to work on my skills, you know, not spend so much time playing video games, but I like working on my cooking skills, time management skills. These are things that are gonna be valuable for the rest of your life. You know, I'm gonna be moving out to point in the next year, and I'm not ready to cook microwave dinners for every meal. Uh, we'll see. And then another thing I wish that they had told me about you see why it is that there's certain departments for Major, so there's different rules and stuff. For example, I wanted to double major in computer science and mechanical engineering, but they don't let you double major in two fields of engineering. So just make sure they have the major you're looking for or whatever it may be. Your some program, a reminder that you want. Just make sure you look at it. And then something I wished I had told me on that you see, lights for was that AP credits actually don't apply to very much. Most of the times they are like empty credits, you know, actually applied towards your major. You have major requirements that you need, and the credits will really help. For example, for me as an engineer, I got math from a B. C and then, um, English. But those were the only class that help me towards graduating, then that they weren't very much help at all. Yeah. All right, So why don't you introduce yourself? Explain why shows your school. Hey, I'm Daniel and I chose you see, light because I wanted to be in a big school. I wanted that large school like population where there was a lot of parties, a lot of lively activities. There was football games, basketball games, all kinds of sports. I really wanted just that big campus vibe school spirit. It was very important to me. And so Dale, um, well described the sooner population at your school. So the student body and my school, I'd say, is very accepting their very open. I love the diversity of people are usually kind of competitive in be like higher ranked schools. But I think you see, like, people are very collaborative. It's very easy for me to find friends in classes, and everyone is like, happy to work together. All right, So describe the academic climate. Uh, say the academic climate is pretty rough, as in like, there's a lot of different classes they throw at you, But overall, it's very management because they have a lot of help for you. There's a lot of counseling. There's a lot of students that help other students like There's a lot of compute tutoring that goes on. It's very healthy. So what is your favorite and least favorite part of school? And why? I'd have to say My favorite part is the food. Oh, my goodness, I would love to eat here forever. They're just imagine going through a rough midterm and then all of sudden you have ribs and cheesecake in front of you. It just makes my day. The food is great. I love the service. There's so many different options for food. I will never get sick of it. But my least favorite part, I'd have to say, is the small housing. These rooms were built for doubles back in the fifties, but they fit three people into them. I wish I could have more space, but I guess next year when I move out, two apartments all have What's up potential ruin. So I'm here back on Jan's Hill to answer a few questions about U C I. So how big is? Usually, it's a very large school. There's about thirty thousand students in the undergrad program, and there's maybe ten thousand more in their grad school program. And it's just gigantic. It's enormous population, but land wise, it's the smallest of you sees, and so is very compact, actually, and you can really see the population in the dining hall line sometimes, or when you're waiting for an hour just for chicken tenders at ten p. M. But another question is, What's the academic culture like? So everyone here works hard and plays hard. People go out all the time, but when it's time to study, you can see all the libraries fill up all the different states, spots Philip. It's of weird sight. So are popular majors that you say. I'd say Polly sighs, a very popular major. Psychology is very popular, major, and there's a large portion of students who are pre med, and so they want to go to a doctorate program and a lot of the major and bio chemistry biology. No signs but they're all going towards that. Oh, I want to be a doctor, a surgeon and yeah, right. So what is a defining feature of you? Silly. And it's community. I'd say it's its diversity and its openness. It's a very inclusive campus, and for me personally there's a Filipino culture, and I that I went to and what's cool is there's other culture nights like Korean Culture Night, Chinese culture night and you can go to any of those. But it's a very cool campus, and you, Khun, protects me in different organizations and you can kind of see of a variety of viewpoints of the world. And then what is art music theater like? So there's a lot different opportunities you can do very like low key bands where you just rehearsed two hours a week. There's theater programs. I know I had a friend who did a musical. There's a lot of different options before, soon as that you see life. So what does sports culture like? So a lot of people go to football games and basketball games. But sadly, we have great teams for volleyball in water polo, but not that many people go to those In reality, I wish more people went. I really appreciated this gymnastics team. They were great, really fun to watch. But yeah, there's a lot of great teams. If you want to go watch them, what our clubs and organizations like so since you seal, it is so large, there's so many organizations that you conjoined. I'd say there's so many opportunities you can find something that's related to your major could definitely find something that you fine. Finally, there's a Quidditch club. There's really obscure things like there is a herpetologist, her pathological society. There's just anything my imagine, and you could All right. Hey, Potential Bruns. Welcome to you. Game day. So we're playing Washington right now? It isn't, man. There's a student here. So forces that game next year, not once. Good time go Bruins. Really, Guys. Good morning. Today is Monday, my 20th. I have class today from 8 to 12 p.m. I'm just gonna take you along with me to class. Um, it's three classes. So one is for 15 minutes. The other one is for two hours and in the last one to another 50 minutes. I'm a little nervous reclogging Just kiss my life. I feel like it's not that interesting in college, but you never know. So, yeah, I'm just gonna get ready for class and let's start doing that. Okay? So I just was shocking. My bad. I'm gonna start going to class. I'm gonna listen to my summer playlist, which is a video I have coming out very, very soon. So staging for that. And I'm probably not gonna talk that much walking to class because a lot of you were walking and gets really busy on, like, Bruin walk. But I'll show you guys like all that And don't come for me. I have wired had phoned your films, your phones and I really want to get their parts. But they're all sold out everywhere, so I can't get them right now, so don't come for me for having wired earphones, but let's go to class. Wait. Okay, so we just finished first class, which was a computational biology class, and I finished actually kind of early today because the homework I mean, the classwork was basically just copying, pacing into a new document. I guess So. Now I'm going to my music class, which is in a really pretty building. But the classroom is so stuffy, so I'll show you how that is. And also, we're not allowed to like recording there, so probably thrown some links. Now chat. So we'll see just cause my camera makes noises whenever I like. Press record goes like Did it? Didn't 10 allowed the classrooms? Quiet realities go to music class now. Hey, guys, I'm currently in my poly psych class. No one's here yet. Just because it's 10. 45 we don't have class until 11. So I'm just gonna chill in here, wait for my costs start and only 15 minutes, and then I'm gonna go grab lunch. So I just finished my last class of the day. Now it's around 12 which is why the bells ringing. It's ringing. A Powell library, which is this building. So now I'm just gonna go grab some lunch and do some homework. So let's do that. Also, that is I just want to let you know I am going on Jan steps right now, which is very, very popular at U C l A. It's about, I don't know, like, 50 stairs. So let me just show it to you guys. Hey, guys. So I just got to my dorm lounge. That's where I am right now. No one's been here, which is so amazing. And I'm just have some lunch. So I went to Broome Cafe, or B cap is what we call it. And then I just picked up a Caesar salad with a side of another Caesar salad and then branch with the water. So I'm sitting in my lunch and then do my homework. I am the Kim Kardashian Salome mixing. Check out how you my water bottle is I actually just? No, not just last. The last video was me decorating my hydro flock. So you guys should totally checking all labeling right here. So you guys could look up and see how I don't read it. This hydro flask, you know what it looks now like myself. So it is currently 12 fifties, almost one o'clock right now. And I decided I am going to go to Santa Monica, um, beach pier area. So I'm just gonna throw on a little bit more makeup, basically, just like more highlighter and groans or cause I'm very pale and I just thrown this pink sweatshirt. So, um, I'm probably gonna leave in the next 30 minutes to the reach, and then I'm gonna do my homework and watch the sunset there, so I'm just gonna put on my makeup right now, So I just changed my hair. I just did a high ponytail because I wanted to get it out of my face. Then again, I always pull down these pieces. So that's how Hey, guys, Good morning. It is Tuesday, May 20 Papers. I am going on my second day of school, my like second and my second to last day. Since I don't have classes Thursday, Friday and today, all I have is my psychology field looks, which is again my fun class. And then I have a so that so. Today I have psychology and computational biology on my hair soaking wet because I forgot to bring a towel to school this week. So that was fun getting out of the shower and literally not having a talent enjoying myself off. Uh, I guess I'm just gonna go to class right now, so let's go s So I finished my first last. I am in between my first and second class. So my second class is computational biology, and I don't want to leave until, like, 12 45 ish. So I have about half an hour to take 12. 15. And I just came back from lunch and I went thio the knave dining hall and I got sorry on I got a salad, and then I got, like, the meat of a hamburger and fruit. Sir, I had whipped cream, so yeah, so far. That's it. Just one more class, and then I'm probably gonna nap after. Yeah, So I realized I didn't love from my the last class to now because it's currently seven o'clock. So I went to my class, and then I took a fat to our nap. So that's where you've been. And I'm about to go to dinner, but I just want to show you what I were day for school. So I were these black leggings from pink, this black sports raw from pink. And then it was chilly. So I just have been stepped up all day, and I think it's from the UC leaks or so Now I'm going to go to dinner, and then I'll show you it is completely anywhere. My food. And then I actually really really No. Hey, guys, Good morning. It is May 22nd. Wouldn't say so. I don't have cost until 11 but I am just straightening my hair and going to get ready for that because it's my last day today and go home. So So drawn some makeup and do my hair a publican. Okay, comfy office, then Probably go to breakfast and do my paper. So I'm just going to my makeup now because I don't want to look terrible every single day at school. So when stays is when I usually do a little something Sure, instantly doing my makeup, this look, soul that you know. Oh, I need to tell you about what happened yesterday between my grooming and I. So yesterday I was taking enough. She dies because it was like my video. I was taking it out on. She proceeds to wake me up for my just fine. You know, I had to get up anyway, she woke me up. She asked me if it's okay for her two friends to stay over this weekend. And I said, Yeah, that's fine, because tomorrow day weekend and I'm going home. So I was like, Yeah, cool. Then she asked me if they could stay in my bed. I said, Yeah, sure. You know what kind of weird, but whatever, that's fine. Then pass 34 hours. Call me three. I'm doing cork and she's in the same classes. Me. But her homework was due a day before month. So then I asked her, Hey, I one problem left one problem. Hey, did you get the answer to this problem? I need help with it, she said. Yeah, she did. So then I asked her, Can I can I see it or can you tell me what you got at the end? So I make sure Malik right track and everything, and then she says, I rather know I rather not. What does that even mean? I was nice, allowing her Thio have a friend stay in my pad. But I simply asked her for help on one math problem that he didn't understand that she says I rather not. My other roommate was listening to that since you like, and I was like I was a little mad about that. So okay, just remember, scare on with that's finished makeup look. Well, I look so tiki, but in person and doesn't look like that. My face is also super dry because I want my ocean in New York. So but that's a shrink. A book looks so good. Hey, guys, I am in South Campus, which is basically world of science, mathematics and, like the stem fields are. So that's where I am right now. And to be honest, North Campus so much prettier that really Maurice Hall power like areas, but it's still really pretty in South campus. But I just want to reach you guys an email that I got from you, too, because I hit 500 subscribers. So it's just take a deep breath mint quality as you hit 500 subscribers, and I just got that email said You have enough fans to fill a jumbo jet, which is really, really exciting. So that is amazing. Thank you all so much for five minutes. Subscribers. So before I go to class, I'm just be on my phone's chilling taking him a son because it hasn't been sitting in l. A for, like, so long. So I'm just gonna do that, watch YouTube. And then at around 45 I'm gonna go to my boss. I can't really record that much because we're not even allowed to use our phones in that class because we're dealing with, like, different chemicals that are really, like acidic. So after that class, I go to my music class, which was really fun. So show you guys some footage from there, and then I gotta go home today, which is so exciting because I get a little sister and then my other sister and my mom are in New York, so I won't be able to see them until next week, but yeah, and they're letting super good. Seems like a good case for so yeah, I'm gonna go to my glass. My chemistry class and I have about an hour before in my music class, which is a lost cause of the week. And I'm really excited to finally be done with classes for the week because that means summer's only two weeks away. Because we were on the quarter system way Don't finish until beginning of June. So while all my friends were at home already come on summer and I'm still here in school waiting for finals. So I think I'm just gonna walk to, like, Royce Hall area and get my thumbnail because there's an exciting video coming up around some nails. It's Neil, but, um, yeah, I'm just gonna go get my thumbnail Just chilled my class. Go home. Hey, guys. So I just got my thumbnail and I got it in front of a ri Sol. And the lighting is so nice right now and sell like, warm and like, perfect, like spring weather because we haven't had screen literally the whole season. It has been like winter. Continuation of yourself so much so I took my thumbnail. Now, time to go to my music class. I'm gonna be headed there right now. It's starting to rain. It was literally just Sonny. Are you concealing my last couple grips? And now it is like sprinkling. And I'm like, Well, I have a square. I don't have a brother or hood. So tell me, fun walking back into my dorm because it is so far away. So it is currently thunder. Storming out here was literally sonny about two hours ago, and now it is pouring. It wasn't even on the forecast. So I'm here without a hood or in umbrella, just walking for u C l A. So that's what I'm doing right now with my lab coat from chemistry class covering me from the rain. I love this love l a Can't say sonny for more than, like 20 minutes. Hi, Hina will. How are you? Good the best.