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All right. What's up? Potential ruins. So this is gonna be an advice video for you, Fi called. If I could tell my high school self one thing, it would probably be to work on my skills, you know, not spend so much time playing video games, but I like working on my cooking skills, time management skills. These are things that are gonna be valuable for the rest of your life. You know, I'm gonna be moving out to point in the next year, and I'm not ready to cook microwave dinners for every meal. Uh, we'll see. And then another thing I wish that they had told me about you see why it is that there's certain departments for Major, so there's different rules and stuff. For example, I wanted to double major in computer science and mechanical engineering, but they don't let you double major in two fields of engineering. So just make sure they have the major you're looking for or whatever it may be. Your some program, a reminder that you want. Just make sure you look at it. And then something I wished I had told me on that you see, lights for was that AP credits actually don't apply to very much. Most of the times they are like empty credits, you know, actually applied towards your major. You have major requirements that you need, and the credits will really help. For example, for me as an engineer, I got math from a B. C and then, um, English. But those were the only class that help me towards graduating, then that they weren't very much help at all. Yeah. What's up potential? Run. So, Simon, never today I'm dining hall. So you see a way. Because hold your speed. The Asian one rebel, Italian Kristen now which is the Mexican army last month it's gonna be he played, which is healthy speaking. I'm sure it is. But that's all furthers wings on. So how the dining halls are set up? Are you too? On trade places like one of them wings today. Dessert bar is a stupid salad. For then, there's gonna be a place where there's like burgers fries for the feast feeling make rules on this place Sprint. What is different about you, this wife once and you need whatever you want. Whereas what I showed you guys, Broadneck, swipe for one take out places are wanting. And then there's gonna be a study. Hey, and there's gonna nineteen ninety. There's a lot of reading. It was ring number one Hey, potential Bruins. So we're in a secret hidden little gem that's behind Dawn Hall. I wish I had found out about it. As you can see, there's national benches and it really like, signifies what I think a college life really means. For me, it's just like a nice place for you to hang out with. Your friends. Also study between classes and how do you get here? Is going to be So this is dot hall, right? And there's just a little pathway that I'm taking ten guys, Teo and right behind me is Murphy. And so you could just cross Street, come over behind Dodd and find this missile a gem of a hideout. All right, that's all I got for you. All right. So how did you get into your delay? So of course, you have to have a good G P A and good scores. Those were just the basics on What's important is you also be involved in extracurriculars to make sure you're really involved in at least one group. So focus on one project or one club. It doesn't matter if you're in fifty different clubs. They want to show that you're like, truly participants. Maybe be a president of one club, as opposed to being a Rainha member out of thirty different things, you know, and what I'd say is for the application start early. It is due before the common app. You see, responses are due, I think, a month before the common era. So make sure you sorry lied more time. You have more time. You, Khun like teachers to read through your essays. Get your English teacher to read through your essays. Get peers. Get people who already went through the application process last year. Get your like upperclassmen. Friends already. Guy's waiting for you. Make sure a lot of people read those papers. The more eyes, the better. All right. Hey, potential. So welcome my math lecture. It's a pretty big lecture hall, but a lot of students are missing. Just a cool thing about you is our lectures or sometimes bruhn casted. So they take videos and post them online for you to be able to watch. And so bye week to which it is. Right now, it's clearly we, too. All your classmates are just gone, and they decide to ditch class so they can watch the videos later. But somehow, like she was actually set up, they're either Monday, Wednesday, Friday for an hour and then an hour of discussion like this math class Or there Tuesday Thursday, two hours each, and then an hour of discussion. But then there's a few exceptions. Of course. In general, the first two years of your undergraduate studies there is going to be very large classes for like, Geez, there's up to like three hundred students. But you know my math classes about like, one hundred fifty students. When you get through your major related classes, then you're kind of feeling a little bit. There is going to be forty, maybe fifty people, because you're only taking hostile people in your major. Yeah, That's what I got for you today. All right, So why don't you introduce yourself? Explain why shows your school. Hey, I'm Daniel and I chose you see, light because I wanted to be in a big school. I wanted that large school like population where there was a lot of parties, a lot of lively activities. There was football games, basketball games, all kinds of sports. I really wanted just that big campus vibe school spirit. It was very important to me. And so Dale, um, well described the sooner population at your school. So the student body and my school, I'd say, is very accepting their very open. I love the diversity of people are usually kind of competitive in be like higher ranked schools. But I think you see, like, people are very collaborative. It's very easy for me to find friends in classes, and everyone is like, happy to work together. All right, So describe the academic climate. Uh, say the academic climate is pretty rough, as in like, there's a lot of different classes they throw at you, But overall, it's very management because they have a lot of help for you. There's a lot of counseling. There's a lot of students that help other students like There's a lot of compute tutoring that goes on. It's very healthy. So what is your favorite and least favorite part of school? And why? I'd have to say My favorite part is the food. Oh, my goodness, I would love to eat here forever. They're just imagine going through a rough midterm and then all of sudden you have ribs and cheesecake in front of you. It just makes my day. The food is great. I love the service. There's so many different options for food. I will never get sick of it. But my least favorite part, I'd have to say, is the small housing. These rooms were built for doubles back in the fifties, but they fit three people into them. I wish I could have more space, but I guess next year when I move out, two apartments all have All right. What's up? Potential ruin. So we're here in North campus and I'm about to show you wire are also known as Young research library. It's pretty new and has a lot of cool tech from you. Here we go. All right, So what you just saw was Carol. There's a few collaboration posit that you saw with TVs and cool different seats and kind of like a couch style seating. But that's something you can reserve and study with friends over there. And also, I'm in what I just showed of the private rooms. You can have this enclosed room to yourself, reserve it, have a little study hanging out with friends, and what I want to talk about is the work life, balance of school. So when you're in college, a lot of your things are going to be independent. You're after the do things on your own and, like professors might not even assigned you homework problems. You just have to sign yourself some problems, but it's a lot of independent responsibility, and sometimes you got to figure out how much you need to study hand on hand shaking like party. But I definitely learn from my mistakes. First quarter. I went out too much and try to have a social life for too much of the time. So I am the suffering in my grades. But second quarter, I studied too much and I never went out and I just felt kind of sad, almost depressed. But you have to find that balance on your own. Something used have to figure out. What is a potential ruin. So welcome to my humble boat. This is going to be a classic triple, so classic is going to smallest. It's going to the cheapest housing. It's gonna have calm you'll bathrooms, and it's gonna have smallest room and knowing conditioning. But here it is. It's quaint, and I kind of like it, actually. So each person gets two closets, but there's this one long one. Hang stuff in and there's a shelf above and then on the other closet is much of shelves and drawers, A lot of storage space, then thousands. My roommates closet. This is mine. I have a nice over the door shoe rack that I think makes everything more efficient. Compact and then the other roommate actually has this. Instead, they have a closet that's below my bed. And then they also have this. He's under the bed drawers center, quite spacious to balance out the room issues as well. We have all this space above so Gant IQ storage spaces and then how the beds work is as a top on and a bottom bunk and aloft in bed that is above the desk so we can fit three beds and three desks. So I actually keep a ladder because I am too lazy to climb up to my bed from the desk. But most people just used their desks. I don't know. I freak out, and I think I'm going to step on my laptop or something, or he's gonna wake up and this fall on my face, I don't know, but I use the ladder, use the ladder and then there's enough space for a phrase We have full fridge and freezer. Here's the view from my room and what's cool about this wall is actually comtech anything on the way this material you can put pins in, I have my photos up on my posters up and, yeah, welcome your constant triples were these hard floor. So there's that. Man. No, No results. What life? Well, changing area shower. No there. Yeah. Quinn classic. Paul's work just kind of like a hotel room. This all the others? All these rooms are most. There's a few doubles. Second years on each floor. Actually a lounge there's there's. Yeah, Missile here you. Work study and yep. All right. Hey, Potential Bruns. Welcome to you. Game day. So we're playing Washington right now? It isn't, man. There's a student here. So forces that game next year, not once. Good time go Bruins. What's up potential ruin. So I'm here back on Jan's Hill to answer a few questions about U C I. So how big is? Usually, it's a very large school. There's about thirty thousand students in the undergrad program, and there's maybe ten thousand more in their grad school program. And it's just gigantic. It's enormous population, but land wise, it's the smallest of you sees, and so is very compact, actually, and you can really see the population in the dining hall line sometimes, or when you're waiting for an hour just for chicken tenders at ten p. M. But another question is, What's the academic culture like? So everyone here works hard and plays hard. People go out all the time, but when it's time to study, you can see all the libraries fill up all the different states, spots Philip. It's of weird sight. So are popular majors that you say. I'd say Polly sighs, a very popular major. Psychology is very popular, major, and there's a large portion of students who are pre med, and so they want to go to a doctorate program and a lot of the major and bio chemistry biology. No signs but they're all going towards that. Oh, I want to be a doctor, a surgeon and yeah, right. So what is a defining feature of you? Silly. And it's community. I'd say it's its diversity and its openness. It's a very inclusive campus, and for me personally there's a Filipino culture, and I that I went to and what's cool is there's other culture nights like Korean Culture Night, Chinese culture night and you can go to any of those. But it's a very cool campus, and you, Khun, protects me in different organizations and you can kind of see of a variety of viewpoints of the world. And then what is art music theater like? So there's a lot different opportunities you can do very like low key bands where you just rehearsed two hours a week. There's theater programs. I know I had a friend who did a musical. There's a lot of different options before, soon as that you see life. So what does sports culture like? So a lot of people go to football games and basketball games. But sadly, we have great teams for volleyball in water polo, but not that many people go to those In reality, I wish more people went. I really appreciated this gymnastics team. They were great, really fun to watch. But yeah, there's a lot of great teams. If you want to go watch them, what our clubs and organizations like so since you seal, it is so large, there's so many organizations that you conjoined. I'd say there's so many opportunities you can find something that's related to your major could definitely find something that you fine. Finally, there's a Quidditch club. There's really obscure things like there is a herpetologist, her pathological society. There's just anything my imagine, and you could