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Marcus. We finally made it to the max. You can sell that. I You two come here more often. Based off. How? When did I am? Just from bike riding all the way over here. But there's Hills Hills. They wear you out whether you're fit or not. All right, let's enter re Max entrance. Tonight. There's a spirit night everyone's all have about it. Jim area. Pretty comes here to get games, lift out, lift up, lift and just work out. You got a pin here. Twenty of the athletes reserved space from time to time, so normal soon it's going to be able to get in. What were they practice? People stretching for now. Cardio section TVs catch up on the news. Let me just take your little further inside before you get kicked out for my battery starts. Nice place for stretching our balls. Stairmaster. Just the beast himself. Right here. All right, So now we're going downstairs, still inside a re Mac, When you go downstairs, you'll see it's just a bunch of like, cycle machines, shred meals, water fountains. And this is the culprits, the really cool part. But you see, a Stevie got more, more of what I just said. But you coming here play racquetball, not even studying. They're honestly, that's something I want to do. Could rent some like brackets. Racquetball. You know, it's funny. I actually see a lot of non UCSD students playing. I see a lot of like older folks questions because this is open to anybody in the Hoyas looking past, I see a lot of play in these rack. Lawyer is so I mean, it's pretty cool. Another cool thing about remark is Yuki had to sign up for right classes karate, jiu jitsu, kickboxing, yoga, anything like that and you'll hop in one of these rooms, even dancing Glenn dancing, hip hop, dancing and you could take a class with instructor as if you want to take more classes off. I'm taking classes, so I'm not. I'm not doing that right now, but if you're taking three one of your fourth one, it's a perfect So right now we're chilling outside the computer science and engineering building. That's the entrance right there. And I'll take you guys inside in second. But before I do, I want to show you one of the land more X here and you see a steep campus. It's the bear statue created two thousand five. Uh. Standing at twenty six feet tall, three inches. He's stones look like they're put together very robustly. But you know, this thing is not falling anytime soon. It just looks literally like stones, just sitting on each other, resting on each other. It's pretty crazy. I'm pretty worn out right now. This camp is this huge. But thank God I have these bikes here. Just lock this bike. We'll get to go. Leave it there. Get up right after class. There's a couple more in case somebody's taken, so yeah. So. Are some walking into my boyfriend. He sent this crib in the city. It was. I'm doing good. All right, so I asked him to give me a little tour. So this is the tour within the tour because I don't personally live here, but he opened up space, so show you around. So right now we just walked into their come in, you know, children realizing place right then. Kind of messy, but it's college for you. Don't expect things to be so right now. We're going to show you the bathroom of the dorm. You have a little cubby space. Every single person has their little individuals space with toothpaste, toothbrush and stuff like that two things is it? Is it all right here? You know what I find something Many people live in this storm. These seventeen, thirteen people, thirteen people shared. These two things don't work out. Okay? And Tami, listen. Mark of ethnicities thirteen sharing that, you know, two stalls and to shower. So even if it's to be born the sentence of all time well, like it was like no. So we just found a little bit here. Would you say that? Animals and I, you know, six dollars. Just like no, like wreck. Having reckons start, Is that true? Yeah, there's a lot of that day I saw pasta, you saw policy. So there's two showers. How money like toilets are telling. All right, so two toilets and a shared among thirteen people Sounds about right. He's a Lycan or a right, says one person watching over all these thirteen people. It's like that in every building. No, he's trying to make this experience as fun as So most of you don't know this, but the Gopro inventor actually went to the school for those. You guys, I know a story, You know, He was working out of his parent's basement for a while. I meant it to go pro after graduating and, you know, make it big. So one of my favorite places to go, Teo, I just want to get away from it all. Is this little bench up along? Right in front of guys a library. What if they were gonna walk up there? Now, right now, we're on the snake path, which is pretty iconic. Now, here in UCSD, it's a snake that that walks all the way up to guys, the library. Anyway, let's go take a little place I'm talking about. This is one of my favorite spots to come, Teo. After a couple hours of studying or even even between this couple hours when I want to come out here for a break, it's just nice bench Marcus, We have officially entered the village. The village is a really nice place to be. Some fresh in will be allowed to live here. Wait. You got the market right here. Place to get everything you ever need. We used to make pizza there, but now they know some reasons. Sad story. So you get the chance to live here at the village. I must say, it's your kind of looking like living in downtown San Diego, living in these huge buildings. These towers tower yet sour west tower. You got East Tower? All right, finally, we're gonna go. Serena Re Mack is one of the last stops on my last day here. My my journey. Some guys, So behind me is rebels Fountain. Now, this is one of one of the special things about Bill, uh, for me personally, Because remember when I came here for my orientation, a bunch of us just gathered up one night. I think that the night of our overnight stay here at UCSD and we played never have I ever just me with a bunch of random people I've never met before, but we're all friendly, and it kind of just gets provides a good memory for me to say that, you know, when I when I come into rebel, this is my home. This is where I found my best friends so far here. And you experience that with any college you get, it's just you've got to make the effort and go hang out with people. That's the number one thing here in college. You've got to make the effort to meet people get to know people, keep up with your relationships and also keep up with your schoolwork. So as you guys know, I'm a commuter, which means I don't have a home really on campus. But rebels nice enough to put homes for communities hence the communal loans. It's a place I like to go to just hang out and study, and you wanna take a quick look inside? All right, so right now we're in the sixty four degrees dining hall. To my left, there is a salad bar. Gotta love that sound. And then to my left still. But on this side, it's the bowl station. You see, it's more popular salads, you know, because who cares about just kidding? Everybody does. Your place is killing people still in here. Eating, studying whatever they want is a nice little area. Hey, I'm Celestron and I'm correctly a senior at UCSD. I graduate in one one where the major in economics and I'm originally from a small city in San Francisco. Um, yeah, there are some similarities with San Diego in San Francisco, but that's like mostly when you go downtown. What I love about this location, though, is that it's super close toe. Three peaches right outside my apartment. If you just do a walk, there is already black speech and under a script speech and lawyers Shores just like a bus right away. And, you know, it's actually been hard to utilize the beaches recently because, surprisingly, the weather is like, way too cold right now. It's gloomy outside, and it's drizzling, which is something I didn't expect or for May at San Diego. Right now, Uh, as for the campus, um, I believe it's one of the biggest campuses in the UC system enders over thirty five thousand undergrads here, which, because the campus is so big it takes me about fifteen to thirty minutes tow walk from my apartment, which is all the way on the edge of campus to the center, which is where most of my classes are, but that's why they have a shuttle system here. So I used the shuttle's almost every day and it will cut my type. Actually, it depends. It depends sometimes you you very, even later if you take a shuttle. But a lot of students invest in their own bike or scooter or skateboard, and I've even seen people use roller blades and hover boards to get around campus. But no one even blinks an eye because everyone knows the struggle of this super huge school. Um, for my class sizes, there is some, like lower division classes you'LL see like a hundred people in a lecture hall. But as you like again to junior year and senior year, you start to take classes with a smaller group of people from twenty two two forty students in the class, and I don't see much difference with either of them. Like the most interaction you could get with the Professor is if you go to office hours so it doesn't matter if you're in, like a lecture hall one hundred or in a small class of twenty, just like go to their office hours and then you could have your chance to talk to them. Um, UCSD is a research based university, which means that a lot of the professors are currently conducting experiments on DH. Students can apply to do their own research. Study departments will pay you to join a research study as a participant and you see associated with the hospital that does a lot of clinical trials. So if you're into academia or research is something you want to get into, then it's a possibility. But, oh, my neck just cut. But oh, it's easier for some majors than others. For that access, for example, the bio department is always advertising that we're looking for undergrad research assistance unpaid, though, And I talked to a professor in my department for economics about getting into research. And he said It's harder because Professor's prefer graduate students over undergrads and for my next topic as, ah, like student involvement on campus. I'm part of two organizations. One of them is the Filipino or GE, and another one is twirl flag team. So in the first one, we do AA lot of workshops and panels and meetings that have to do with we have a pillar, so it's like an acronym called Space is So It involves social, political, academic, cultural and empowerment, and I'm on the board for this year for that. So it's like, Ah, lot of planning and a lot of involvement in night, and my second order is the flag team. So it's the first student run the spirit team at school where we perform at basketball games and on campus events. And, yeah, I really encourage people to enjoy clubs and student orders on campus because it's where I met my friends. It's a reason to get out of your apartment and, you know, take a break from studying and it's a chance to get something here. It's a chance to get involved with something he really Some mornings you wake up UCSD and the campus is completely no foggy Here. We are sent home on UCSD campus. Thatcause not supposed to be parked there. Right now. I'm gonna take you guys in one of the main building in the center hall. Center one Oh one. It's only the biggest auditorium style classroom you'll find. You've obviously alongside for an extra hole and nobody here, Bertus. Can hold up to four hundred something people, four hundred twenty people. It's consuming them. Spencer stands right there. It is a class, But I mean, you know, because that's not my class. That's how close we have right now. Places to park your bike on the campus. I think it's just because there's so many community and it's a huge campus. People walk around. It takes more than fifteen minutes to get from morning campus of the Seattle bike. Yeah, I think so. Or something like that right now about heading Tio, my coding horse. Java Sea s a very notorious here u C s d after a computer science major. It's one of the first courses you take. If you're not a Communist computer science major, this is one of the first courses you take to apply to be a computer science major. You better hope to get an A plus in this class. Otherwise, you're not getting in that competitive. Probably three point nine CNN's computer science of the main reasons I like Center Hall is for this little courtyard area. Yeah, solid balls. Concrete balls in places just showing. Relax. Good place to meditate, to reflect, to read. Hey, I'm here with Casey Clean. She is the chair of the Filipino or gear at UCSD, and we're goingto have her talk about what she likes about school. Her major in all that stuff so high waiting was keep clean. I am a fourth year at U. C. San Diego and I'm currently chair okay. Beyond Filipino could be ability now is basically our all inclusive Filipino Oregon campus. You don't have the people if you wanna join. It's definitely like a big social, political, economic, cultural and empowerment. Or, um, I guess like what is this climate like? Soon climate? UCC. I feel like there's a good, like, um, diversity of students. A lot of people believe a lot of international students go to school. A lot of out of state students go to school. I know a lot of people from like, the very are, like nor Cal in general. Going now. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Don't you see It's for schooling. So I guess it's pretty like diversely campus. There's so many other like special orders on happiness. Like our organ. There's Sock Lord Ciarcia. No firm action committee organs such as like Ieyasu Absa, like many more. Um I guess my favorite thing about you see if he's just honestly, like being ableto find, like a community that was hand me here at the university of I guess like k p. That's like everything about using thinking. I mean, if it wasn't, why would every chair, um I guess the least everything. It's definitely, um it's like a location. Is it really in San Diego, it's unlike LaToya this way. Like more north of Sandy Levin remain areas like we have. Like, in order to get around, you have a car. I personally don't have cars and always like busting our ring. So I guess that's why I don't like about it. But no, that's pieces is eleven ten recommended school. Yes. Yeah. What is your major not to ask that I'm communication on. I'm also studying entrepreneurship and innovation. So I just finished by my grapes at the village market and I wanted to show you one of the cool. Hang out place is here in my apartment. I'm living in the village at UCSD East Tower. So this whole place is thirteen floors. All there is an airplane we live, like thirty minutes away from the airport. Um So there is a balcony on the twelfth floor and I can show you the view. Yet the soccer field, some of the other apartment. And over there, you could see the ocean far, far, far, far, far. Also see the tennis court. Those air really fun. I played there with my friends last week. This is the west Tower. That is fifteen floors. Uh, this is Village West down there. Oh, they have another balcony. The ICO flats. But no one can get up there unless you have the key to any Go flat there's Rady School of Management. Let's just walk through pretty windy today. So here's the whole balcony. It's really nice. You could just be out here to study or have lunch with your friends. Um, is that a lot more? There's like a lot of noise out here, though, can help it. In this video, I'm going to take you to two buildings that you will not see on your campus tour. One of them is the Loyal Playhouse, and the other is the Wagner Dance Building. The Low Julia Playhouse is actually really renowned over It's time. It's one three hundred awards and nominations for its productions, and there are several productions that started out here in the Playhouse before hit huge success on Broadway. So if you're a big Broadway family meat, that is really exciting. The Lawyer Playhouse is quite farther from everything else in the school, and that's because it's across the street from the main campus over here, like the playhouses hidden in these woods. And I did not even know it existed until end of last year. So, uh, I could not believe it to my left. There is also a restaurant that I had no idea existed. Also, it's open at night times only, like when the Playhouse has something going on. People could always go here afterwards for dinner. So right behind me is the playhouse. Uh, right there. We do have some productions going on, um, Queens squirrels hundred days and seize the king or some of them over there. We see the box office where you could go purchase your tickets. If you want to see one of the production going on and right over here, who you could see it. It says it's the Sousse room. If you didn't know. Like Dr Seuss, the author of all the Dr Seuss books did live in La Hoya. So there are a lot of place on campus that are dedicated to him, and now we're heading to the Wagner Dance Building. It's literally right next to the Playhouse. Um, there are three dad studios inside, and you could take classes for like, hip hop, ballet, jazz and even more if you are a beginner, there's no needto worry because there are beginning classes. So if you've never status like, stepped on a dance floor before, the environment is so welcoming. But if you are like a little more advanced, have some experience. There is also the dance making class option, so you can make some choreography and then, like, show it to everyone in your class. WeII, just finished our our dance class. It was like intermediate one. And we're, like, soul sweaty afterwards. Well, yes, and oh, yeah. You have another class again this Wednesday. So I'm really excited for that. Hey, so I'm here at one of the main quad on campus. It's price centre. But a lot of people call it peace for short, and as you can see, I'm on the second floor sitting underneath an umbrella because it's pretty hot outside. I'll let you see that it is an after theater style in the summertime, even during the end of the year. There are a lot of performances that you know happened down there, and it's like, really nice place where I think for Halloween is also a caution contest going on down at PC. So on this side, the bookstore where you could get all your mandatory textbooks and school supplies and inside the building and here on the second floor you could get, um, would at the restaurant. But you unfortunately, can't use your dining dollars. They're yet to use real money, um, pizza time. Twelve p. M or one, so the lines get created along for the food there. Other important parts and price center is a PC Peter, so there are a lot of cool free movie nights help in there, and there's like a U. C s D box office. If you want to buy tickets to amusement parks. If you're over there and this place right here, it's called the Zone. So it's like a dedicated to like like healthy living and doing activities revolved around self care, so they even have therapy. Fluffy's come in every week, which is place where you could pet dogs, and it's really therapeutic and Behind me is the main Jim here at UCSD. So there is the entrance, and there is a sign that says all the classes that they provide here, they're surfing, obviously have to do that and ocean not in director Jim martial arts, gymnastics and other sports. I'm going up to the second floor of the main gym. It's pretty lot because there are some basketball players downstairs on the weekends or even just one regular week days, people could rent a basketball and Here's the view from the balcony. There's mange in on that side. It's called, I think, salt balcony there. So Max there. And that's where the club gymnastics and the cheerleaders practice. Because, of course, it's really soft and you don't want to hit your head on anything. Entrance to the gym part of Main Jim. It's on the second floor, and you could see some treadmills and mats if you want to do some core work. Alex Wood is a yoga ball and there's a lot of weights. So you know, if you pondering Leg day armed a Abd ai, you could do any of that. Here we have some fencing classes and a team at UCSD also, so you could see the banner and other things that practice. Here is the badminton team, the Ping Pong team basketball. A padded gymnastics part of the gym in South Balcony. Um, I'm not open right now. It's not. I never stepped on there because, you know, I'm not a judge, but it looks so cool. I always wanted to do it. Gymnastics classes on campus. It's only sixty five dollars for students, so maybe we'll do it in, like the next quarter. Twelve flag team practices in the mirror room and on top. There's also aerial silks. This is a special class I didn't double. So basically it's very a circus, like you're on the air silks and just the upside down or spinning around. The recreational classes here are so unique and they're really fun. This is our leader of the flag team. This year he is gonna choreograph some of the dances that we do at the basketball games. And he's also like a US national champion for Twelve Flags. Yeah, really, really cool. Look at him go. What's up, guys? My name is Michael. Yes, sir. And I'm going to show you guys. U C S D o U C S d is number ten public school. Last time I checked in the nation, it's a pretty good school. Honestly, it's pretty tough to get here, but if you're lucky enough, I'm sure you can get it. My major. Here's cognitive science with emphasis on machine learning. I'm currently a thirty year I live off campus. I was born and raised in Riverside, California. I'm gonna be showing you guys. The whole school will be showing you guys Jim library where we all what we study what we like to have fun. What we like to do around here, my We see all these people coming out of class right now. Coming out of Warren Extra Hall, one of the biggest lecture halls. You don't can't this. Is Warren Field or online everyone to call it the right now we're approaching, you see? If I don't fall off its bike, maybe you two is a building where all the engineers go. Expenses in mechanical engineering M a. A lot of kids have labs in these in this No, we just ate dinner. We have to go to the market to get snacks for tonight. So right here was like pasta. So what do you hold in your holding chips? So many chips were tonight. Cake in a cup. Yeah, there's like a lot of, you know, easy food, like if you're undergo, just warm something up and then if you have time to bake, you could bake right there. See what else there is like a freezer aisle for like ice cream and frozen foods like And, oh, these air, the more expensive items like, if you want to get some pans and skillets, you know, actually cook for yourself in college. Oh, here they are. They're getting some fresh produce, Um, fruit on this side and then the vegetables on this side. There are other places in U. C s D to get your produce also, so they might not have it at the market. You could go toe like mirror or you could get all your water bottles here on a microwave if you get your Myka waivable. This. I know this is where I get my soap sometimes, but this is pretty expensive. So I do go off campus to get my products like this, more snacks. And then if you you just go, right? Hey, with your dining right there. Order dreams is a drink menu up there and then a small bakery right there. So you just play with your dining dollars and swipe it, and then you're good Okay. We're here with the last interview. This is Agent Whoa. All right, so we're gonna have him introduce himself, so Yeah. Hello. My name is Adrian. Like I said, I'm a fourth year here. UCSD I am a sociology major ethnic studies minor. I am involved in a vegan pilipino, which is the all inclusive Filipino, A group here on campus. And I'm also involved with Come Line collective, which is another Pilipino organization in affiliation with KP. But it's more radical political base. Yeah, And then as for like my experience here at UCSD, uh, has been pretty good. I see something I really like about UCSD is that it's really like research base. So if you're into that, then that's really good for you. And, like, really, like, stresses on academics, which I think is like, a really good thing, apart from like, the stress, you know, And I'm leading on to that. My least favorite part about UCSD is like stress, like in terms of, like, workload. So yeah, that's right. And he's also like a leader in the dance team. Ray. Yeah, I'm also I also Kasama Modern coordinator.