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Kitchen three. This's hotness kitchen's beef full. It's one of the popular areas Espy. Really important spot at UCSB. This is where pretty much everyone congregates and might be a little busy right now because it's finals week, so people are studying. But this is kind of a beauty that's like studying with you, son more than I like studying in the library. Because it's open later. Sometimes, especially during the summer. Right now. Um, and it? No, it's well, all is crowded. So protect the library gets too crowded during finals week. Come too. The reason there's three floors. I'm just kind of showing you the little pap away too. The other something. So that other part was like, just kind of like seating area and exclude bookstore and Mrs one of the other levels, but you can get food more studied asks. And then don here. He called the hub. But we have concerts are here to hand, expresses my favorite. Really two seventeen is also really yummy, if you like kind of local often Santa Barbara's very intime all the local foods and environmental sustainability, Then how would you rate the food on campus? You could describe that. No. You know, like when I toward other schools like I felt that, like, set up here was like, better because waste wipe in once and we get like women like it's also they tried very hard to like make it very personally. It's like, but I also like dessert, like hamburgers, pizza, stuff like that. So I would say that like, the options are very broad, so that's good. Dollars. It It's a shirt. Or And tell me what? This is here. So you see, if you look right here, you're going to see a bunch of gauchos on DH at the gym. That way, No. I like that one. Yeah, with your welcome back week and right here, Law activities are going on. A lot of clubs come out here just to get the recruitment people to join their clubs. Take cover this way. It's more like forty minutes forty seconds, she shaking. You got this? Go. So describe a typical Friday night for you. Well, do anything. Yeah, usually will. You know around, we'll eat dinner and then around time where people start having parties will go out and ivy and just have a just have a craft, come back. And then describe the food on camp. I'm good options. I'm going to be available. What do you think of dining Commons? So over six four, forty four, dining commons of I mean, everyone has their favorites. A person like Portola best. Now that's the newest one and has way more options and the other ones. I definitely like Deal G. A lot of people like Ortega. I'm kind of on the edge about Ortega and then creo Priya's very similar to d l. G in Portella. But chances are you're definitely gonna find something. You like any of the commons? Um, I also love Wahoos and this subway can express. Couple pizza places, all of the use of harbor. Hi, everyone. Welcome back to another video. In this video, I'm going to be talking about how meal plans and swipes work. Here you see a speech. So basically male swipes our how you're going to get into the dining commons. Each time you go into the dining commons, it's worth one swipe. And how that works is everyone has an access card and the swipes and the meal plans. They're going to be uploaded onto this card. So every time you go into the dining commons, you're gonna have someone swipe your card for you. And then you get to go. So UCSB they're five different, uh, meal plans. So you can choose from unless your first year than there's only four, and I'll go over that in a little bit. So there's a seventh wife. There's a ten swipe. There's a fourteen, seventeen and unlimited, but the seven sipes is on ly available for second years and higher because usually in the first year you're going to be living on campus and you're going to need to go to the dining commons for food. Your meal swipes can work at any of the dining commons on campus. I personally have seventeen swipes, and it's been great because I sometimes eat breakfast. Sometimes I don't There's also this thing called late night Here you see a city where the dining commons open from nine p. M. To twelve thirty a. M. And so you can get a late night snack or just a quick little meal. If you're feeling it. It's nice to have some extra slice left in your car just so he can use it for late night and things like that. All right, S O. Basically, the swipes is you have that however many you choose, you have that many swipes per week and that resets on Sunday night. So But morning of Monday, you're going tohave a whole new set of however many swipes you chose s o that's all there is to the mill swipes. I hope that made sense. And I hope that clears things up for you guys. And I'll see you guys Hey, so this is continuing down part all, which is the right and idea that leads there like all our main stuff. Main intersection with free ride's over here. I've a job down there at Down there with your trip, we actually have a Amazon little store where you can, like, get stuff ship right to campus for you. Pick it up from the Amazon store. You can also get it shipped directly to your dorm if you want. Not. That is really cool. Actually not like go anywhere. Let's just try to your dorm and the Amazon thing that if you big packages just sent it that really easy, continuing down part all we have plays pizza, great pizza place, super cheap. Really like nice to go to. We have a bunch of like little shops in the side Study hall, which is a bar, not a super popular place, to my knowledge way. Have the varsity bike shop, which is incredible. Part of our thing right here we have pardoned all center, which is run bythe on the students. UCSB actually wanted Ivy to be its own, like little municipality because the state doesn't recognize it as its own city. So it's just like, basically a community with students like Group together and Made It So Ivy is now, like, recognizes its own little like lone property rather than like just falling under the jurisdiction of Galina. So Ivy students all live here. So it's kind of like an extension of the college campus and the associate justices. Really big part of the community and ivy Super cool, continuing down for doll we have upon a kitchen, which is amazing Food way. Have Ivy Deli Mart where if you're going in the morning and just grab stuff, a lot of restaurants run part all mostly, pretty much every single place you're gonna get to all living here. You, Sam's ago, which is a sandwich shop. Awesome Blender is great place to just stop and kind of like a drama. Jeez, we have a coffee place right here. Another like Ivy, Jeb, Coffee Cola. Pretty good silver greens, Just a food place. And over here on the other side of the intersection, we have poky serve Isha, which is a pokey place and we have a bootable sze right next door to it. It's an amazing place to get so good highly I want to take you on a stroll down hard all which is the street that runs with the heart. I've the city apart. Um, just kind of like, but look at all the different food options. Flee of south those deli, which is great if you want really good big salad or a sandwich down here. We have plays. Free birds has really, really yummy doctrines that are great for a night out. We have the habit. Starbucks subway I which is over there because the youngest ice cream sandwiches. And down here we also have, um, I v Deli mart and call. Jay is down there, which is like the spot to go to, you know, grab coffee with Welcome back to. So today, I don't know. Class in tow. Two O'Clock, which tonight? So I get to give you guys a little tour of the island of Stonewall. It's quiet. This is Cardinal Intersection. This stoplight right here is actually brand new. As you can see, there's a lot of people that bike at this school. It's basically in the main way of transportation. We're in the part of Isla Vista right now, which locals call Ivy. Basically, this is our little college town. UCSB is a misnomer. Santa Barbara is actually about a half hour away from us. If you're taking the bus over there even longer, if you're biking. So Isla Vista is where we come to, like, get all our stuff right? Here is the main intersection. We have Ivy drip. It's coffee shop right over here. Dublin's little bar like all you can eat place campus cuts is over there. And then we have a few like new chain stuff over here. Starbucks subway and the habit, which is a great Burger Place, is going to check it out and right here's free birds right across It is a amazing Mexican place. If you are not from San Diego. I'm a bit of a Mexican food snob myself, so I'm not a big fan of free birds, but it's one of the camp response that everyone lives. If you go down that way where you see everyone biking right now, get over the campus. There's little tunnel, you drop down. This is the busy part of idea as you get further anti V going that way away from campus, you've got two more houses. A lot of kids just live over there and you get dumped by which we call D P, which is R Party Street. I'll take you on a little tour of Ivy now. So I'm at deal, Jerry enough with one of my suitemates, Ricky. I'm busting my stuff run out, but I'll show you around campus and this is Ricky. So we just finished up today that fish tacos because the algae is one of the dining commons that offers Mexican food, so I'll just take a quick run around it. Here we have some of the fish tacos. This is the Mexican station, so it's super cool from San Diego. I love just commenting, getting like Robinson. It is the on one of the on campus dining also. So when I'm like in between classes, if I have like a one o'Clock class and class ends at twelve, I'll just come here, grab some food and then head out spot there's a pasta and pizza station down here. And then there is Justin Porter up station here. So they have some more pasta, and you can ask him to make you like sandwiches, which is really nifty super out for and then right here is last part. It's a burger station. This is our boss station. No stock stuff on done. And then outside of geology is a little place where you can just eat outside with friends. There's some people slack lining out here right now, actually shoot to my close friends, Mike and Ginger. But I'll show you the outside of the here and now I didn't interview about ltc out there on that. This is where Wass just asking with a bunch of people, and this is a bunch of there are not here just messing about my wave. Yeah. That's my and this is just the outside of theology. People mess and the slack line a lot panic. It's none of my friends, Jen. You think he's going to do something cool, so I'll just show you one little thing. Thank you. There you go. That's the outside of theology. This is a view of one of the little parks that I walk through on my way home. As much as I love you, all of the city and all the little stores here, it's always nice to have those little pockets. Does nature in between? This is kind of a look. I just what ivy is like on any particular day? Um, I really just love living in Isla Vista because it's one really close to everything. It's maybe like a five ten minute walk if you wanted to get groceries or just go get a bite to eat with your friends or go to the beach. Um, you can see across the street we have the co op, which is one of the stores that we frequent most here in Isla Vista because everyone loves he green and local. Um, but I love living here. It's one of the it was beautiful places I've ever But I am studying for my final today, so it's gonna be a long library. Bye, Pro tip. This is the harbor. This is going to be your lifesaver during all final two weeks because food on campus isn't the best, but there's always subway. So this is a look into one of the dining commons Ortega. We have foreign campus Ortega um, Portola, which is vice and Catalina dorm D L, G and correo. Um, it's closed right now for the summer, but you can see that it's kind of strep set up into the little sections with a salad bar. They have snack stuff. They have PB and J station. There's an ice cream bar and then, of course, the hot food. And and it changes every single day. So you got a bit of variety. But I would say it places especially like Deal G. Even though they have really yummy food, it is very repetitive, and it's the same kind of stations every single time. So if you are eating at the dorms and at the dining commons every single day, it can get kind of old. If you like more variety, I would suggest Korea. They also tastes like really good, but it's kind of hard to get Teo. It's on like the whole West side of campus. The meal plans work here is you. You buy like a certain amount of meals a week, and so you have to satisfy it within that week. And you and it only works for you. So at campuses like you see Lay where they give you a certain set of swipes during the mind and you can use him on anyone. Um, we're not like that. We come. I would actually prefer the way that does it over how we do it. Because sometimes you really want to save up for, like, finals week, But, yeah.