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Dagan shows you around Campbell Hall - a typical lecture hall at UCSB | Campus Tour 2019

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This UC Santa Barbara Campus Tour was taken at Campbell Hall.


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Welcome to Campbell! Congrats you’re one of 700 people in this room but for some reason the professor always seems to be starting at you in lecture. This is one of our typical lecture halls on campus and while it can get crowded not everyone attends lectures, as not all teachers make them mandatory. I highly recommend finding a group of people in every lecture, even if they are random people, as its nice to have a spot every class, and to have people you can ask for notes or study with. Taking advantage of professors and office hours is really up to you in classes this size, but when you get into the upper division classes your lecture will get smaller and you’ll find yourself day dreaming about the days when you were a freshman and you still thought you could get a 4.0.