University of California-Santa Cruz Dining & Food

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I'm in the Crown Merrill dining Hall right now, each pair of colleges has its own dining home. So I mean, was five dining halls on campus, and they always have, like, a vegan or vegetarian option. Uh, but I went with the now get some fries today. Pretty good. And I will also chocolate cake. Apple pie. So healthy. And, uh but they do actually have healthy options, like a salad bar. And you can also make your own life sandwiches like, that's usually what I do if there's nothing else and I'm a fan of because, you know, they switched up the flavors a lot. But so its previous. Every college has their own, you know, close by dying. And if you don't like the dining halls with your like meal plan, you can do a five day or seven days. Uh, you can always use you're You're flexi dollars, which is like your cat, that the school gives you a set amount recorder. And you can use a man like the restaurants or can't face.