University of California-Santa Cruz Dining & Food

I'm in the Crown Merrill dining Hall right now, each pair of colleges has its own dining home. So I mean, was five dining halls on campus, and they always have, like, a vegan or vegetarian option. Uh, but I went with the now get some fries today. Pretty good. And I will also chocolate cake. Apple pie. So healthy. And, uh but they do actually have healthy options, like a salad bar. And you can also make your own life sandwiches like, that's usually what I do if there's nothing else and I'm a fan of because, you know, they switched up the flavors a lot. But so its previous. Every college has their own, you know, close by dying. And if you don't like the dining halls with your like meal plan, you can do a five day or seven days. Uh, you can always use you're You're flexi dollars, which is like your cat, that the school gives you a set amount recorder. And you can use a man like the restaurants or can't face. On today's episode of touring U. C A C with nausea and take you to a dining hall. Um, there's five dining halls on campus, and they're all like, shared with each sister college. And so right now, this reporter dining home. And I'll tell you a little more things. I'll tell you a little more about it as we get inside. But inside the dining hall over here is a study lounge. And then we also have the mail room. And like all your mail boxes, if you're in this college and then you go down through here, those doors is another cafe. And then down this way, the cool thing about the Porter dining hall is each month we have, like, a little piece of art or something that is related to that month. Like, for example, right now, it's National Poetry Month, which I didn't know but like make poems, which I think is pretty cool. Um, this is the dining hall. I just tried to go downstairs into the dining hall, and the dining hall supervisor told me that I needed written permission to take a video of the area, which I don't have. But you guys kind of got to see what it looks like. This is the basic set up most of the dining halls on campus, and there's also usually outside seating for all the dining to which I can give you Rose. There's a lot of food and dining options ranging from, like being vegetarian women free options as well. They pretty much tried to accommodate all these all students needs. If you have, like a certain dietary restriction that you need, you can totally contact them. And they're like comedy that, like, for example, one of my friends wanted soul food for dinner one night and she emailed the dining hall, and they brought that in. They had a soulful night, and another thing is almost thirty percent of all of our produce this literally garden here at our farm, you see. Which is pretty awesome. And yeah, this is the C one of the dining halls. Like I mentioned, there's five of them and they're pretty standard.