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Bay Tree Bookstore | Campus Tour 2019

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This University of California-Santa Cruz Campus Tour was taken at The Bay Tree Bookstore.


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Sajia bidar
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The Bay Tree bookstore is one of the primary places professors order their textbooks for classes, especially for introductory level classes and the sciences/math. Other professors, especially in the social sciences and humanities, prefer to order their books from the Literary Guillotine downtown. Textbooks are shelved in the upper stairs level, along with the computer center and school supplies. Upstairs we have an authorized Apple Store which is really convenient for students because the closest Apple Store is over the hill in San Jose. The lower level is dedicated mostly to Slugwear, UCSC memorobilia and non-required reading, including books written by many professors at UCSC. The bookstore also has a "dorm central" where they offer anything and everything needed to live comfortably in your dorm room.