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Thinking about University of California-Santa Cruz and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting University of California-Santa Cruz in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet University of California-Santa Cruz’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to University of California-Santa Cruz, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the University of California-Santa Cruz experience. These University of California-Santa Cruz video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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I'm not used to Russell and transformed from the best born yet. And I cool. Okay, You should so tell us a little bit about your major. And like the academic climate surrounding it, um, I'm in a very impacted major. My classroom sizes range anywhere between to order two plus students. It's very competitive, and it's hard to find people that will tell us a little bit about the student body at U. C. A C mostly, Yeah, there's actually a large transfer community here, which I really enjoy. But this this campus is laid up of tons of people, sounds different, ages, ethnicities. And it's pretty cool because I get a chance. Teo, learn tio with all types of people before you don't enjoy the work force and worked with all times. What is your favorite and least favorite thing about? You see, Buying favorite thing about UCS is the beauty of the campus and the fact that I get to meet and interact with so many different people. The least favorite thing will be the classroom size. Because of the classroom sizes, you could be failing a class and not know it until with nine, and it's also hard to get one on one help from any of the professors because they have three hundred other students, On today's episode of touring U. C A C with nausea and take you to a dining hall. Um, there's five dining halls on campus, and they're all like, shared with each sister college. And so right now, this reporter dining home. And I'll tell you a little more things. I'll tell you a little more about it as we get inside. But inside the dining hall over here is a study lounge. And then we also have the mail room. And like all your mail boxes, if you're in this college and then you go down through here, those doors is another cafe. And then down this way, the cool thing about the Porter dining hall is each month we have, like, a little piece of art or something that is related to that month. Like, for example, right now, it's National Poetry Month, which I didn't know but like make poems, which I think is pretty cool. Um, this is the dining hall. I just tried to go downstairs into the dining hall, and the dining hall supervisor told me that I needed written permission to take a video of the area, which I don't have. But you guys kind of got to see what it looks like. This is the basic set up most of the dining halls on campus, and there's also usually outside seating for all the dining to which I can give you Rose. There's a lot of food and dining options ranging from, like being vegetarian women free options as well. They pretty much tried to accommodate all these all students needs. If you have, like a certain dietary restriction that you need, you can totally contact them. And they're like comedy that, like, for example, one of my friends wanted soul food for dinner one night and she emailed the dining hall, and they brought that in. They had a soulful night, and another thing is almost thirty percent of all of our produce this literally garden here at our farm, you see. Which is pretty awesome. And yeah, this is the C one of the dining halls. Like I mentioned, there's five of them and they're pretty standard. We're about to go into the bookstore. No. Okay. What? Yeah. Upstairs. Okay, so we're in the bookstore. There's two levels to the store and the first level there's, like reading books and stuff. And then over here, we have close. If you want to, like, refuse Eassey and then upstairs, we can also go. We're going upstairs. Like I mentioned, we have just like no books for so And then also, we have textbooks for all your classes down this way. And then we also have a section. It's unauthorized Apple store because we don't like the closest Apple Store two. UCS is in San Jose, which is kind of far. So Wei have apple products here. Basically, anything you could really need. It is in this store. And yeah, that's the books. Look what I just found. Yes. So the story behind that is the movie Pulp Fiction and John Trouble. Take your pick. Any college. Correct. And you think you see because we Okay, so that's basically Arjun. And then the whole site of Oprah's is where we have, like, fields like a dance studio in here. And then over on this side me on the tennis court. Look, here we have, There's more chords. They're like we have a racquetball court sucking showing you. Stop assuming that was wrestling, because it looked like that's what they were doing down there, not playing racquetball. But yes, we have a really large variety of sports and clubs, and there's definitely something for everybody. So yeah, you just really got to check it out like previous life in situations that you normally wouldn't expect. Two. Yeah. Then we also have and indoor basketball gym. Looks like it's being used for just bad men right now. But that is a basketball interesting Jim, and then right next to it, we have outdoor basketball. So if you're interested, it's always nice when it's like the weather's nice. And you could play on time. Okay, So I'm back inside of dopers. Oprah's is where we have our office of physical education. Recreation in sports. So we have a pool and a gym. And, like, basketball courts in here, basically anything outdoors. He operates out of this office on the side of campus. Are you there? Okay, I'm just digging. Okay, so I'm at the pool right now is being rented out right now. Fruit something. But it's a pretty big pool. All of our sports teams, clubs and, like whoever wants to rent it out, can do that. But also it's open for free, swim on certain time of day and that's pretty awesome. I think so if you just wanna, like, hang out and get some exercise this perfectly. What? Yeah. Okay. So downstairs is where we have all the life gym workout stuff. And if you go upstairs, you have all of our offices. We have offices for, um, all of our recreation staff. Intramural sports also operated out of this building. Um, yeah. If you're into anything outdoorsy working out, be healthy. This is your place and something that I'm going to vouch for real quick because I love it's not setting. Fuses are rec department. So our rec department is personally one of my favorite things about Santa Cruz because I've gone on so many cool backpacking trips, hiking trips, camping trips to the wreck. Um, yeah, I've been to cool places have been on like, are we going backpacking trip to Utah? I've been backpacking through the Sierras, and yeah, it's just really awesome. And everyone is supercool and quirky and like very, very welcoming. And, yeah, when I went on within this orientation, so So I'm taking you guys to my favorite place to be on campus. Leaves here again. So we're going to the college eight cafe. Oops. So we're going to the Rachel Carson Cafe. Just don't look at that. Um So you guys already saw a glimpse of this place in my last video. This is my favorite place to eat on campus because first of all, they have amazing sandwiches and they're smoothies are bombs God. That's fine. I knew I was forgetting something. Over here myself. Look who I just ran into. So one of my favorite things about this cafes. I have a really awesome smoothies. A ton of seeding, if you want, hang out and they also have another. Where you can just hang out. There's a pool table in here. Yeah. You're my best friends and my housemate. Come on. Everybody. Leo. What did you want, Theo? Cool thing about the Rachel Carson Cafe is. Did he take swipes and also flexes? And what I mean by that is that goes into a little bit of the meal plan that you can have here at U. C. A. C. So you can pick from seven day, which you can swept into any dining hall seven days a week. And then there's a five day which you can slip into any dining hall five days of the week. So Monday through Friday. And then there's the fifty five day where you can. You basically have fifty five swipes that you can use. The dining halls are at the Cafe's, which take swipes for whenever you want to use the fifty five swipes. And with that comes a fifty dollars of flexes, which is just basically like spending money. And, um, yeah. So this cafe, along with a few other ones, take swipes, which is really convenient for me. Who I'm not like on the seventh day, but I can still like hee at the cafe for too much. A lot of the first use use the seven day everyone else uses the five day or if you're living in the apartment or off campus, will use the five Okay. Well, that's u c a C for you. I hope it was informational or helpful in any way possible. Thank you for showing me the campus. Yeah, of course. Okay, you guys. So, unfortunately, this is the end of the tour. Had a lot of fun showing as around I'm Unfortunately, I couldn't show you everything, especially now, all of my favorite spots. Because there's so much to see and just like so much beauty and scenery to take in. But if any point in the videos there was something that you saw that you needed more clarification on or just more information on, please don't hesitate to find me on Facebook or send me a message or get in contact with me anyway, Anytime. Dogs have been video bombing me this whole time. You guys, you're used to that and just one last piece of advice for those of you who are applying are looking into you, CSC or just any college out there. Be yourself because that's the easiest thing. You can be explorer and college. Put yourself out there because college is a time for great self expression and exploration, and there's really no better time to do it. So put yourself in situations that you normally wouldn't expect because I've come to realize that's when I've had the best results in the best experiences. Thank you guys, for watching this all the way through. I've gone to see you, CSC through a completely new lens, and it's been amazing. So thank you guys, so much. Good luck on your college applications. Good luck on everything out there. And like I said, if you need anything or if you're coming to visit the campus and need a Torah, please don't hesitate to send me a message. So thank you, guys and this is me signing out If you're wondering where I am in this mystical forest, we're on our way to a place of great study of greatness, period. For. We're going to do something a little different. Going to give you guys a special limited edition tour. I have my good friend and house may hear Nina with me, and she's a tour guide for you. CSC. So you guys are getting the inside scoop scoop. So you guys are getting the inside scoop. This is Nina, everybody. I mean, I'm a second year student here. You see, I see my major's in the street with the constellation the Americans in Africa. And I'm also an apology. Reimer with concentration. I'm so usually when I'm not reading about a bunch of dead people, I'm usually out out Santa Cruz exploring because it's such a beautiful place. So I'm currently staying from McHenry library. Like you say, it's one of two libraries you have here on campus. The second one is up on scientist, and it's called the Science Engineering Library and down, if you can guess, has a bunch of science and engineering books where this one doesn't. So some of the cool things we have in our library is way. Have a cafe near one of twelve on our campus. This is Amazon juices. I'm just pretty good on their personal in there. And there's a time of like study space and stuff. What? So when the other really unique things about libraries, I'm just grateful that that's because since the world only grateful that our so are any good heads out there, it's a great place to come and look and see all the pictures. A lot. I love how fun. So here, McHenry, we have one point five million books in our libraries. These are just a couple of features from the Kennedy Library, so for and So this is one of the reporters who have McHenry library. It's a very place to really sit outside but still be covered from all the elements. Because we do, we're on top of it. But along with this, we also tons of other statements throughout both their libraries. Those include group study rooms, asshole. Smaller tables are laid out throughout the entire library. So you can obviously your study on while in here on DH, that's just a little bit on the Kennedy Library and the library system in general. I'm currently on Science Hill, which the name speaks for itself. Most of our, like stem majors and stuff run out of this area, and all of the classes and departments and buildings are all concentrated kind of in this area. Also, physical sciences, Earth life sciences also are around here. You're in front of another academic building, or I guess you could call it another kind of school. But this is the Baskin School of Engineering and It's a pretty impressive building. I think it's really beautiful. But, yeah, this is where engineering stuff is and are like, science departments are pretty well known. We do a ton a ton of research in all of our departments. Yeah. This is the School of Engineering. It's really beautiful. There's also a ton of place to hang out, do homework kind of along there. Um Yeah, beautiful. We also have a ton of lecture halls and, like I mentioned before, like, faculty, offices and stuff are also around here. And another cool thing about Science Hills, that we also have food trucks that come up here every day from like ten to two or something. And they are delicious, I would say even better than the dining hall. So if you're into food trucks, All right. What's up, everyone? My name is risky. I'm a second year legal studies, major education, minor affiliated with kyle college or pro nasser. He his him. I have over ten jobs on campus, but i'm involved like a lot of organizations. So i'm just all about collaborate with each other, collaborate with all the organized agents. You're on campus because that's why i feel like there's a misconception here on campus of not everyone wants to collaborate with each other, but that's why i want to do is help bridge the gap between student success and also dr in administration. So, um, so what is your favorite and least favorite thing about you? Csc? I think probably the most everything is i was just talking about the other day. Find almost everything here at u. C. Santa cruz is the connection with students and faculty administration on the type of person to go to higher ups and talked to faculty and administration because they've been there before. So i can go to them and get advice from those. If it be college advisor, maser, advisor, minor advisor or even you know, section ta people. I know it's like really corny cliche to say, but they've been through it already, and they're able to give me advice. And we're coming one on one to help get a better grade to help give me better advice and such like that, probably the least for everything you see, santa cruz probably had to say safety and like the lighting of the campus in terms of ok, there's not a lot of light. Post is not a lot of mirrors or lanes for vehicles such as buses. There's like increased traffic and stuff like that. So why did you choose u. C s e r? I chose. I chose uc santa cruz because small school and i feel like i'm a big fish. So come from. My high school was a sick sport athlete. I was involved in a lot of organizations in high school. Then coming here, i thought i could translate it and help. Like i said earlier, collaborate with all the organizations are part of and bring it together. And that's what all that's what i'm all about. And another thing is to that i made such a big impact you already or in my second year old, just being here. Specifically, you can just make a big impact because there's oil at nineteen thousand five hundred students here, it's increasing. But that's the second smallest out all the other uses, which is really, really interesting back, right? Um, okay. So tell me about your major and a little bit about, like, the academic climate surrounding your major. All right, so as a tour guide, i just know that at the ratio for certain classes can be somewhat overwhelming power from legal studies department. I know the biggest class i had was what, like, one twenty or one fifty? But in my in my classes, like they usually had no sections. Other classes have that as well. So for th is to be like, okay, twenty, thirty student class and pretty much engaging with ta a professional. One on one is really easy office hours. They're very open about it by appointment, etcetera. And with all the cost i have taken, we've always mentioned. We always tried to find a way to italians uc santa cruz or the city of santa cruz with the administrative law possum taking right now sports long politics of like no sports isn't sports isn't as big here on campus. But what if sports was big here would be a whole unity with, like all the colleges here. So you know, there's a bunch of like, legal studies slash politics. Classes are across the city. I've taken that i feel that have been very helpful towards my learning experience. Was my modern education education classes you know, we're learning about. I learned about south east asia's going immigration. No people who identified from people from india, people from laos, cambodia, vietnam, right now, money about open, unified school, jessica nonprofit. So all the information it's like so much information, a tie in. But i'm using all of it, and i hope that comply later after i graduate. Awesome. So tell me a little bit about this uniform that you're wearing and what's going on here. All right, so i am a uc santa cruz student ambassador for the uc santa cruz police department. Soon, ambassador. Basically, i'm driving this vehicle behind me. Can see right now, but it's ah, uc santa cruz tap right. Basically, download the app, and we give rides for free monday through thursday from seven p. M. To midnight and makes you know and also ensure that no one's breaking windows at the west, east or north from both lots saves. A person wants to walk that like so no one wants to walk it like twelve fifteen from science and engineering on wants and go to the village. So call the top ride in the app and then we pick them up, drop him off after destinations and on that what we do with the pizza prominent. I know it's kind of misconception and police today and all that. So this is going on. But, well, i'm trying to do here is, as mentioned, bridge the gap between students police department to insure that our campus, they say awesome. Okay. And last question. If you could offer one piece of advice teo, uh, student applying here or a future student, what would you say? I feel that for any biggest advice i give to assume implying to anywhere or specifically u c santa cruz. Just be yourself. U c santa cruz. It's like one of most accepting universities in the nation. You know, it's the home of the banana slugs looking different and, you know, here we have like a big h s. I spent hispanic serving institution of big hispanic latin nix community. Here we have a african black caribbean, abc population growing here as well and seriously sang crews. You know, we're very inclusive. Like if you want to do any protests or care about social justice, you like we're here to support you. Regardless. Regardless, if it's something bigger, something small were always there to support you. If you want any advice if you hit me up, if you can hear anybody and love