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Everyone. So this is ralph a. C one of my friends here? No, no. For a long time, we're here. You see it together. So we're gonna go through the breezeway inn. This video this is also called the john t. Washington center. And we're going to show you the bookstore as woz like chick fil a and i'd services on talk a little bit about. All right, so over here is the card services. This is where you guys will come. If you're getting here, you see if i d card which is pretty much your ticket into a lot of different places for free resource is on campus. Over here is the bookstore where you'll be buying a lot of your books. And this is also a place where you can get your books price match from any of the, like, official website online. And then down here is where you'll find a ton of other stores. Food stores as well, particularly in the dominoes. Yeah, they have a shopping centre back there. They like chicks labor. That's like the best spot. You got. Dominoes, right? Makes it so you're gonna get fat. But you get your haircuts right? So this is where the domino's is. They're actually building a brand new one. It's almost finished. Not quite, but it's almost there. And this is where the chick fil a is. This is where all the little gamers are out of game. Yeah, i do. So you're offended like retro nine. These games, i'm pretty sure over here it's gonna be like your favorite spot on campus. But that was the breezeway, and it's on to the So we're in front of sixty three South, which is one of the two dining halls on campus. So this is the dining hall is on the south side of campus. So if you live in Neptune, I hear Hercules says Academic Village or Apollo and Liberal, which are two freshmen only dorms. This is probably where you would go eat if you have a meal plan. Unfortunately, we're not able to film in there, but it is buffet style, and I'm gonna go ahead and talk about some of the other food options on campus. I think the meal plan is worth it and even show you some of the food options. On the north side. Here is our second dining hall nitro. So if you live in towers, this is probably the dining hall that you would go Teo. So I lived on campus my freshman and sophomore year, and now I'm living off campus my junior year, which turns out to also be my final York's I'm graduating early, so I never had a meal plan during my three years, and I strongly advise against a meal plan so each meal plan is over a grand and you can go on basically, the UCF read it. Before I became a student, I did a lot of reading on the UCF. Read it, and now I comment on the UCF write and type of wisdom I can give, but essentially you've got to be eating at the dining hall three times a day to get your money's worth and freshman year. I did a lot of social eating, and I think that's pretty common. So essentially, if you want to hang out with friends, you might go try any restaurant or you might go for food. So it's really common to go out and eat. So then you're going to use the dining hall a lot less So. My freshman year, I basically Social Aid made a lot of sandwiches because I had a mini fridge in my room and I got a lot of food from the public's hot case. So we have to. Publix is within, like four miles of campus, and every Tuesday, if you don't have a car, there's a grocery shuttle provided by SG A that takes you to Publix and brings you back to campus serial to stock up your mini fridge. and then we also had the communal kitchen on the floor, and I tried to use that a few times. But as you can imagine, with first time in college, students got quite messy, so it wasn't my favorite thing to use. But I definitely think life without a meal plan is very doable and much more affordable for you. Food court right now. Um, the brand new food court. It smells so good. Wait. So good way. Eat. You need to stop beating up so we're not Again. Thanks so much for joining me. So right now we're in the back area of the student union, and in this video, I'd be showing you guys a little bit about this area as well as my favorite foods box seat inside of Student Union. So behind me is a shuttle stop, and one of the shuttles that comes here is actually for student housing development. Off campus. There's a lot of student housing developments off campus for people to live in, and most of them have shuttles that go to and from campus. So it's free transportation for all those students that live there. There's also a shuttle that stops back here that goes through two roads in campus, which is on the west side of Orlando, and that's closer to all of the same parks and such. And then there's another shot of that suspect here that goes around campus, which actually makes it a lot easier to make it to places like the gym and all the campus spaces that are like way out of reach that are not really to fund a lawsuit, because this campus is really, really big. So before I go inside of the Union. I'm going to show you guys this sign right over here. Ah, lot of the buildings on campus have a sign like this one that tells you exactly what's in it. So here you can see that the student union has the student government association inside of their their offices inside there on the second floor. That's messier. And there's also the office of Student involvement, legal services, social justice and advocacy. And there's of course, more areas inside of the student union, But they can't list every single one of them inside there. These are just offices center in there, So a few of my favorite spots inside of the union are cute Joba, chili's and sometimes divorced. We're going to be walking past a couple of places, but I'll show you guys all of the other places in union in a separate video. Okay, so to our left is Hedo, Va, if you don't know is very much like Chipotle or most, it's like Mexican style food. And then inside of the atrium is a chili's, and that's coming up to our right. And then to our left is worse. There are also other places to eat inside of here, but they're also doing construction to bring more food places. And those are my favorite places. Yup. There she is. This is Memory Mall on Roy. You know, walk up a little more to see exactly how expensive rations. But you've got a classroom buildings on this side. Got a star books right over here. And of course, you've got a big red bus straight ahead where it's always there. Pretty much anyone always donate blood literally anything but also you see over there. Food truck. Let's go. Unknowable reason you didn't want you used today. Will you shut up. Which different day in and day out. It's for the usual, always there. I Personally, I would prefer to go to the burger You, which is down by Knights Plaza. But you passed by on her way to take a peek a CDO CD, a stadium spectrum stadium. No, no, it's just better there, and they have the punch cards that you can use to get a better view. Here is a better view memory. Here's where they take all the tour groups whenever they want to show them how great and grand it is. So we have classroom buildings one into their that's for general classes, literally any class because they have small classroom of giant classrooms. They have any classroom you may need for your class, so you might have a few classes in here. Might have a few classes and communication. I know you see a bunch of shrub ege, but I promised Pass that shrub Ege. It's Nicholson and you've also got psychology building down here, you see a global and, of course, as you could mainly see from Memory Mall, if you look straight down, you can see Cft Arena. The arena is actually where we host most of our basketball games as well as most of our bigger event. So, like knights got talent, which is a homecoming event where nights I'll get together the audition first. But then they go into the reader and that show their talents. They're pretty good, I think I've seen extreme yearly. Only one year. I was pretty. So we're gonna get a closer look All right. Here is the entrance to my favorite store of them all. Oh, my God. Yeah. All right. Thank you. Really. So I just made it back from lunch last season. Could not film in there, but that's perfectly okay. We're gonna keep going. This is what happens when you walk straight, did it, Union? You have this walkway kind of boardwalk straight down. And if you walk right down, you run into our next landmark, which is memory, Mom. So go the memory mall. Walk down that sea of the arena, walk a little bit further and hit spectrum CDO. So Valbe last far form camera store. The rest of it will be you show you a little bit of the city of or them, though. And what a night it's like for me and my roommates. Stay. Two. I'm a little sleepy because all that chicken prize of Texas toast, but keep going. Here is sixty three. The dining hall. There's also nitro, but it's not a Big sixty. Is it okay for me to film in here? I get a recording, Got it. Clint, Wait there Pretty good. They've got pizza, right? Really. Peace. Yeah, Great. I appreciate it. Don't. Over there in this. Fine, fine. Resting is the lead Scholars academy. And there's also over there is a lead scholars. And over here is pride comments. Bye. Actually, would you mind doing an interview like a one minute interview? It's far campus tour. So what's your name? Introduce yourself, Valerie. You understand? Well, Major, do you have our What's your major? You know, fresh. Awesome. Cool. So how would you describe the students here? Are you CIA? Um, everybody events really nice there. Cool and funny this place. Would you describe the academic climate here? So, like our students with studying and all that stuff fine. How are you on studying? Good try. I do my best. And then finally Oh, yes, My favorite question. Which is What is your favorite and least favorite thing about CIA? My favorite thing. It's the same thing I think is a lot of people. There's a lot of people. So there's, like, always, like, new people to meet right then because there's so many people get to meet everybody. All right. Thank you. Him. You know, maybe I should go. I should go inside, right? Yeah. Oh, God. All right, Well, a couple of minutes, Judge is sweet. Four minutes. Actually, I'm gonna do a lap because I got to show them the way she's doing the campus tour thing. What a little we stand. Come in. Oh, all right. Yeah. I'm gonna go to the recreation. Well, in the center, and then I'll be right back.