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Thinking about University of Dayton and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting University of Dayton in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet University of Dayton’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to University of Dayton, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the University of Dayton experience. These University of Dayton video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Right over there is Merriam Hall, which is the business school. Um, I've had what clash in there because that's a big lecture hall on freshmen. Big lectures. Yeah, for the business students in there, there's little coffee shop called the Blend Express and all these little shops on campus. Our parent company is called Flyer Enterprises, and it's something that Dayton really holds true to their heart. It's basically like a company that is run by U T students. So there is. Currently there's a senior girl whose CEO of the company and it is run by it is run like any other company would be run. Yeah, so there is ten divisions. I want to say there's the blend in the library. The blend express our tree. Cafe hair tends to heritage, which is right over there. Why might like, like the chill at the rack? There's a time, and it's like really good food, too. A lot of people work there. They all of their jobs. It's just something that, like Dayton, really holds pride, too, because it's something that the company's love and when, like hiring business students, especially Yeah, Over here is our main general quad called K. You field. Basically, like when it's nice out, people play Frisbee. Soccer does hang out on the grassy part sometimes, like clubs hold events there. Yeah, there's a lot of fun events that they put on. I know, like earlier in the year, there was a multicultural event had like tons of food from all over the world, and that was super fun. And I, like our sorority, hadn't event here this week, which is really fun as well. On DH, beginning the other's thing called up the Orcs, which is basically all the organizations on campus, like go on K U field and just set up tables. And it's a really fun day because it's actually for freshmen. It's like a great way to get involved. And then also so much free stuff. Yeah, remember getting like pizza Benares here, getting out cookies T shirts, either. Yeah, yeah, it's a fun day and everyone's out. So begin it's a good way to begin This is humanity's home in this building. It's all your typical, you know, humanity. Classes like religion, philosophy, history, things like that. I wasn't here a lot freshman year. So a lot of first year students, I have a lot of their classes because they take their like one of three level courses. Um, one thing I like about humanity's is that when you walk out, you walk into Mandy's Plaza. So it's basically like a field, like little steps and typically after classes. On a nice day, I could sit out here and just hang out. So for upperclassmen housing, there's different options. They have like houses. This is a apartment building. That's a new part way Hart building. Um, right now we're coming up on lo's, which is where a lot of them like. There's a lot of nice houses on Lo's again like you could get more path. Point to those houses and help Path points Works is we have a system called eighty eight and basically they just have speakers speak. And then you go to these events, probably like an hour long. And then he swipe your idea and you got point something like add up throughout the year I'm Junior's two years, probably good averages like thirty thirty five to go wilding out from under and like, Yeah, literally. And it's insane. I mean, good for them, because these lows Yeah, that's the goal for our house. But hopefully we just want a Porche. Right behind us. It's a chapel. It's the iconic Dayton image, A lot of shirts, you know? Yeah, it's one of the logo's. It's like what you see. It's like, I remember when I was visiting It was one of the first things you can see when you're driving into like, campus area because, like, it's on a hill and kind of higher than everything else and like, it's kind like a center point on campus as well, like you kind of always see the cross on top of it. Yeah, like wherever you are. A lot of people don't know this, but Dayton is a Catholic university, so it was founded by the Marinus brothers, and they are deeply rooted in finding coming good for others there first. So the common good is basically just like being nice to the other leads. The greater community LA and we were the whole person like date, educates the whole person I'm currently sitting right outside Ben and Jerry's, which is on Ground Street, which is our St Date. That's where all the food is. A little further down there's like to pull a Camaro sushi place, which is super good. So if you go this direction, tours from street that goes right to the city of Dayton. So we're about like, five minutes outside of the city, and if you go, you're up that way up around St you are going into a suburb. In every dining hall campus. They have a little apartment like this that you put your trash in. Um, since we're married his university, they believe in sustainability, saving the earth. And so with this, they like compost food and separated in tow. I'm recycling or not our cycle. I'm just really helps the university women on their So right now in my bedroom, in my apartment, This is my side. This is my roommates right now and then this is our view, right? There is a new apartment building. They're building for upperclassmen, and they're going to be so nice they shall be done hopefully by the end of this year. I don't even working at it all year, ever since we moved in. So today's and small alone, I thought I would talk about my experience of being a undecided major my first year and why I chose Dayton because of it. So, coming in to college, I didn't have no idea what I wanted to. Dio and Dayton has this programme called the Discover Program, and they offer it of in each of their school's on campus. So, like the School of Education, School of Arts and Sciences, the School of Engineering. And so with this, you're basically paired up with an advisor, and the adviser helps you through personality tests. You goto speakers about different majors. You could even talk to appear advisor as well, like a student. That helps you figure out what's best for you and your best fit. And I think This was the best thing for me as a first year not knowing what I wanted, because I felt I would have been very stressed out in the major that I didn't like. One of my friends my freshman year. She changed her major three times and changed the school's three times, which is a pain. She was so stressed out doing it, and I was happy that my first year I just did all the CAPT classes, the common academic program. So the basic like religion one o three and things like that to get it over with. So then I could focus on my future. In the next coming years, I decided to become a communications major, which I love. It was the best decision for me. Um, I love all my classes. I'm getting more involved in the major, which I really like. So I wouldn't shy away for coming in. Undecided. Because even though, like some people, say it's looked down upon when applying for schools, I really think it might be the best option for a person that doesn't know exactly what they're doing, so eventually they can end up exactly where they're supposed to be. Right now I am in the free Eric Center, which is where all the athletes workout. It's really nice. It's my first time in here, so dating athletics way R. We're a big basketball school, no. So he just said, We have one of the best students actions in the whole country for basketball. So our student section is called the Red Scare. It's best gears are so much fun that I went to my first one this year, which is like kind of you, but they're so much fun. You get, like, so much for stuff. I gotta be sure feeling little light up Wake was little. I share a free pizza. It's so much fun and just like it really brings out the whole dating fire spirit. Currently, we're walking through Mandy's Plaza, so he's right behind us. There's the walkway here and here is so we have a new event called Christmas on Campus each year, and basically it's like kids from the surrounding area of Dayton Come on campus and they're matched up with a beauty student. You buy them a gift? Yeah, it's basically baby. Set them for a few hours, but the school puts on like a tunnel, little like activities. They have, like a Christmas tree right here. Yeah, the lighting of the Christmas tree in the Nativity as well. Little arts and crafts. The kids always have so much fun. And we had Dale for school, which is nice, but I don't know. It's always, like, good just to like, get your mind off Dresser before finals because it happens right before finals and run more like Christmas break, which is really nice. Yeah, it's I love Chris on campus. It gets me in the Christmas spirit as well.