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Lily shows you around her apartment style dorm!

UD’s Christiana Towers are the only apartment style housing on campus! We have our own living room and kitchen in every room. My favorite part about living here is the sunset from my 14th floor window!

Video Location Christiana Towers Commons Bldg

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Lily Wolfe
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Hey, I'm going to show you around my door right now, so I live in apartment style housing. So that means there's four of us who live here. We have a little common area and the kitchen, so let me show you around. Not the most interesting thing, but we have one sink out here and then sink inside the bathroom itself shower. So it's nice to not be like have to share a bathroom with people on the floor or anything like that. That's a park of living in the apartment style housing. Ah, this is my room mates room, So there's two people to a room. See, it's nicely decorated she has little canopy over her bed. We have our TV over here or a little kitchen table, our couch, some tapestries to decorate on the fridge. After not having won last year's super super nice. Lots of storage, our cleaning supplies, there's no closet. Nothing too fancy closet over there and a desk over here. So every room comes with a bed, a desk Onda wardrobe. So I'm like a chair for the desk and drawers, so you don't have to worry about buying any of that. One tip I would recommend super super Super Helpful is getting a mattress pad. So it's basically this, like like thick foam. Maybe it's memory foam cushion that goes on top of your bed, and it makes it amazing. I sleep better here than I do at home because of this super nice mattress pad. Um Yep. I'm the only apartment style housing on campus, but it's pretty bad I'm on the fourteenth floor. Let me tell you, my favorite part about living here is the view. So since we live on the fourteenth floor or up super high and we get super nice sunset so that's the other part of the building, you can see it all up here. So where I parked my car? So you are able to bring your cars on campus? You can park them in the slot here.