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Hey, guys, we're here. Dancing. Hey, cancer. We're hoping there are over two million dollars. Doubles. Thank you guys. Yeah. No. We're about to head to the dining hall. C over, Kyle. Only a private video. It's the dining car. So this is how the timing, Carla CR, where you put your plaits underdone. Who are you looking like that? Are you there? Worse. So this is typically what I get every day, and Erica gets another Harmless. There's kind of like the station over there. You can make your own. That's like that, that she are dying for you. Cope. I know you like to come here after my idiom because it's on the campus sound. It's probably the best dining hall parents at Uni, so definitely recommend we are. And they also have a popcorn machine battery like popcorn. But if you d'oh their news Hey, guys, I'm here on the green, also known as the North green. But everybody just calls it the green. So, out here, if it was maybe twenty degrees warmer, he'd see tons of students just hanging out, having a good time studying, having dinner picnicking. And I know you will never find me in the library once it reaches seventy degrees. Because I will do all my studying out here. Absolutely loved the green, just as everybody else does. It was a huge reason why I came to you, D cause the campus is just so beautiful. Um, one fun thing that you'll find on the green our puppies. So we have a couple of organizations on campus that help raise puppies for the seeing eye on. You'll always find them on the green and Yoo hee Khun, stop and pet them, and they're super adorable. You'll also find the puppies in your classes sometimes, which is really close. But yeah, this is a green. It's just a little chilly. That's why there's no more people out there be people. Arm slack lining between the trees are anything and everything. There's this one club that has those light savers like in Star Wars who do that at night juggling There's a juggling club would be juggling on the green. But, yeah, this is the green. My favorite part on the campus CIA. So the next life I'm going to take you is worth library, also known as Club Horace, which is our four story library, where he was from a lot of their time studying acting out textbooks, fronting books, using computers, talking that way. So the first war of the library is where a lot of study rooms are located. There is a little cafe in the front, and it's where the welcome desk is and the help centers. So if you have any questions about finding a book, you can stop by the first floor and ask him to help you find it or point you in the right direction about anything in the library. So next off, we're gonna head downstairs where the multimedia center is located. So this is the basement of the library where the Student Multimedia Center is located. So, as you can see here, there's a bunch of computers to use in these classrooms. There's a color print to hear what you can use to print out posters and things, which is really cool. I know I have a friend who gave her friend to give for her birthday. She got really cool posters made their this's the writing center so students can come here for help with any of your writing. Uh, your personal work or school projects? It's really great. One on one tutoring all for free. So keep heading down the hallway. Here we see students studying. Getting their groove on Library can be a great place to study because there aren't as many distractions. I love going to the library to study on. I like going to the basement because it's not like dead silent, whereas if you head upstairs, it becomes pretty quiet. So let's head upstairs so the library is usually open till about midnight every night, but during finals week it's open twenty four seven, so you can study all night long if you need. Hopefully you won't go, so I made it to the top floor of the library Wolf. That's a lot of stairs, but the top floor is a pretty silent floor. This's not for group work. It's kind of for that in this zone, studying when you really got to get something done. People do come here with their friends, but there's not much talking. People do. Look at you if you make a lot of noise, but it's really great when you haven't examined. You need to get something done that there's a quiet space. Even come Teo and study. Get all of your work done. But, yup, up here, it's just a bunch of desks on DH on the sides. There's a whole bunch of books that you can check out, but a lot of people just come here to study. So next we're going to head back downstairs and take a look at some of the group study rooms, which are super useful. So here are group study rooms, these air great places to come with your friends if you are all in the same class and you, I want to learn together because each room has their own blackboard. In its taken all write on the board together. It's a super good way to study. As you can see, the library's pretty crowded. Now all the tables are filled and all the group study rooms air filled. But the group study rooms are available online, so you can, like, run thumb out for a certain time block if you need them, which is super helpful, especially for exam prep. But there you see the blackboard, all the chairs that kind of vary in size. They're great to use for, like little conferences. I love coming to the group study rooms with my friends to study, but, yeah, this's the Hey, guys, Right now I'm a Perkins student center. This is our second student center, where we goto hangout Gaba bitey fun. So I'm going to show you the first lounge. So on the other side of those tables, there are all the different food options. In the lounge chair, there's a Dunkin Donuts, a burrito place sandwich shops. So this is where people go to grab a bite to eat. Study. On the weekends. We have this thing called Perkins Live, which is a late night programming, and they have all sorts of Carl's. Last week on my friends and I went to a really fun paint night. That person's live. If you follow the steps down, we'll go to the hen zone, which is where we have all kinds of fun things like Ping pong. So welcome to the hand zone. Over here are the video games people just playing and then we have lots of fun. Some people are really good on over this way. We have to think our problem is quite hard. Come on. But all of their heart. This is a hands on a great place to have fun with your friends. So Perkins is also home to all the offices of the different registered student organizations, also known as our ESOS. So a lot of the big organ organizations will have their offices down here so you can go there and ask some questions about all their different programming. And this is where, like the board of all the difference, our SOS meet to come up with really cool events and things as you can see here. Here's a little bored with all the things coming up yet. So I'm gonna head upstairs to show you one last lounge at the Perkins. So this is our last lounge. Great place to come and study. Uh, yeah. This is the Perkins Student Center, CIA. Hey, I see I'm here with Marguerite s O. This is Marguerite's room. This is a freshman dorm at the University of Delaware. So this is one of them brand new dorm's. So you can see it's pretty nicely space. A lot of these are double style, so there's two people to a room, and then they have, like, a communal bathroom in the hall to share. But it's a really nice base. The ceilings are super high, which is really nice on. Yeah, every room comes with a wardrobe on the desk and yeah, so let's go take a look at some of the other stuff we have in this residence hall. So some people decorate for St Patrick's. That's really fun. So every single floor has its own little lounge. So this is the floor lounge right here, a great spot to go and study. Every four has own bathroom here, the bathrooms and I'll take you out to the main area. There's some cool things, like a really nice kitchen that has cameras you could like, record yourself cooking. There's a nice, like grand piano if you know how to play piano. Yep. So the main area. Some couches to hang out. Lots of studying space in this. Residents all here's the mail boxes. You could get your packages. So this is the laundry. I'm going to show you so really convenient right here. Sprinkle your launch. Lots of space. It's pretty much the laundry. And I think what to say about that. Uh, then we have the kitchen. Second. So this is the kitchen, Really? There's like the overhead around the record too. The screen's over there. Have you cooked here before? Yes. No, They passed. Sounds really good. So this is the kitchen. What? And then we have a bunch of little cubicles to go and study, which is really nice studying. Teo. This is like the main lounge or there's a piano. Yeah, that's about it. So this is a typical freshman dorm at the University Hey, guys, I'm here. It she's a Romney diving hole with my friend Sarah. So here's what we got for lunch. Heard tilapia and budgies, and I also got some tilapia and a shrimp pad Thai. So she's around the dining hall. We have over thirteen different stations, including a vegan station, a kosher station, gluten free station. And we have You dairy are famous handmade ice cream and lots of other options. So I'll show you around after. But here's our food's going to go show you around the dining hall now. So the first off with these kosher stations So we're gonna head this way. So this is a kosher station. There's fish today. Over here. We have the corner grill, oftentimes burgers and fries. This is called Mongolian in the morning, they have omelets here. You can create any car omelet. Over here. We have a different kind of pasta. Salads? Yeah. Yo, birds, fresh fruit. Okay. No. Over here. We have pizza. Here we have different waffle makers. Serial frozen the over. You, Derry, which is my favorite station. Lots of desserts in the bakery section. Over here. We have fresh fruit, smooth. Fishing the whole section. Different. There. So this is my friend Katherine, and I gonna continue the tour. See later, Katherine. Yeah. We have two different salad bars. Wait a bagel bar. More different soups, sandwiches. This's a gluten free section. With vegan section. So you're currently in front of Perkins is Erica. Hi. And we're waiting for the bus as you in, like, five. Right there. He's a dining hall. And that's President's home, also called CR Here, Lance. All the way over there, man. I'm about to get on it. No loud streets. Recurrent stay chair. So I thought I'd show you guys a little bit of what? My Saturday consistent, which is basically studying for organic chemistry because I have an exam coming up pretty soon, So I'm just trying to study by reviewing UT capture, which is basically recorded lectures that you could watch online life safety, Miss Class. And you can't go. You just Oh, my gosh. I'm so scared. I'm Mr Material. There you go onto this site to capture, like, has out through court elections for you. Now, not every single class does that. Um, I know some professors are like they're really big on you showing up to class, and they think you did. Capture is like an incentive, not go to class, but, um, overall, to me, the cashiers have been pretty beneficial to my college experience. I know that if I'm sick or if I miss a lecture, this I can't get up at a young man. I always go to capture. And it's a great way to help me study for my upcoming exam. Um, also for exams. I recommend study at least a week before because I feel like it's better for you too. Perform well on the exam. The rather than cramming it. I know everyone is different, but in my sense and from my experience, I know that when I studied, maybe, like a week before my exam attended to do a little bit better than Father didn't just scrambling the information. Maybe like a couple days or dislike an hour before the exam starts. So that would be a little tip from me. Um, yeah, I'm just trying to study Kash Khun b a lot, so I think studying is like a big