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Lily shows you around the library!

The Morris Library is a great place to study with friends or alone. On the bottom floor, you can rent out cameras and other multimedia equipment for free! You can also get help with your writing on the bottom floor of Club Morris. During finals week the library is open 24 hours, so grab a coffee and come on by the Morris Library!

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Lily Wolfe
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So the next life I'm going to take you is worth library, also known as Club Horace, which is our four story library, where he was from a lot of their time studying acting out textbooks, fronting books, using computers, talking that way. So the first war of the library is where a lot of study rooms are located. There is a little cafe in the front, and it's where the welcome desk is and the help centers. So if you have any questions about finding a book, you can stop by the first floor and ask him to help you find it or point you in the right direction about anything in the library. We're gonna head downstairs where the multimedia center is located. So this is the basement of the library where the Student Multimedia Center is located. As you can see here, there's a bunch of computers to use in these classrooms. There's a color print to hear what you can use to print out posters and things, which is really cool. I know I have a friend who gave her friend to give for her birthday. She got really cool posters made their this's the writing center so students can come here for help with any of your writing. Uh, your personal work or school projects? It's really great. Getting their groove on Library can be a great place to study because there aren't as many distractions. I like going to the basement because it's not like dead silent, whereas if you head upstairs, it becomes pretty quiet. So let's head upstairs so the library is usually open till about midnight every night, but during finals week it's open twenty four seven, so you can study all night long if you need. Hopefully you won't go, so I made it to the top floor of the library Wolf. That's a lot of stairs, but the top floor is a pretty silent floor. It's kind of for that in this zone, studying when you really got to get something done. People do come here with their friends, but there's not much talking. Look at you if you make a lot of noise, but it's really great when you haven't examined. You need to get something done that there's a quiet space. Yup, up here, it's just a bunch of desks on DH on the sides. There's a whole bunch of books that you can check out, but a lot of people just come here to study. So next we're going to head back downstairs and take a look at some of the group study rooms, which are super useful. So here are group study rooms, these air great places to come with your friends if you are all in the same class and you, I want to learn together because each room has their own blackboard. Now all the tables are filled and all the group study rooms air filled. The group study rooms are available online, so you can, like, run thumb out for a certain time block if you need them, which is super helpful, especially for exam prep. There you see the blackboard, all the chairs that kind of vary in size. They're great to use for, like little conferences. I love coming to the group study rooms with my friends to study yeah, this's the Morris Library.