University of Florida Dining & Food

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And right now I'm outside the dining hall. It's just about dinner time. Gotta grab some dinner, dining all years in a great location. It's called Gator Corner Dining Center, right on the corner. As you can see, we got a road here and road here, and then he just happened to be some of the biggest roads on campus. This one is called Stadium Road. Behind me is called Gayle. Let Morant on Stadium Road. We have Ben Hill, Griffin Stadium, home of the Gators, the swamp. And then, right across the street, we have the Odo MS Basketball valuable, all those sports I played. I'm here with my friend Anthony from rugby. We put on the club team together here, and we just finished up dinner here, dining hall. So Anthony, tell us about it's got some good qualities about it. They always have a special for dinner and lunch. They always have pizza, so that's always a plus like Yeah, I know, right? It's got cookies. Always cereal. Uh, got omelets all the time. Breakfast. Got your usual bacon, sausage Pancakes. Always got fruit available in salad. Bar is always open from my lunchtime clothes. It's got some good food. They got healthy food. We got to find food. They got some good meals. They got pasta station. That's always a good place to Gari. Good, Good. So what is your favorite dish? What's your favorite thing? Have not including dessert. Because because they always have great ice cream and cookies. All right, favorite meal. I'd probably have a look. Breakfast, lunch, dinner with my favorite breakfast. I always get the biscuits and gravy with bacon. That's all I ever had. That that's my go to all right. I always I always go for the omelet station and some toast and fruit of course. Well, you're healthier than I am. So what about lunch? What? You ate for lunch for lunch? I always go for the burger. Probably because I don't know. I like my burgers. I like burgers. And then for a night, time always goes. The process station was Get some chicken, Alfredo. Yeah, I always go with pastas. Well, that's the move. And what's your favorite dessert? Oh, easy, easy money. Birthday cake, Ice cream girl. Your birthday cake on your birthday cake. Guys from, like, fifties and cream. We've been true. Okay? They're pretty good. Pretty good. What's your least? Favorite meal least favorite meal. I have to go with any fish meal here. Yeah. I don't go for the fish. You got to stay away from that stuff. Sketching. I feel you're there. All right. Thank you. Yeah, of course. Thanks for having me on. So this as you can see that one day social, the one with that big because it is right. And then they had a pretty Italian gator right next to you. So Pete's aboutthe. Then there's Jimmy. So as we're walking to our sorority house for lunch, we thought to be a good time to talk about everyone's favorite thing. Food and meals and dining hall. So basically, but they don't tell you here is that when you join a sorority or fraternity and already have a meal plan, you can't get rid of it completely, like you have toe. You can reduce it to a certain amount of meals, but you don't get your entire money back. And sororities and fraternities like you have to pay for their meals like when you joined like purity. Odd do it's in your dues already pay for food. So oh, um, I would say it's like you should hold off for the first week to see if you get into the fraternity or thirty and then and then decide on the options. Like after, because you get five lunch and dinner breakfast. You don't want to be stopped paying for, like, two meal plans. A lot of, yeah, it's all so hope what we did way do bucks bucks. So basically our Gator one idea has money on it, and it allows us to go into the dining halls forever like stock on campus and need to eat there or java juice or anywhere in the rights. So we can pretty much eat anywhere. But we're not pig for three meals a day at, like, the typical dining on with your spending. Yeah, so in the end, the dining hall's also feeding like the masses. So they're not pretty much as gourmet as you would want them to be, I guess. I mean, the pizza's good. Have I and have a cereal bar and they make omelets to order, so that's pretty nice. But mother, something the matter. Masses, You know, you don't really know what you're gonna get yourself into one t over quality, but yeah, what's convenient? It's definitely very convenient. And so if that's the route you're going like I went for breakfast all the time last year, it was just easy.