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Fran Miller

Tour Guide

The first classroom I take you into is a common lecture hall in the White Hall Classroom Building, which is also used as an exam room for different classes. These lecture halls are very big, but it is common that you would have a balance between lecture hall classes and smaller classes. These smaller classrooms can be exemplified by the recitation class I show, which includes separate, smaller tables where students can connect to understand complex topics discussed in lecture in a smaller-scale, interactive setting. These recitations are common for each lecture class (usually once or twice a week depending on the class). I also give a glimpse into one of my biology lectures in JSB, which holds the same amount of students as the first lecture hall, but looks a bit different. Depending on the building and the major, each class, whether it be a lecture or a recitation, will be a bit different each time. This depends on the size of the class as well. Lastly, I give a glimpse into what a research lab could look like if you are interested in completing undergraduate research. Once again, each lab is different depending on the subject, but this is an example of what it could possible look like (I am currently researching circadian rhythms in bacteria, so that is what the lab is set up to do). If you would like to see what other labs look like, please reference my Jacobs Science Building video (JSB) to see what an introductory chemistry lab looks like (which is a class that most freshman are required to take).