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Fran Miller

Biology (Pre-Med), Class of 2019


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Chemistry , Class of 2020


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Digital Media/Design and Business Management, Class of 2021



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This is the inside of the Jacob Science Building. I'm on the second floor right now. Anyone? If you need to take a biology course or chemistry course, this is going to be your building. Primarily, it's really cool because has really nice screen there that shows what some of the labs look like. For research, and then it will also have plant areas where you can kind of study. So if you're ever in this building and have some ofthe time, they're really nice areas to study or take a snack break like this. And if you ever have a chemistry lab, this is kind of a preview of what it might look like thing. And if you ever need a break, you could even write out these rooms. Study. So if your science major, um, you'll be required to take some introductory labs for chemistry and biology. And then once you go up to more the top tier like level four hundred five hundred classes, they'll get more specialized. And most of these air in the Jacob Science Building here and then some of them are also in the Tunnel Morgan building, which is right across the street. So trance buildings are very close to each other, and it's really convenient. Here is another view of the Jacob Science Building. It's also really nice. Cut through a path if you ever have to go from the dining halls. Teo, Thomas, have Morgan. And if you ever have some extra time on your hands, these tables are really convenient that you could just kind of hang out. Hey, guys. So I just wanted to clear five a couple things about the Jacob Science Building. So this building has impacted me a lot because being a science major, a lot of the science classes are in the Jacob Science Building. So I am in there every day this semester, at least. Um, and I just kind of wanted a book about the classroom experience. So most of my classes in the Jazz B R lecture based, um so there are a lot of people in there. It's usually an introductory biology or chemistry course. So with these big lectures, um, some of the most of the topics I do understand, but for the son that I don't you have a scheduled in recitation, which is where you go to a smaller setting with a smaller amount of students and won t a or teacher teacher's assistant. And that's kind of where you go over the topics and make sure that you really understand everything. So if need be, you can go to your professor's office hours. But mostly, I just kind of figure everything out in you're scheduled recitation time, which usually meets either once or twice a week. Per, um, big lecture class. Being a biology major and also having to minors is a lot of work. I'm not going to tell you guys that it's really easy is a breeze. It is a lot of work, but I think it's really nice to have a balance between activities so extracurricular things, um, hanging out with your friends, literally. If you have to schedule in time for yourself. Like if it gets to the point where your schedule is so crowded that you have to schedule in eating, take shower like it's happened to me before during some weeks like midterms. Weekend stuff. You guys can do it, though, like I am up studying late tonight, but at the same time, it's totally worth that. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel, what you're setting for each exam for each quiz, any papers that you have any projects at all? Um, it's not a piece of cake, but there are also some really nice points in your classes where you kind of have a down period right after an exam. For me, it's worked out to where a lot of my classes have kind of lined up exams if they're similar. So last semester I had my A biology exams on Tuesdays and then my chemistry exams on Wednesdays. So even though they were back to back, it was kind of nice because the classes would line up. So I would have free periods of time on the same weeks and then hard core study weeks for exams, but for the most part, it all kind of flows together. Long story short. Don't get scared. Um, if you have a challenging major, but also take enough classes that it's going to challenge you because you'll be thankful for taking those later. So this is typically what an exam room and Whitehall would look like. So you can see that there are these tables and chairs for everyone. This is one of the lecture halls. Andi. So you might have a class in here, or I'll take you guys upstairs now to see if the smaller, more personal classrooms he wants. Terminologies. Wait. So this is what my biology research lab looks like, and so not all labs are the same, but this is kind of an idea of what it All right. So this is a Lexington. When your first entering uk, this kind of you're seeing a lot of hospitals and stuff. And then we are. We just passed the famous St St, which is on one of these side roads here. That Shriners Hospital. We have all of you case hospital. So that's like, you know, in your presidency and stuff, you might be located in one of these buildings over here. So this is mostly north campus. We have a lot of restaurants and stuff. Like CD Central. We have our MC Danks, which is painted our famous blue and way Got some Chip hold Lay right there. Way also have is just kind of like our strip of bars. There's two keys we have all the zero liquor business, local taco are famous local tacos such a great place to eat and then we have a roof just to say, though you will probably not be ableto experience those things until you're twenty one, because there's super strict and Lexington just for some secret information. So as we had into Lexington, you can kind of tell it's a pretty is acute sized cities. So it was not to bay. Not really too small. It's just enough to kind of like Memorize Something. Akane about Lexington is there are so many one way streets and I have gone down one the wrong way before is a super traumatizing experience, but it's kind of like one of those things. Once you do it once, you don't really do it again because it just hopefully won't happen. But there's some cute restaurants, a lot of historical buildings. We have this cute little theater around here way have our big blue building. The fifth. Third, ake was sub lingual about Lexington is called Thursday Night Live. It takes place under that civilian right there, and basically, like all of Lexington, comes out, just hangs out, eats food. There's like a local bar that comes into completely free for everybody to come see. And it's a great time, Tim, Here's the square. We got our urban right here. There's a lot of keep shopping downtown in the winter town. There's ice skating right there. You don't have it anymore because you know it's just gonna be definitely not what right? Weather for it. You can see fountains right now, so there's an ad for Keeneland. That's something very unique to Lexington because it's horse racing and everybody goes out. It happens in the fall in the spring season. So actually, this past weekend I went and this upcoming weekend, I'm also going to Kim Land and you just see some horse. Race is like Hang out with your friends like there's people of all ages there. It's a really cool thing and unique to Lexington. Is this just something really random that we just drove by right outside of the ball? But stuff like this kind of pops up everywhere, Don't really know, and there's So this is right outside of the student center. A lot of students just come here, tio. Maybe they eat their food or hang out, do some homework. It's kind of just, you know, everybody's doing their thing over there, but I'LL take you close here in a second. So here is our student center. It has everything from organizations to our student Jim and our second dining hall on campus. So I'm going to show you a little bit around here. UK Soon Center is super nice. It was freshly baked and deliver to us last year. We got it in the beginning. Tio late of first semester. There's a bunch of high tech technology. We can look at the the schedule for the cinema. Oh, Oh, I'm not gonna lie. I've only been to the cinema once, but I mean it fits five hundred sixty people, So if you are interested in any one of these movies, you can go see it for free. Here's some resources. Hurry. You have tons of studies space options in here. This is one of my favorite places in year. It's the Dance Blue Center, and I will probably have a segment talking about dance blew itself. But I spend a lot of time in here. It's very nice. S a B or soon Activities board center for a community outreach. Oh, yes. We even have a bank included with an ATM machine case here, broker than you need to be movie on. I actually recorded a very that's me. A very large amount of the wildcat pantry and also that's covered by your flex account, which is super nice. That's part of your meal plan. But it depends on how much you purchased. And here is our campus store. You can get everything from like textbooks, tio, some sports ear and even a Starbucks drink because we have a Starbucks located right in here. I definitely bring your parents around here because, who knows? Maybe they're feeling like you need a sweatshirt today, and the sweatshirts here are nice, Hey, guys, I'm getting ready to do some laundry. I'm gonna take you guys with me. Um, every dorm on campus comes with the long way around. I don't know why I picked today to do on, because, like, Sunday is the busiest day to do laundry. But it's overdue. Been about two weeks and I ran close. Yeah, it's like a dollar twenty five for a load of laundry in the dollar, twenty five for life, doing the dryer as well. I'm going to bring you guys with me to do laundry. I'm just getting my detergent ready because you have to like yet by your own detergent stuff. But the cool thing is they have an app that you used. So using your debit card describe it. Yeah, it's no cash. It all like debit or credit. And I have the app that goes with this call Wave writer again. Lets me know my balance. So I have eight dollars and seventy five cents and my clique room at a glance. I'm in boys. I'm in the dorm boy so you can click on the dorm. You're in to figure out how many dryers or washing machines are available. So right now, there's four washers available, six dryers and in five minutes five wash with sixty years even see that. From there, you can add money not kind of stuff on there and start like you start laundry like through the fall and let you know when the laundry is over so very convenient. I will say if you want a college get in the backseat with Well, it will save you in the future. But today, like clean day from me my room is messy and you clean my room so I could have a nice, good fresh hole. Yeah, see you. Hey, guys. So an alternative option for eating at an even competent areas to go off campus? It's only five minutes away. You can't even walk here. This is called Local Taco, and it's greatly staying out. You order tacos like window, and then they'll bring it to you and your selection. It's all locally grown, and it's Here is an example of what the tacos looked like theirs, so good and so my friends, a great study break. It's nice chips and KCBS. Right now I am studying for an exam that I have Monday, but in order to just kind of keep this stress away, I like to study with friends like MacKenzie and Lindsay, and we're all study on also having some nice coffee so changing downtown Lexington is really fun because we have her up arena, which is where our big basketball games are held. And so the entire downtown area is super cool. There a lot of really nice kind of like hidden little restaurants and coffee shops if you're into that. And then there's also a lot of good shopping on DSo being really close to downtown and probably estimated to be about ten minutes from, like the central heart of downtown. Um, there's a ton of great shopping. There's a place called this summit, so there's entire outlet mall really close. There's a road called Nicholas Ville. And all along that road or all of your favorite restaurants, there is a noodles and company. Panera. Uh, there are some really good brunch places. There's one called doodles. And then there's another one called Josie's and those Tio have amazing Southern great brunch. I would recommend a trip there if you ever come here. I think we have one of the best downtown Lee escapes. It's like big, but also not enormous to the point where you would ever get lost. And, like I mentioned later, the Patterson Office tower, which is the tallest building on our campus, you can see it from downtown, so it's that close number one and number two. It's also a great point of reference. I really do think that Lexington helps shape our campus to be the campus that we are, and it's great because it's so much of a college town that it's like it's kind of weird saying it. It's a college town because I would say that it's more of a college downtown since we're downtown in city. But everyone downtown is just so spirited about UK and for basketball season, which is like none other. It is so awesome. So it really just kind of brings together the city and kind of this like go cats go U k kind of mindset. So I think it's really cool that were based in Lexington, and it really helps bring the campus just kind of overall into a sense of, of a lot of Hey, guys. So in Kentucky, we have a lot of really cool trails. And this is Red River Gorge and it's super fun. Tio, go hiking on the weekends. It's a great activity if you wantto relieve some stress, clear your mind and the weather is great. Here is our bowmen statue. This is Bowman, the Wildcat. He's our wonderful mascot. And if you ever need to sit on a rock, just chill. This is the place to be. Here is the Singletary Center for the Arts are Art Museum. Singletary center has a lot of really nice kind of outdoor seating. If you ever want to relax some really nice sculptures. If you love art, I think you'd really enjoy it because you can kind of just outside, you could do homework. We have some more sculptures around the corner, and it's just a great building overall. This is the ninety, which is one of our main. So we're all waiting in line. Teo, swipe our meal cards right now. Don't get hurry up. Good. Have a good night. Thanks. You too. So, University Kentucky is super cool because they're so fast it for all the holidays. Yesterday was Chinese New Year. And as you can see, there's a lot of really cool decorations. You have allergies. Everything is on everything is contamination free if you have a lot of nice selections, a lot of seating options. And they're different sections here where you can get different types of food. What are you eating? Chinese food? Who? What's your favorite dumplings? Really, really sweet. What about you guys doubling back? If you're going to class, we have some bagels. Some grab food right there and then also really nice selling. Hey, guys, really quickly. I just wanted to go over how a meal swipe works. So when you come to UK, before you even get here, you'll be asked Teo, um, pick a meal plan during your application process. And so these meal plans can range from unlimited access, which is one of them. So you get unlimited meal swipes, and then the lowest option is the weekly ten. So that's what I'm on because I don't really go to the dining halls that often. So you just get ten males wipes for week. There are also things called flex dollars and a plus out. And so with this, you have preloaded money. And so you can use this at any flex dollars supporting businesses like Panda Express or Chick fil A or any type of restaurant like that that's on campus or nearby campus that uses that. If you choose to come here, which I highly recommend, your idea will be set. Tio, uh, a barcode that will contain your meal swipes so you have your ID. And then on the other side, they have the barcode that they will use your scan or swipe or input your ID number. So right when you work in most storms will have this kind of hangout area. If there ever any events or meetings, it's usually in here. And so, yeah, there's some nice seating, really open spaces and an r a to check you in. Welcome, Teo. Three fifteen my door. Now we're gonna take some time. Welcome to my room. So, as you walk in, you have a light switch in a fan switch, and so you have one extra large bed. It's not a queen size, but it's pretty close and all of, uh, University of Kentucky's beds or tempera Peed IX, which is really nice. So I have some wall hangings. I really love coffee implants and a Central America. So that's the explanation from my decorations and down here I have a basket for snacks on DH. Then I also have a great which holds a lot of my books. And then out here. This is my view. Nice scenic view of the parking lot. And so you can actually open these windows, which is really nice when they're here. Feels good, and then over here you have a desk, so the room comes with this desk but everything else you have to buy. It's a little bit messy right now because I've had, like, four exams this week, but you'll need to buy your own lamp. I bought my own like trash bins, and then it will come with a desk chair as well, and then under my bed. These drawer sets will come with your room, and so you'll get two sets of these. The other sit is on the other side, and I like keeping them underneath my bed, but a lot of people like to stack them as well. You have your closet. I have, like, two plastic drawers, and they're my shoes on the right. Oh, my hanging clothes and then just seem like extra stuff at the top. But it's a pretty large space if I skip back and look at it, and it's really easy to like, hang stuff on here. If you wantto hang your jewelry or any belts or anything, and then you could easily stack your shoes up there and then when we walk out into the kind of living space area so your room will come with a table like this. So it's just a simple table in two chairs, and then your room also will come with a microwave and, hey, micro fridge. So the bottom part is a refrigerator. And then the top part is a freezer, so you don't have to worry about bringing a mini fridge or my Kuroi. Valentine's Day is coming up. That's the explanation for the balloon there. And then you'll have this really nice space for holding any kitchen where that you would like. It's not a full kitchen, but there is an actual, like, full functioning kitchen down the hallway. So in this corner, I have all my coffee supplies. I love coffee, and then you just have a sink over here and down here is some really nice storage. So if you want to bring any like, mugs or containers, or even have some pots and pans in here for anything that we do, decide to cook and then drawers as well. So that's the kitchen area. We have some more cabinet for storing anything shampoo, lotion, all your personal products. And then up here we have your sink. And so each room mate, we'll get two sinks. Or if you're in a quad, you get for hello. If we come into the bathroom, this is what it looks like. So you have your own toilet, a couple of hooks for towels and things. Hi, the recommend a bathmat and a shower curtain. So we decided to get a pretty one because I know it's cute, I think, And then in here, it's pretty nice. Water pressure isn't always the greatest, but you and your roommate have your own shower. And then this is my roommate Warren's room, so it's kind of the same, but it's just set up a little differently. So we have the same closet that's the desk chair. Better view of it, and then a better view of both of the drawers. They put stuff in a neat dorm that you choose to live in That does not come with a kitchen. We'll have a kitchen down, um, the hallway a little bit. So this is what it looks like. There's a table, and then we have a full refrigerator, microwave oven and stove, also a good heavy duty kitchen sink. And then this is our ice and water machines. If you ever need ice, you can get some here. So if you're wondering about how to cook your meals. If you don't live in one of the university flats, your dorm will come with a fully functional kitchen like this. So this is kind of a common area in our dorm. So right when you walk out of the elevator, we have some seating options, And then on each floor of our dorm, we have steady rooms as well. So this is our third for study room. And so if you are really not feeling the walk, Teo, go all the way to the library. You can come in here, and it's a really chill area and has a really nice view. If you ever want to watch the sunset, at least one are sort of the dorm and then subsea eating. So say your roommate to sleep, I need to get some work done, or you need to, like, call someone and you don't just want to be talking in the mid of the hallway. You can come to one of these studies. Hey, guys. So I'm in the laundry room right now, so right when you walk in, there is a table and then these are the dryer's on the back wall. And then these are the washers. So you'll insert your credit card and then you'll come over here, Tio, select the wash that you would like. Wait. Young lad at the same time.