Fran shows the jacobs science building & talks about college workload

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Fran Miller

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The JSB is one of the most popular buildings on campus (my personal favorite besides the library) and if you are a science major like me, you will have lots of classes in here! It is a very open space with lots of light, so if you are in here all day you can have nice study areas, complete with high tech equipment and natural light, and if you get hungry the JSB has a Wildcat Pantry (for snacks) on the second floor, as well as a Freshii restaurant (more of a grab-and-go meal place) on the first floor for some healthier options. This building has lecture halls, personalized study rooms, laboratories, small scale classrooms for recitations and smaller classes, and open study spaces. This is all around my favorite building and has a multitude of purposes for all students, even if they don't have a science-related major. Later in the video, I discuss workload and what classes are like (excuse me if I sounded weird; I had a pretty bad cold). Being pre-med, the workload is pretty heavy but it is not too heavy that I have no free time or room for any activities, it is exactly the opposite (lots of activities and time) when you find a happy balance between maintaining grades and putting studying first, and also letting yourself have a good time in college as well.