Why I Chose to Work with CampusReel

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Virtual Tours by Students


Fran Miller

Tour Guide

Having the busy schedule that I do, I always dreamed of being a tour guide for our campus, but it was not realistic for me to become one. Thanks to CampusReel, I have the ability of finally being able to show of some of the aspects of my campus that I love so much! Because there are so many buildings, majors, activities and places to tour, I could not include every one of them, but I tried to showcase some of my favorite aspects and most important qualities of our ever-improving campus. CampusReel is the high-tech way of showing how cool the university is, and being a senior in high school I wish I had something like this to watch, so I hope that this tour can inspire others to showcase their campuses in hopes that more amazing people will join the next class of freshman! Cheers to CampusReel and the amazing outreach this company has to so many applying seniors in high school!