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Behind me is the Maryland Stadium. Unfortunately, I can't get into the stadium because it is locked. But this is where our great great football team plays. They just played your own Saturday. Unfortunately, I was not able to get a student ticket for the game, so I couldn't go. But I got to go to the tailgate before, but our football team is not that great. Also going through some troubles right now this year. But hopefully there going to get it all together and I have a better season next year. But, yeah, the stadium's really big, really nice. I'm sad. I can't go in and show the inside, but it's the same way the basketball works where it's kind of like a lottery system for student tickets. So you would go online a couple weeks before the game and put in a request for a ticket. And if you're lucky, you got one. If you're like me, you haven't been to that many football games because you don't always get wine. But you know where I think playing Penn State next Here we are on an accountant mall, and this is a huge patch of grass in the middle of campus, with the library on one end and the administration building on the other. And there's this huge, beautiful found. This small is seriously the most beautiful mall of all campus malls, in my opinion, and it is the most famous thing about our campus. I mean, if you go here and you don't know what Mckeldin mall is, you probably don't go here because it is. So it's a center point on campus. I have to walk across here to go to almost any class. It's basically surrounded by academic buildings all around. It was under construction my freshman year, so I didn't get to enjoy the beauty of it. But now I get to come out here. Tannen Nice warm days set out to do homework. Um, I'm definitely I think it's safe to say I'm taking a dip in the pond at least once in their time here. Maryland, even though that is totally not allowed. It's called Held in all because McKeldin library sits at the top of it. And it's It's just huge. I don't know if you can see how big the mall is, but it goes on for ever. This is the beautiful Edward St John Teaching and Learning Center, better known as S. J. And this is a really new academic building was only built about a year ago. I think it was completed, and it's It has a lot of lecture halls and classrooms, and it's really nice and new and updated. I've had a couple of classes in here. It's more for Jennette classes and what a Jenna class is. It's like those basic classes that everyone needs to take. So like Stein's class or humanities class, they're generally like much bigger lecture based classes. And you take the mostly freshman and sophomore year like I'm pretty sure I'm already done with my genitals. So as you could see, it's super nice and modern and really just like pretty new and very technology savvy. So they have these, like screens everywhere there's a classroom, but there's a class going on, not going to intrude. Yes, J is a really good building to come and sit in study. They have a million different places to set. They have huddle rooms, the whole building. Everything is white, white walls, bright, open space. It's pretty convenient, except for the fact that it closes at ten p. M. And it's closed on the weekends. So if you need to study late or on a weekend, you kind of have to go to the library or somewhere else. That's generally really quiet, place to study except for when people like me are talking. But they just have a lot of tables and chairs set up. Here's a classroom. They're all very modern and Hey, guys, I'm in stamping on right now, and I'm getting ready to talk to Max about college part. Say, Say I do camera Max. Hi, Max. I'm a sophomore. Calm major from more soundly jersey. And I chose University of Maryland because I kind of wanted to experience something different. And here you can experience like, a bunch of different people in a bunch of different things. Listen, so do you want to describe the student body to us record? Yes. So the student body is great on like There's so much diversity in the student body. Definitely. Everybody from all walks of life is basically here because it's such a big university, so you could basically find anybody interested in anything. So what's your major? So my majors e con. And right now I'm trying to get into business school and do supply Jane. So what do you want to describe the academic climbing for us yet? So I'm currently Nikon Major. But I'm trying to get into business school, and the academic climate is kind of rigorous. But you could definitely achieved what you wanted to change. It just put in the hard work. So what's your least favorite part about the school for? What's your favorite part of that school? Will you describe both? Scrub. So, um, my favorite part of the school is like, how open the campuses. And just like how interactive teachers are, too. You can always get help from anybody, and you could always just ask questions of people just you see, like on the side of the road, Basically, you can ask them. You think you want Everybody is really friendly here, and it's great. And then least favorite thing I'd probably say is when it gets hot out and you got to make a long ball and you start getting pretty sweaty when you're on your way to classes. But, like, even get over pretty easy. Buildings are nice and air condition. It's a pretty big campus. Awesome. Our guys right now. I met Riggs Alumni Center at College Park, where most individuals are being honored for some of their outstanding works and achievements. There is the J. Logan Schultz Alumni Hall of service multiple holes in this building. This you should check out a lot of individuals who have been honored in the past for some of their work and outstanding achievements. Although his building is used for, you know, different kinds of events, such as, You know, catering events are welcoming back alumni or, you know, people who want to be able to have board meetings or business meetings in general, it's still a great opportunity for people to meet up here and take a look at some what some of the individuals in the past have done for a college park itself. I would definitely encourage students to come check it out because of its notable reputation. College Park is a very vast campus, so I don't get to come here and visit the hole is much. But if you do decide to transfer to the University of Maryland College Park, it's definitely building that I would encourage you to check out, take a look at some of the individuals achievements in the past. The guys that right now I'm at Tad's whole, situated right near campus drive. Looks like they turned their founds off. Yeah, it's usually pretty lively. I mean, today is pretty chilly day, but there's another cool spot on campus that people usually come to. It's obviously not his biggest Mckeldin mall, but, uh, the end of the day. It's still pretty cool plaza, just like they're doing something. Construction work, usually when it's pretty cold. Nobody really comes around here, especially when it's cold. But like I said, just another cool spot that you probably want to check out. Campus. Okay, guys, it's fifty four degrees out here, so it's actually not so bad right now. We are at the Mckeldin mole. This is the main kwan of College Park. It's the largest quota on the University of Maryland College Park campus. Right now, we're at the fountain. You'll also notice that there's a sun dial in the middle of the campus right up in front of the fountain itself. And from time to time, I'm not even gonna lie. It gets pretty crazy. I mean, I've taken walks around here a couple times, and some people were even actually end up swimming in the fountain. But eh, at the far end of the Kouadio, actually seen the killed in library, where a lot of students actually go meet. A lot of different individuals usually have a lot of steps in the back of students, gets it on and relax. As you can see, there's a lot of grassy area here. A lot of students, they could just come here, maybe throw a Frisbee, you know, played games with their friends on the grasses show. Relax, so you should definitely check it out as soon as you get to university. So right now I'm walking down Route one, which is Main Road that runs all the way through the town of College Park, and you pretty much have to drive on it to get on or off campus. So it's a pretty busy road all the time. It also has a lot popular food places. For example, you could target back there not a food place, but very convenient. We have a bagel place. We have placed pizza both good off. Um I just saw my friend. Basically, there's all these food places in a row. This's pretty far from North campus. But there is a bus that could take you here. I'm their subway. There's Shanghai Cafe. There is clucks tres What is this? Another pizza place? There's the red boat, so money, food places. So for me, personally, I have a chef in my house that cooks lunch and dinner and but not on the weekends. So on the weekends, I come out here Goto bagel place. It's not as good as a New Jersey bagel, but it's pretty. It's good enough. Um, and then if you go a little further up, we have to pull play. Noodles and company were getting Akaba soon. Everyone's really excited about that. They're Starbuck Stone and doughnuts. So this is really just one main strip. Um, it's basically the only place you need to come if you want it, eat food off campus and not in the dining hall. So mostly on Ly Freshman and some sophomores have a dining plan. So for everyone else, we come to Route one and chow down behind me. You could see there's Jason's Deli, the new QA Va Chipotle a Starbucks, etcetera. And here's a nice Maryland shuttle right behind me. Something about how the freshmen on North Campus bus down to Route one to come eat food hangout. Go to the bars. There's a Nando's so, so many options. There's Applebee's. There's a faux place. Yeah, many different Asian restaurants. Everything you could possibly want is on this one strip. There's just always a lot of people around. This road is also very trafficking. I wouldn't recommend driving on it. We also have this new restaurant, as of last year called Milk Boy Art House. It's really nice there's. It has like a garage door kind of thing that opens and all the tables and stuff her in here. So when it's open and the door's open, you're sitting at your table and you're just looking outside. So it's really pretty and nice. A cute, little nicer place rather than the mostly fast Our guys to read the New York Boomed amphitheater right now. Mason believe this amphitheater could be used for all different types of activities actually located right behind the microbiology building as well. Holly's used for dance competitions. Sometimes people come here and even give speeches. So basically this area acts as an amphitheatre with cultural centre of near Abreu. I'm not sure I'm pronouncing that correctly is getting along every time I come here. This is still an awesome place to come. Check out when you're on campus. You ever hear about some big, you know, Evander? Activity that's going to be taking place on campus sometime soon. When you hear, definitely encourage you to come through and check it out and just be on the lookout. Here's the famous Mckeldin library. This is the biggest library on campus. It is sits on top of a beautiful Mckeldin mall, and one of the main one of the major characteristics of this library is the giant test Udo sitting outside, and it is good luck if you rub his nose. So if you have midterms or test coming up, people who come here rub his nose. And another thing that they do a test. Udo is make sacrifices so people will leave a cup of coffee for him. A sweatshirt. I've seen a TV here. I've seen traffic cones. People make all kinds of ridiculous sacrifices to two studio, but apparently it works to get the grades on your tests, so I don't question it. So the library is pretty typical of most college libraries, where as you go up the floors, they get quieter and quieter. So on the sixth floor, it's definitely silent. There's no you don't make any noise. They also have different study crowds and rooms on each floor that you, Khun Reserve online. So if you know you have a lot of work one week you can kind of go online. Reserve the study room in advance. Um, the first floor is where all those there's like a cafe and and a lot of different tables and things where you can study and I'm the only person talking and slippers. So I'm going to walk away. But that is the first floor of held library and the floor's only get more and more silent after that. So I definitely don't want to go up and talk on there. So yeah, that's our beautiful, beautiful library Mckeldin and are beautiful. Estudio who? Actually, there's some crazy story where test, you know, got stolen at one point by another school, but we got him back. So it's okay. We also have, like, ten test studios on campus or something and have to try and find them all. I'm pretty sure I only know about, like, two or three of them, So yeah, you know, I solve a year left to find the rest. Is this stamp student union. It's a place where they have a big food court where everybody goes between classes to eat lunch. And I guess dinner I don't know. You could eat dinner there today. It's Sunday, so I think the food places might be closed. They also have a lot of just big conference rooms and ballrooms, and they hold a lot of different events here. So let's go look inside. There's a test, you know, In here, there's a Kermit test studio over here. The significance of the current one is that Jim Henson I think his name is Who created the Muppets? He went here. So we have, like, some Kermit stuff around campus. And then here's another test. Tio, Really? So it's a little quieter today because it's Sunday, but it's a huge, huge building. They have, like all these little kind of conference rooms. And then here's the main food court area. There's tons of tables and seating. I'll show you some of the food places that we have. It's all pretty much fastfood style things, but it could be helpful between class if you just need to, you know, stop and grab a quick bite. So here's the bookstore only got so disappointing. It's closed. Honestly, the bookstore has, like, really weird hours, and I find that it's closed So many of the times that I've tried to come. I don't know when they're open, but it's not today. So here's some of the food. But he says, there's like Sabara, which is pizza. They have Moby Dick, which is like kebabs. I guess I don't really get that much. Their salad works. McDonald's Chick fil A's My personal favorite, Um, Hibachi song. I haven't had that haven't been here in a while. Auntie Anne's, Taco Bell and Panda Express. So definitely not a lot of like healthy food options. I wouldn't eat here like on a regular basis. Here's the dairy, which, unfortunately, is closed right now, but it's all homemade ice cream that's made on campus in our farm. There it is, see inside a little bit It's a really, really good ice cream, like super thick and buttery and just really saddening and really good. Definitely don't get it that often. But every now and then from time to time, you just need a little pick me up, I guess. But in the basement downstairs they have Turbo Zone, which is kind of like a bowling and arcades like hang out type of place where I guess some people would call at night. They also have Hoff Theater in here, where they have different shows and performances. I know I performed there a lot with my dance team, so yes, samples just has a wide variety of things. You could come here for a lot of different reasons. They have a little convenience store they have. I don't know what kind of random things and think there's like a laptop prepare store or it could be wrong that might be in the library, but they will fix your laptop here, and they're really good about it. They'll give you a loaner. Um, and you can actually buy a laptop here, so that's like a nice resource that we have here's, as I mentioned before Jim Hanson a good friend with Kermit the Frog. It's a little bench statue thing that we have outside a stamp, a little memorial type thing. So right behind me, you're looking at the famous EM on campus. It's basically just a traffic circle, and in the middle there's an M made out of flowers, and it's surrounded by academic buildings. I'm not really sure the significance of the M, but everybody knows where it is and knows what it looks like. And apparently the M is getting moved in the next couple years because of the new metro line that we're getting on campus. So the M is going to have a new, mysterious location. I'm not sure where, but I think there's going to be a Metro stop in its place. So this it's just kind of like an iconic landmark key characteristic about our campus. Sometimes the M changes colors. They put different flowers there, Here's Eppley Recreation Center, which is the gym. It's all the way up on North Campus, so really close to the freshman dorms and convenient for them. If you look right here, those air, some freshman dorms. That's freshman Norm. So it's a really short walk for all of them really long. Walk for me, unfortunately, can't take you inside because they have rules about filming in the gym, which is understandable for people's privacy. But it's so nice they have so many floors, all different things. They have cardio machines, a weight room, a room with just like mats to do whatever they have. Pools, you, Khun swim. You can play racquetball, basketball. You can rent out equipment pretty much anything you could ever need. Toe workout or just play sports for fun. They have it all. They have towels and goggles and socks, and I don't know all kinds of things you can get. There's a little cafe inside that has really good smoothies. Um, and then when it's nice out, not in November. There's a pool on the other side of this wall. It's kind of all covered up and drained out right now, but it's just a recreational use pool. Anyone can go sit out there and swim and tan. But Eppley also has really good classes. So they're for free. Obviously of your student. You just swipe your I. D. And they have yoga and body pump and kickboxing and, oh, any kind of fitness class you could imagine. And I've taken them. They're really good. They're taught by fellow students, so yeah, that's athlete. So our mascot at Maryland is a terrapin, which is a kind of turtle, and right outside of Mckeldin Library, which is the biggest library. We have a huge statue of a terrapin, and it's good luck if you rub his nose. And it's even better luck if you make sacrifices to him. So all during midterms and finals. And sometimes just when people just randomly need luck, they will leave something out for test judo. And if you give something up, then you will get something good in return. So but even when there isn't something big happening like a test, people still just rub his nose for luck throughout the day. Another really important landmark on campus is fraternity Row where I am right now. I don't know if you could tell. Basically, all of these houses are in a row. They all look the same, and they're all different Greek life chapters, some fraternity's, some sororities. My house personally is not on this road, but it's basically just a big open field. A lot of people can come outside, play soccer, play. Any sport, doesn't have to be soccer. But I used to live in these on campus apartments that air all the way behind fraternity row, which this is pretty far from campus. So it was quite a hike to class when I lived back there. Bye. It's a really, really nice outdoor area. We seem to have a lot of big open grass areas which I really really like, makes it feel like a home and a campus. And all the big brick buildings with big columns is really characteristic of Maryland. And this field is right across from Chapel Fields, which I showed you see Well, kind of between trees. Peritus, that's it. So that's frat row for you. All right. So sorry for the delay, guys. We're finally here at the University of Maryland. Marshall Fine is that there's in current enrollment status of a least twenty nine thousand students here. All something about this campus that is very, very large as a lot of space. But the thing is there a lot of students, though they're constantly trying to increase this base. They're currently working on a new computer science building that will help increase the space for some of the computer science students and also give them an opportunity to commute to their classes a lot quicker because usually have to walk all the way across campus. Just be able to get to your classes. The college also has at least one hundred undergraduate programs and over one hundred twenty graduate programs. I actually do think that is it. It is an advantage. That college part is pretty huge because, well, there are a lot of different people to meet, a lot of different clubs and organizations to get involved in, um, a lot of different places you can visit. So I just pretty much finished up most of my classes at the University of Shaded glow. That actually gives me an opportunity to come down here and, uh, show you guys some of the places that I think you should definitely check out on campus. Probably. So when you're not hitting the books, of course, it's really awesome to have other options for things to dio. So because we're so close to DC here in Maryland, purchase a metro right away. There's there's Metro stop on campus, actually, so you can always go into the city very easily. It's super accessible, and when you go into the city, there are the national exams that they have for free, which are super grade. I love that. That's always an option. There are also ten of clubs in D. C that people go. A lot of them are eighteen and up on Friday night, so that's that's option to those air. Really fun. And what else? They're nice. Restaurants come on, fancy and even just around campus. There's so much to do. There's a bowling alley that's on campus and there are movies that are often shown. And there's a park that's just off campus. It's beautiful. People go there, take my grades, and there's just so much to do. There will never be a moment where you feel bored because there's just always something that you could dio and always people to do something I was going on this morning. Terps all the way to school this morning. No commutes. Not so bad, especially if you got a ride. Gonna ride today from a friend, Daniel, a little tired this morning, but I think I'll be able to make it through the day. So I was telling you, my hometown is actually Gaithersburg, Maryland. So it's you. It's a usual commute, probably about like a thirty thirty five minute drive from like my house to college part. If you probably take like, some of the bus is here and then you hop on. The train's probably like an hour long riders. So same with the shuttle bus. As soon as you get to AH mile turn of campus, which is the university's Shady grove, it's not so bad. It's really great campus lot, awesome people there. A lot of other different students coming from different colleges. Well, hopefully you will become a terp in the near future, and when you do, I hope you enjoy it. Some of the events, organizations and clubs just try and get it as active as possible. That's all that matters at the end of the day, Here we are at the memorial chapel. There it is. It's a beautiful church. They use it for actual religious services here, but they also use it. You can have a wedding there and event. It has a nice little garden behind it. But like a reflection like sitting area, I guess with stones and everything, it's really pretty. Apparently, in this garden of reflection, there's a book where people write confessions in it anonymously. So I've never actually seen the book, but I've heard it's there. I'm gonna go look for it right now. Right now, I'm walking up the steps of the chapel. You could see Chapel Field behind me. It's a huge patch of grass. I have to walk across it every day to get to class, see what's going on in the chapel. I might interrupt something. I don't think here. This is what the inside of the chapel looks like. Super back, Super pretty. I've only been here once for a ceremony for my scholars program, but I think they have, like, a cappella shows and stuff here, too. They definitely church on Sunday mornings, and I'm sure other times of the week, but it's a very It's a very famous landmark on our campus. So let's go take a look at the little garden of remembrance thing behind it. See if we could find the confession because I know it's. Oh, I think I found it. Oh, look at this. Okay, so there's a spent right and they're under there. There's a little book. Oh, my goodness. I feel like I just solved the mystery. This is so crazy. It says, This is my first time writing in this. I'm in my first semester here at UMD, out of state, and I have absolutely no regrets. Currently sitting with one of my closest friends here in Maryland. And I promised I wouldn't be too sappy. School is kicking my butt most of the time, and sometimes it feels like the world is falling apart. But as long as I'm not failing, I can't be doing that bad hoping My four years here are filled with growth, prosperity, joy and memories. Love, Kay. That's really awesome that they have these books here. They even they even have a little pen. That is so, so nice. So, yeah, this is our little A place where you can sit and reflect. Write a confession in the book. This is a hole, whole little garden back here, I'll show you the rest of it. Lots of squirrels. Oh, that's the thing about Maryland. The squirrels. They have no fear. They're not like normal squirrels at home. That just kind of like, Get out of your way. They will walk right up next to you run in front of you. My friend actually told me that one time a squirrel fell out of a tree and landed on her backpack, so obviously she freaked out. But anyway, so here's this nice little a labyrinth here. You see it. This little labyrinth type of thing is where you can their stones in the middle. I'm not sure the significance of it, but so little area back here, supposed to be just a place to reflect and have a nice, peaceful moment. I'm sure you can sit out here and study, too, on a nice day, but it's honestly frigid outside, so I wouldn't recommend sitting outside right now in November. All right, girls, where we're going, you're going to join the daddy? Hold it right there. This's our bill. Do they have a double walk? You have just site car in order to get into. Then you just flip again. What do you guys do at this death? What do you think? You pick up packages. You could have a room. Yeah, for action. Fun fact. I lost my key three elevator. You have to swipe again. Get to your floor. So will yer. Well, your slice work in any dorm? No, it only works in my door. How do you do your laundry? You go to Washington. Drunk washer dryers. No tired People. Guys, there's a mike. We've been there, which is nice, but we can't have those. Can you have fridges in your room? Yes. Do you have them? Sweet. We are in the hole. Oh, hidden in the dark home Sweet home. Oh, this is beautiful. Um All right, give me the tour. Well, whose bed is this? This's my bed. Look at this day, Cor. Uh, no way have my desk over here got the calendar, and then we kind of are a little Catherine, This is my bed. This is my desk. Got on makeup in the market. Wow. This is the most beautifully organized dorm room I've probably ever seen. And then we each have our dressers. There's actually a lot of storage space in the dresser. Yeah, you can fit so much. And under the butt is our fridge underneath. We have a little cart. Make the fridge taller and awful like snacks and stuff it under there has been. It's a really big closet. Yeah, the shelving on top is really nice for extra storage. And then if you like, Amanda has a shoe hanger in the back there. And then I like you things to give yourself more room. It was really more storage in here than you think. When we first moved in life, we had, like, empty bins that we didn't have anything to put it. Obviously. Now, because we've been here for a couple months, like we've accumulated more stuff and we filled them up, But like, she had an empty dresser drawer first moved in, but There is a lot I'm in the Xfinity center right now, which is our huge sports complex, where the basketball team plays G upstairs right now, trying not to trip. Right now, the women's basketball team is warming up their game at two really out of breath. Women's team has a game at two against date, and I think so. I'm actually working at the game. I'm gonna be running a camera down there. Gonna be really fun. Definitely a lot more people come out, watch men's basketball. It's a lot more popular. The way that the ticketing system works is that it's a lottery, so you can request tickets to any game. But all Maryland student tickets are free, so you can go to any game for free. It's just that you might not necessarily get a ticket because it's just a lottery. Normally, the band will be right down there under the flag and below that will be the cheer team and dance team. There's really loud music right now. This is not working out here. We are on the outside of the Xfinity Center. It's a huge, huge building, and it's so far up on North Campus. It's about to be like a thirty five minute walk home for me right now. But basketball is the main thing that's in this building That's really popular that a lot of people go d'oh basketball games. They usually give out some kind of free shirts or something. And that's a huge thing about Marilyn, too. Is that it? Everywhere you go, you get a free shirt. I don't know if that's an incentive to come here. Not. But I've gotten so many free shirts just from going here and going to different games and events. I literally don't have space for them anymore. All right, guys, right now. Munching hole home. Robert Smiths Business. My program. It's a very competitive program, too. From what I can tell you, this is awesome. Berry upstairs they have Dingman Center give entrepreneurs feedback on some business ideas that they might have. They also had one emotion meet up from time to time way. Also have schools in the country with back on other students projects our on Not just that they also have monsters upstairs will be able to. I talk to you about some of the intellectual property rights, that big screen business of froth trademark. It could be a copy right? At the end of the day, they're just there to be able to help you with your business idea to help it grow. So no students around you're constantly starting up all different types of projects For me. In particular, I started one project back there, which is called Usher. Actually help. Screw this parking spots on campus using application. Allow them to locate an individual on campus who was able to do it at the cheapest price. Unfortunately, not working on that project as much anymore, because I'm going video at the end of the day, it's still pretty large building. I have a lot of activities that building. They're always trying to keep students active. I believe they're probably also working alongside the Innovation Learning lab, which is probably, like across from yours too much the end of the day. They're just trying to encourage students, too, you know, pursue different types of ideas, hopefully one day, turn it into an awesome business. A lot of people can learn to love, no, probably helping, probably help contribute to that. A week and I haven't been on the ball will It's now an athlete recreation center, and I had to. Friends were going to tell you all about it. Booth, I'm Luke Wei, have some great amenities here, such as with fitness center. We have group fitness classes, have a swimming pool is over two hundred sixty thousand square feet and we have some great staff. Okay. So now we are Paul, and this is the biggest small that's on campus. This is Mckeldin. So you can see there's all the screen space over here. It is right in front of Mckeldin Library, which is the biggest library on campus. The mall is where, uh, well, when it's nice out, everyone is sitting outside their on their laptops are doing work or they're throwing a Frisbee or people walk their dogs out here. This is also where we have our first look fair every year, which is where all the clubs around and they have a table. And they talk about, you know, the stuff that they dio. And they tried to recruit members and everything. Um so, yeah, that all takes place here. This is a big hangout spot. There's also a big fountain all the way down. You can see right over there. Um, yeah, it's really chilly out today, so not a lot of people out. But it's a really cool spot out here. Always nice people lounging out in the sun and, Yeah, cool spot again. We have them library right here and then all along the sizes air. Oh, academic buildings all around here and on that side, too. And when you walk down that there's just tons of green spaces. The biggest academic mall in America. Let us out. Transfer, please. Um, And as you make your way down, there's a fountain. All they don't there now. We killed it. So here is a front and it was soon and you can see there is the administration building on the other side. So over here, looking at the library and then everything on this side of the mall is north campus, everyone this side of south. This over in my Calvin on that. This is the main library on campus. Pretty quiet, lot of doing for. So I'll just show you guys around, but you weren't. So there are seven floors of the library and each floor. It gets quieter as you go up there on the ground level right now, which is where people will do like group projects and stuff because you can talk like, a little bit. But then as you go up to the top level, it is very dead silent. And if you make one sound, it's like It's not good. Yeah, so just stay down here. Hi, everyone. I'm Liza. I'm a sophomore communications major from Chicago, Illinois. I'm in a sorority ao pi. I really like it. I'm in Terps fun, that's organization that raises money for Children's National Hospital. And I'm a tour guide on campus. And there's something else. Oh, I do Greek life serves, which is an organization that puts on food drives in DC. Tell us why you chose to come to Maryland. I came to Maryland because I really wanted to get out of the Midwest and go to a big school. And I just thought Maryland had so many opportunities, especially being so close to D. C. Obviously all those opportunities. But even here, just like there's so many organizations and really great communities that make the big school smaller, how would you describe our student climate? I feel like it's such a big school that you've got a mix of like everything, and you can really find the people you are like or not like. Like in you wannabe Ra. It's very diverse. There's a lot of instate people. I'm like one of the few people from Chicago, but I mean, I like that. It's definitely more diverse than where I'm from and get, You know, so many different types of people and people are from Maryland, where they're from New Jersey. What would you say? Your academics are likely the workload in your major like that. So I'm a communications major, Um, and I feel like all of it's like, however, much work you put into it, like it can be a lot, but also, if you don't want oh, well, if you want good grades, I feel like it's kind of a lot along with, like all the different types of people, I feel like there's all the different types of students, like you have people who are in the library twenty four seven and then you also people who party TwentyFourSeven like feeling based everything. And what are some pros and cons ago? Um, for me, the biggest kind is probably that it's far from my house, which I wanted that but like I'm really close to my family, so that would be a con for me. And if you don't want a big school, that's probably Khan. But it is really big, but I do think you can make it smaller, but I might be biased because I like, like joining things and stuff. But and crows, there's so many. Prado's amazing resource is amazing opportunities, really great people, such a pretty campus, especially in the fall, being so close to D. C. That's like the biggest pro for me. I like to just go to DC for fun. What defines our school, what makes it different from others? I feel like we have a lot more school pride than a lot of people. Like when I had friends coming visit, they're really wow. People really walk around like everyone's wearing Maryland here. I thought that was like normal for all colleges, but I guess it's not. If you could give advice to your high school self, what would it be? Um, I would just say it's all gonna work out. I was the person like the last day before May, first deciding where Mom to go to school and definitely made the right decision. Right now, guys, we are at MCKELDIN library. It is right in front of Mckeldin maul. You conveniently located right at the top of the pole. The most part is probably one of my favorite spots on campus because very silent place it's also very. It's also location that me and my friends will be able to meet up whenever possible. Just because it's easy to locate right outside the main doors is my best friend to studio. So you ever get the opportunity, swing by and check Okay. So if they're basically out here, grow in your college park legs as much as I am, be able to get a lot of exercise. I tell you that it took me a while to get here. We are now at Chapel Hill. This is just a CZ largest mckeldin mole, if not arm or larger isa lot of grassy areas around here. It's basically in the same situation. Is you Maru Amphitheater Right now, I can tell you that not too many people are on the grassy areas. Usually when people come here, they can engage in a lot of different activities, same as the ones you usually see. It killed them all right up the hill. You basically see chapel. A lot of individuals engaged, a lot of different activities. What were students would be able to go be able to participate in some of the services. So right all in Baltimore Avenue, you'll see a whole bunch of cars coming up and down the strip. From time to time across the street, you'll see a whole bunch of different restaurants, different areas that you can Heart's on that Bob Turtle Smith Stadium. Right now, I'd say that you're definitely in luck if you play baseball because this facility's actually accessible door was literally wide open. Just walked right in. Maybe you could toss a ball with your friends from time to time. I see students coming in and out of here just tossing the baseball back and forth with some of their friends getting some practice in. You can see the bleach is over there, quite decorated themselves. This is Bob Turtle Stadium. Let's go check out the next location. All right, guys. So here we are, out front of the statue of French. Douglas is currently situated. Statue was actually put up to commemorate his life's work you'll see all along the walk. But there are all types of quotes and principles laid out for students to check out just so you can get an idea of some of the things that he was standing for. Frederick Douglass was one of the most well known abolitionists that push for democracy. Something I definitely encourage. You guys check out soon as Okay, guys. So I made a foreign bank plaza right now. So basically coming in from the campus Drive Road, basically, you'll have the biology and psychology building on the north side of campus and on the Eastside campus, you have Horn Bakley library with Frederick Douglass statue out front, which I told you guys a little bit earlier. So it's another accessible area for you to be able to not only visit, get to certain areas a lot more quicker than usual, but it's also another opportunity for Soos to come be able to, you know, read, do their homework, Whatever it is, just give students an opportunity to find a quiet place on the west side of campus. You have the microbiology right behind the microbiology building is the empathy near a booth. Once again, I also have to be able to mention that Horn Bake Plaza doesn't get its own share of activity from time to time. It's also an important landmark is if you want to be, be able to meet your friends here. It's also another great opportunity for you Okay. So now at the stamp student union and my friend who was working here is going to tell us all about it. So that's that We, of course, have the food court. So there's Donald's shoes. Fillets. Tomorrow there's a coop downstairs that has tons of healthy and nutritious food. If that's what you're feeling in Terps on, there's also a bowling alley. There's tons of TVs where you can watch pretty much any game imaginable. And then there's also billiards. If you're into that, and then if you're student group needs to have any kind of events. You want to have a formal dance or you just want to be together on their meeting rooms in Sam. Um and then, of course, called Theatre, holds all kinds of events. She has movies in there. There's all kinds of things to do with that. So now we're on the Washington quad, which is a secluded little Claude on South campus. I'm not gonna lie. I had to use Google maps to get here because they sometimes just forget where it it. But it's really nice to have a volleyball court. It's pretty much surrounded by residents. Also, all these buildings are forms, but not really for freshmen. They're more like sweet style living. That would be for, like, sophomores or juniors for even seniors. Um, they have these cute little huts with tables we can kind of sit under a new homework. Or you could just sit out on the grass, have a picnic Aly down. Um, it's a really, really pretty area, As you could see with trees super super nice. So that is the Washington quad for you. But they even have these cute little grills about have a barbecue with friends. So definitely all the people that live in the surrounding buildings take advantage of this, Claude. But I definitely see a lot of other people come out here to like I come here and do homework sometimes just lay out in the sun. Um, it's a really nice place to hang out. Yes, God. In nineteen twelve, Fire was here at the University of Maryland, and it started right there at the point of failure. Superstition says you can't step on it. All right, guys. Thanks for watching my tour. I hope you enjoyed my final advice. That I would say to you is just apply if you can. Don't worry. If something seems like a reach school or a safety school, some of that stuff doesn't really matter. Just apply where you want to go and see what happens. Definitely. Make sure you have some safety schools. Um another good thing is to just go visit because as much as you can do a lot of online research and watch videos about it, sometimes the best way to decide if you're really like, stuck between multiple schools is to just go put yourself on the campus and see where you feel the most at home. Because I know for me personally, that's that's how I really picked Maryland was. I came here and I just completely saw myself here, and I felt like this place felt comfortable and like the place I belong so go where you want to go. Trust the process. It all works out in the end and if not, What's going on, guys? I'm Mitch. I'm a senior mechanical engineering major here at University Maryland from Annapolis, Maryland. Maryland was my state schools sort of close to home, very good school close to home. How would you describe the student body at Maryland? Like, what's one of the people like here? Man's got a little everything's very diverse. Something that I learned when I was going through the application and school process was that it's very easy to make a big school feel smaller resident of smaller school field. Bigger described academic climate. So would you say there's like a good work social life balance? Or what is that like? I think Marilyn's got a pretty prestigious reputation, and students really tried to embody that. A lot of effort into their work, a lot of really innovative ideas and created to come out of mountain people like the guy who found it under Armour era. And the guy who created Muppets are someone notable on. I would also say it's a pretty balanced, like social life forthe SW, Academics like you, Everything you want here. So what do we do in terms of social life? For the options, there's a lot of bars that you could go to. Greek life is always an option, and a lot of people like to have parties, off campus, apartments and sweets and that kind of things. That was pretty much always options. What would you say your major and your workload is like since I do mechanical engineering, it's pretty intense, Major, like lots of different glasses, definite lots of studying and definitely go to class and pay attention. Pros and cons of our school of frozen cons. So I got the boards. It's big schools that everything you do would want any club, right? Like clubs. Would you say we have a way with the first look fair, which is like a day each year where all the clubs and all the organizations come out mall, which is like a big central place on campus, and they just invite you to join their club. And there's so many is honestly overwhelming. You can't get to every booth. There's, like over three hundred different clubs in organization. I would say more than that. I think there's like five or six hundred. So maybe there's a club for anything. There's the lettuce eating club. There's like there's a club for any hobby. You have any political affiliation, religion? I mean, seriously, there's anything, literally anything you can think of anyone on his team. And if there isn't one, you'd just get three friends and a teacher and you make your own. Going along with the big campus is big classes, which is, I guess it's a bad thing. It is used to get lost in those classes. You know, I really recommend going to office hours getting today, professor. And because in a class of one hundred peoples, you know very easy just to be the name of the great sheet. Good advice. Have you ever been tough? No. What advice would you give your senior self for the college application process? I would definitely advise my old self to start applying earlier than I did. The other thing is, make sure you visit the schools and when you do, try and not just go on like a organized tour, but also talk to the students just walking by. You have a friend at a school, maybe go visit them for a night like really get a sense of the culture and on the campus rather than just going on these tours and hearing like figures and statistics. Really, you want to go where you're gonna fit in the best, So talking to the students is one of the best of us, too. Everyone. I'm Nicole. I'm originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and I am a freshman now. The University of Maryland. Um, I'm undecided on my major right now, so we'll see where that takes me and where I end up with that. Um, yeah. I'm going to show you around the beautiful University of Maryland. It's a really great school. There's so much school spirit, and I love it here. So I hope you guys like this much as I It's time for more frequently asked questions about US advice. Incoming freshman, I guess. Just don't worry so much. It will all work out. The college application process really is just a waiting game. It's I remember that was the worst part of it. Just applying to all these early deadlines and then still waiting until January, February or March to find out my advice would be start. The application's really early because I did that for most of them. And then I was able to just submit them and relax, as opposed to having your, um, your schoolwork builds up while you're also doing the applications like a lot of them. Open up August first before you even start school. So it's better if you just work on them before school starts. Before you have. You're juggling both your work and your applications at the same time. What do I wish I knew before Attending college. Don't be afraid of a random roommate. Don't be afraid to make friends when you get there. Because everyone is in the same boat. Everyone is lost and doesn't know anyone and wants to make friends. You're not alone, something Haitian tell myself is you don't have to overload yourself with clubs, right? When you get there, you can join the club leader on because I feel I feel like I got to school and I just signed up for every club that I saw, I was like, Oh, that club looks good. How was that one? And all of a sudden, I found I was in, like, ten things and I immediately had to, like, cut some out and be like, All right, that's this is impossible. It's okay to just wait it out a little. Let yourself settle in before you start figuring out what you like and what you want to sign up for. What is something you did not tell you on your tour that you wish you knew. The dorms really aren't that bad, and they're all pretty much the same. So I had been convinced by someone older that there was one dorm that was like, the best storm that really wants to live in. And so I put in a request for that dorm, and when I didn't get it, I was so distant pointed, I thought I was in the worst dorm on campus, but mine ended up being really, really nice, and they're all pretty similar anyway. I wouldn't say wonders is a lot better than the other In terms of freshman dorm. Some of the upperclassmen dorms are way nicer, but they're all kind of the same, so I don't really worry about what storm you get. Legend. I need this. Take it. One. The game days are a huge part of life at Maryland. There's always so much energy and spirit. Whenever there's a game, everyone is completely decked out in Maryland gear and just the energy around campuses is palpable. It's so much fun and it's great in the fall because the weather is nicer out. S O football season is great for that, and but basketball season is also fun because we're better at basketball. So just you'll always have fun regardless of what game you're going to or who's playing or if you're winning or losing. And there's so much fun and you always get free stuff there. And actually all of the tickets to the games are free, which is an insane park of coming here, because I know that at a lot of other schools people pay a lot of money. Teo, get the tickets for whatever sporting events there are, but that just comes with your tuition here. So that's really great. No one has a reason to not go to the Games. No one has a reason All right, guys, home right here in front of the football house. Now, I'm not gonna kid you guys. I wouldn't be lying if I told you. The college Park is one of the top rank colleges in the nation with best athletic facilities. That's no, that's not a joke. That's not Lionel. You see whether it be tennis, basketball, baseball, whatever sport you can think of way have a ll these facilities to accommodate anyone that comes to your mind way. Have plenty. I don't care what sport it is. I'm going to show you guys a few today, starting with Capital one. It's probably Mike Favorite stadium, and I really think you're gonna like it, Right, guys? So I'm standing in front of the West Gate in front of the Capitol One stadium right now. Unfortunately, it's not accessible to students during the day. Only during game day, to be completely honest. But I was able to get a pan of the stadium when I was inside. But that's all they really gave me. Was a pan because they don't really want students walking around the property. Do another crazy stuff like that. You'll get arrested. I'll probably say My most memorable experience was when I first came to the stadium for my first football game, it was all some, you know, there were students getting up and cheering for the team as soon as they came out, they released the flag from the bleachers. Fireworks, fireworks went off. He was an incredible experience for a lot of students, and I hope you enjoy it, too, if you ever get the opportunity to come down here and take a look at some of the football games.