University of North Florida Campus

Callie actually got involved in campus. Really? I actually saw them on Instagram. They came up like I was going through my instagram feed, and they came up with, like, an advertisement. And it said, Do you want these three things Money? Uh, a letter of recommendation and a resume builder. And I was like, yes, all three, please. What college student doesn't want over? And they were like, Oh, you have to do is take videos of your campus like these. Certain videos do like a little video tour of your campus. And I was like, that sounds like so much fun because I really love talking to myself. And now I finally won't look like an idiot trying to talk my talk to myself on campus, I'll finally be talking to a camera, and so I contacted them. Oh, no, I just filled out a form. I literally just filled out a little form, and it took two minutes and then literally, like within the hour, they got back to me, and they're like, Hey, like, do you want to work with us? And I was like, Oh, my God, like this is the fastest I've ever been responded to in my entire life, probably. And so I said yes. And then, like probably like within the hour, I was all set up and like, ready to go. And they just had, like, send us the date that you want to start. And I started, like, a week from that day, I think. And I literally, like within that hour I had, like, all the information, I was, like, ready to go and they sent me. All these, you know, was really cute, is like when my data start began, like from then on, they sent me like little text messages. They were like, Hey, like they send me, like little tips and everything, So that was really cute. And now people are getting out of me for video saving ball up driving. So I'm gonna go. But then you came this real from this amazing opportunity, I really appreciated it. You'll have them really, like, nice and awesome toa work for definitely the best job I've ever had in my life. Hopefully, we'll get to work So I'm videotaping and driving right now, which is sort of unsafe. But I wanted to show you all like this preserved that you drive through that's on campus like you drive through here to get to the back lot. And it's really, really beautiful. And I also kind of wanted to talk about, like driving on campus. So, like the main roads, kind of circles around the campus and then all of the academic buildings and everything like that that you need to go to is like in the middle of it and also like to cross. I just want to show you, like, right as we get up to cross here. It's like raised and it's like a speed bump and everything. And you have to stop for pedestrians, which is really nice when you're walking, because then you don't have to wait for like, a whole line of cars like they have to stop for you. But it's just it is kind of like important tow walk. Watch out for people that will like, kind of. There isn't really any spots where people can like it's not dangerous or anything, but you do kind of have to like, keep your eye. I'll just make sure like people are gonna walk in front of you or anything. So anyway, there's also a bus that goes around campus and everything. I take it like almost every day it goes to the back lot from the academic buildings and everything, um, and they're actually really nice, like the bus ruined everything. And I also goes sort of back storms. Um, and then it also goes off of campus like a little bit onto, like Kernan and everything to get till, like, your one stop building, which is where you're gonna go. It's sort of it's not off campus, but it's sort of farther than the academic buildings. And it's where you're gonna go for, like financial aid are for if you have any questions about advising or anything like that, which is really cool, that the bus goes over there, too. So in case you don't have a car like, everything is really accessible And also there's not a U. N f bus. But there is like a bus stop in you Enough that goes to the town centre. Um, which I'm going to show y'all soon. The town centre is like really like literally across the street from, uh, campus, and it's really nice. It's like a lot of nice shopping and a lot, a lot of restaurants. So, like most students, don't really eat on campus. Most of them either at the town centre just because they're such a wide, uh, collection of, uh, restaurants and everything there. And plus, like you can go shopping, there's a lot of places to hang out. If you all don't want to eat at the same spot, you can just get food and meat up. That's a little lot of people do. It's really nice. It's like Starbucks and because there's Starbucks and Taco Bill. But there's also like nice nice restaurants like, That's where you go like for a nice date, are like for your birthday or something. You goto like one of the nice restaurants there, and they also have sports bars. They have bars, bars. They have, like, it's just it's kind of a hub, like everybody in Jacksonville goes there, too, So you kind of have to watch that. You can't really go like a Saturday afternoon because it's going to be packed out, even though there is a lot of parking. I've never had trouble parking there, so Yeah, that's, uh, kind of driving in and around campus. So, like three academic buildings that I hang out in, like, every single day because of the steppe. Major, Are these three buildings in the plaza here? That's the social sciences building. It's really pretty. I'm standing next the engineering building, which I'm gonna show you this because I'm gonna get over that and then this is the biology building, which is super gorgeous. Look at that. Well, and then and then here's the engineering building. They just, like, built this like they just redid the whole thing back of the biology building. It's really pretty. The whole thing is glass. And like all of those around there are labs. And then they're lecture halls in it, too. And it has a lot of plants around it, like another one of the little plex than everything that's holds you, which is which our landscaper is super like. He's really good at, you know, doing ecosystems and stuff like that. So you can like we have, like a beach ecosystem over out front and everything. And then this is, like kind of like a Florida like forest, kind of ecosystem and everything. And it's really caucus. Another lecture professors or even lab professors will take you out here and do lessons out here because I like the whole like places like educational, Hi there. Welcome back. I'm sitting across from the gym right now, but I'm not gonna go on because I want to tell you about everything that we do owe you enough. That's like, uh, recreational and everything. It's called the Recreation and Wellness Center, and it's a gym and it's three stories. It's got a three star. I want to say three storey high, uh, rock climbing wall. We're just really fine. We're super outdoorsy here, you, enough. But they also, uh we also have this huge sorry music, My microphone. It's really windy and I'm next to a fountain, so I want to be sure that you all hear me. But we also have this like, uh, what's it called? A ropes course. And it's called the U. N. If Iko adventure, it's like in the woods and a lot of people used to, actually not just you enough students like it's open to everybody. It's really, really fun. Um, and it's run by students. It's got, like, an obstacle course and it's got thing. It's got like a zip line in it, and it's right next to this leak where you can rank canoes and go fishing and everything. Um, And then there's also the U. N F trails, which are really good for, like, cross country running and everything or trail running. So yeah, um, you enough r recreation and wellness program is not just the gym. It's also a bunch of our outdoorsy stuff of the U. N F trails the U. N F trails are actually pretty famous in Jacksonville. Like it's one of the nicer trails in Jacksonville. People come from all around to use Yeah. Been really fun. Campus, Real video. I was really offended. Yeah. Oh, my One choice. Why? But in my life. Really? Stop specially. Yeah, really suffered growing city. Especially, like with them here. All the interviews. Really? I think fun fact. All right. Me and America. Land landmass. So there really is a place for everybody here. Everybody really, really. You don't have a football help.