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You can already to get now. Hi there. We're going to save it all. Come on. Did some. What kind of room is this? Um, this is a super double in Stanford Hall. Super double means that it's a little bigger than the normal room. So it's got, like, an extra couple feet on the sides and then also in this corner, in a normal double, you'd only have built in closets. But in our room, we don't have a built in closet. So we have a little bit more space. We still have this modular furniture. So we have two closets. One for each person, the room, and then each percent their own bed. And you have them. We have them bunks, Yuki. They're bunk them. Or you can have them on the ground. Or you can loft them. They are lofted with one desk on one side. And in the death, Excuse me. One dresser and then a desk. There's two deaths over there, one for each person. And you can loft your bed with the desk and the dresser to give yourself a little bit more space. So explain how you've tricked out this room. Kind of customized it a little bit with supernova. We've had a little more space, so we booked our bed to put in the corner here and then a TV fridge. And then all our storage over here said he's also come with the room there, like two storage units, and they just hang on the wall. They could hang anywhere on this side of the wall or on that side of the wall. We chosen to put aside my side over here, and then we have our deaths over here and then decorations on the wall. We hung up lights have, you know, some scarves and decorations and stuff and your hardwood floors and the armed forces. So we have hardwood floors on this side, which we put down. And then we have carpet on this side of the room, which isn't were like, the living area over here and over there is more like it. Social area. You have your Yes. We have a thing mirror. So you brush your teeth and everything Can I'll be done here and then communal bathrooms. That's pretty standard across all the dorms. Notre Dame? Yes, Yes. Thank you, Ryan. So walking off of God cod, we are standing in front of the Lafortune Student Center, which, if you ever visit campus, you'll just hear people call this look fine in the fun. There is tons of spots for student to study. It houses all of the student government offices, and it has some good places to eat, including Subway, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and Smash Burger, which is my personal favorite. So here I am in front of the infamous Pizza Bell, as the students call it, which is open until two or three in the morning on weekends. So you'll normally see a lot of students waiting in line here on a Saturday night after going out. And how could I forget? There's a Starbucks and we have something called the huddle, which is a little mini mart for students and headed over to the huddle to give you a tour. Uh, the selection there. You can have an idea of things you can pick up with the flex points that I've explained. Hello, viewers. My name is Maggie West, and I am a student at the University of Notre Dame pursuing a degree in computer science, which at Notre Dame is exclusively part of the College of Engineering. So I will be giving you a tour today, and I'm originally from Jacksonville, Florida, and I wanted to be really excited about Notre Dame. It is one of the premier Catholic universities in the nation. We hobble over eight thousand undergrads and about two thousand grad students. But the movie Rudy and another movie, New Rock Me All American, was filmed on this campus. And so if you're a fan of any of those or college football Catholic traditions, so much more keep watching. So I'm standing at the front of God Claude. Which why's it called God Quad? For a few reasons? It has the dome, which has a statue of our Lady Mary. It has the cathedral on campus, and there are a collection of statues and religious relics throughout the quad. This quad has so much tradition and also houses to dorms. So as you move further into God quad, we see this statue, which is of Father Edward Soran, who is a Holy Cross priest who founded Notre Dame in eighteen forty two. And as you could see, I am not standing on the grass right now. And why's that? Because one Notre Dame tradition in myth, is that if you step on the God plug grass, you will fail your theology class. There's another fund entered a myth that I'll get Teo at the main building, which is the door. So here we are at arguably the most beautiful spot on campus, and I'm so glad you guys got to see it with the follies on the side. So a funny thing about this building is you will rarely see people going up the front steps, and if you dio, you know that they're not students, because, um, it is if you walk up the main steps of the main building before you graduate, you won't graduate, so no one wants to do that. So before we start looking at the campus, I think something very unique to Notre Dame and important to explain is the Notre Dame dorm system. So we have, I believe, twenty nine dorms on campus, and they're all single sex. You are required to live in a dorm from your freshman to junior year. And, ah, lot of students will continue to stay on campus for their senior year. You're definitely allowed to stay on all four years. Once you're accepted, you decide to go. You are randomly assigned a dorm and a roommate for your entire freshman year. And once you got this dorm, the majority of students tend to stay there for the entire time that they live on campus. And one of the reasons for this is at Notre Dame. We don't have Greek life, but thie dorm communities kind of create that. So every dorm has whole government charity events, colors, mass gods, sports dances, other social events. The list goes on. And because it has students from freshman to senior year, you can make those relationships that air inter class very easily. Additionally, because your roommate is randomly assigned, it gives you an opportunity to meet someone completely different, which totally happened for me, my freshman year roommate Sue Jean Wass, from Seoul, South Korea. And I'm so, so glad she was my roommate. She's now one of my best friends, so I think that the Notre Dame dorm system really isn't anything to worry about it all. Of course, I'm not naive. There are people that have a hard time with their freshman year. May further dorm, but it is something you can change. And it's also something that Khun teach you an important life skill about learning Tio. Cope with a roommate That's not so great, So it's very important to know that people have a steadfast allegiance to their dorms and the quad that they live on. And in fact, when people introduce themselves, they normally include their major there year and which dorm they live in, Which says a lot about our system and another important detail that I almost forgot is I is a senior now live off campus. But for three years I lived in a pastoral East Hall. Just actually where I am now and past released is on Mod squad. I was very involved in the hall government and chose to move off campus, too. Learn a little bit more about cooking for myself, budgeting and having that freedom before I'm a full blown adult, so you didn't. Now nothing from it's happening. Fine, Ben. Pardon article hall, which everyone here just calls me Bart. And it is the namesake or that I'm on break. And this quad is absolutely just like they all are. And it houses purely academic buildings. So we have to Bartolo Hall, which is where the majority the classroom spaces on campus, the law school right in front of me. There one of the engineering buildings. We have me Mendoza School of Business and the Barlow Performing Arts Center at the end of the lot. So I'll give you guys. So I just jumped into deep bar, which has seventy three classrooms of all different sizes. The class is held in here are from all disciplines. So you could have anything from a film class to a history class, too, eh? Linear algebra class in de Bart and as an engineering student, a vast majority of my classes are in this building. It has the biggest lecture hall on campus, which can hold about four hundred sixty five people. It also has a computer lounge and a fun study lounge, which I will show you. Let's get into it. So I'm right outside the bar, computer, lounge and lounge, and it's supposed to be quiet in there because people do work, but all give you walk through it and insider's tip. It's a great spot. Tio taken naps because they have nice, big, comfy in bags. So I am in the biggest classroom on campus. This is to Bartolo one, Oh one. And like I said, it holds four hundred sixty five people. I personally have had one class in here, and it was a class that computer science majors, computer engineering majors and electrical engineering majors had to take, and the room was not even full. Thie teacher actually did a good job of getting participation from students, even in a huge lecture hall like this. Bye, randomly calling on people's names throughout the entire year. And if you weren't here, don't get your attendance points, so I'll show you this lecture. On the other side of the spectrum. Here is a seminar room in DiBartolo Hall, so it's pretty small. And as you can see, it has a cool roundtable where the professor will normally sit at the end and everyone can just talk. And this is often used for discussion sections, which are break offs from larger lectures. Nice days like today, Professor's sometimes have class outside, which you can see going on. I welcome to Ryan Hall. So he's a super double. So a lot of upper class and Brian get the choice of living. And either quatre supernova. Lt's a little bigger, has a bay window. But we still have all the standard furniture. So our beds, you can have it down like this, or you can lock it up in the air. And then we have dressers, nightstands, deaths and arm arms. Yes, additionally, in all the rooms and Ryan, we have a sink and a near cabinet over here. So you can see way, have additional stories down there and then our cabinet here to store anything else? Uh, which is wonderful. Teo, brush your teeth. Way. Also have a fresh here. This is something that does not come with room. However, you are allowed to have a fridge in your dorm room. Additionally, a lot of students, as you can see over here, that some sort of Bhutan in their room editions. So that way, when friends come over or if people are saying, I can lecture people around. Awesome. So cute in here. Thank you, Julia and Julia So you can't talk about the Hesburgh library without talking about this mural. So it's called Touchdown Jesus, because it looks like Jesus is doing the touchdown symbol. That referee's doing football game also our stadium. Is right there and before our stadium was renovated toe add extra seats. You could see this mural from the stadium. So the Hesburgh library, which a lot of the students call club Hess, has thirteen stories, and it has honestly been under construction since I was a freshman at Notre Dame. It's a really popular place for students to come to study, but it also houses and a BP are all bone pain on the first floor, which is really nice if you want to grab a coffee or a pastry or a sandwich at any point during your studies. Now, I said that I don't study in the library very often, but when I do, I go to the tenth floor, which I'll show you guys now. So we're on our way on and the tenth floor is a silent floor so all see walking through your Hi. My name's Julian Forte. I'm a junior science business major at Notre Dame. I'm from Charlotte, North Carolina, and live here in line. So why did you choose Notre Dame? Uh, well, for me, I visited a bunch of schools, but each one, something was missing. But when I came to Notre Dame, I just felt like everything was finally here. I had the faith aspect of being Catholic University. Also, I love the dorm communities. When I came here, I just really felt like it was a home away from home. I'm going to the Ryan home ass is going to our cooking night, just activities that we have here in the dorms that make it feel like a strong community. We also have really strong academics, Thomas Wells, fun football games, basketball games, big sports culture. And additionally, everyone at Notre Dame really takes service seriously on DH, participates and things outside of the classroom and is really passionate about that. I'm not sure about that about the student body, but yes, I was going to ask How would you describe the student body? Uh, yeah. I said I would say the main thing is that the student body is very passionate. Students get involved in things, and they are committed to them from then on. So you said your major with science business, Can you explain that? Mohr and described the academic climate at Notre Dame. So I chose to be a science business major because I have a passion for health care. I've always really enjoyed that the intricacies of health care in my science classes throughout high school. But I also want to combine that with something a little different in somebody on the business side, so that I would have that experience and see what those classes were like moving forward. So another name design business Major Major's pretty unique. So I take all the science classes that are required for re professional pre med students, and then I also take classes in the business school and take all the introduction classes there. So I have. It's almost like a major and minor kind of with the types and amount, of course is that we take so it allows students the opportunity to go to med school, dental school? Well, uh, school any of those that they want to go to the pre Rex for that and then also going into business, going to consulting or going into any sort of industry with health care. You have a really good experience in background for that, and it's been wonderful through the recruiting process so far. Andan regards the academic culture here at Notre Dame. Students are very motivated. They're very on top of their studies, and they definitely are very serious about doing well on tests doing their assignments. But with that, people understand that there's a lot more to life than just your assignments. And students get involved in a lot of other things outside of school. We have plenty of time to hang out with their friends, and you don't feel like the academics are overwhelming you all the time you get immunity is part of the culture here, but it's not overwhelming. Okay, so no. What is your favorite and least favorite part of Notre Dame? Tough one. So favorite. It's hard because there's so many wonderful things I love about nerdy and fighting. The biggest thing to be the dorm community. Like I was saying earlier in Ryan Hall, we have door masses every Sunday as well. One day during the week. If you want to go, you can. You don't have to do. It's up. Definitely optional. But it's a great time to be with all your friends and people from all different grades, from freshman to senior people live in the dorms all four years. They can if they want to. They don't have to. But you do see seniors in the dorms as well as first freshmen and sophomores. So that's something that I really enjoy because I've got no people all different ages on, and it gives you that ability to see what you're looking forward to you or what you should be doing or what opportunities there out there that you want to pursue. And they're all really excited to talk to you. And so going to Mass and going Teo activities in the dorm. We have section Olympics, different parts of the hall compete against each other. We have a waffle Wednesdays. We have F days cookies on Tuesdays after whole government. Um, so just a lot of activities that are really fun and you get to look forward to them every week. And every every day there's something new Tio dio with your closest friends and people really are connected to their dorms forever. And then, Oh, sorry. Least favorite thing. God, it's hard. It's really hard. What, um, I have to say, Oh, probably the weather at Notre Dame would be released. Everything. That's unfortunate. That's not control well being for North Carolina. I definitely appreciate the warm weather and hearing soft band. The weather is not wonderful, definitely gets cold. But I was just talking someone today about how the weather on Christmas time is really fun because, yeah, you might be in finals and it might be kind of rough and cold, but on the other hand, you get a cup of cocoa, a cup of tea and you sit there and everything's decorated for Christmas and it's beautiful. And and it's all right, you know, the snow was pretty and you go build a snowman or take part in the snowball fights we had every year here on campus, and you just make the best. Okay, thank you very much, Julia. Now. This is a campus landmark, which the students call Stone head but is actually a war memorial for veterans from both world wars, Korea and Vietnam. It is at the head of North Korea, and another really fun thing about this spot is See those trees. They line all of these sidewalks leading up to Stonehenge and are really great place to throw up a hammock. On a nice day like today, I'm actually surprised there aren't students out here doing it. So North Quad is also a residential quiet, and it has North Dining hall, which I'll give you a little walk through. So we have tons of cereal to choose every meal wants. Here we have a little build your own Asian noodle station. One. We have pizza, which is available for dinner every night. This station changes out every day. Looks like chicken vegetables here, always basic with red sauce. Vegetables right at the end. There was a hand station here. You can build a sandwich or grab some yogurt at any time. What you're getting for dinner tonight? Rice and some bourbon place. Oh, that's got to go. Pick up some fruit farming, please. Ham. Well around me. There was a crew over there. Here they have grilled cheese, burgers, fries, chicken. And these amazing chicken and waffle sandwiches. Here is the very popular kind of build your own label line. Last night in the area. Fantastic. Thank you. Personal pizzas be fresh salad bar, thirteen toppings, but cheeses, cranberries, always. Lots of dressing here are all fresh. That you really great. Don't forget desert. And when you leave the dining hall, you khun, bring one drink, one piece of fruit or one dessert, which Emily has got down with her PV