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Hi guys. So I thought I'd share with you. My favorite studies are immune. So little tables next to a window seat. It's really nice to be able to come here because it's usually pretty quiet. There's some piano player and you get a really nice view of the kind of you which is dough, Let me show you except even if I'm not studying and I'm just coming near the EMU in between classes, I usually like to come here and just hang, listen the music or do whatever because it's a pretty comfy spot Hi campus. Real. So I'm outside of Wilma. Hall is one of the wings to the science building. I have one class in it this term, and I hadn't been in it prior, But it's a really cool building, so I'll insert some footage of that. You're gonna be a science major. Not only will you be in that building they are building a new campus across the street from us is called the Night Campus. Supposed to be absolutely insane and beautiful if you're interested in that, Definitely looking up super The right in front of our EMU, which is like our student center. We have a large grass area, which I would say is our quad, and there's usually people out when it's sunny. It's a nice day today. Some surprise does not people all right, that's a little cold, but here's what it looks like. So most days you can find people out here studying, at least when it's warm. So this was actually the next day and I couldn't help a film. But people were out playing ball about. It was such a nice day. And there is a sand volleyball court in between two of the residence halls, right by the mule Isaac. So this is the view from my dorm, and the weather outside right now is a little overcast and cloudy. So I'm from Northern California, and I've been spoiled with weather for the last eighteen years of my life. But being here has been a nice change. I promise it does not rain as much as they say it does. We've had a few random days in the middle of January and February where it's been Hi, sixties and Sunny. And then, of course, we have a few days of rain. I would say on average, it's like mid fifties and cloudy, which I really don't mind. I mean, just throwing a sweatshirt, and that's really all you need most days. So this is my first year. We're just starting out in spring term. So I've heard from other students that spring term is the best come May in June. It's absolutely beautiful outside and everybody's outside playing volleyball in the middle of the quad or just hanging out. Or I brought my hammock up this term, so hopefully Hi campus Real. So it's actually night right now, and I'm walking back from the library from study, and I thought, it's a little bit about the safety on campus. So we do have the blue light system, which a lot of campuses do you have and basically the blue light system. If you are in danger or if you like, you need help, you can go up the blue lights, which are all around campus, press about and a campus police will be there really quick, and we also have something called safe Ride and designated Driver. So if you're out at night and you need to write home at any time, I think upto three AM, they can come pick U up, which is so nice and its student run so you can actually volunteer for So what did you think of the J? Paul? Um, it's really pretty. There's a moat around it, actually, to keep the photographers away from the halfway. It's supposedly, but yeah, that that that's what Zach told me. Nothing Marcus made. He was like, Uncle Feel like I need a moat. Yeah, okay, but it's pretty, uh, I haven't seen the inside, but that's where all the students we literally can't go inside. So that's unfortunate. But if your student athlete, you'll probably get to it. So yeah, you He spent some time. Basically, it's like a building and it's like, filled with a bunch of study rooms. They're like only athletes can use. And so there's always a place for them to study and, like always tutors for them. And there's like food in there, and it's just really nice, like it's a really got to be a student athlete here and again, Phil Knight and like you, sponsors all of this. And that's why it's all like, perfect and you get the dang is an athlete, basically, the Hi. So I'm outside of Lillis Hall. It's one of the more iconic buildings at the University of Oregon. When you look up pictures, a lot of the time, it will be of this building with a no, that's drill. This is the business building and business majors have most their classes in this building. So right behind me, you get to the bus as a student, you get, um to ride for free all it takes you all over Eugene. So my friends and I actually take it downtown. There is a storm that's kind of far off campus. Bar Nard and a lot of the kids and Barnard take the bus in closer to campus. But just to show you how close it is to my door, we were just right there. And here's my door. So it's literally a two minute walk away, which makes it so convenient. And there's other transportation all options here. So they have something called Safe Ride. Which ones like I'm crossing Street, which will pick you up at night and doesn't need a driver. Shuttle does the same thing, which is super convenient. Okay, so these right here they might not look like much now, but they are bikeshare rocks, and we are getting a or bike share here in Eugene sponsored by Peace Health Rides, which is the hospital here, which is super cool because I don't have a bike and sometimes I really need one. So this is where all of the hubs would be for different bike shares, just within Eugene, which is really cool. Um, sometimes there's docks, appointments that they don't or services that they don't provide at the health center. And so you do either have to take the bus there, but the bus schedules were, and it doesn't always line up, so it's really convenient to be able to take a bike. But I don't have my own bike, so I'm really Hi, everyone. My name is Sydney Houston and I am originally from Portland, Oregon, which is both two hours north of Eugene, which is where the UFO is. Sorry, it was very difficult to find a quiet place to film around here. There's a bunch of people walking on campus right now, but I'm super excited to take you around this awesome school. We're going to start on thirteen. It's ah Street that has bunch of food in a Starbucks and the duck store, where you buy your books and all your duck here. And then there's a nice entrance into campus, and that's where we'll start this little tour. I can't wait to show you around this awesome school. So this isn't Museo. I've never been inside. Put over here. In the new hall. What's it called? Color. Fallujah, Fallujah. What? Or something like that? And that's going to start really doing food. It's really pretty over here. This is the law library. It's very pretty inside too. People I love trees. All right. Let's see what it's called. Call it color. Hi campus. Really? My name'S. Morgan Leone. And this is our mascot. Petals to duck. Welcome. University of Oregon. I'm gonna be showing you around. Over here. Is this about night? Named after Phil Knight, son? Nothing. Yeah, actually, Fraser does. He, uh, passed away. Couldn't drown which there. And so you. Well, what about? We definitely can't go inside there, Right? That would be What do you think? A basketball games? How do you feel about them? Yeah, especially getting students, actually. People. It's a good time. All right, so behind me right here is Taylor's Barn Girl, that's where you go. What's you turn? Twenty one. Um, and I'll show you all of thirteen. Um, I took a video going all the way through it. I could really talk, though. It's so loud, but now we're at the entrance of campus, so I'm actually not gonna walk into that entrance. I just showed you could both. I'm gonna walk over here and show you McKenzie Hall, which is where I go for my cinema studies, classes. Um, I really like it. And then we'll go toe lillis, which is the business building. But we'll walk through the back of it because both sides really pretty. And so right here, this is the max which is minding my friends like, favorite thing ever. We've never used to take the bus. Like in high school. We all had cars or whatever. But obviously, a freshman year, you don't have a car. And so we've come to love the MX that takes it all over. Eugene, you just have to kind of figure out to use it, and your student idea gets you. So take it. Take advantage about if you come Hi, guys. We're here. The PM You are kind of the core area. You could spend your campus cash, which is included with your meal points. So behind me, we have to pull a here. You could see Subway way back there in Joe's burgers is pretty good. Hey, what's up? Um, And then over here we have a star BA, so the Starbucks is openly. A lot of times we come over here to study and grab a late night coffee. Now we're going to Hayward Field. Do you know anything about it? Okay. A lot of this. Trucked out us where pretty pretty. It's three between the story. The story of Organ Trap. You know for Bill Hayward, head coach. The landscape to the sport has changed. It was changed forever with me. I can read it with the addition of women's track Grams at the collegiate level, cool. Cool. So basic tracks, The big deal here, if you are really good at track, well, if you do track here, probably really, really good at it. It's like one of the best, like stadiums. If you all toe run to do a track meet in, they have, like little pigs here. Yeah, are they would like the world championship in stuff Here. It's trucked on. Yusa is go Eugene Scott, Doug So this building right here is DD Hall. It is our oldest building on campus. We have old buildings, but immersive organ is also building a lot of new buildings, like the night campus as well as renovating Bean. And there's a new building, right middle of campus called Tykes in Hall, which is going to be our advising building, so lots of exciting things Okay, So I decided to slow down this video because it was so fast. But this is our dance school and is gorgeous and a time of year. Even with this now, you can always find puppies out here, and it's located right next to the ref. And in this video we have this beautiful field. It doesn't exactly have a name, but it's located right next to the education school and right behind the night librarian, right next to the cemetery. There is always some reenactments of war going on, but there's always tons of puppies here on the weekend playing You and the business school or taking a science getting a science degree, you probably become very familiar with this and the other math building. And then right behind me here, this's Villard, it's Thie theater building. And I loved coming here every every other day for my acting class this term, because it's just like such a beautiful kind of European looking, building and then attached to it is the main stage, so we're gonna walk through here. All right, so I came into this because it's pretty much the only room in your building right now. It's not in use or like some thing going on. Um, so this is just like a little backstage room where think of it, get ready here before shows and then, like, that's a stage door. I'm like, really nervous to walk out there because you just never know in the theater building what's going on and for context and some trying. But you're my phone case. This is a cards against vanities card. But, said Erin Byrne, and like that's fighting in the theatre building. So I put that in there to remind me of Hamilton and then that's it, thank God. All right, so I wish I could show you the main stage. That's not gonna happen. The main stages right here. And you can see a little bit of the backstage in there. The ghost light is on. I think it's called Unfortunately, no, No stage to work for us today. Sorry, That was kind of underwhelming. That's Villard, though. I promise. It's really cool. There's a cool, big main stage. Um, here's the sign Village hall, and then behind me, there's a main road. I think this is Franklin. There's another MX station whatnot. So now we're on the other side of the building, all right, So I just wanted to talk a little bit about Villard and Thie theater department at U of O in general. So if you're thinking of coming here for acting or theater of any sort, I would just. But you know that like there's a big This is on on acting here. And that was a little bit disappointing for me because I came from a high school that had a large emphasis on musical theater, which is just not the case here. We do have a great music school, and there's an entire building dedicated to that. If that's what you're into, I have a friend who's on a scholarship here for playing the saxophone. So there is a great music department here. It's just the the logistics of coordinating with both of the departments sorry, that's super loud with logistics and coordinating with those departments is just difficult. And so the theater department is kind of one entity, while the music department is its own as well. So it's giving me a much better appreciation for acting and for just like stage presidents, because I'm so used to, uh, music. And so it's been really interesting experience for me. So if you're thinking of doing acting, this is a great school for its friends in the program. But if you are on the musical theater side of things, this honestly public just isn't isn't the place for you. But overall, I love Villard. I love the acting teachers here, Love there's like three stages, is one with one of them being the main stage, and they're all super beautiful. There's a lot of great resource is so I have I can't really start like three. No. Students just drawing studying. Who flew that towards me? She was just telling me how she was scared for his bees don't like that. No. Literally we would be God guy. That would get us. What? Please stop. So the University of Oregon has about twenty thousand students, and for me, when I was applying to school, that was kind of the middle range. I was worried it was gonna be too big, but I've actually really come to love it at the games, like at Autzen Stadium. For football, you go in, the student section is massive. Everybody's there and it's insane. But as soon as you're on campus, it's mostly freshman walking around cause I mean we live on campus, So I see four five of my friends walking around every single time I'm going to class. So coming from a high school of about two thousand kids, I was kind of nervous but excited at the same time for a change. And everyone in organ is so nice, and I always have random people smile at me when I'm walking to class, which is something that never really experienced in high school, but it's been really