My Corner in Scranton! | Dorm Tour 2019

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Ashley Walker

Tour Guide

Welcome to my sophomore dorm in Redington Hall! At the U, what we call University of Scranton, you have to live on campus your first two years, if you are a residential student. Freshman year, you have one roommate and a communal bathroom. Scranton is really good at ensuring there will be no triples in any rooms made for a double, there are rarely any triples. Some buildings are one sex, but those that are not are co-ed by floor, 1st floor all girls, second floor all boys, etc. There is no air conditioning in the freshman dorms, but you really don't need it for that long- it gets cold quickly. All sophomore housing is quad style, unless you have accommodations like me. Regularly, it would be two double rooms with a shared bathroom in between. There is air conditioning and you can control in your room and a maintenance worker who cleans your room/bathroom. Overall, I have had a pretty good residence experience here.