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All right. So here is my friend Mary. We're gonna she's gonna talk about her experiences here and stuff like that. So go ahead and introduce yourself. Mary. I'm from Naperville, Illinois, which is about an hour outside of Chicago. Um, I'm an ot Major and Spanish miner here at Scranton. Why'd you choose Fran? I chose Scranton because of the amazing Oh, see program. What they have here, I loved going down to Leahy and just seeing all the like Pete's lab and just the bill. You gorgeous? Yeah. I love the Pete's lab. Oh, and the, uh, the apartment and a little like walkway thing. That the street view, which is another lab that we have. Yeah. How did you find Scranton? I have money story. So I found Scranton because I was watching the office, and I was like, looking for college is at the same time, and I was like, Oh, Ha ha. Scranton. That's funny. Let me just put this on. The college is I'm thinking about just as a joke, and I remember actually, in a meeting with my counselor in high school. Oh, she was, like, just talking about all my different colleges that I was thinking about. And she didn't even mention Scranton, even though I had it on my college. So I was thinking about, but whatever it is. And so then, um, I was touring around like, New York area, and I knew I wanted to go far away for school. And, um, I came here, and I just, like, immediately knew that Scranton was the place for you. Yes, Um, how would you describe, like, the student body? Like, what do you make of our school. Um, student body is interesting. A lot of people, It's not the most diverse school, but there is some diversity, and you're able to find like, you're group, I guess, and, like, find different types of people with different backgrounds, different points of view, stuff like that. So you get You still do get a good taste of different people here. That script. Good point. Um, what is your least? Syrup are Scream it all there. Um, yeah, at least the reports. Probably like not being able to go home a lot. And they do have a lot of activities here in campus, but it would be nice toe. Have a little bit more to do off campus. We do have a really nice downtown area, and they have good home things going on around, especially like La Festa. Oh, yeah? You're talking about my past that I haven't movement. Well, it's like an Italian fest, and I have a lot of food and having Labor Day begins. Yeah. So it's like, within the first couple weeks of school, and it's really good. And I love it a lot. A lot of food? Yes. Uh, what's your favorite part about this, um, friend? Uh, yeah, I just love like, the professors are all really, really nice. Yeah, Complaint? Yeah, like I always feel welcomed. And I'm always learning a lot. But it's not like super super overwhelming to the point where I'm just, like, dying all the time on Then I always have my friends. There's always new people to meet and everything, so that's possible. And then do you want to talk about what you did last spring break? Oh, yes. Last spring break, I went on a domestic service trip to New Jersey. I went Super form. That's, like, two dollars from here. It's Yeah, and we went. It was like through through the school. But then they school worked with, um, uh, organization called St Bernard Project, and they go into different places that have been affected by natural disasters, usually like hurricanes. And they help rebuild the houses and do all this different like construction work for free. For these people who, sadly, have been, I mean, sometimes, like in the later stages, usually like I have experienced contractor fraud and different stuff like that. So we went in and we were doing, like, the finishing touches on, um this guy's house and they had it, um, his house raised up and everything they put on, like all new walls, all new pain. We did a lot of painting and then, like the baseboard um oh, the different wall E. And then we also went to a different house for a day and did just like drywall We put on new drywall. So the house I had just gotten heat that day. Thank goodness it was freezing. And so then we just put on the dry wall with the skeleton. So it was a really big difference between the two, but yeah. So it's just another option that you could do here. Good stuff. That's always fun. Yeah, that's there's a lot of service in our school, but, I mean, I enjoy it, so I'll take it. Yeah, well, thank you. Hi. I'm Frankie from Long Island. And I'm an official teenager. I'm Rachel. I'm from Philadelphia and I'm on duty, Major. I also Philadelphia and teenagers. Well, also teenagers and I friend group. Why did you guys to scram? Good. Thank you. Definitely, like the atmosphere. And I really like the program, And I like a small camp. Good. I really like the sense of community a saw the first day I might work. I really like the campus. Like I thought the facilities were like nothing like any other school that I saw. So really, what's your least favorite part of screens? Kind of the middle of nowhere. Yeah. Yeah. The weather. Yeah, definitely. The weather. It's so all over the place, you know, Um Oh, can you describe, like, your version of the student body and academic climate on campus very much. Hold the door. Nice. And the professors, like, go out of their way. Yeah. If you don't hold the door the right way, then you will be called for at least thirty minutes. Got languages, right? I definitely agree on the front about the faculty. They're here for the students. It's student bodies. Yeah, I tell you, Very caring and pretty opened other people, like, willing to be friendly with everyone. How would you describe, Like, the economic climate in general, Maybe outside of our major. But just overall high expectations, low expectations also wear high expectations on your class is like, definitely push you and R probably, like, harder than like some others go, Teo. Yeah. Very intense at times. So again, the fact that you're here for you. So if you ever find yourself Stribling, they try to make an impact to get you to. Where you going today? Yeah, I think with classes even like outside of our major. I've noticed that because the professor's now it's like a Jesuit institution. They really push you to be the best you can be and are trying to help you a person. Can you talk about what it means to be a Jesuit institution, any of you. Leave It means to care for the whole person and to put yourself I don't like your best person forward. But how do they put that until, like the curriculum? Um, every class involves treasure, wit, values in somewhere another. Like everybody talks about it here, there. Like for our ot classes, we have a service based learning component. Take religion classes and philosophy classes, liberal arts education. Yeah. Here, you kind of growing character instead of just academically on they Did you shape you be a man or a woman for others, And then you guys all went on a national service trips because you guys tell me where you went, how the whole process wass like, what was your part? What you take from it. So I want to believe And the application part. It was a little scary for X. We're freshmen all applied, and you're going like talking visually and answer questions. But once, like we made it past the Asian part, Andi started getting to know your group like meeting and stuff. It was just really nice here. Get to know new people and just like I feel you like became more respectful. Just the whole process. It's like like I'm not very cliche, but my trip was like like. Oh, I went to Ecuador, anyone? Um, We both went to Ecuador, and I have never really flown a lot. So this is a very new experience for me. It was my first time out of the country, but definitely not I, like, helped you understand that the world isn't what you experience on the day to day basis. It's a lot more than that, like people have different lives and what you live every day. So it really helped me to understand that the worlds is outside of our very small country. Yeah, going on without it really helped me to put myself in other people's shoes for our country. Like with everything going on like it really helped me to see from their perspective, for at least what I hope to be seeing from their perspective, the struggles that they go through, even just like communicating. We had some trouble with the language barrier here and there, so I definitely got a feel for how that can be so frustrating for people. I thought the application process wass like practice idly kind of coal. It was definitely intimidating as freshman, like I hate interviews in general. So the fact that we were told we had to do an interview was a little scary, but it ended up being not that bad. The pier facilitators, We're helping us with it. So it was a girl that's the writing was not too bad either. Us a good waiting for them to get a feel for who we are. We are. I was also never told George, please. It was your spy shop with white hair and that I realize it wasn't right. But you did it. You got it. I got something right on any last words that I said incoming freshmen or someone is trying to make their college decision go with your gut. Don't hesitate to get involved from the get go. It's, like, really scary and definitely understand that, but like, don't don't hesitate on it. Just put yourself out there. Study, actually. Do your Yeah, Well, thank you, guys. All right, campus really have come full circle. We're back where we started when I made that lame office joke. Um, I have a couple words of wisdom for prospective students and conscious any student that's heading to college. Mean number one. It is a big step, and I hope that everyone realizes how important that you are taking this stuff. And you should be proud of that. No matter what happens with college is where you go or you don't go whatever step you're taking to further your career for your education, get out into the force and making yourself have a better life. That is a big deal. So first and foremost, Elena's they congrats to you. Please make sure you realize that my second piece of advice is not to stress too much about the position. I personally stressed with way too much about my college decision. It worked out for me, but it's just not worth the stress. You want to be able to enjoy your senior year price for whatever year. This that you're finding toe left for schools. It's not a done deal. Many many people transfer in and out of schools. Many people change their majors. Um, it's not the end of the world, and I promise you, it's not tip number three is Just put yourself out there when you do head, that's war. Make your decision. Put yourself out there in Facebook groups. Put yourself out there first at orientation. In the first time, we kind of meeting people from your school. Having people to go in with makes the biggest impact. All of the people that I have shows you were interviewed or happened in my video is pretty much how I met before I got on campus, and that helped my transition go a lot smoother. So that's one of the biggest things back and say's, find them early, find them fast and obviously like he'd still beautiful. I'm still meeting people now is a sophomore, and I know I will be meeting people until the end of my college career. But make sure you put yourself out there and makes the biggest difference in the world. And honestly, just enjoy your time. I mean, I'm only a sophomore. I know I have three more years of school left, but it really does go by really quick. I'm already happy through the first master myself here, and I can't believe it. So really kind of time to enjoy it. Definitely listen to your peers and your upperclassman like take in the advice and the wisdom that they have to guide you. But also make sure that you're participating and things on campus get involved in clubs. Go to the late night events, go too the movies to things that make you happy and our stress release because you really, really doing You will not succeed And you went up. Have a good experience if you don't do that. Um, so over. I really hope you enjoyed my tour. I had a lot of fun reading around campus and showing the weird, quirky things that I like about my campus. There's so much more to see, though, So if you do come visit in person, I hope you enjoy it. Um, but yeah, that's it. Good luck with your endeavours, Justin, that everyone's proud of So this is a typical classroom. This's an LLC again, the loyal a science center. I mean, there's three rows and there's lots of deaths. But I had a class in here last year, and we did not feel. Typically, classes are lecture style, at least one classes, and then if you've a science, you'll probably have a lot of with it. So I had my anatomy lecture in here and lab downstairs. But like the most I've had in my class is like maybe thirty two class is a pretty small, which is really nice, I guess. You able to know the professor well, and then you could build those relationships. So, yeah, this is what our typical classroom looks like. There's a projector, There's a shop words the doc cam. It's pretty high tech. And I mean, like I said, the small class. I just absolutely amazing. Yeah, here it is. I'm currently at my works for the work box office here on my campus. I have a federal work study. I got you get it through your financial aid. So when financially felt your fast, we will find out you get it. And then you kind of start looking for jobs on campus. Um, I found line through our student portal. I was looking there one day, for whatever reason, and found that they had an opening. And actually, I really do enjoy theatre. It's not part of my major, so it's kind of interesting for me to be able. Tio, um, continue something in my interests outside of my major. It kind of gives me a break from a lot of hard scientific classes. Um, but work studies kind of like they for me, at least I can sit in office and do like a bit of a project where I could help with the project were tasked. Whatever currently just finished organizing those books. All of those books, so I've been pretty busy the last couple of weeks. Um, but Work said he's pretty awesome, and he's an actual extra cash while you're on campus. Um, and it's nice to know you don't live close to home. You could kind of get a job little bit easier, and it's on campus. Suit on the walk too far tryto find transportation. Why so? Sure, Sam and Mary, You see, Mary, a lot. Now we're walking to our ten O'CLOCK labs, which is probably the furthest point on campus that we have to go to from our dorm's, um, I don't know. We'll talk a little about spirit, and so it's kind of not the best weather wise. What was kind of like, two seasons, Always raining, pretty humid. I feel like it was only last year. Bring that much? You know, I think it was hotter longer last year. They just got here in the dorm, so it was worse. What else about the school? It snows a lot. Which is kind of nice because, like, we got, like, what, six days off? Maybe last semester? A lot. It's almost everyone's. Yeah, honestly. And it happens. More spring semester screens. Kind of like a city, but, like, I'm from Philly, so I don't think it's like a city. What do you think? Not a city in our books should move over. We're going to get hit by car. Um what? It is a city? Uh, yeah, I think that's pretty much it. I mean, I personally don't like my time here. With you guys? Yeah, we're getting through. Yeah, lots of work. Yeah. So, yeah, we're so walking down the hill to class, and we'll probably get there in, like, five minutes. So that's I walk to school. So as I mentioned my intro video, I do live on campus and two hours away from home, so I kind of don't have a choice. And in at university screen, if you live on campus on, say, you're living on campus, he was a distance or whatever. You have to live. We'll keep this for your first two years, so freshmen will be in a freshman dorm. There's no a C. It's a double dorm. And then there's a communal bathroom, but they never, ever have trouble. So you're unless is a room made for triple or quadruples, But they really try not to do that. So you took it's. Typically, only you won't under me. And then there's up to like maybe sixteen on the floor. I had a really small for my freshman year. I think there's only eight of us, but that buries before I say show you my room. I want to explain a little bit. So software year. Like I said, you have to live on campus. They're sweet style, specifically two double rooms and a bathroom in between on the share between four by four people. For me, though, I have a single with a single bathroom because of medical reasons. So I'm going to show you my door because it's kind of the same kind of layout just that would be two rooms instead of just one. Um, and I think that's it. So you walk in and here's a wardrobe. Can have, like a bar. And then there's a shelf of top that's decent of space below it and above it to put stuff. If you need extra sword space, What? You probably needs five of these in college. Um, we have a mirror with a sink on and on about this thing, even more storage, which is very And he did not know I was gonna get that when it came back on. Then here's the bathroom. So you're thinking outside of your bathroom, technically, to save space, there's a really small shower in the toilet. And then if you had a regular software Norm, there will be a door here and ever go into another room. Um, then you'll get so you have two sets of wardrobes because there's two people her room. There's two beds. Typically, I have two beds. I like this one and that one back there, each of the bends come with George at the bottom times of each roommate that's won a set of those. We also have shelves all over campus. I didn't know is that they were prominent in dorm rooms until I went here. So if you like them, they're actually a pretty nice to use. Each storm also comes with two desks and a chair. The death pretty spacious or strangers here. One door here, Um and I come with a chair that rock. So if you lean back, you won't fall. They all have window was at least one, if not more. I have a pretty good view of North Web, which is the street behind my building. Um, try to think of what else for this toy. Oh, there is air conditioning in these storms. You can control them ourselves, though, which is nice on they turned off the A C. I think this because it's pretty cold out. So now it's just the fam betting, and I can still turn drill temperature and control the amount of speed and stuff, but that's pretty much it. I mean, sophomore year, the dorms. Like I said, our our quad style on. There's three buildings you could be in. You get to choose your roommates. You will be there on a co ed floor for your sophomore year. Freshman. You can live in the all girls former, all voiced or if you prefer, or it'll be killer. But they're floy this year. The floors or just completely dead? Um, yeah, I think that's it really like my little corner of the sky here decorated it pretty nicely, so yeah. Dining hall. Um, this is what my friends and I called the healthy side you swipe in. You can kind of pick wherever you want to go, whatever food you want. Still gluten sensitive side. Like I said, you can kind of pick if you only want the turkey from now, you could take the turkey and get the rest of your meal somewhere else, because there's a lot of stations across the whole floor. Um, come out the vegetarian station right here. What? I've heard what the complaints I've heard is that there aren't as many nice vegetarian options. But there are definitely some options. Um, there's ice cream over here to the right. There's also a cereal bar and, um, drink machines. There's always just are at dinner. He's definitely lunch, too. On the healthy side, Um, and this is the salad bar that we have. It's pretty long, and that's there for at least two meals a day, if not three, because on weekends we have a French instead of me. Print her breakfast and lunch is just one and started ten a. M. The sound. We're coming up on soups right here, which is always offered to This is the unhealthy side, as migrants and I call it again, same kind of thing. Stations like this station's pasta is a piece of station right after, and those two are almost always happened running. Um, there's also a grill, and there's always a section for like fried food, so that might have grown back and cheese or cheese steaks or something like that. And options do very almost every night. Sometimes they repeat, sometimes we'll have the expensive times what you can pay an extra five dollars and get, like a lobster or something. But I know it's all just through your story. What you get with a real plan, that's about it. It's all on the same floor. It's pretty nice, really have one. No, this is my friend Mary is in a couple of videos. He's going to show us her quad because if she is a regular, so here's the sink area and then we have our nice dressers from there. The events redecorated the flights because the overhead light is kind of right. I don't really use my desk. I have it more for just stuff that I store on there and then just go into the lounge in the library, do my homework. My roommate uses hers, but I don't. And then in here bathroom. Here's our shower, Martin. Then here's my club next door. Love their quad overhead lights, the salt organized, but so, yeah, you just kind of walked through the doors. What's in the bathroom and you're in the other room, and that's our typical sophomore housing. So we're on our way to Naples, has much work over there. Is she playing? I can't really see their Starbucks. There's so much in place, and all this could be used with male slaves or flex was kind of coming back for your computer. And you cash, mind you, but there's pizza sandwiches. Biggles Morning. There's a lot of things tonight here's to eleven p.