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Ah. Here we are. We are in Taper Hall right now, and I just wanted to show you a typical classroom. So basically, these are about twenty students to a class. It shouldn't be any more than that in your regular classes, like your first year writing class. And like your general seminars that you have here. One big difference, though, is that sometimes the classrooms will have these little tables, like, pushed together so that you can be friendly with your classmates. And usually you'll see that they all have these weird, like twirly chairs. And maybe your classroom will have a nice view. Maybe it won't. This one does. But yeah, this is it. This is your classroom language is a RH usually taught in here as well. So, like, Taper is a big place for in language. So you probably noticed that it's really beautiful outside, and that is really difficult. Uh, of the climate here, um, you know, roughly seven degrees right now, and it's usually about seventy degrees most month out of fear. So, you know what's shorts, flip flops, and it's It's really nice. So, you know, if you're someone who likes seasons, you will miss that. I think if you do come, But if you're someone like me, who it is really bad at handling the cold, I think that you will find it just fine. And I think that, too, you know, it being so sunny all the time, so pleasant, really? Sort of that is really uplifting, especially winter. Um, you know, I'm getting getting out and actually be able to read on the on McCarthy quad is really nice, um and being able to do sports center first, you know, whatever it is that you might be interested in. And still the weather usually allows you to do that. So that's one thing to really think about. I think if weather is important to you on, I really think that you'll find somewhere that's very pleasant if Right now, I'm currently in the Ronald to your campus center. This is a common hangout area for students, and we also like to say that it's home to past, present and future students. And that is because it houses are alumni Association lays on for over three hundred thousand living alumni, which make up our lifelong and worldwide church family. It's also home to present students, because right behind this last words behind me is a court, which has things like a pan express account for pizza, kitchen and a very on. Then it's also home to future charges because the houses are admission center right upstairs over there, which ushers in future trojans to our trade and family. My favorite aspect of this area is a piano right back here, which didn't go and sit down and play and other students student with them. Did you launch for some people? My junior from school, they're gonna find there, make three printing and also an amazing opportunity for people who goingto look school on. Just like if you guys gonna play for work, you should know about this. They provide opportunity, truce, even duller certification, which is an amazing to include for your resume, they provide head up specification for front of shop here. Frustration. You're straight. And I'm sorry. Plant, you can do each problem once per semester. So, like in total. For example, take your Christmases to comfort all this things. God, you will. But you know how to use those programs and also receive three separate certifications. To call you has being professional using those programs. It's definitely good communication skills. They say I'm so sorry, but I will be able to show you in classrooms because they could locked if there is no class to this time. And I tried to receive information that we like know me. There is a class joint staff during class time. I cannot shoot, which is another problem, So I'm super sorry, but we're gonna show you it's an very bathroom which is brand new to term, so yeah. Well, it's better than nothing. Yeah, it's called. So I have to wear Cole turn boots. Now, athletics are a huge part of life here at USC. A lot of our, UH, weekends during the fall are sort of guided by game days, which happened Fridays, Saturdays, even some Thursdays during the fall, which are there big football days. And the whole campus really becomes totally transformed during that time. And those football games take place in the Moral Coliseum, which is right across the street from USC campus. And right now the Rams do play there, so I can't just walk in and show you. But I thought I would show you the truck state yet right here on campus because you know, it's not just football that's big here at U. S. C. U know all sports are huge, and they form a really big part of social life. Is our aquatic center Believe sometimes dio free suite during freshmen orientation. They throwing a big pool party and they have a deejay and stuff a lot of fun, but usually see, like there's water pull over their swim meets here all the time. It's a lot of fun to So I mentioned that there are a lot of really important offices in this scene, which is right behind. And there is a newspaper there, which is a wonderful opportunity while in here. But it's also really important because a lot all of the cultural centers are in the studio. So, um, also Chicano is the lot. Next, the Cultural center and, uh, CBC essay is the Cultural Center for Black Students and a Pass Asian Pacific Americans Services, the Cultural Center for AP students. So, you know, I think that for students of color who are interested experience. I think that culture centers are really important. So they really create sort of this like a sense of community, especially slow Sylvia's jealousy. It's sometimes really important to have a small, close knit, um, support systems and mentors, and not just you academic tourists, but also your mentors when people who are going to support you emotionally while you're in college. So you know that's that's important to you? No. I implore you out whatever city things were looking to see what you know those communities looked like, and I like what I have for some teachers and those look like and what those shared cultural experiences where you can find those spaces. So that's one thing that I really This is our bookstore. So it looks like here we also merchandise Not right there when I get it quick Right behind me is Cromwell. Track and Field is open twenty four seven for students to go and play pickup games of soccer or football, the track is also open to run on. The only time that closes is when celebrities come to run in the campus. In the past, we've had Beyonce's decide to come and run on that track right behind me, which is absolutely insane. But like I said, a lot of teams practice there. And one of my favorite teams is the Trojan marching Band, also known as The Spirit of Troy or the greatest marching band in history, the Universe. They're also known as Hollywood's Ban, and that's because they have performed at multiple Gallas and events, including the Oscars, the Grammys and even at Coachella, with Beyonce yourself. Right now, I'm standing in alumni Park. It is said to be your most Instagram spot on campus. That's because of the building right behind me up there, that is. Bovard Auditorium is home to our president, and we also have a bunch of performances that happened in there, specifically an event called visions and Voices, where we bring in different humanitarians politicians, scientists, public speakers, performers and really, anyone in between who wants to come and share their craft, or what they have to say to the students. So in the past, we've had Stanley come in. We've had Easter Ray on this past semester. We had a ticket raffle for tickets to go see camels and when it came off Broadway into Los Angeles. I told you we have a cat. Look at him. Hey, one pretty boy. We are in the silly G mud building SG M And this was a look at a typical lecture hall here, so I'd say the seats about two hundred people, um, as she m is like, chemistry building. So they have all this cool come stuff like periodic tables at the top. These little things not sure what they are but appear. You can see it better. And then your professor, when they put up lecture slides and stuff, they'll be on the TV. So you'll be able to see them from behind into the sides. And then they also show up all these big projector screens. Then we'll have, like, a chalkboard, which is sometimes hard to see, Like if you're sitting all the way at the top. So make sure, like, if you want to see, really, just sit down close to the front. But, yeah, this is your lecture hall. I know they were doing that yesterday. Remember that? Did you see that? They would like a full crew. And like three people in USC sweaters that were like, I'm just so happy here because I just love the Southern California Trojan family Fight on Trojan Go, Tommy Trojan Trojan football J T. Dan. That's exactly what it wass. This is the track and field sports teams go here. I think I think you could also just go in if you want to, like, run the track policies weekend. Just list like there's a killer for all the USC gold Olympians from track and field, all the Olympians in general for track and field on the ends of the champions. So we have currently five pillars. Three of them are Olympians. Two of them are and double A team champions. There's a and, um, this track. There's like long jump baseball, soccer, lacrosse, um, track and field events. Basically, anything that you could think of. Pole vaulting, There's a port a potty. Good to know. I didn't know that was there. The American flag, C flag and the Olympic flag. Because this whole building is just for sports trophies. It's an entire building for OJ's Heisman just for just I'm leaving campus. Area one, uh, place that I want to make sure to mention, Mr Union is the Academic Norris and Fellowships office. So, you know, one thing that I think is really amazing about this is that there are so many opportunities Better here, Um, and you know, those opportunities, you know, when they're nineteen thousand underground's I think that, you know, there are a lot of places in which, like, those just really don't exist for you because there is so much competition. But, you know, here you have to you seek those opportunities out, but there are really there for you. And not only that, you know, the staff itself is also really there for you, you know, really invested in student success, Really? There to be your mentors and there to sort of cheer, leave you as you sort of go through college and then also, you know, as you take your next step after college. So, um, you know, definitely took advantage of those kinds of opportunities and those kinds of staff members. That's really sort of a really great example of the kind of institutional support that I was talking about that I think that us he does a really good job It is one cloudy day in Los Angeles, but right now I'm in the center of campus, Uh, Truesdale Parkway. So it stretches away over there away, too. Down there. And this is basically your center for any type of fair you can imagine way have career fairs here. We have involvement. Affairs Here we have study abroad, affairs here, all kinds of everything. Anything you can imagine with a bunch of tables lined up that's gonna be on Truesdale. So yeah, that's your student union over there on Truesdale. Right now, I'm in the school of cinematic Arts complex, one of my favorite spaces to hang out and study on campus. And that is because it is part of my home as a film and television production major. So right here behind me is a Douglas Fairbanks statue. He founded the cinema program at USC back in nineteen twenty nine, and he was also one of the president's of the Motion Picture Academy and this complex. There's two buildings. This one right here is the Steven Spielberg building, and this one over here is the George Lucas building. George Lucas isn't alumni of the USC school cinematic art. Steven Spielberg is not. However, he does make his visits to campus to visit students. I actually got to meet him last semester, my first masters off for a year at one of my films symposium classes. Now, as a school cinematic arts major, you can choose to Major and six different categories of study. So the first is mine, which is film and television production. You can also major in writing for screen and television, cinema and media studies, animation and digital arts, media, arts and practice, and interactive media and game design. Jim. There are a lot of weights machines on this floor. As you can see, it just really goes as far as the eye can see. And it's not. The machines are so into me and that you can't find one as of today, a lot of open machines and then upstairs. There. Lifting. And doing more for workouts right in here. So there might be a team, actually. Oh, yeah. There's people playing basketball on there. But you go ahead and show you on the pool over here so you can see over there is the diving board, the diving pool. And then this is the main pool. People are swimming. And if you're a student here, you could swim here. There are certain hours of the day that it's available to you. But I do know some people. Hi guys. So it's Sunday morning and for your sister and Sunday doesn't mean you have arrest. Oh my God, it's cool, though. Yeah, have a little squirrels, and I just love them. But yeah, So it's Sunday morning. It's nine A. M. And I will wake. Uh, even though I was having a night out with my friends last night because what? I had to wake up because I have a group project with my entrepreneurship team class. We are doing their business idea. I have to go with the financing, marketing and operations. And I really do enjoy this class because I find this way relevant to special, like me, personally future real one into something. As a small business on these class gives me an opportunity to practice this. And I'll try to show this on to endure this Anjali library. So try to show you how the Libra looks like this is. The little Ivory is the biggest library at UC on one of my favorite library and also just ask my team to keep a short interview and talk eligible as well, about you see and experience So I'm from Irvine, California, which is an hour south of L. A. So you see, a sort of always been a little bit in my backyard, Um and I think, when the first times that I really seriously considered coming here Wass, when I went to explore USC in the February or March of my senior. And so that was part of the U. S s scholarship process, where they invited some students that are interviewing for a scholarship to come, uh, see what USC is like, And that's really when I saw what, what student life looks like here. Um, and yeah, that was That was the first time. And, you know, I really think that I really need those university that had sort of a institutional support Tio allowed me to grow in Whichever way I chose was really important for me. Because I came in to USC and decided, and I changed my major like, three or four times. And USC allowed me to do that and was amazingly flexible. Um, as I sort of had this bout of intellectual exploration while I was here, so that was really important for me. And I think that USC is a massive school, it has nineteen thousand under rods. But the resource is here sort of make it feel like a smaller place because, you know, you don't really feel like you're lost in a sea of students, but you still have the really vibrant life of a much bigger institution. So that's one thing that I really, really Everybody. My name is Jayla, and I'm a freshman here at the University of Southern California. Yeah, so we're located in Los Angeles, but I am originally from Ohio. So, like the sun they have here? Yeah, look about smile. But I'm studying human biology on pre med, and I hope to add a musical theatre minor, so we'll see how that goes. And because we're in Los Angeles, there is a whole lot of stuff to dio. And there are a lot of clubs to join out here specifically at USC. But right now, I am a quest bridge scholar, and I'm a competition cheerleaders. That's pretty cool. Um, and yeah, that's a a bit about me. I'm gonna be your tour guide today. So I'm walking away from the St Anne and is on my left is the Annenberg School for Communication in Journalism. So if you study communication or journalism, you will probably have a, um, class are most your classes. And here it's very beautiful. There's a huge newsroom inside, which is fully stocked. But I'm actually gonna take you guys to grace Forward. Salvatori, home of letters. Arson. Science is because you will. If you come to us, we will probably have a class and the GFS at some point I would. I imagine it would probably be a writing class. Um, so I want to take you guys inside and see what that what that's like. USC has to Jim's. One of them is the Lion Center, which is right behind me. And the other one is THIE. USC Village Gym, which is in the multi use complex that I should you all earlier. Um, So I'm gonna head into Lion Center and see what's in there. Um, there sort of like a big workout area. And then there's a with the weights and machines and then second floor there's Marvin area for for people to have maths and the hand weights. And then on that side over there is the pool. So it's the aquatic centre where swim the swim team. My in the water polo team I practise on so I can try to show you about that. Oh. Also here confined several rooms for the girl or cards, and your sea provides some memberships. But you have to finish your seventh. Play it because I want to go into for the semester on DH. It's basically provides with Erica, so you can have younger classes Cy Cle, then the functional training classes. T. Rex. I have such a membership and I found this pretty useful. Like I just want to eat. It does semester. You can basically have this much as many houses during the day. So, yeah, This was a This is a quad sort of kind of where a lot of people you could find a lot of people like sitting, reading, doing some art. There's like an art club that'll gather here. And then we'll just do art fearsome photography going on there, which we will walk right into the middle of. We are models, fire Andrew Actual already has a contract, right? This is the car, The quad. This is where we have a lot. I don't know if you can hear me because of the wind, but this is where we have a lot of activities. They usually do it partner gold events here. So we'll be, like, screenings or, I don't know, sometimes this is where conquests in sort of snapchat video conquest because I was in Doki Ni doing homework, but it's a big thing on this time. This? Yeah, and then they have farmer's markets here every Wednesday, which is really cute. And that's when they get fresh fruit. And then we get to get that fresh fruit and I still have never been able to go to a farmer's market. But one time I walked by and I got free time. Not many super happy leave finally falling. This makes me really happy It's January fall Right now, I'm sitting in one of my favorite places in McCarthy Clyde. It's kind of like a freshman hub of campus, and that's because it is surrounded by all of our freshman residents holes. So if you are living as a freshman on campus, which ninety eight percent of our freshmen do, this is typically where you're gonna be finding yourself on a day to day basis. I'm so right behind me. Over there is one of our libraries. That's Levi library. It's twenty four seven, and right across from that is twenty four seven Starbucks to helpyou out here overnight studies and in this area, right behind me, with all the tents that specifically McCarthy hot line. We have a lot of events like going over there, as you can see behind me. So we have two concerts twice a year. The first women's Air Welcome back concert, where we welcome back, returning in the students and the second one is our spring fast concert from the past have performers like Katy Perry. Last year we had we goes and breaks rumored way also set up huge Ferris wheel, like right there behind me on the last reels had a petting zoo and then every single Wednesday. We have a farmers market that brings in fresh fruit and vegetables. Mike, everything get is like Hamas. Gruesome all takes place right here, McCarthy quad and then currently the mound. I'm sitting on his nickname, not McCarthy. That's because there is. It is our highest point of campus. It takes about three big steps to get up onto this grassy mound, so our campus is relatively flat. A lot of students get around by foot or by scooter or skateboard. But what sense do choose to climb out McCarthy left instead of a hand like you can see kind of back there and allowed between three areas. So I quickly what it to show you guys this area behind me. This is a building called the von Klinsmann Center. Or like the Call it Casey. For short, you might see all these different flags around me. There is actually one hundred and fifty or they're supposed to be one hundred fifty different flags. And that represents the one hundred fifty different, uh, foreign countries that are student population comes from. We have seventeen percent of an international population, and they come from over one hundred fifty different countries. We actually ran out of space to put up all the flags, so fortunately not all of them are represented. But we do hold studying abroad and a foreign education very seriously. Here at USC, we have over fifty study abroad programs that last arrange from year long, two semester long in over thirty different countries around the world. And then we also have weeklong study abroad programs as well a month long study abroad programs as well. I wanna show you a trading sealed. It's not a cozy on which I think everyone knows about your way. Have a cozy inn where you can see football games doing for. But now it's spring, so it's empty. But trying Field has ALS packed with people who drive doing circus. Yield on all this running their old off soccer saw the time here baseball players sometimes you can find a little place is Well, yeah, I do run sometimes, but not often. Jesus. But it's a really nice place for the workout as well. And now I'm going to show you my favorite team on campus. We have free James. It is your civilization. It's, uh, friend feels well on DH. Thank you. Jungle's like everything should be for the work out of this for me. Let us wear your village. Is it considered sober, crowded over here? It's famous and favorite students, and there are several reasons for this. Still, there were so many amazing restaurants and compass over there or here. I'm sorry, like culture there. Big bear. Really nice Rahman. And to play some leverage Get IX. What's with really amazing mother's side balls. Also here you can make D'Oh nails done a Z have also have a house. Just some spot face help cover, which may be blown away because they know no burgers. What else I passed a place on, like this tournament. Aunt Also this is a resident's car. Some people get dogs at your village to my mind are super like it was beautiful here. Another good thing about your security. It has a target. Trey drops, which I am goingto go right now because I have any courses on. This is my favorite place to go two by two. Okay, so you're probably wondering why we're outside of Heritage Hall at midnight side's like, back cold thing. That's pretty cool. I just wanted to show you great. Probably can't see that is a baseball field. And early on, in my first semester here, USC I grabbed my stuff carrot and my onesie on my blanket, and I ran all the way out here like two in the morning, and I saw this guy playing soccer and I sat on the stoop and I cried because I wanted to go home, and I didn't think I was. Really fit in here, USC. And I still feel like that sometimes. After that, I kind of realized that being part of the Trojan family doesn't always mean, like, hanging out with the family. Like I'm not with my real family right here and now. And it doesn't even mean liking them all that much. Okay, I'm just kidding about that part. Or am I? But anyway, I kind of realized that it doesn't really matter em. Making these videos is really helped me see all the little beauties of being a Trojan. So thank you very much. This is the Coliseum, home of the USC Trojan football team. Now it's during the off season right now, and I really wish I could take you guys up there. But like there's so much construction because we're going to host the Olympics in a few years, so they're getting everything ready. But if you turn right around, you'll see we have the California Science Center on DH. Also, we have other museums here. We have thie California, African American Museum. I don't know if you can see it's way behind Stairs, though, and we also have the Natural History Museum. Yes, so much stuff to do right here at the Coliseum, and it's not even like it's not that far from campus. It's about a two minute walk, I'd say Yeah. That was a little bit of a look at my file. What kind of people? Thiss is Sumer. Call for a whole lot of biology labs. Will be Is this a little office we have over here? And it's like seven o'Clock in the night. So a lot of the labs heir closed right now. I wanted you guys to see today. We did something cool. We did paternity tests. Coolest thing I've ever Dylan, we dissected sharks last semester, so that was awesome. And I don't know, it's really like that, but I want you over here kind of What? Halsey where? Well, Halsey is gone now, but here we are in the car. You know, this is probably the most famous Claude on campus because in front of Jo hee the library, there's a lot there, But that's mostly for like more. A Dole evens like a lot of serious stuff. But McCarthy quad is where the party is way have conquest here, which is where we hosted a little pom parade before the football game that we had and were smashed like bright in between Levi Library. Over here, Hey, Levi and Tahini library on this side. And yes, McCarthy Quad has lots of places for ham. A king, as you can see, and it's just a whole lot of fun. They do all kinds of festivals here. Basically, anything that you can imagine. That's a fun time. That's right here. McCartney, quad, all the concerts, all kinds of things. So it's a really dead time right now because it's like five p. M. And I'm walking to my bio lab, but I'm on my way to cross. Everyone's walking right, usually will see, like a whole bunch of skateboarders, like a whole bunch of bikers. And it's like a whole like, I don't know, it's ridiculous. You can get ran over my little things. I don't know. Um, they're about nineteen thousand undergraduate students here, so that's like a lot of people put it on one campus. Plus, like all the graduate students. I'm heading to Zoom were call right now and kind of set a little earlier. Like I had to print my lab manual. Do those before every lab and a printer wasn't working. I'm looking Some people lock codes. Now. Good. I want to show your marshal. Business School. And while working, Show her this place, I am going to tell you. Okay. And when I'm walking, I want to talk a little bit about facts about years here. And I think stupid stereotypes about to your students. So starting number one, everyone thinks that all your systems of courage, which is, I cannot say its force. But it is also not true. I think your sisters Yeah, they like to show shop with, like, expensive designer clothes and with bags. But they also like many people who are so rich like from the middle class. I just received the grand. That's why I'm here. Also, there is a lot of those international students, as they mentioned before, think more than forty percent population here, international students and I really love this thing because for me, it's really amazing to find out more about different. Cautious. Besides American, I have a lot ofthe Chinese friends in France. France from Europe, like from Germany, Finland, Italy, Franz. And it's really amazing, like, uh, I think, talking with people from different backgrounds, different colleges make you be more open minded and expand your horizons, which is really cool. Also in the campus, you can find a lot of element I houses and this is my favorite one. This is marshal. Business cold you talked about? I have my entrepreneurship class here. And this one of my favorite buildings as well. It's you too. It looks very nice inside. And now I'm gonna show Hi guys. So now I want to show you a few classes. How you look inside? Uh, just a little show your teacher age. Where have, uh, most of my classes. And then they'll try to show you some clothes from the Annenberg School, one of my parish school here. Where have public relations classes just to change really looks like inside. Don't say office. I'm sorry. I like lectures show you these I can't, so just show your buildings. Click to tension is kind of old combined to Ahlberg. Teach him show you. Yeah. Those small classes fall discussion sections. Yeah, so, like they were trying to like these. Right now, I'm standing at the end of true Zo Parkway, our main for away. That extends to either side of campus and right across the street over there is the HLA Expo way. And that house is the Memorial Coliseum, which is home to all of our football game. So it was open back in nineteen twenty three, and since then it's hosted the Olympics twice soon to be a third time in twenty twenty eight. It's also home to the Dodgers and the Rams. And then, like I said, my favorite team, USC Trojans. So it's about a ten minute walk from where we're standing about fifteen minutes anywhere else from campus. Fun fact students likes You kicked those flagpoles just over. They're on their way over to the Games as a sign for good luck. Also over in this area, you may have seen the Metro move behind me, but is one of our Metro stations here in campus like that? We have easy access to pretty much anywhere in Los Right now I'm standing in the middle of Trousseau Parkway. It's our main for away here on campus. So during the school day you'll see a lot of students navigating back and forth, going to their classes. So it gets really busy. At certain times of the day, you might see this dotted line over here. That's our bike path. So if you're biking or skateboarding or skittering, then that's a path for you two. Be able to get where you want to be without navigating through a crowd of people. But I don't know if you can see behind me. There are some skyscrapers in the background, and that is because we're only two miles away, two miles south from downtown Los Angeles. So that is very close to Live Entertainment complex, which has the Staples Center, which houses game. So the Lakers and the Clippers, as well as a movie theater and most bull shops and dining options. And so students can get their either by personal car or by uber or lift. And USC offers their students free lift between the hours of seven p. M and two a. M every single day within a two mile radius of USC. Andi, we're also very close to the USC or sorry, the L A Metro station. So we have three stops here on campus and for a dollar seventy five, they can go pretty much anywhere they want. So that could be downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, Highland, Walk of Fame or even all the way to Right. Well, that's the end of our tour. Before I let you go, I just wanted to part of it of advice, That witch that I have thought about it more when I was thinking about which college I wanted to go to. I think there's like, a There's a really big emphasis on numbers in this game. Um, you know what ranking your school is? What? How many students there are with class size? You know, And And I think that those numbers don't always tell the story about about what you receive. College is about. Um, I think that, you know, one thing that is important to keep in mind is to really trust your intuition. You know, don't be afraid to make, um, to make Were you goingto college an emotional decision? You know, this might be the first really important and consequences decision that you will be making in your life. And, you know, it's not so bad, really, to let feeling really guide you in your in your decision making. And, um, because I think that, you know, your gut has a really good idea of where you think that you might fit in the best and where might thrive and really where you'll feel the most comfortable and at home and challenged and harbor office, whatever else you might be looking for your college experience. So, you know, definitely lean in. I think I would say Teo to that emotion and two, that emotional response to wherever you'll be. And I really hope that I was able to show you a little bit about what life is like here at USC. And, you know, that was informative for you, so Yeah. Best of luck in your choices. If you're deciding whether or not to go to USC or best of luck in your application, if you're not too proud to USC. Yeah. Uh, best of luck was so nice to bring you along today. So now I'm living library and this's my favorite place to study and also have a work here Working Shell Foundation, which is invalid arrival library as well. In the fourth floor grand, I'll show you a little bit out there. Leave the library is my just impossible because people study here so it's kind of prohibited to shoot and be allowed on DH. Then I'll go and show you my shell foundation where I work on help your final swear interested as well. Girls, This is real. It's breaking, so I just Duncan. So, guys, now I'm at the bookstore. This's how looks like your C care. People can't buy books for the courses, all of them named by the alphabetical order. So it's brazen to find. Also, if you have something to do with hunting people, workers here, they will always help. You says that you can find some books just to read. Looks pretty nice. It's kind of small, but I love it. Besides. You could find. You couldn't find your sequels. Also good bye difference. Next few hungry books, no booze. Max glasses. To be honest with you, it's pricey, especially if you want to buy. Of course, there not a typical book, but the book says you're seeing it's going to cost you way war. So like me personally, like doing for us must not feel them to be cool, you know? But yes, I like, you can see. Now you're sees clothes too. But now one fine. Everything from Amazon because wages. So my tosto gonna call just your semester by. If you know books, they're just buying from Amazon. Chose any of you guys. But what I'm talking, That's it, you see? Start. This building is called Harry to Charles. What we like to call our quote unquote walk in trophy case. That's because when you go inside your seep into trophies with winnings from Martian athletes, it's really cool place. We can look at the history of our athletes here at USC. As the TV screens Air Interactive, we have some pretty cool winnings. In fact, a USC church in has competed and won a gold medal and every single summer Olympics since the year nineteen twelve. Round. Of course, guys, I can I talk about you see, Not mentioning Trojan single off your seat. That's why all your students called to be treasured on DH are phrases. This is not a piece. This is the side ofthe years, students. And here we go. Now we're gonna see Tell me fortune. Where he tied me. And an amazing time. Tragic. But here. What? Yeah, Tommy, you are gorgeous. And I love this building too. So beautiful and time. Introgen is not alone. He has worse bitches Traveler. His name was traveling. And this is the fontaine, which, unfortunately for like a couple weeks, doesn't work. On DH Also not to mention we have a real horse there. This isn't out there. I love this box. All right, so right across from Zucchini Memorial Library is Bovada Boulevard Auditorium. Their administration offices there. And it's a really big auditorium where you know a lot of our high profile speakers. I've come to talk and then over It's right over there is Tommy Trojan. Sort of our mascot or technically, that's God's traveler, but sort of symbol of somebody's taking photo taught me church. Um, so if you definitely come to the campus, take a photo with Tom, you won't Wow. Bone clients meant center. It's so beautiful at night. They tell like students when they come here, these little flags and between the arches there for every student we get here, that's from a different country, so I can't even see him. There we go. So here we are at the village Jim. It's a lot of fun here, all kinds of things to do. I'm downstairs at this part, and there's a lot of like machinery, weightlifting, type of things that if you go up the stairs. Like aerobic activity. Those type of machines, bicycles and stuff. You go downstairs, there's a room where you can dance. I didn't mean here. That's a lot of fun on all kinds of stuff here. So this is a brand new gym, too, Just like the village is brand new. It's like well punching bags and all kinds of cool stuff. Do you like crazy cycle? Well, there's me, Barry. So, yeah, This is the village. It's a great place to be is kind of dead I don't have a face. I'm like Mr Rush. It's from the watchman. A DC reference. Got a minute to the show and they kind of look bad. As with most Fox productions. Murat, Miran Fox Really getting that dragging this block, you're never gonna be able to recover. God, it's a campus tour is so hard. He showed them looking at McCarthy Quad. Right now, we've already been here. That's crap. That's leave the library. That's Casey and I'm Adam. They're watching Disney. This there's a parking structure that also has a lot of offices in it. That's West. That's the library. That's a curtain rentals. There's a bunch of mud. I'm great of lodging. I love it. Look, cautions, someone probably died. That's a big person, massive when the jolly green job well on us they grow this way. Oh, she all right? And like you're going to die. I'm terrible. No, I didn't insult base. Don't do that. No, you can. Right now, I'm in one of my favorite hangout, places of campus. This is the sculpture garden, and that's because all around me there some sculptures made by students, and it's just one of my favorite places to have a study break. One time I took a two hour nap on the grass over here. There's also a lot of squirrels that let you feed them on. It's just a really nice place to kind of get in your own head space, maybe work on some homework Right now I am a new US village, Jim. Just open this past fall in two thousand seven. Treadmills, as you see, looking quickly fine changes color. We have soul cycle and also some punching bag. And over here we have dance. Uh, fooling nears and a dance floor. This right here's tire biter. He's our unofficial mascot on campus here. Used to be a real dog that would walk on this path away when I was a functioning street, go around and vital the tires. And since he was a little street dog, doesn't have a home or football team, took a man, and he became kind of our unofficial mascot, went to all the This is my family. True shell. Generalised nature coming to work like all this tease our own, just like a watch in use on the right. You, like some of the restaurants is on them articles. Think of things question. I don't go there because public relations major, that's thanks against said you could see this building is you. I like this. Like cardio machines cards. Yeah, work on their place as Plus, I'm going to see Cho. Just show your own there. I'll try to be first to make it work with this card emotions just like people here. More mobs. Cars. Here like higher Weitz. This is it's cool inside. Nice. You see you have such services. Pinko. Right days. Right. And one two it's called. You can just I don't want this. Don't take it off your mind until send you notification when you're destroyed. So you have to stand in line, then wait out. You make a payment orders. It's pretty. I like it inside it's if you may like in person, then the taxi. They have lex deduction when you swipe your student cards. Uh, well, you're doing by Pinker. They don't have a deck seduction, so you have to pay a tax. But just so we're coming, I usually use it because I don't have time for the twenty. Yeah. I like martial school for private trumps. This is the highest point on campus. That's what the tour guides like to say to make the job gather like it's the mountain. But no one's home, Just the hill. This is, um, party. You come to orientation that? No. I stayed in marks. Yeah. Purposes. Courtyard here. Really? There's. You could probably just walk in. I'm sure the gays they're just opened. I didn't see Great. Which is that? The blue light system. So we are safe when we're walking around campus, even though campus security really intense. So gates to main campus close at nine. In the village of ten on one of the shops. Yeah. And then you have to have a student idea beyond Rich. Yeah, so, like, I remember, I was, like, a little bit nervous the first time. Like I was thinking about coming here because I was like, Oh, I'm sorry. I'm such a small town girl living in a lonely world and like, I don't know if I want to take the midnight train going anywhere. But then I realized that these guys, it's like a gated community. I mean, sometimes he'll be like crazy people, but like, really rarely. And there's always like, reports of stuff. But I think that would happen. Yes, there's always been how many people in one area At the heart of campus Where? Truesdale Parkway, Child's way. And I just wanted to show you guys Tommy Trojan mascot Tommy on the side we see all the values of a tro Do see all those way Run away over here. I could show you guys are found. That's it behind this beautiful largest fountain we have on campus and our horse traveler people put their kid on him. What, five? It's really hard, though. He's so tall, there's traveling like during games, and stuff will have a dude like ride an actual horse around If you can see behind me were at Ronald Tutor Campus Center. This is a favorite spot for students to hang out. We do a lot of studying over year, especially in those nice cheers on the side. They sell a lot of food here. Actually, I'm here in the campus on. They definitely take your dining dollars stuff. If you show your student ID, you get like tax free stuff. Tax free items. But this is your seeds market place up here. Basically little market that we have here to see. And if you come around here the evening you'll see the stairs. Pretty found and stuff. Wei have a lemonade upstairs. Makes a killer eliminate all the way up there. They just opened it this year. Overhears California pizza kitchen like window where you can pick up stuff if you come in here. This is actually the first place I ate. When I can't is a campus. They have all kinds of cool stuff like Panda Express, coffee bean and Tea Leaf Way have the habit over there, and Verde thiss is campus center. Hi. There I am Sonali and, uh, welcome to USC. I'm just walking to class in the morning, and I thought that I'd bring you along. Um, I'm from Irvine, which is an hour south of Los Angeles. Um, and I'm in the price school, public policy study, policy playing development, which is a major that doesn't exist anymore. But it's amazing. And I'm really glad to show you around campus today. Okay. Since campus is so spread out on, It's kind of hard to get from one place to another quickly. I thought I'd take my little bike and buy you guys around for a little bit. Sorry. Here. Mrs Tabor Swales Phillips Hall, which is extremely tall. That's the tallest building we have on campus. I believe over here is Casey. You could see the glow but the top way. Keep on liking. You'll see their classes down those little stairs behind fences, all kinds. Actually founders part, not a here. Don't try to steal that. I'm making wait. Don't any library. So, yeah, that's basically a little bike tour. Class with college already does a number of different programming ways. So another cool thing about us. See if there's a way, something going one. So they were having, I think, to introduce the new resident to call just on They just happened to have liked some of the band people there. And the president of our university. Nicky is everybody loves me KIIS like its uptake today they make me Ames about him and stop so even. Sort of here. You see, people are really working hard, super fly in. But it's a great me nice space that feels very Scarlett to look up a ceiling. The company that isthe it's a really great place when he wants, you know, you want to feel like your So this right here is the dough Keeney Memorial Library. It's really a very beautiful library. Probably the second most popular after Levi library. Um, so, um, want to take you guys inside? I have to be really quiet. People are study, but I didn't take you inside the main room, Um, that most people studying. And there's also breakout rooms on, um, some of I think, the second floor and in the basement, It's the track and field stadium. She's been seeing people just walking. It's Sunday here, so anyone can really just come and practice. But it's really nice space on theirs. A little space for soccer in the middle of the track and this is where they are track athletes run. Right now, we're in Han Plaza. This is our main kind of courtyard here on campus. A lot of special events happen over here sometimes during our career fared involvement. Fair, which happened twice a year, once every semester in the full. And this spring will be a lot of booths out here. A lot of places giving away free food and free items to USC students. Over here in the quad. This is our mascot, Tommy Trojan, he said, to represent the five traits of a Trojan. Skillful, faithful, scholarly, courageous and ambitious. We say that if you don't come to USC with these traits, you almost certainly leave with them. However, he is actually our unofficial mascot because this white horse over here, his name is traveler and he is