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On my way to Marshall School and Alumni House

Walking to the Marshall Business School and passing Alumni House. Also, some stereotypes about USC students.

Video Location Marshall Business School, USC

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Jane Bulatova
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While working, Show her this place, I am going to tell you. When I'm walking, I want to talk a little bit about facts about years here. I think stupid stereotypes about to your students. So starting number one, everyone thinks that all your systems of courage, which is, I cannot say its force. I think your sisters Yeah, they like to show shop with, like, expensive designer clothes and with bags. They also like many people who are so rich like from the middle class. There is a lot of those international students, as they mentioned before, think more than forty percent population here, international students and I really love this thing because for me, it's really amazing to find out more about different. I have a lot ofthe Chinese friends in France. It's really amazing, like, uh, I think, talking with people from different backgrounds, different colleges make you be more open minded and expand your horizons, which is really cool. Also in the campus, you can find a lot of element I houses and this is my favorite one. Business cold you talked about? I have my entrepreneurship class here.