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Andrea, what are your thoughts on the meal plan? And like food dining room, there's unlimited swipes. And because of that girl games twenty, she can't control herself. So you What else? What? And sometimes the food is good. Other times just go. Oops. Eat what? They give you some raw. Yeah. Damn, yeah. So forty. And I reason every semester get it's get anything I want it's these come on tonight. Okay. As I was editing this, I realized that I should probably give my impression of the dining halls. How many people are tired of me watching me fix my banks? Because I am, um okay, so I realized I should probably give my impression of the dining hall since well, since I already have these air there. Two interviews. So I'm going to say that evey K is by far my favorite dining hall just because they have more options for me. I'm a vegetarian, and for some reason McCarthy just doesn't really. They have a vegan section, but it's always just like cold chickpeas. So that's kind of upsetting. Um, so I'd say even K is definitely like, a favorite of mine. And I'd say I like Parkside, too, but it's just really far away. It's like a ten minute walk, so that's kind of Now. Good. I want to show your marshal. Business School. And while working, Show her this place, I am going to tell you. Okay. And when I'm walking, I want to talk a little bit about facts about years here. And I think stupid stereotypes about to your students. So starting number one, everyone thinks that all your systems of courage, which is, I cannot say its force. But it is also not true. I think your sisters Yeah, they like to show shop with, like, expensive designer clothes and with bags. But they also like many people who are so rich like from the middle class. I just received the grand. That's why I'm here. Also, there is a lot of those international students, as they mentioned before, think more than forty percent population here, international students and I really love this thing because for me, it's really amazing to find out more about different. Cautious. Besides American, I have a lot ofthe Chinese friends in France. France from Europe, like from Germany, Finland, Italy, Franz. And it's really amazing, like, uh, I think, talking with people from different backgrounds, different colleges make you be more open minded and expand your horizons, which is really cool. Also in the campus, you can find a lot of element I houses and this is my favorite one. This is marshal. Business cold you talked about? I have my entrepreneurship class here. And this one of my favorite buildings as well. It's you too. It looks very nice inside. And now I'm gonna show Right now I'm standing in the middle of Trousseau Parkway. It's our main for away here on campus. So during the school day you'll see a lot of students navigating back and forth, going to their classes. So it gets really busy. At certain times of the day, you might see this dotted line over here. That's our bike path. So if you're biking or skateboarding or skittering, then that's a path for you two. Be able to get where you want to be without navigating through a crowd of people. But I don't know if you can see behind me. There are some skyscrapers in the background, and that is because we're only two miles away, two miles south from downtown Los Angeles. So that is very close to Live Entertainment complex, which has the Staples Center, which houses game. So the Lakers and the Clippers, as well as a movie theater and most bull shops and dining options. And so students can get their either by personal car or by uber or lift. And USC offers their students free lift between the hours of seven p. M and two a. M every single day within a two mile radius of USC. Andi, we're also very close to the USC or sorry, the L A Metro station. So we have three stops here on campus and for a dollar seventy five, they can go pretty much anywhere they want. So that could be downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, Highland, Walk of Fame or even all the way to So guys, now the legal library and I have a group project with my team for the entrepreneurship class, and I'm going to ask them several questions about the experience of your seeing. How do they like so far? Hi, guys. Let it fly in Europe on the junior at USC. On my cheerful way. Student home, Major. My name is Chase him to the music industry major, and I'm a senior. Okay, guys, tell me something about you. See, what do you like most? And what you hate most about this school? I definitely love people on campus. Seems like everyone's really positive, and I mean, I'm going. You can always turn a corner and find someone that you've never dreamed about meeting so many professional people here, being kind of creative lines that are just out there, you don't even realize it partly off that it's very welcoming here because, well, because I'm from New York, everyone's kind of prey. So it's very, very nice to content area where it was, like, very open minded because of your cool on their wedding. In a conversation you want to know for me, I think the most interesting part of lessees way will hold a lot of interesting activities. You can joy no other city in the show or you can her some music mass, so I think it's pretty cool. Jim. There are a lot of weights machines on this floor. As you can see, it just really goes as far as the eye can see. And it's not. The machines are so into me and that you can't find one as of today, a lot of open machines and then upstairs. There. Lifting. And doing more for workouts right in here. So there might be a team, actually. Oh, yeah. There's people playing basketball on there. But you go ahead and show you on the pool over here so you can see over there is the diving board, the diving pool. And then this is the main pool. People are swimming. And if you're a student here, you could swim here. There are certain hours of the day that it's available to you. But I do know some people. Um, is I mentioned before? I do not leave, uh, the doors because I'm kind of talk for this already on DH. I do not have, uh, new plan. So don't go to die hoax. We're often just Sometimes when some of my friends who do live in a hole invite me to together to grovel Lynch also another hint. It's a good thing to have a friend who has a new plan because people have a new plan. They have, like a thing until free tickets for the for your friends, too, for free. So, like my friends away, Uh, I guess generous and nice with me. And I'll write you, like, during the semester at few tears for free, so it's a good thing But now I want to show you. I think one of the most famous place you see order to campus center. This is, uh, dining place to a dying hole. You just like my cell's sandwiches and stuff. Which I two most of the time, I'm a self person, just says. And here this is a bunch of tables here they can eat. It's always fooled. Your alleged like you will now find spots. This is my favorite place, Basil. It's guys. You love it. Thanks. That's what I like about you. Time for snacks. It's healthy. They were trying to stuff it. What? Stuff like you with ice cream icecream, Get a small talk help which I really love. Smooth rice Gig's not surprise protein worse. Right now, we're in a new North residence hall. It is one of our freshman living styles. Residence Hall is what you might see on film and television. It's about long hallway with a bunch of rooms on either side, each one to better use to desk two dressers and two roommates. This room right here is the residential Assistance Room, so it's a little bit different if you have a single room. This is what you look like. Here's the bed on all the states face a storage space. That's where he could hang all of your clothes and store your items. And I shoot window. Each room, no matter if you live in a single or double, comes with this micro fridge combination. So it's a microwave and a fridge and freezer on the bottom. And then this is Nick. This is his room. How do you enjoy living in a residential college? I love it's. This is like the traditional dorm style. So if you were to go outside into there's like rows of rooms like back to backs. He gets like, really know. Everybody loves in your community, and it's a really good mix of like a social space. But like because you have can also, like, be like, private and quiet if you want. I think there's like a little bit for everyone and nobody like, What's a person Orly? You could find like you could get a lot of storm like this. Thanks for letting us look around. Here we are. Wow. So this is the new university village. It is actually really brand new. They just opened it in August of last year. So yeah, this first building over here is actually the freshman honors college. That's McCarthy over here all around. These are upperclassmen dorms. So I'm actually gonna live at the top of this one play up there. Another cool thing about the village is that we also have a target on the side behind these little umbrellas. And on this side, we have our own little trader Joe's, all around. You can just find, like, places to e. We have, like, some life organics that those side tables bake pear for ice cream. You can even get your nails done on the other side over here. And it's just a lot of cool stuff here in the village couches to chill out. So right now I'm standing inside a typical lecture hall at USC. So, as you might notice, there is a bunch of seats with a professor's desk at the front, um, a screen in case we have a PowerPoint presentation. And so if you're entering into one of your general education courses or lower division major requirements, you may find yourself in a classroom setting such as this one. But as I mentioned, any class over fifty students is required to have a breakout discussion section. So if you find yourself and a larger lecture hall like this, which could range anywhere from fifty to two hundred students, then you will have that breakout discussion section capped at about eighteen students for a little more, one on one time with the teaching assistant as well as This is one of the doors which creates next to the martial school. I think this one is the smallest