Last Minute Advice #fromthetoiletwaitwhat

Here are a few pointers about integrating into Trojan society. To add onto this, do not let your grades stress you out too extremely. Your undergraduate career is a learning experience and yes, it is hard. But that's only because they're trying to push students into an uncomfortable position. Only after that can we grow. So explore. Take a class that is completely unrelated to your major. In fact, the GE (general education) requirements force students to delve into other realms. Take on the beach; Santa Monica Pier is 35 minutes away if you take the Metro train by The Coliseum. Live these years to the fullest while you're surrounded by talented, intelligent individuals and future Olympians. (Sidenote: USC has produced more Olympians, overall medalists and gold medalists than any other university in the U.S.)