The Party Scene at 'SC

This was probably my favorite thing to talk about because the weekend can be anything a student decides to make it. Concerts are always happening, Cardinal and Gold Events are every weekend, and the party scene is really diverse. Besides the average frat party that's the ultimate representation of what it means to be a canned vienna sausage (sticky floors and all), house parties and dorm parties are a favorite after endless strings of midterms. If there's a theme, don't be afraid to go all out, or if you don't have the requested attire, go anyway. Parties are truly a mixed bag when it comes to following a theme. The Row, where frat parties take place, is a quick walk from main campus. But if you'd like, the free LYFT program drives students from 7pm-2am. The Campus Cruiser system does the same, only the drivers are other USC students. If you're not interested in the party atmosphere, there are so many other options. Besides the wonderful Cardinal and Gold Events every weekend, the rest of Los Angeles is at your disposal. There is so much to explore, and even more ways to have fun on campus.