Where are We Going? (Clap 3x)

USC definitely has a dominant pennyboarding culture. People often bike as well. Bike racks are everywhereeee. However, keep 'em locked or in your sight because bike thieves are real. Very real. We are definitely a larger school with around 19,000 undergraduate students. 'SC is also a very popular place to come for graduate school. Though Childs Way is filled with hurrying students around 12pm-3pm, things definitely die down by 4ish, especially as I'm walking along Trousdale. Also, going off of what I said about the printing, I think it's best that you either learn how to print at the library (yes, it's a process), find a free area (ex. Annenburg College of Communications has free printing for their students, as does the African American Student Center), or just bring your own printer.