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Actually, I'm standing in the middle of the quadrant now, some walking through. So you see, it's raining, but I'll show you all the buildings are from this savory And then we have men dollars Red Square. And then there's two more buildings Appear Good, man. There's the art music built. So this is the world. You'll come here, probably at least once in your undergraduate career. We are building, and then that's it. So outside of merry gait tall. So this body is really important to me because it has the university honors program, which is something that I'm trying Teo apply to, um, so it has all the offices of, like the advisers. I could help me with that and also has the Office of Minority and diversity. So I personally got, like, a personal counsellor from that office that really helps me out with, like, what Classes to take and all of that stuff. So we're going to take a little tour. America gets hall. Here. On everything. This is like Okay, so over here, these were just like some costumes, and this is It's actually not open right now. But it's for like a first year like people who are freshmen are like first year here at U Dub. So they, like, help you out with thinks that you need and like getting adjusting to U dub in all of that, so that's pretty couple for me as a freshman. There's like people studying, so don't disturb him right over right there. Yeah, it's the Office of Minority and diversity. So that's where I go to get my like, um, academic counseling, really classes and all of that. So he was like the honors program move and then down here is just more like classrooms. Right now, I'm on the ground floor of merry gates. Um, it's a Sunday, so everything's closed, unfortunately, but down here there's more classrooms and then lets you can see it's the disability, really resource for students and then just in here is like the computer room, so it's close, but actually what it looks like. So you can see anything. This was like the computer I'm going to talk a little bit about just you dove in general and what it's like going to such a big school. So your job has, like, Okay, I couldn't find the fax for this year, but twenty sixteen U Dub had over forty six thousand undergraduate students and thie campuses about of six hundred thirty four acres. And it's literally so big that we have, like our own ZIP code, like Karma takes a while to walk from class to class. You have to give yourself a good amount of time to walk two classes of stuff, which kind of sucks when it's raining. But you know, that's where in Seattle, it's part of being in Seattle. But I think it's super fun going to such a big school because you, like meet so many new people in there somebody like, um, cool things to get involved with and stuff. And I love going to school in a city like Seattle. I love Seattle because Husky Card, which was like your student idea, works just like a A bus passed on like the news of the little light, really stuff so you can go down to like downtown Pike Place and all of that with your friends, especially if you're not around from around here something else. I was first mentioned. It was about like, the application process. So are you Dive uses like it's on like, application, like Web site thing, so it's not really helpful if you're like. It's not like it's not on the common after anything like that. They say it's like a holistic view when you're applying, so they look at like you're a C T scores your GPS, your extracurriculars, all of that stuff, and they also look at your like, personal essay. So it's like a personal statement. But at least for us, it could only be five hundred words. I believe on DH. Then they also care a lot about the diversity questions. So it's like another s A. It's like a shorter essay, and it's about like, diversity and stuff. So you'll see if you got the you don't Web site you like, go through the application process is so I would recommend. Honestly, starting those essay is like in the silver, like starting thinking of the idea of ideas for the essay over the summer and definitely get like people to check it over. Get your college counselors to read over because that's what Okay. We're here in Odessa. Still in some way in the life. Very Basically, there's levels ready. Wait a second. And this is the first level we're Okay, This is what the outset of k looks like. It kind of looks like a jail, but it's all good. Like the inside's pretty right. Oh, I'm starting on steps. Um, behind me, we have odegard undergraduate library open twenty four hours, by the way, for them late night studying sessions. Because we are no longer have those. This is Red Square. I'm here on a Sunday right now, so I made sure that it's not really that pact, but there's the George Washington starts to my dorm is all the way over there across the bridge. We got some food truck's a little girl running around, and if you can see that right there she's gushing. That is the job killer found on DH somewhere. I got you guys robots to go. Oh, yeah, I forgot without one. That's diesel. This is the Harry Potter Library. Yeah. Susilo Library. So aesthetic. Look at her glow. Well, she's fine. Also, another library. We gotta lot libraries here on campus. If you guys don't really like studying in your room Wait. WeII made it Tio Drumheller. Right now, the found isn't going, but it's absolutely beautiful. I'll go ahead an insert, a picture of when it's going. Usually when it's sunny, you can actually see Mount Rainier right in that clearing. It's absolutely beautiful. It's so great to just walk down and awesome for you. So this would be another hub area of students is where a lot of lectures actually are. You know, it has a lot of school pride that even our fire hydrants are saying Go, Huskies. So this school has some serious school pride, especially at Case. I'm walking right now going to my geology class. But there's a lot of clubs out right now. That's pretty typical for you here. Cane has a lecture halls, actually has one of the largest lecture halls. And because that's when express so. It's like you're awful. It's about six hundred people, so it's pretty insane. Class is ridiculously large, but Cruz section is what you break into after twenty people so that one isn't too bad. Talk to Christian. Pretty. You can see there's a lot of heart, and it's also a fortune, Jerry. This is very pretty. Hey, this's a lacy everyone so hard. Girl scouts, I kinda want to go by. So, Lacey, you give us a quick introduction. Was unlike what? Greater you and what major urine? We're hoping to dio Yes. Oh, I see. I'm technically a freshman, but have junior standing and, uh, my major is medical anthropology. Awesome. Thanks. So now that we've met up with Lacey and we shown you Drumheller, if we're going to be heading to Souse Alone library, it's also abbreviated as Suze five students. And Susilo is known for having a Harry Potter library, which you guys will see once we get in there. It's so beautiful, but you have to stay quiet in there, so I'll give you a quick panel of it and then tell you some fun backs about it. Once we get it, we'll also be walking through a red square to get to Souse Low, which is also a another quad area, which connects several different buildings like Susilo Kane, Odegard library and some other buildings. Contact. Kane is the largest lecture hall our campus and Charlotte will be taking over and showing you her lecture Hi, guys. My name is Nicole Lorenzo. I'm a freshman here at the University of Washington in the beautiful city of Seattle. A few fun facts about me. I have an intended in from attics, Major. I'm from the Big Island off for what? You and my favorite syrah of all time is recess puffs. So stick along. And I'm gonna tell you guys around this beautiful campus Me a bunch of wonderful people show you what it's like in the life of a husky. Hey, you guys. So right now I'm walking through Red Square. I'm gonna show you inside his little library. Mrs. Lowe has a A inside for indoor Starbucks as well as a space studies. The top floor is all quiet, and there's also thousands of books that you can. Kerrys. Thank you. See, here's the Starbucks for your daily coffee, and he's just one of the oldest one. Hey, I'm currently on the Berg Gilman Trail, so basically it's just a path that extends literally forever. I like to go running on it. There are people who like to go biking on it. It connects a lot of camp together, go around. So off of it can get two help sciences building other buildings that way. And Main campus is this way. That makes sense. If you were to go north from here, you don't know about Red Square, the quad, that area going so poor, oceanography building, my love. Bassem, but walk into souse alone, which is this Harry Potter Leatherbury. And I'll show you guys around in there. Keep it. No information like it's just a scythe. Okay, so I'm here. Parker Hall. This is where, like most of crosses for the fox or school of business. So this call is, like, pretty important to me academically because I'm hoping to like a part of the foster school of business. So I'll probably be having if I get it. I'm probably having a lot of classes here and studying here. So a lot of like people in Greek lane here to study because it's, like, super close to that area. So let's were in here with a pig a little, too. Soldier look second. So there's like rooms where you can like studying right on the white horse. There. Here's one of the rooms with area like a could a writing walk. Here's a sickle cafe. Areas have been loosely places to sit here in the downstairs area of the classroom. Wait, someone clicks us, too. And some classrooms. Okay, so on the first floor and now we're about to enter the library. All right, So I'm walking from the M es, going to class right now. I decided to swing by the Husky stadium for you, all right behind me. What's cool about this is that it's right next to the light rail, for example. Show you guys ground. The light will take you to a city in, like ten minutes. Students basically had a free because it's in our tuition. Paper it already. So just get on it on game days. It is super hectic. It's crazy. Everyone gets super into the game days. I highly recommend getting a dog past Doctor Dog Pass. I got one. This year is really cheap tickets for students to go watch the games right past. Yeah, stadium is the wack. It's called the Waterfront Activity Center, so you can get things like kayaking and canoeing. You do that right out here on Mont leg, which is really nice. So definitely recommend checking that out and Now let's get a tour of North time court. This is twelve months housing this's for undergraduate and graduate students. I'm No, let's go ahead and look at it. This is the office. So this is what it looks like when you first walk into the complex and it's townhouse style. So this is what he looks like. I live in building eight, which is all the way down there, which is its own actual little building. Um, so we've got the communities on right there, which is where people go to Hey, a study Also, you took your mail more of the community, center in side and then over here is the exercise room. It's really small, but I like to go there ninety and my workout in and then down there is called a pond level. There stares down there that leads to more apartments. So now we're at the end of the top level. This is an elevator to the pond level and just going down the stairs. We'll also take us to the problem. So that's building eight, which is sea building I live in. And as you can see, it's much different than all of the other buildings and then in there we've got the laundry room and you can see other buildings. Those are other apartments. But they are not student housing. Those are actual individual apartments on. If you take a right here, follow the path. You will be right next to the University of Ilich. So now we are inside. Building ate. This is he main level. And there stares you could take to go upstairs, obviously. And now Yu about the elevator. And now we're on the second level, which is where I live. So very much like dorms lash actual apartment building style. This is a two bedroom in Nordheimer court. This is my room. And then this is my room mates here. We bought the bathroom, and then we've got the vanity. This is how it is in every apartment. I moved from a four bedroom, two, a two bedroom. So the vanity, the mirror, storage, everything is on the outside of the actual bathroom. Here we have a little coat closet. This is where we're keeping coats, merriment, shoes, cleaning supplies. Over here, we have the kitchen. It's very spacious. And we have the living room and the living room and dining area set up is different in each apartment, depending on the actual set up of the building in the room and the number this's my view looks like, and if you take that path right over there that will take you to University Village and all those buildings are University Village. So North Hind is pretty close. It's just right next door, and University Village is just a shopping center, so that's where all of our residents usually shop. You couldn't do grocery shopping, leisure shopping. There's pharmacies. There's a lot of different types of stories there, so it's really convenient. There's a lot of bus stops nearby and restaurant. So nor time is in a really great location, and there's a bus that takes you directly onto campus, and it's about a ten minute bus ride to get to campus. And, yeah, that's no time court. And that is the end of this tour. Thank you so much for joining me, and I hope that you enjoyed it and that you choose the University But okay, I'm here with my roommate. Um uh, so we actually became roommates randomly. I wasn't supposed to be in the dorms, but then all of a sudden and I got put in the dorms and her roommate like, Well, I happen to know I'm not really sure. She kind of just disappeared. She disappeared. So we're here today. Why didn't you choose U dub? I showed you dub because it was the school that was going to give me the most credits. And I came in with about forty five credits. So technically, I'm already a sophomore, and I have my Jenna and already done oh, from like, AP classes, Yes. S So how would you describe, like, the student body here. So the student body is definitely very big. I mean, we have seven thousand freshman, and it's definitely like divers. Yeah, two Major. And what do you think is like the academic climate, Especially around your major? I'm trying to get into the neurobiology program at U Dub, which is extremely competitive. There are pre admits, but I didn't apply for nobody. So I'm not a reenactment, so it's extremely competitive, considering that they only take about sixty kids. That's not much of a crazy out of seven thousand. What favorite and least favorite part favorite part would probably be? The people, I guess. Like the people are really fine. Even though me and Lauren were random roommates like we get along really well, we have. But it's good sometimes that I was not study and and my least favorite would probably be. I mean, the campus is huge. So you have to walk everywhere Like everywhere, everywhere in the rain in the rain. It's writing. Yeah, What I know now. I got drenched this morning. Hey, guys. Nicole here. We're back on a mat. The huge of tennis courts people get in their workout All right, guys. Nicole here and I'm back at one of our most photogenic and aesthetic areas. You dub. I'm talking about the quad you guys like every spring we have cherry blossoms bloom and left and right. And we got tourists walking around left and right, taking pictures of the beautiful U dub quad. Hello. So I'm out here at older. I'm outside on the third floor. It's a sunny day, and this is what the patio looks like. Turn it around. It's like in the middle of the building and charity. So, like the building is shaped like a square and then the middles empty. That's where I am. Okay. Yeah. Just walk around South Campus right now, like not a lot of people come to this area. But I like to come out here and just hang out when it's sunny because there's a ton of grass do your homework right out here. It's pretty nice. Um, it It's in between the ocean building and biology building, so you end up walking in this area. It's a good place. OK, guys. OK, bye. So now we're walking into a guard, too. This is the undergraduate library. This is up to be a lot less intimidating and quiet that issues a little. So if you're like me and actually studied better with some background, sound like people chattering, then this is a place to be. There's three levels. This's also a really hard place to find a spot to study just because it's so busy. But when you do find us forty two really great wave. Awesome, great cool little desks over there, I guess table, so you can just lay your feet up there and relax. This is a place where people come to study, meet up with friends, even eat and take naps so you'll see people just setting an alarm and drifting offer of it. Teo, come here a lot to study. I don't study. I normally go to Alan libraries, but do come here for the Clu writing center, which is just like a center where they help students right on things. You can even look at resumes and stuff. So And the clear writing center is right downstairs were actually right above it. And up here is where all of the computers are. Just in case you don't have one. Also owed usually has this white board up and they change it. And whatever they have up you go ahead and draw. They usually have questions it, but this time is just go ahead and doodle. So we've got some pretty creative students, and I think Charlotte's gonna jostling. Perfect. Beautiful. The next Picasso at Udo. Now that we're done it guard, we're gonna go ahead and show you guys by George Cafe, which is another chill place. It's cafe there's smoothies. You've got a for some coffee. We've got a a little deli and, um, like a news stand type of convenience place. We're gonna go through the side entrance to get there. So I'm currently standing in Red Square. So behind me is the Odegard undergraduate library. It's like a twenty four hour library, so people go in there to study like I have to study late. And then this is Cane Hall, which is the giant lecture hall, and then right here, Sizzle O, which is like the Harry Potter library. I'm about to go in there right now, and then there's like a couple other Okay, where all of you fucking government trail before? Wait. Get up there. We're going to go to the light rail. So the light rail is like, what takes you to like capital and downtown? So I can't get in right now because the stadium's closed, but I'll show you guys what it looks like inside a little bit. No. So triple reign will be over here on the left. Ireland Marina. This is where you would go to actually passed people games that I seem like volleyball games before, like gymnastics saving before they're so it's all like indoor sports. Bad enough you care about their playing again. Okay. This is the best taken, Teo, because it's locked right now, But that's what it looks like inside that will last two airlines Arena, here's for you. Hey, guys, I know going into college, we all won't avoid the freshman fifteen. So I'm here at the Iron Man. Check it out. This is one of the racquetball areas. We also have a multiple basketball courts here. The I am A There's a rock wall about tennis, swimming pools. And we also got the basic gym equipment, like ellipticals, treadmills and, of course, the weight road. I am a really tipping down with giant gentle everything too. Wait. You like soccer, that's all. Here. So there's also like a pool here and indoor track and everything. I honestly can't find them right now, so you but you can look at pictures and videos of downstairs in the lobby where you swipe your card, also has a really good like smoothie place and, um, food place, though, for after your workout, I'm confused. Hey, guys, we're back. Nicola, Nicole. And today about the lander desk. And this is where you go to pick up Your package is if your own west campus. And also if you get locked, every room they have, like a replacement fuse. Yeah, he just got his package. Is he's out there with the Amazon Prime and you. Okay, So Sun has finally come out today to turn on the fountain. Gordon says usual. Her telephone in the area. I want to look around. You have back there. Geosciences. Let's see. We got Guggenheim classrooms in there. We also have the electrical engineering building has a ton of classrooms as well. A lecture halls in there. So the costumes for about twenty, thirty people. Wild lecture halls cold. I believe up to three hundred and there. So we'll take a look around in that one later on. Right now, I'm walking to work and we'll stop areas for us to check it up. Hey, Simon. What campus? Right now Market, which is basically just our small crusher started school. You literally everything they could ask in here. Just regular groceries. There's also like bathroom stuff. There's also a deli in the bag, along with a cop. Because almost morning you're rushing it. So also way. So let's hope that you guys will never have together if you keep great track of your lot was including your house key card, so actually, and replace it three times. So here we are in by George Thiss. Place isn't as busy and only gets busy between nine and eleven. But it's still pretty open. So here's what interests ever going to go with you. So here is the little deli. I love getting the buffalo chicken wraps on. Then right there is the coffee stand and then we've got smoothies right there. We can also get some delicious frozen yogurt. Super healthy place. If you are trying to stay healthy here on campus, this is one of my favorite places to come to eat. Here's the new stand and then another, interested by George. And right there is where you get your husky card. So hopefully anyone watching us, we'll go ahead and have the awesome opportunity to going there, getting their photo taken down. There's another office for more husky information thing. Services. We are walking out and we've got a George Washington statue and I just learned this. But by George is called by George because it's by George. I did not learn that until two days ago. Beautiful souse alone so. And now that I've given you a little bit of a tour, Charlotte is going to go ahead and take over and show you guys cane haul and her lecture and show you guys what it's like to be in a class. So, one hundred students? Yeah. Hope you guys enjoy your So this fountain right behind me is called the Rainier Vista. So on a sunny day, it's not like study. Right now you can see a Mount Rainier over the over the fountain, and it's super pretty. Except the fountain is like gross. They only clean it like once every other year. Today. No funny, but Apparently they like, I heard they feel like eighty thousand a year toe. Make sure nobody builds everything. Like to block the view What's up, guys? My name is Lauren Day. I'm a freshman here at U Dub, but I'm hoping to major in psychology and business and I'm from, like, four Spark Washington, which is just about twenty minutes north of you dab. And I'm super excited to show you Here we are. Roma, outside of a center table right here is crunch a little coffee. Stand over Here is Paige Leo Cheese Pizza. It's a favorite of Seattle and there are believed three on campus. But these are actual restaurant chain. You can find them all over Seattle. Can you live like it's the coffee's free. It's really great. That is dope. Let's go yet so Yeah. As college kids need all Okay, guys, time here's come, too. And it's been a great to her. You know what all good things must come doing? And so here we are. The items I hope for you enjoy getting to see you dove. And I hope you love it. Us. Muchas ideo. I'll leave you with one final piece of advice and that's do your college essays ahead of Hi, guys. I'm back with Callie. We're here at the research comments. It's located across of the Alan Library, and here it's more of a collaborative space. You're free to talk to people. There's dry erase boards everywhere, supplying group projects. The tables are also dry re sport, and you can also reserve Booth like he's right here and you five. All right. So right now I'm heading from behind the scenes. A little ivory. A cradle to Merry Gates Call Mary Gates is basically a giant resource center for students. It has been like ever with forty resource better. We also have, eh? Yeah. Job Health center. Single has a late night session for not help writing help. No one comes spinning by only any Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Julia. Concert four here. All right. Evils for people. So just walking through it. Wait. Research. Eyes. Here we go. All right, So that's where you told me. Okay, I'm here. Back in. Oh, two guards with a little study session. It says I'm on my really Cruise and Rico, so we're going to interview. It's titled The Way we're gonna interview Chris today. Okay. Um, my name is Chris Lee. I chose the University of Washington because of state tuition. Decided I applied. Besides, but my ideas, I'm just saying my options. What do you think? It's like the academic climate here. I think it really depends on your major, but some sort of pre computer sides. It's very competitive. Yeah, because there's not very well they get it. So you have to. What else? True, there's a lot of weed outclasses Agrestic. What can one morning, tio what you want? What's your favorite at least favorite part of you, All right. They replied. Done. Hi. Hello. My home. My least favorite part. How spread out everything is because I have to walk away here. Hey, guys. Nicole Here. I'm at Cana, which is a lecture hall here. And by far this one is the most like a gigantic lecture halls I've ever seen in my life like this is not a theater. There's an upstairs balcony and everything. I've had multiple classes here. You'll probably have introductory classes. I've taken a computer science introduction class here, and I'm also currently taking insurance communications class, so bored came home. Okay, so right now I'm walking through Red Square. It's just really big open area. As you see, there's some clothes in the background through Pain Way. Also have one of our biggest climbers use low and odegard behind me right here. So a lot of times comes comma. There also be lots of students, organized activities around here. There's usually some free stuff going on and this definitely Case. I'm in the car right now in there. It's really sunny outside Today there are some tents out saying just a regular day, so just God, I'm free Hey, guys, We're ensues alone right now walking up the stairs. Grade a check out one of the most beautiful pipers. Look at that. Harry Potter five up in here. Uh, we're about to go in the main room, which is a choir room, so let's go. Hey, you guys. So my name is Carson. I'm currently a freshman here at the University of Washington. I am an oceanography major and I come from about twenty minutes south of here. And I will be your tour guide today, so I'll show you around. So right now, I'm heading north through campus. Just exited Red Square, and I'm heading into the body right now. The quad is just a big open area. There's usually cherry blossoms. In the spring time. You just missed them. Right now they're all leaving us. But usually when it's sunny out, there's a lot of people just hanging out lazing around on the quad. It's just nice time to relax and chill. Usually there's some games going on, so you'll see people playing Frisbee. Just a nice area you can see all behind me. All right. Buildings in the back, along with the band building. We'll set the College of Education in this area. Just pretty cool. Keep heading north. You're gonna run into North campus. Okay, so I'm walking back to my dorm from studying, but, uh, it's like, six. Thirty, but I started, like, dark, But I just wanted to say, um if you're over, like walking back here, they have this really cool thing where like, they'll have people like, walk you home and start so that to make sure that you were, like, safe at night, it can also, like, really helpful things. You could also, like register your electronics with the U Dub police, so if it ever gets lost, they could let find it with the serial numbers. Right now we're passing McMann. This is another dorm of building here. You confined the note, which is kind of like a little convenience store. And there's also the aid, which is a now turned into study spot. It was previously another dining hall, and this is a fun fact, actually, Ted Bundy, I actually used to live in this dorm building, so that's kind of just like a big thing with the school. Everyone jokes about it. Right now, we are heading Tio Drumheller Fountain and going to get to you guys that awesome view, a Mount Rainier Right now, we're still on our way to Drumheller, but we are walking through another quad ish area. It's where Alan and Susan Lowe library meets the Hub, which stands for Husky Union Building, which is where you can find a lot of different things. They're like the cafeteria offices and a lot of other things right now. This is the hub line. This is where you can find clubs and other events happening, and we've got something going on. I love it. So here's the hub on Let's continue on our way to Drumheller. Later we will give you a tour inside the Hub. One way to get to Drumheller is by passing through Merry Gates Hall, which is what we're doing right now. And Merry Gates. That is where tutoring Center is. I'm also called Clue. There's clean sessions every week in different topics. There's also the Disability Resource Center for Students and also advising Center. This is also where, um, Chris sections are usually held. With lectures. You get a quick section, which is basically just declasse, broken up into smaller parts and usually Enquist sections. There are anywhere between twenty to forty students, so now let's go to the main level. So I'm still heading to work and I said to take a smaller trail. It's in southern part of campus, so below the Trump Content area. I really like this part of campus because it's right by the President's Garden will be going into it in a moment. No, it's really, really big. It's really fun to be in the city, but I am an oceanography major, so I really like the environment. So for me, it's nice to just walk through the gardens, calls me down a little bit, takes a minute out. So walking through part of the president's garden, it ends up getting a lot of flowers. Gonna walk this way a little bit. I'll show you all around. It's pretty big. Just six cents for a while. Started by trees, actually right next to the road. But you can't really see it. There we go. Yeah, so there's a ton of bunches around you. Just chill out here. If you need a moment to relax, it's real nice. Okay, So this is Bagley. Can't building become so I don't have a lot of academic buildings. Really? That I go into. So Emma is gonna show you guys around, have building. Thank you. Yeah. So she did the show us around. General. It's about to. Our general course is for chemistry are so that's where all the weed out. Mr Stepp. Come on. Oh, you want to see something funny? I'll sleep during the middle of the physics is, and so exhausted I scaled back by massive over commitments and the outcome. And if all sleep in any more exams, that's for your bonus. I stopped having never ending cold. Well, this is the failed board of all the fail stories. Fell forward, forward look with all the with bloggers to keep her. Coming upstairs is Kam Studies.