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Hey, So one of my favorite places to go off campus is any Russia, and particularly any place that sells. Boba, I'm one of my favorite places to go is called Come Food's here I usually get the winter melon. Yes, have we located on West Campus but connects like throughout. You can like goto North campus and stuff through the eye, but it's full of a bunch of different restaurants, especially like Asian cuisine. So, yeah, there's a lot of options off campus for dining. Really. But basically it's just like a salad bar. Only place market I got late. They all have physically subway, a place like like Latin bowl run. They have, like, yeah, like cries talk, and I'm viciously Carrie. The dish return. So you put all your dishes, but I usually get, uh, a man over here, a coffee shop. So there's, like, a Starbucks, and, uh, I'm not like a noodle place. And then there's the partly to which is, like, literally so dangerous because I eat pizza like every single day of my life. Okay, So this is my war room. Madrona. We're in new. So, you know, there's a David I'm just in my job. I'm right now, But I wanted to talk a little bit about the meal plan because my tour of the dining hall was a little bit short. So basically, um here you'd, uh, there's like a dining hall in almost every building, so mine is actually not in my building. But it's super close and I have level for, I think, which is like, out of six or seven. And so basically, you have like a certain amount of dining dollars per quarter and it breaks it down for a week so you can keep track of your studying and all that. But there's like a lot of really good food places at the dining hall, and you just use your you have I d. And that has all your money on it. And you can check you're bound to any time before I got just like a rap from like this place was like Subway in like, but it's a little bit of them. So you just choose like your bread and your meat and all of that. I'm looking for, like a healthier, old, healthier alternatives, like the Latin Bull place. So they have like brown rice and like spinach and like chicken and all of that or there, and they're all open a different times, which is kind of confusing. Like I haven't really figured out yet. I usually just go and, like, see what's open. Some of the places changed their like meal, like the type of meals based on what time of day it is. So like this one place will serve like, ah, hash browns, scrambled eggs and like baking in the morning and then for lunch, they'll serve like mashed potatoes and chicken or whatever, and then same thing for dinner, and still they all kind of change them. So it's never like really like you're in the same thing over and over again. You can also use your dining dollars anywhere on campus so you can use them at like, I think you can use them at the Starbucks in some of the library's with Kathleen libraries there like other dining halls, if you don't want to go all the way back to your dining hall because you'd obviously freakin giant. So there's a And then there's a lot of super good places on the ABS, which is university waves, super close Tio, my daughter, especially North Campus on. And there's, like, always super good Asian food. Like there's so many five places. I always go toe. There's really good like Greek places, and there's like a collie burger and like Starbucks from all of that, so people usually like we'll get food on the other like Bubble two years suddenly like that. So there's that option, too. If you get bored but you can't use your, you can use your dining dollars there. But yeah, so that those are the food options, How you guys were here in Starbucks. This is located in Susilo Library by the entrance and it's really nice. It looks like this. Yeah, it's pretty new. The line is usually really long. I'm here, my friend Sam Okay. Over here on the we're deciding where e So the Elvis like, really good. It's like super close to campus, and it has a bunch of food places, a bunch of Asian food places and like our stores and bubble tea. And it's really like everybody comes here that looks like there's a university bookstore, which is where you like I don't know if you could see the reflection, but this night time. So I wanted to talk to you guys about the nightlife here at U Dub. Basically, a lot of the night life that you can't get involved with, depend plum, like what you're interested in. So right now, I'm in the dorms, but I have a ton of friends and the Greeks the storm. So a lot of nights I'll go out to be Greek system and hang out with my friends and stuff. And that's Superfund. There's usually things going on, like almost all the time. And then there's sometimes things to do in little arms. So, like we've had, like and I screwed social so far and like we have chop words outside of our room. So way hot tonight where we all just decorated the chalkboards outside of my room. And so that's a good way, Tio. Meet people in your dorms and everything. I believe in two weeks since I moved in. So I haven't really, like, experienced a lot of the nightlife here. But there's you village that's super close the University village. Andi, I know. And then there's a bunch of ice cream places on the AB and Bubble tea Place is, and so a super funding like people do all the time. It's just go get ice cream because there's or a bubble tea because there's somebody asking, losing around like Molly Moons. I think it's a Seattle thing, but there's the Molly Moon at you village that people go to a lot. Um, we're just going out to dinner, and there's usually people always at night on the air at night after it, like a night of hanging out with Your friends are like Tonight I'm going out to the Greek system or whatever. I personally will just go hang out with my friends, like and go get food or something there. So there's a really good Mexican place that's open super late called memos. So everybody goes there late at night, just like not everything's open. I would say honestly, outside of the Greek system, the night life here is really just It's what you make of it. So if you want to go out on the time, you can. But the dorms. Alice. My dorm is pretty quiet at night out, and we have quiet hours when their school the next day at ten o'Clock. So you don't have to worry about not getting sleep. But you can always go hang out with Hey, my mind, Livia Somewhere, just you village, which is like, one of the most popular places. Just like shop. Really? Yeah, you got it. Hey, now that weekend. So it's like, right? Buy u dub. Yeah. Is that you don't like like it's, like, so close. And there's so much to do here. You could just walk here. You hang out, talk friends, get it catch up from some shop in, which is we just It is what it looks like. Hello. We're at the hung over at the ice cream spot. Probably She's Yeah. This is my friend Jack. Yeah, it's a hot day today. So we're here. Actually, she's located. So also way. So let's hope that you guys will never have together if you keep great track of your lot was including your house key card, so actually, and replace it three times. So here we are in by George Thiss. Place isn't as busy and only gets busy between nine and eleven. But it's still pretty open. So here's what interests ever going to go with you. So here is the little deli. I love getting the buffalo chicken wraps on. Then right there is the coffee stand and then we've got smoothies right there. We can also get some delicious frozen yogurt. Super healthy place. If you are trying to stay healthy here on campus, this is one of my favorite places to come to eat. Here's the new stand and then another, interested by George. And right there is where you get your husky card. So hopefully anyone watching us, we'll go ahead and have the awesome opportunity to going there, getting their photo taken down. There's another office for more husky information thing. Services. We are walking out and we've got a George Washington statue and I just learned this. But by George is called by George because it's by George. I did not learn that until two days ago. Beautiful souse alone so. And now that I've given you a little bit of a tour, Charlotte is going to go ahead and take over and show you guys cane haul and her lecture and show you guys what it's like to be in a class. So, one hundred students? Yeah. Hope you guys enjoy your Okay, everyone. So I'm walking from this is Little Ira over to the hub and it's right behind me. Guys, take a look there. So the hubby's basically a giant building filled with all of your student needs. Come on. One of the floors is a food court, some H G m's and kiss. You need that on campus. There's also a bookstore underneath Small ever do one on that. You can still get things like skin johns, so down there the top floor is also things like. Stop it. Right, the barman pours also giant game for it like area. So there's things like you like that, but I'm going out. What? Also a little fine. Yeah. Stay with me, but pretty hopeful. If you're trying, find a spot to state your work. Or even if you're like a computer? No. Here. Because they go so somewhere now I'm gonna walk with the seating area, all these tables, right? Look, we also compost here one of my favorite things. Hey, so right now I'm heading into Packer Hall. It's part of the foster school of business here, and the reason I'm going in here is because I really like one of the little restaurants or in place, and they usually have some spaghetti sandwiches, something that's going to go. But he's pretty good, so here. There's a lot of people around. Orange is right in the back. Yeah, it's really nice up here. If you go upstairs, there's not a little about go to E R when it's sunny out and I was looking out there trees on top, which is nice. Here we are. Roma, outside of a center table right here is crunch a little coffee. Stand over Here is Paige Leo Cheese Pizza. It's a favorite of Seattle and there are believed three on campus. But these are actual restaurant chain. You can find them all over Seattle. Can you live like it's the coffee's free. It's really great. That is dope. Let's go yet so Yeah. As college kids need all Hi. I'm here with Mariah and Jack. You were here at the Hub. This is the food court. It's located on the downstairs of the hub and they have, like, pizza. Hawaiian cuisine plays a sandwich shop on a Caribbean food. Hey, guys. I'm back here having lunch by George with Callie and Sofia. So by George is located underneath the Odegard library and they have, like, a little Starbucks, a smoothie place. They also have a rodeo on the sandwich place where I got this honey mustard round. Okay, you guys, This is not by George. Looks like there's a smoothie place. Throw you. There's a Starbucks. How many Starbucks? Hello. Yeah. So Italy by George. Working hard. All right, So I'm headed over to McMann right now. It's all the way in North Campus. It's one of the older dorms on campus, but there's a ton of new ones being built right at this moment. Pretty cool. Um, he took me on because I'm gonna show you all couple of dorm rooms along with at the bar with a man like that there. Basically just a bit rude for one who is gone. You don't live down. You're still welcome to come and have a seat. There's just options like burger surprise. There's always pasta a sandwich place. And of course, there's also it's store basically built in three. Nice is open at most hours. Definitely in through there before when I lived here. Just Oh, good walking down. Yeah, Yeah, right. You're not. Sorry. Lunch time. You sell a car right there. There. Cereal bar. Younger things like that office things change out from, so there's lots of space.