What does my typical day look like? | Dorm Tour 2019

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Here's just a little insight into what my daily schedule looks like! UW is on the quarter system so we change classes every 10 weeks or so, meaning that my schedule will be changing around a couple times this year! Right now I have classes from 10:30-1:20 on MWF and 12:30-1:20 on TTh so it's not that much class time at all! I love having more free time but it also comes with more homework! Usually once I get all my homework/studying done for the day I will just chill in my dorm and watch some Netflix or go out to U Village with friends or dinner/ice cream/bubble tea on the ave with friends or even go see some of my friends in greek life. I'd say here at UW the your daily schedule depends a lot on how you manage your time and when your classes are!