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Thinking about University of Washington-Seattle Campus and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting University of Washington-Seattle Campus in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet University of Washington-Seattle Campus’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to University of Washington-Seattle Campus, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the University of Washington-Seattle Campus experience. These University of Washington-Seattle Campus video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Yeah, So I'm with my friend Brenda here, and we're currently at the Iowa building. Basically, our Jim. I'm gonna show you all around. It is huge. They're on the third floor is an indoor track, which pretty nice. I go up there, run around. Sometimes the second floor has things like basketball courts, treadmills. There's a lot of treadmills, canned dance studios so that I may hold classes like yoga dance, Pallotti's zoom. But yeah, so there's a lot of cool things that you could check out here on the bottom floor. We have to pools a weight room. I know we have couple Matt rooms for, like, wrestling indigent, too, so they're actually pretty nice still coming in here. Like and it all like when you're done, Come get some. There's a program list on the side here. I don't care. Rocky and Wade have show your house key card idea so they know that you're a student or thank you so around on the first floor. So you also have rock climbing goes of the basement. I'll live to the third floor. Pretty cool. He can practice in there with people. This one basketball court. Don't you think it right now it's pretty busy and like the later afternoons and things. All right now, there's not too many people around, but came in on your class to show you all No. We also have this thing called the wild and what it is is basically I'm a healer, like backpacking trips, hiking things like that, canoeing, kayaking. And you can check out here so you don't have to buy it. Which was super helpful because his college kids, like, I know everyone's pretty broke right now, Um, the woman and left him down here and show you all the weight room. It's pretty. Here. It extends way far back, so really right. Yeah, pretty much, Mother is. We also have, like, racquetball courts. You play lacrosse practice in there too. I told you I've done that outside the army outdoors. They're like soccer field baseball field here into that. It also beach volleyball inside, like, little courts that Yeah, tennis. So it's pretty cool. A nice place, Tio. Definitely stay active. All you're in college helps de stress. So right now we're passing through Red Square. Pretty self explanatory, A so eyes called a red square, pretty open. This is also where you can find lots of things going on in the summer. Clubs set up their boots. Dog days is also here in Red Square. Lots of things usually happen when there's good weather, which is pretty rare for Seattle. And this is Souza Low Library, which we're about to walk into. So this is the entrance to seize a low, And yet again, we've got some Starbucks coffee. This place is always always busy. So if you find a spot in here, you have some great luck. This's a another save studies for students, and then we've got a another room over there. Let's just like to study. Just if they want some quiet. So now we're gonna be heading up to the famous Harry Potter library. Wait. That was a Harry Potter library. And you can see why it's called that ifyou've seen, Harry Potter is really intimidating. Teo, be in there just because you have to stay ultra quiet. Also in this library, we have one of the's books. Extra super, super duper large. Listen. Okay, so this is little big Lecture Hall would look like. Um, there's usually like psych one A one or like economy, something in here. Everyone. I'm Ashleigh, and I'm going to be your tour guide today. I am a junior. I'm a transfer student and I attend the University of Washington. I am planning Teo Major Communications next quarter. So right now I'm about to meet with my friend Charlotte. She's going to go ahead and help us with our two or so. Let's go ahead and meet up with her stuff. Okay? Let's do this. So can you It How? Everyone. Which door? Me Within. So right now, who will? Oh, okay. Okay. And how do you like willow? I love living in Willow. I have one remain private bathroom. Just actually super nice, because I've lived in the dorms before, where I had communal bathrooms. So hello. And what grade are you? And what do you plan to, Major in time of freshman and I'm drinking for finding a fishery. Science is okay and where you're from, and I'm originally from Just come. Okay. So what is it like being California living in Washington? Different, right. It's really different. Especially because we don't get the same cold where I'm from California. So for me, this is like freezing. Yeah. No, definitely. And what would it be considered? Quote freezing in California. You know where I'm from. Freezing is let fifty. Yeah, that's warm for Washingtonians. So we've got a bathroom. I am private. Bathroom. Super big deal. Huge. It's super huge. But this it is meant for Handi capable students. That's white. So are super my side over here. And then this is my site. I'm a little more nice, but I see you've got a fantastic view. Like a couple days goes there was like the sun rises like sunset. Sorry. And it was like pink and look beautiful. And he just had four cliffs going back in the background. So beautiful. No fact. Willow is actually one of the newest dorms. So Charlotte here is lucky. I have two friends that actually were in, I think, Hagit and it's one of the oldest, but they are now in Willow, and they're loving it. So now she's gonna get her stuff, and then we're going to go ahead and keep you guys a tour. Center table has a lot of different options. Right here is a plate, and they serve different kinds of weight. Taylor. Hi. Hi. I am filming a campus. Your video? Yeah. So tell me a bit about yourself. Uh, well, we're gonna go look for food, So I guess like see you later. Yeah. Bye. Here. We've got market, which is a sandwich shop. And then over there's a solid bar. Yogurt over here is select, which is IRC. Don't know. That's a really healthy places like Yes. Yeah. Right now we're from Ceres. Ceres is my favorite. They have some great burgers, doub murders. And there is a several locations on campus. You're ever just craving a burger. Just go to any of the dining location because they are so good. They have baby burgers. They have big burgers, and they have a fry of the week. So definitely check out seared Charlotte. What is your favorite place to eat here at center table? I think my favorite probably market it's I really like it if you like. You get whatever you want. And if your ground they have, like minutes, so you can just take it to go really nice and all the time to use completely impossible. It feels like classic, but it's actually so I think that would you say, say, a U dub equivalent of subway. For sure. I totally agree. I decided to get so guys. Yeah, yeah. Pick up your laundry, check out like Ray get into special fans And it's also just, you know, you're so they can I don't Also, if you check out like stuff that the I may like sports equipment Yes. Is your everything hard So way have to pay twenty five dollars to place it And this is my third one, so don't lose it. Now we're done with Suze Alot. And now we're gonna go to a garden, hang out for a bit. We've that some girl Scout cookies being sold. This is just a regular thing here at, you know, we've always got something going on in the quad or Red Square. So if you go hearing, you're looking for something to do Looking for selling to buy, go to any of these places. Kind of cookies. Did you guys get smiles? Then? Men from Wallace got them. It's for my boyfriend. Heck, yeah. Now we're gonna go get some Mac arrives. Yeah. Four, four, four, six, four, five. Over here, ready to sail. Thank you so much. E e good. Like you were somebody red split Red Square is like a really great place to meet new people because people put up tents and like, I sell things without fundraisers. All doubt have petitions out like I'm an event organizer for on environmental group on campus. And, like we get people to sign are safe. But these petition here, so Red Square is like a really good place to find out what's going on. Um, sometimes they do like they sell stuff like they do night markets. They do the healthy husky market, which is like food and other things that you don't try and keep our Huskies healthy. So that I make comes um and then things that they sell in the Red Square gonna be cheaper than you can find them in other places. True. Like Macron six five dollars. Like really. They also sell people, sometimes for one dollar Here's my dorm tour. So I've been madrona, which is a brand new dorm. Uh, so everything is like, super nice cell first. This is my side. So here's a little overview. A little pair? No. Okay, So first we have a little hangar. That's where we hid our key used. And here's the like thermometer. Think that neither of us could figure out how to use its always super hot here eighty two, like all the time. And then so they give us a wardrobe. So I have, like, a shoe rack that I hung up That inside of the wardrobe is like, So I just have, like, switchers up here on my clothes, hanging in my bathrobe, my personal life belts and that they give you like drawers. So, like, I just feel like my shirt's in there and everything and that appear like what? I used to do my laundry. It's just like like taipan. But like different bread. And then, um, over here, I have just, like a little storage bay with, like, socks and stuff. And then I have like, my laundry here, birds. And then here's my bad. So to give you a bed obviously, And you can, like, raise it or lower it or anything I did. I just left, by the way, is because I don't like having to, like, step up to get into bad. But I would recommend for sure recommend a mattress topper and a mattress pot. Also, because it just makes you bad. So much. Come here. And the beds that you get in the dorms aren't necessarily going to be, like, good at all. So I would recommend that. And then underneath, I just have, like, room for, like, storage and staff side of a couple crates. Um, and then they gave us this like a little. What do you call it? Like each drawer? Gigi. So inside, I just had, like, all my hair stuff, and I have, like, our school stuff my textbooks on. Then just like a random stuff in here and then on top, I have my shower caddy. So this was, like, so essential and has, like, literally all my stuff. And I like my face, lodged my toothbrush, shampoo, body wash, all of that. So recommend get yourself one of those, and then I have a cure. A good because I need my coffee. Uh, like, what are my bugs with, like, stevia and sale of stevia. So then I have over here is my death. So they give you a desk in a chair. I just put like, a fuzzy blanket over because it's more comfy. And then this is my desk space. So I just have, like, makeup makeup brushes because I do my make up there and just, like hair times, jewelry like o L E D lamp. So I'd recommend that because, like, if you want to study like it's really helpful Island, here's my mirror. Hello. I'm gonna have just, like, dealer in perfume lotion on, like some pictures. Oh, I've got to turn on my light So civic you and understood My class schedule is like it's still like the second week of classes. So I still like, Forget where I'm going all the time And I'm my hydro Recommend a hydra for sure And then I have it on trash can cause I didn't know that they were going to give us trash and recycle, But yeah, And then piers like my roommate side, which is basically the same being and I'll show you our view. We have a full length mirror. No, we also have a mini fridge. So we just have, like, a bunch of stuff in here, and then we have a microwave and I'm in here just like dishes and stuff. And then here's like, more food, and we have a bunch of, like food. And they're so much like snacks and stuff. Um, and then this is our view outside of our door. Super cute. Love them. You love being in the new dorms. And no matter where you learned this, you're never more than two men walking up Coffee way do live in Seattle. And we do love our coffee. So I totally believe that. No, it's sure. Now we are in the same level of very gates. This's a student favorite place to study. Oh, and there's a J Charlotte's boyfriend. Hi, A. J. I'm dating your video right now. And a campus tour video where it's all going to tell me a bit about yourself. I'm Aaron asked by software. Ever steal wash Didn't communications Major. Hey, what hobbies? Sports betting mariners and sell Seahawks fan. Yeah. What'd you say? Your favorite thing about you Dove is I have to see for the architecture of it. Yes. Architecture is absolutely your marriage through one side. Looks like an outside of the building was really inside. Demonstrate by beautiful for gold vault. Yes. I just learned that texture. One fifty taking right now. Would you say you love that class Class four quizzes online. And who is it? What's Everyone knows who to take you with. Campbell? Who is the Professor LaRoche? Okay, well, if you guys will find architecture class ticket with Thanks for hanging with us, guys. Bye. So right now we're passing the general advice ing Center. This is pretty self explanatory. This is where you can meet up with your advisor, get help with classes or just anything believe with life. They are so, so helpful. All they want for their students is for them to be successful, no matter what that means. I went to my economic adviser for my major. She planned out my course load for four years. So all I have to do is click register Good. She planned everything out. What is your course load for your major? Like fifteen. Seventeen personally test to be a lot of like stem courses. Just double step. But most people can take it if you take fifteen credits, every corner you get and fifteen credits is like Here. I'm gonna do. You said that your clothes actually cuts out my place. Way. Welcome back to the booth. Say, Well, I'm Sara. I'm Taylor go sophomores at U Dub. I'm pulling called Major. I'm architectural design, and we're helping Actually video Booth wait. No. Okay, everyone. So I'm walking from this is Little Ira over to the hub and it's right behind me. Guys, take a look there. So the hubby's basically a giant building filled with all of your student needs. Come on. One of the floors is a food court, some H G m's and kiss. You need that on campus. There's also a bookstore underneath Small ever do one on that. You can still get things like skin johns, so down there the top floor is also things like. Stop it. Right, the barman pours also giant game for it like area. So there's things like you like that, but I'm going out. What? Also a little fine. Yeah. Stay with me, but pretty hopeful. If you're trying, find a spot to state your work. Or even if you're like a computer? No. Here. Because they go so somewhere now I'm gonna walk with the seating area, all these tables, right? Look, we also compost here one of my favorite things.