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Okay, so I just finished Spanish class, and right now we're in Buttrick Hall. But your call looks like arts and sciences building, and it's frequently what I hear. The language is have a Spanish class in here send, So I'm gonna go on calculus on DH years later. Okay, so right now we're standing outside of Rand dining Hall and one cool thing that I wanted to show you guys was that this is the area. We always have the advertising for different organizations. There's always things to do on your campus. There's always applications going on programs. Obviously, the weather kind of took a toll on some of these science and posters, usually really nice for a few days. But it's been raining a lot lately. So, um, luckily, today's weather is nice, but, yeah, it's like, for example, we have these art studio where we offer the whole semester for kids to do things like pottery, art, drawing, painting. You can take classes after class it after class after school that is separate from Vanderbilt University classes and learn those things. I don't know what those posters are, that it's for a different event. We have the Honor Council. What is for undergraduate students? Application process? We have the vent about choir concert this fall. The sign. I can't read it, but yeah, so this is where you get a lot of information for different norms. But we also have websites and a lot of other stuff because there's literally always lingering on campus. So yeah, I hope you guys enjoy on you guys. Come over here and explain yourself. Hey, guys, what's up? My name's Matthew Birds some of rising sophomore Venable University studying computer engineering on. So let's see what I like about Vanderbilt. So this is a freshman er The first year is very cater towards us getting you situated, preparing for success in the next four years, all fresh and say this area called the Commons, which is super useful because you get to meet new people, you get to meet people who are in a similar situation as Yoo, which helps the transition on then. Also, they have a gym. Ah, a dining hall. A. We call it the month of March. It's just like little markets open twenty four seven on, then also just classes You can study in anytime of the day, so really, it's a pretty autonomous community and like it's a very useful tool for a freshman who's getting Oren into a new location. Okay, so I am right now. I'm just walking to class. I just woke up. It's about I'm not seeing eight O'Clock. My first class is actually a ten o'clock. So I have a lot of time. But I decided to go and meet with my friends at breakfast. Right now, we are currently on the Commons area. The Commons area is basically exclusive exclusively for freshmen. It's not like upperclassman aren't allowed here. All of the freshmen do live here. We have. It is the lower lawn of the comments area. We have stemmed building, which is where I live. We have Hank building time. This is the common center, which is where we have a dining hall way. Also have a little grocery mart. We have a pool, Ping Kong, a gym, a lot of other things air there, which is again mainly for freshman year's. So yeah, I'm going to go to class and I'll see you guys later. What's up, guys? Today I am going to show you guys the gym. I do not personally go to the gym that often, but I will show you guys kind of the main areas. And I'm just kind of kind of play the clips and let him roll because Jim can get really loud or people are doing exercises, and it's kind of weird to somebody's, like talking and recording them. People feel kind of weird about that, so I will put up the clips, so yeah. Hi, guys. So I'm gonna show you a popular destination on campus and a pity that it's, like, kind of fenced off right now. This usually doesn't happen. I think they're just, um, like taking care of the grass and preparing for rites of spring, which is in about a month. Um, and that's what I talked about in while I was showing you, um, Surat cinema, which was our other popular, a landmark slash destination because uh, that's the where we invite popular artists to perform. This is where we will have you mean and, um, DNC in April. So super pretty. This bond is called Alum nylon, Popular destination for Frisbee for other fall events. Like, they're like pumpkin carving here, like Tide. I sure it making because it's such a big area. So Faxon alumni lot. And that's actually Surratt cinema. So really close. Just come right out. And thought was our popular destination. So it's about five o'Clock on a Saturday. Emma. The kind of normal thing to be doing around here is everyone. Neither doing homework, pretending to do home, Mark, realizing they're not going to get any homework done. So, yeah, just the common room and a few people on your floor that's just here trying. But thing, though, is that every here and lives in this floor except for me. And this does also named Off the bridge. So we go up this path, then me across like a little parking lot area. Not a big deal. There are not a lot of cars here. There might be in the morning. They're like tearing apart. It's usually like one car look both ways. You'll be fine. You can cross up there where they're actually like pedestrian cross markings on the street. Um, not a lot of students actually do that cause it is such like a small with over road cars know that because they have been here a while. So you should have no problem safety wise. This is like the little cross. What sidewalk. But you have to pass to get to the Stevenson Bridge. Um, this is like a lawn area super popular for kids from that school. If they want to play for Randy students as well. If they want to play for speed. I saw, like a professor playing there on the weekend with his class. He was playing like cricket. My friend was actually, like, invited to play, but we were on our way to a meeting, and that's like, Why in the back you see there? That's why it right center. So, like, that's the famous you on the Esplanade line. Someone. Any pictures usually see that lawn and why it center? And it's the shame that my camera turned off while I was filming this part because you were able to see me as well as where I was walking. But I thought it would just be easier because of such a large walking distance. I just face the camera towards where I was walking. The's buildings are part of Peabody campus for you, Peabody students. Sometimes you might have like site. In there as well. So their classrooms there their research studies there. I know. I went to Jessup, Jessup in Hobbs Air. Like the psychology research buildings, we have posters on, like, the trees around campus. Um, just to promote. Depends this's the big building part of Peabody. Oh, yes, the Peabody campuses basically commons like extended Commons. And then there's main campus where we just came from. Where are the all the arts and signs Okay, so here I'm at the bridge from Main campus, too. Comments. Here's twenty First Avenue, where we have a lot of places where people tend to eat like San Antonio Tunnel company Panera from CBS. And that's where a lot of you will get a lot of their supplies for school. So, yeah, it's right between the Commons freshman area and the main campus as the main street that want to Hey, what's up, guys? So today I'm going to be showing you the towers tunnel. Um, so I'll just do a walkthrough show you guys some of the art. Well, I'm showing you guys on the circuits on the walls. I'll talk a little bit about towers, so students kind of uses space as a place tio advertise event. Some of this paint is super super old. So there's stuff on the ceiling floor ware. No. Yeah. So I guess the cool thing about this is that the towers, there's four of them, two of them. They're being knocked down into this semester. So what will happen to this area is unknown, but yeah, So students can use this to kind of go back and forth between the towers, get two decent amount of foot traffic. Just why it's cool. Tio, have all these, You know our presents. No. All right, folks. So we're out of the tunnel. It's not too long at the pretty sure walk, but definitely wanted to show you guys that it's pretty cool and might not be around too long. So it's been there pretty much forever. So it's just layers and layers of pain of students for voting. You know, events, clubs, organizations were just writing, You know, funny things with their friends on again. Students get kind of go back fourth to get between the buildings a little bit. I actually don't live in this building, so I don't know completely what they use it for. But it's actually something that a lot of students don't even know exists or find out like they're junior senior year. But it's a pretty cool spot. Anyway, thanks so much for checking it out with me Hi, guys. I'm gonna show you the sports stadiums that we have at Vanderbilt. And you come here when we have games and have games free often. We don't have game going on right now, but this is the soccer stadium and then on also across, used for both sports. And if you see in the back over there where the stadium uh, lights are, like behind the stadium lights right there were like, the glass windows are. That's the stadium for baseball. Um, in our school has a very good baseball team. So any of these games are very interesting to watch the soccer stadium football stadium is a bit of a walk. It's about probably away from here thes to stadiums. I just showed you are right next to the rec center, so pretty convenient to come. Um, sometimes, if it's a big enough game or an important game, the school have any bands running, which are bands that take you to a different place. Locations around campus at certain times, and they're usually wrong. Front six. I am two three, three a. M but city and then on the right side. Over here is practice area for intramural clubs Sports. I think this one is Mimi's for soccer, but can also be these for lacrosse. And that this for the So that's like Stevens and complex. This is like the lawn. Uh, there's, like, not a name for it, unlike Piovani Esplanade in alumni line. So we just call it like the one in front of statements in Stevenson Lawn. And then, uh, it's like a peek around these grove of trees here. There are a lot of variety of trees around campus. Um, I think that's something that I noticed when I was doing on campus story here. A lot of foliage, a lot of green. It's really nice to see, actually, cause Green is supposed to be like a common color puts you more with nature. So that, um, building with the pointy top is Buttrick. Um, it contains a lot of classrooms. It looks very much like a church kind of style has, like state lost windows and everything. And usually the rooms are pretty small. So if you have like club organization meetings, they'll be in that building. Most of them. They're a lot of rooms to reserve, and that's how they usually go about having organization events or meanings. Here on Mandy, they reserve room. So Buttrick a super popular dessert and then to the right of Buttrick. Where I'm looking at right now is Rand the grand dining hall which we looked at in my other video. And we're going to do walk here, and this is the essential library. Of my favorite spots to be on campus. If you look around, there's vermin again. It's like a beautiful building. Do you like the slope? And this is like a typical, like, Mandy style building. It's like a bunch of places to eat around here and also like you could see inside of here. There's like a bunch of, like a little study spaces in my tables outside. So, like kids, like usually do that. I also see people like sitting outside of the Okay, So, like, my phone just stopped recording while I was walking from comments Teo Stevenson Bridge and crossing it and crossing. Also the line where the Stevenson complexes. So I'm just going to start from like, where the line is Toe Wilson. I'm going to walk to Wilson, and then, uh, on my way back, I'll have another video. Um, that covers like the lawn area. So where I'm starting right now to where my video cut off from before. So let's just turn the camera. So I'm walking to Wilson right now and hold on. Okay. I just wanted to shut off again. So I'm walking to Wilson right now and you can see, like, the half gray, half brick buildings to the left, and that's gonna be like coal. I'm told, uh, those kind of buildings, They have classrooms, and we're gonna take this little oh way down here. It's raining, So not a great day to see. And we're gonna walk to us it so Yeah, Wilson is really far away, so you'll definitely hear people struggle about their walk till Belson. Um, but on the lucky side, if you are lucky, you might not be taking any psych or neuro classes at all your four years of college and you might not ever have to come to Wilson, but also sometimes are big science tests. They like reserved rooms for that, and sometimes you take in your lecture calls, but I know so First Master, I also took it and Wilson for chemistry. So even if you don't have your classes, you'll probably make this long walk. Um, that building right there is Firmin. That's where most of your language classes are your foreign language crosses. And that's an academic building that I am going to show you guys and another videos and make sure you check that out. And yeah, there's just gonna be a lot of walking in this video. And we're almost there. So from the lawn area, um, on main campus, which, what? I was like a little past here when I started this video, but you'll see it on my way back. From that to Wilson is not much of a problem. But when you're coming from Commons, it's like a ten minute walk to get to the Stevenson Bridge. And then, like a five minute walk to get from Stevenson Bridge to the area that I started my video here. So yeah, uh, finally you see those pillars right there? That will be Wilson. And, yeah, it's a pretty large building, because there are a lot of cross rooms are like, big luck, your house and it. I'm just gonna go inside. Just to show you what it looks like. There are, think sixty eight floors in this tiny building. I mean, this large, but it doesn't look like it holds sixty force, but it just holds six day force. And I'm told that they're some like research with monkeys going on in this building somewhere. Um, it's like a fact that everyone news but doesn't actually know, like aware that's happening. So that's Wilson closer. Look, it says David, the Wilson Hall. There is a bike rack in front of, uh, most of the buildings. If you do bike to get two classes, not a problem. You can definitely park your bike, so we're just gonna head inside and my umbrella stripping everywhere. So pardon me while I close my umbrella for we get inside the actual building. Yeah, no. So when you enter Wilson, there's like a little seating area on the right and on the very far side there. That's other seating area. These air stairs that lead up to the other floors, and it's generally noisy. But right now, so a little quiet, um, and I don't know if crosses are going on, but we'll see if I can go inside the lecture hall that's usually used for psych and euro. The intro crosses so people like say on Ford study, you go up the stairs and the elevators to get Teo. Um, other areas of the building where they do research, though. Do you like psychology studies? So that's like a requirement in your sight. Classes, too. Do a certain number of hours participate as like a research participants? I'm not doing research, but being part of the study for your classes. So you do, you'll go upstairs for that. And actually, there isn't. The class is going on in this Lecture halls are justly lets you look at really quick. So usually the lecture hose will have a lot of seats. If it's a big class, you know, have a podium where the professor speaks, don't have like a little screen that comes out to show slides. And it was my commute with my first class and we are now back outside of Wilson. So I'm gonna go head into one of my cost, is there, Make sure you guys check out my way back to comments to finish like my commute to and from class and look at the other videos. So CIA and I'll have a more specific tour about this building because it is also a main academic building, Hi, I So we're walking Teo, one of the quads on campus. This is a housing area for upperclassmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors. Because freshman live on the comments and this Highland quad consists of three buildings More again. Uh, see, there says Morgan. Mark it right there. Lidless, which is on the other side, um, where I'm looking at right now and then Shafe in, um, and these air usually doubles or four person sweets on that market. Right There is a munchie mark where you can go and use your white your card swipe. To get socks for food. Stop public area and in St Patrick's Day today. So you see everyone walking around in green and those houses over there. Others are the Mayfield houses. I may be on houses. Ten people. And if you do a project together, so What's up, guys? So today we are doing some studying out on, uh, I don't know where we are. This alumni lan Yeah, s So it's really nice day out here, So there's, like, a ton of students s. So I thought that this would be a pretty cool video. I am currently other. You can't see it. Really? Our at all. I'm currently doing some reading for my next class. Um, Rosie, what are you doing? So nothing. I just need a lot of students are out here hanging out there. Friends. We even have some people taking some naps. Alumni lawn is right across from Alumni Hall, which is this building right here. Uh, and this is actually where they have graduation every year. Um, right there is, like, financial aid and emissions. Those buildings over there, uh, it's pretty central to campus, so you can kind of see a lot of things from here. This is where students graduate. They have a lot of events out here because it's just a huge area. All right, guys, that is it for today. We're gonna go back to studying. Hey, guys, so be are going toe. Look at that engine on campus, and you see it right there. It's like ability. That is, in most of your online pictures of Vanderbilt. Any manuals that's power that they show you, uh, end it, actually chimes. So it is our clock tower, and it actually like time's rings. Whatever your strikes, you want to call it, um, with the time. So, like, I usually got out of Spanish class and Firmin and class and eleven so we could hear the the tower like ringing even if we didn't check the time on a computer. And we know it's time to get out of class, so really covered by trees from the way I'm walking to Aaron now, but you will see it right when I walk in front, so it really is hidden and everyone's kind of like when they do see it, they're like, Oh, that's the that's the tower from the pictures And it's like, pretty gloomy today, so I wish it was like a better data show you what this tower looks like. It looks really pretty in the fall, which is usually one must have a Vanderbilt pictures they're taking place like Baller Spring. That's when it's really pretty on Countess and bats ten Jam on this so really famous online, but pretty hidden on campus because it is far out. It's where Wilson is not so much near two main campus, so that's a tower. Guys, make sure you check out my other videos. So this is controlled library, which is the main library Okay, So this is a love nylon. Onda Love Nightline is where our mean Kemper says we'll be upperclassmen. Um, I actually do not know the names of each of these buildings, but this is the nearly auditorium. Wei have a lot of buildings. If you look in the back, there's construction of the new E broads and Ingram dormitory, which should be opened this upcoming fall for the entering I'm streams to using twenty eighteen Well, other building. This that we have here, Mrs Surratt, where we have a lot of our student little things, So, yeah, alumni line. Just the second biggest and most widely walked quads from So now we're after v. S. B s, which is a program where Vanderbilt students volunteer and teach science to elementary and middle school students. And so, yeah, that's where hair off now. Really exciting, great program. And then about soon's love and all the kids who are in the classes. So today every are here with Rosie. Rosie, why don't you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about white Vandy? Um so I'm Rosie. I'm a sophomore from New York City. And the reason why I chose Bandi is a pretty unique reason. S o I'm here a Vanderbilt under a full tuition leadership scholarship. It's called Posse, and it's essentially where people from the vendor Bolt Admissions council, flat in New York recruit ten kids every year and place some of thunderbolts under the scholarship. And so it was essentially the only school that I applied for, But I really am applying. I really am a Vanderbilt under this like scholarship, and that's the main reason why I'm here. So tell us a little bit about the student body. Um, student body here is about I want to say, fifteen hundred students a year, and, uh, I want to say that like everybody hears from all over the country and all over the world. So, you know, we have people from parts of Asia to London and everything, and I think, and that's just only in my class. Um, so it's a pretty diverse student body and yet. So what is your major and what is like the academic life like with that major? So my I'm a double major. So one of my major is economics, and the other one is human and organizational development, and I also have a minor in business. And for me, uh, the two majors air very different, especially in the way that the courses are set up. So I do feel like in human organisation development, which is the most popular major at Vanderbilt. It's a lot more lax. And I think the materials that you really talk about her a lot more applicable, Teo our everyday life, especially in how you look at individuals and group works and communities and organizations on DH, then, uh, for the academic life on campus. I think venerable students really go by the phrase and you'LL hear from. Everybody at Vanderbilt will say, like work hard, play hard, and I think it's very true. Um, we are a pretty party have the school because we are on the more athletic side. But we are also a very top to your academic institutions. So for students, it's really about having the balance in like workload and having fun and venerable kind of provides you the operate. The resource is in both those realms. Be cool. And then what is your favorite part about Vanderbilt and your least favorite part about Vanderbilt? Um, my favorite part about Vanderbilt. I would have to be the people. I do feel like. I feel like the main of not a main reason for why I really think that the interval does a place where I'm supposed to be in my life right now is because it really challenges me. Don't think outside of like the bubble that I was in in New York, and it really allows me to meet different people from all over. So it's just really cool and also everybody on it on the Venable campuses. A pretty sociable, and it's very easy to make friends, especially compared to other schools. And I would say my least favorite part about the interval is can be completely honest. No. Oh, no idea. It could be completely honest. Uh, the least of your part about Vanderbilt is my economics major, and I just think that while my other major is super nice and super applicable, and it's definitely a good reason to be coming to Vanderbilt. The economics major just kind of feels a bit unfulfilling, and I think a lot of it comes from the particular faculty that the school chooses to be a part of that major. So even like there aren't that many classes out there, even though economics is a apparently like the second most popular major at Vanderbilt and the professor, the professor that they choose, for the most part, don't explore topics that have to do with, like real world implications And, like Rhea World things, even even though economics is such a applicable topic, Uh, I think like their teaching this is a bit harder to grasp of. The material is harder, but I do think that being an economics major at the interval does open a lot of doors, especially in consulting and finance. Cool. I'm so that's all the questions, Um, for you. Thanks so much for doing this interview. Hi guys. So we are on Commons right now, and I'm just going to give you a quick tour around. Um, there's like a little Bible area, this building right here. Is it West? It's called Wes and then the one across behind those trees there is normal. Those two are available for freshmen to house, and they are actually mostly. Uh, excuse me. Double and triple ran's North and West house mostly have the triple rooms on. Then all the other dorm buildings are usually double rooms. So we're gonna walk through. Why it and Okay. Okay, guys. Education school. Yeah, So this white center, um, there's some Peabody class is in there. This is the white line. So if you see most of the manor built pictures online, they're taking a picture towards a white center with that green big lawn. Very nice to hang out. Um, just lay on the grass. We see, like a group of people walking their by. That's a tour group going on right now. So I highly recommend taking a tour that building that gigantic building is Hank Hank Ingram. That's one of our dorm places. And also that big building in the center, kind of covered by trees with a lot of people in standing Hey, what's up, guys? So br hanging outside on library on, um, doing some quick studying before class. Um, there's a few other students out here, so I just thought that this would be a cool video to do, um, to kind of show how Andy students hang out when it's nice outside. So I'm out doing a reading. Uh, this is my girlfriend playing grass. Uh, you can see this is going to be like the library building right there. Um, insides called library Juan, Um, lots of students, um, hanging out, walking by whatever you know. So it's a pretty big lawn. Just do you like a little. So it's not super easy to see here, but they're like, um, little pathways. And that's kind of how you get to class. There's lots of trees over here, and you can see like, the flowers under that tree over there. The grass is nice and green were doing somewhat kind of sort of doing work. Other students or just kind of talking. Uh, mother's a kind of laying around, um, really just hanging out, which is pretty cool. Andi, it's really refreshing to see students, you know, just hanging out not doing like intense work inside, Um, which could happen a lot sometimes, especially around like finals and things. People just kind of find a place inside todo on. Really? Just stay in there on some of the other lines on campus, people will like play games and I play Frisbee your catch, or, like bring out dogs on, kind of hang out with them, which is cool. So there's not really too much Teo say about blonde. I mean, it's just a big, big lawn, but it is, you know, really cool place tio study to hang out to just relax and yes. So I'm on my way to visions, which is like a first year group. Someone are thing with a lot of first years. Son, were guided by upperclassmen, mentor discuss different things like books and how we're just in the campus and resources. So, yeah, this's back quad of come. Interesting. It is. Sutherland House, This is Crawford. Help Hayden. Sam, Our house. And this is Marie running What's your favorite and least favorite part of venom? My favorite part is definitely the atmosphere here, because I feel like when I was looking for different colleges are looking at music Conservatory is, but I realized I wanted a bigger university atmosphere as well to a company like my music studies. So that was definitely my favorite part, like the atmosphere, and my least favorite part is probably. Sure. I feel like maybe as a student, we don't really get a lot of opportunities and are beginning semesters till I try other crosses outside of player like I only have one a lot for a liberal arts course this semester. I can't explore my options, but in layers Like I said today, I'm going to take you while I am committing to class and just see where it is. A bit of a walk. It's like ten to fifteen minutes. Teo actually get to main campus, Um, about like, twelve minutes to get to the Stevenson area. And today I'm gonna go Wilson, where my neuro class is, um, and the building where most of your psychology in your and in your classes are. And it's like the furthest away from Murray because Murray is essentially on like the opposite side of campus as Wilson iss. And the weather is a bit rainy today. Big, cloudy gray so might not be most pretty. But you definitely saw other Sonny great days of any through my other videos. So, yeah, it's gonna be a bit of a walk right now. I'm just gonna walk down this years and I am on the fifth floor. But it's not that hurt, and it's also a lot quicker than the elevator. The elevator sometimes takes a really long time to come down, especially if you are rushing in the morning to get the class. So I was going to take the stairs and I'm walking out the door. Murray, this is the side door. We have a separate and trends and bike racks. You can bike to your classes if that's more convenient for you. And it is sprinkling right now. So I'm just gonna get my umbrella. It's a nice vandy of Fania. Really? Yeah. Okay. I got my umbrella walking down the steps of upper quad Teo get too. Yeah, so you see, like where is Commons? That's come, not comments. That's it. Since you see right there, that's comments. So we're just going toe block. Really with me right now? Like pretty bad today. Hey, Supposed to have like umbrella is shaking so much My hair is finally over the place It's really windy done and not the best environment to give you guys some Util walk to class tour But we'll have to deal with the weather Got something you also will be dealing with while you're here some Make sure you check here whether every morning on your phone through the app You don't want to walk out if you like. I'm walking to class ing get poured on so umbrellas essential chucking the weather is essential. So walking that's commons right there walk across commons like this lawn area. I'm just gonna walk towards comments but, like walked right by it in order to get main campus so And it is kind of hard to see where I'm walking when I am facing the camera. But like, I can't switch the views so out like, face it forward sometimes when it's just easier if, uh, you guys like seat where I'm walking so think I So we just finished our math test patio. Katie. Pretty well, pretty good. Pretty good. Give one pretty. Well, it was exciting. We're happy. It's Friday. We're done. Well, I'm done. Yeah. Same. Same. Ready to head into the weekend? You know, excited for a game tomorrow? Yeah. Pretty much homecoming this week. Hey, guys. So we are walking through Nashville right now, and these tall buildings you see in front of me are the vendor Bill. But medical center building. So this one on the left is called Vanderbilt Ingram Cancer Center. It also leads to the Robinson Research Center, as well as the Preston Research Center and also White Hole. So if you're interested in research, that's where you would go for that. This is the Children's Hospital on the right side. Um, you can go here to volunteer. There are lot of volunteering opportunities on campus. I instituted a volunteer there, even shadow a doctor. Wait are what from the medical campus medical centers, Teo, the main road where you can walk down Teo Teo, different eating paces in Nashville and it's super close to Commons. It's only like a five minute walk to get to the street. And then, like a ten minute walk, I guess who go to wherever breast drawn ice queen plays eatery you want to. And the one down that street that is super popular among Vanderbilt students is the ice cream place called Johnny's. They have a pretty good ice cream, and they make unique flavors. They had made them, so that's popular. And a lot of these restaurant, um, that are close to campus and are like local businesses, mostly are on the taste of Nashville list. And that means that you can actually use your Commodore card there instead of a credit card to pay. Um, you can use comment or card money, which is money that you could in every semester. Or you can also use steal money, which comes with your meal plan. So I think freshmen have one seventy five and meal money, so that's a very decent amount. That's our school saying you should go out and experience Nashville and taste the food around. Um, also a pretty popular chicken fried chicken place. Because national is known for fried chicken. Is honeybees very spicy? You can also get my own. Yeah. And this is the side closest to upper quad of common. Um, if you go to the opposite side of campus where mein campuses then you go to twenty first, Wes. And and that, um, Starbucks and a lot of more eateries like Mellow mushroom, which is a pizza place that's actually on our card. Pretty good to coat lane. So this the village at Vanderbilt? It's like, just if we cross under that little arch, we get to come. Across the car. There we go. You want down? Get dressed. Yeah, the restaurants. So that was a quick look around Okay, so I just finished class toe lunch. Now. I walked back to comment. The freshman area could the common dining hall come here? I'll look around. You have it. So we're in Buttrick right now. A lot of the English classes air here. It's like, really beautiful on the inside. A lot of kids like, like to study and empty classrooms and stuff. I actually just had a crisis here. Okay, so I this is Rand and it's currently around eleven o'Clock. And we're walking back from the library because we've been studying for about seven hours and it sucks. But the campus looks really pretty right now. Here is like a close up view. Why it again? Huge lawn. Just like right there, like a couple of kids, just like telling. So these are the wide steps. This is actually on the freshman campus. That's the house I lived in was a freshman. There's, like this huge lawn out here. This is like the main academic quad for underclassmen. There's like some buildings down. There were classes are held, passed like this building is like a little complex, oblique dorm houses and stuff like that. But this was like one of my favorite places to just like, Chill on, like really nice nights. It's like a really great building. So this is the common way. Studying. Munching your shoes helped us. We have to bring home. Have a nice lounge area. Firepit in wintertime computers, printers fourteen. So it's a really fun place to hang out and study and somewhere just when I'm about to do later. Mrs Olin Engineering. It's where all of the first year on usually basic course of engineering held. There's another mark here for Go upstairs to the library We're currently in Feathering gill, which is the engineering building. This is the lobby area. Showing up on the current perspective. This way. Doing some work three. Holy sites. Frankie Way like a motor, like a better effect. And we have to work with your issues, so we had to test out. Which is this? A school. Hi, guys. So right now I'm on the Surat cinema and this part of school is actually connected with ran the dining centers. And this is Yeah, um, one of the important destinations on our school, because Surat Cinema, which are these doors right here, is like an auditorium. And it holds a lot of important events, such as guest speakers. If they were to come to our school. I know. Just recently we had actually Judd, who is the leader of you mean to movement and also the author of Hidden figures. Um, they came and spoke. So we have very Rina on people speaking, and I'm hearing music right now, so I think something's going on inside. Take a peek. So Ann in community, um, wide speaker events. It's also open to people of mouth fill these type of events. Uh, sometimes they have film showings, so it's a super cool place to come. You should definitely try to make it out to any speaker type offense, because when else are you going to meet these kind of people? And, um, you might have a cross in there, which is pretty cool. I'm taking a class called American Music right now, and we actually have crosses in there, so that's pretty cool. Um, this area right here is like an art gallery. They usually have some, um, sculpture pieces in the centre right now. I think they just made it until lounge. I'm type sitting area because we have an event going on. So and not the information in box office. That's where you would get any tickets for these type of events. And also any tickets for our music events by D. Vanderbilt Programming board, which include rites of spring. Um, that's when we invite big, um, performance artists to our school. This year, we're have being Gucci Mane and also DNC. Huh? And so, yeah, they're pretty renowned artist. And you would also go there to get a ticket for a music event we have in the fall. Um, and that one I think we had, amigo, is perform this year. So that box office, this Mary, you would get those type of tickets. So this was the Surratt cinema and see you guys in the next part over tour. I kind of want to know one thing that I kind of want to mention. It was a lot of our tour guys about a three to one on squirrel student ratio. It was kind of funny that a lot of Vanderbilt's students stroke about. But if you just look around, there's literally squirrels everywhere. There's a least fifteen light hands will patch of grass. So yeah, they live in the trees and on the ground. Just a funny little. Actually, it's more like twenty untroubled invent about students. Yeah, three to one student. This will reach actually Squalus generation. This morning. We are so I know my lease. Yeah. Yeah. So that wasn't you, Nicole. Nicole was correct. Fruit. Hey, Baker, every day counts quick. You got it. Right, one more. So we're in the rack center right now. A lot of the things close up. So we're on main campus right now. Um, here's the trick. A lot of the English losses air in here. Say Hi, Jack. What's up? This is surratt slash rand. It's the dining hall. They also like a bunch of rooms were like organization fairs and like, you can buy tickets there for, like, whatever events Mandy has outside here. A lot of the times during, like, lunch period. They have legal bunch of boots set up like provoked student bodies and stuff. But, yeah, like it's a great campus. So people really like to just, like, chill outside, especially on a day like this when the weather is So this is the class for my math glass. I'm in calculus eleven hundred. That was ninety person class. There's a lot of quizzes every Tuesday only testing me every like bird Friday. And, yeah, I'm not this's with this sound. We love capital s. I'm actually going to give you guys a quick tour of this library here, so let's go inside. We're just gonna take a look around. This is one of your stops on a classic like Mandy campus tour. Be quiet, so I won't do a lot of talking. Just kind of show you what the area looks like. They're of course, study areas. Um, and I should be Stevenson library. That's like more of a study place. This library is actually a place with a lot of books to check out for. Like research papers, you push across research papers and stuff of first year writing. Seminar is a thing. That's part of your Peabody or Axel credits. So first you're writing something or something every student needs to take. And if you're writing research weavers, you definitely want to check out books here. So Bandy pickle on the ground. Then we will tear left. They're sitting areas. It's more books, hatches, studied people. There's a room in the back here with a lot of computers to use. This library is a lot bigger than Stevenson library. Um, it's a little further away from comments, but Stevenson and this library or pretty close, like one minute walk, Sue. Not much of a problem. This is like an information. If you need any call, come here. We're sitting areas, and this is only the first floor. There are a lot of floors, and there's also the entire back of the building. We have like, displays of collections here, really cool books that they got in. I know we were sent an E mail about like, a pretty rare book that we got that's too like our book collection. I don't know what these are, but they have like certain ones on display for, like, a limited amount of time. So they definitely tell us to check it out, and this is the other side of the building, So I think that's another exit so another study area. Remember, there are multiple floors and there is an entire back of the building. When I showed you was the front and the be changed to a stunt. So, Yeah, you don't. That's the back of the building. And this They're P audio library or not the Peabody Library. Sorry, that was the Central Library way to go, and each building has like a little area. This belle thing usually isn't everywhere, but you have a card scanner. Um, if it passes a certain about time for, like, Commons dorms, it's eight O'Clock. You can't get in through side doors and you can only get through the front entrance in the higher card. Swipe your card. You just have your card against that little square part and start of sliding it through. Green light will come on and you can go inside right now you can't see because it's like, kind of like daylight, but it's like kind of greenish right now, and that also indicates that it's open. There's also for disabilities. You always have a little push about in there, just super helpful so and you can see that you have come to Central Library because it's pretty distinctive in its structure and like location around campus. And if you can't tell, fight like, I mean, there is like a library mark right there with the person reading. But I know the first couple times like I didn't know this was a library until I heard people are until they put that banner up. So you can tell, because right across from it is thiss spiffy tree start you. Yeah, and they're actually lovely flowers bloom the underneath it. But it says this speaking tree is the tree of learning. Um, cast bronze. And it was, I think, Bill, in honor of Greg Y it and you looked at my other tour, we kind of passed. Why it? While I was describing the upper quad, the upper and lower crowds on Commons and like campus life with that fraud, we kind of passed by in front of y it, so I think it's the same person. Hi guys. So I just wanted to talk about Vanderbilt and what kind of school it is, how big it is, where it is. So we are in Nashville, Tennessee, and that is a pretty big city. But Vanderbilt's campus is about like, um, ten minutes away from actual downtown Nashville. Um, and then, like the airport is twenty minutes, like fifteen to twenty minutes away driving. And so there is a different, decent mixed between city life and also campus life, because if you walk ten to fifteen minutes, you can actually go to a lot of stores and, um, places to eat. And then if you kind of drive ten minutes, you can also go to more places to eat. Of course, a wider variety of places, Um, and like Music Row, where there is a lot of because we are known for, like country music, there is. There are a lot of like recording studios that type of stuff about ten to fifteen minutes away by driving us well. And Randy Bo is a medium size school. I think they're about like seven thousand undergrads in total, with graduate students there about, like twelve thousand, so still medium sized, and the weather is actually really nice here. I came here because I thought the campus was really pretty. That was beautiful. And I also thought that I wanted to live somewhere warmer since I am from Pennsylvania. Um, so that those where's oh, large factors in choosing to come to Vandy and so more about the weather there are for four seasons, I think, um, very warm summer. So usually, like seventy five to eighty five degrees in the summer. I know almost every day when school started in August, like people were just sweating. Um, and we did have snow in the winter are attractive fall. We have a really pretty fall. Um, a lot of the trees changes, change colors. And that was something that is unique to Vanderbilt. I think we have a lot of different varieties of trees and actually have them label it. If you look really closely, some of whom come. And of course, we do have a lot of acorn trees since that is our school tree. So And it's also unlike our little emblem, if you look at it and oak tree with my little eat corn, so yeah, It definitely has ball. And if you look at most of the online pictures of Vanderbilt, you'll see that they are taken during the fall or the spring because that's when our campuses prettiest. And like I said before, we do have a cold winter. I wish I was actually surprised that I thought it was going to just be like a chilly winter, but it was actually pretty cold. So it got down to the teens and twenties and, of course, like the thirties to during wintertime. And so everybody was wearing padded jackets, parkas, boots, that type of thing. And it did snow. So you probably do you want Teo, bring a pair of shoes or boots that you think will be okay stepping in this snow. There isn't a lot of snow, and we got it. I think a total of three or four times and when we do get it's like one too four inches. But even that tiny amount, because it is we are in the South school can cancel and your classes may be cancelled. Depends on how your professors can get here as well. Um, so yeah, and it also rains a lie come spring time, it gets warmer. Right now. It's March late March and the temperature eyes ranging from, like, late fifties, too late sixties. Um, right now, um, so But also, it's kind of weird the weather right now, because it because I think of like, the storms that were going on in the northern area with, like, nor'easter, um the temperatures were arranging, like, before I left for spring break. It was around, like, seventy degrees. And then when I came back, it was like fifty degrees or late forties forties. So yeah, I can change, but spring is usually worm. There's a lot of rain in Nashville, and a lot of the time it's heavy rain. So, like pouring. So I've seen a lot of people were like rain boots. So you definitely want to have shoes. Definitely want to check the weather everyday, carrying umbrella when you think it's going to rain. And then, yeah, so four seasons Really nice weather, I think. Um, really nice area. Nice size, um, and think it's a decently size school so that you have a lot of new people you can meet, um, and they're very different, right? Because there are so many people. Well, you're just going to come across like people of different majors, different schools. So you can kind of expand your social circle, get to know you get to interact with people that you might not on a normal basis or how like you did in high school. Bye. Um, because there is a pretty large student population, two, you won't get to know everyone. And I think that's just kind of nice for me. Because then I can look forward to meeting new people every year. And upperclassmen are super nice. They're very helpful, too. Um, they just want you to feel comfortable of Andy and have a good first year. So if you do come across, upperclassmen definitely approached them and asked them for advice, just like, ask them about their experience of indeed Yeah, and I really like food. And I like music as well, not a big country music fan, but I'm starting to get used to it. So if you do like city, the city area, which is something that I did like, then you might want to consider Nashville and Vanderbilt. So, yeah, I was a little bit about the school, and I hope you guys enjoy taking a look at Vanderbilt here. Okay, so here, now we are walking on Peabody Esplanade. Peabody Esplanade is the kind of yard around our Peabody College, which is the School of Education and Human Development. Sorry. Now wears on a lawn. It's basically a lot of trees. If you look his building, the kind of behind the trees. But over here is Peabody Library. And that's where a lot of the freshman underclassman like he won the Peabody College go to study because closest to comments, um, down over there's Wyatt Hall and Whitehall is kind of the most famous picture of van their belt. Um, it's on a lot of our missions. Blog's. It is basically another area part of the Peabody campus for educational studies. And then over here is the rest of the body. Campus? Yes. Fun fact. Um, Vanderbilt is actually a national Arboretum. What is the fancy word for a place of a lot of trees? People actually come here to study trees. Hey, we're here. This is how we check out our breakfast. We come, We bring our food way, swipe our car's way, get twenty one meals a week for fresh manner. And it's good that you're getting a lot. Wait a lot of food. It's just very large amounts. Hi. My name is Douglas Pentagram, a current freshman and Vanderbilt University class twenty one tankard. I'm originally from home. What? So I'm a little bit far from home here in Nashville, Tennessee, but I really love it here. But honestly, bad Nero has for me. Not only do I live here, but all my friends are here. I really just feel apart this community. Right now we're on comments, which is ten houses that are exclusively just refreshing living. It's really to build that first year community here in Van A road. I really love it. We have games, people always on the lawn, playing Frisbee, playing Spike ball. It's not like that. Be the common sentiment tournament here. Coming Centre has everything from a gym free going work out. It has table tennis. It has cafeteria, has a grocery store. It has a pool tables allowing you to sit on TVs. Everything can imagine. Just for the freshmen here, Vanderbilt's really fun experience of the biggest house on comments. It's where a lot of the freshman live. I think there's about three hundred people that live in Hank, but the other houses are all about like one to two hundred. There are a lot smaller with a little bit of pan right here in the house. Money and the big pillars, that standby house. Actually, we're Island, That's it. Yeah, it's honestly, really great community hamper fresher, and I love it. I personally chose Van because of that community aspect. I got into a lot of a lot of other prestigious academic institutions, and at some point, all the academics are really equal. Like, I don't think I'll be getting any less of an education here anywhere else. And I really think that other places have a very good education as well. What really came down to him from me was just a community of Annabella is just amazing. You never see people just fighting or like crying all the time. They're really happy is when you're on campus to a lot of other organizations with a lot of stone, or she's involved in a lot of ways for you to just really get involved on Vanderbilt's community. And that's what I love. Yeah, so basically, that was common center. I really love it. Here is a really great coming transcript community. And with that, I'm gonna be taking a few short videos around campus. They're gonna be like, snaps are like little Clique videos of my day. We're gonna go to my classes when I go through me. After tasked with four tasked me going division's going to different groups like that coronation on campus. You're really to see a sneak peak of my life. So thank you for watching and hope you enjoy and could always meet up for questions. You're in anything. My email is stuck les dot l it's one s and l dot finnegan vandeveld dot edu Here's Michelle and Lisa Ayse. This's definitely not plan. I wish it I would have been so smart. Yeah. I also have on Instagram Douglas when asked about it and and yeah, I guess. And follow me there. Ask any questions, and you have a great rest of the year. Hi, everybody. Welcome to Central Lawn. So this lawn is basically in the middle of campus. You have Central Library right here. I'm sorry. I'm reminded the lines have Loki list, but Central library's mean library on campus is open till about midnight. There's eight floors. You cannot tell. It's a really nice library, and I really love this study there, but I could get, like, really quiet, like pin drop, quiet, kind of feel bad for breathing. But it's okay. Great place study. There are some rooms and go with your friends. You be a little bit more social right now. Just like random people sitting out here on the lawn was a great day. It's really exciting. Everyone loves to be outdoors here. Brand of all, it's a great time over here. We have Steven Sandwich love, math classes, science class. It's stuff like that, bacteria. But checkers were a lot of the Let me see. Some languages are, yes, a really exciting time about to go to my writing seminar on my from the universe. Really exciting class about like extraterrestrial life in the biology behind that. Right now, we're actually studying transformers, which is a science fiction, obviously from home culture. But we like looking till like the biological aspects of it and like it could be true. But I have to look like stuff like that. Really exciting. Somebody go study. Had to go run away for that. But thanks for much. Do you have a great day Next building we have here is Wilson a Hall Wilson. The hall hosts and holds most of our social science classes. So, for example, I have micro economics and I have my history course, the Darwinian Revolution and this club in this building. So yeah, look inside. What about this is well, San, It's cool. Goes upstairs. Fun fact. I've never been upstairs from here. My we'll check back in on you fast. Okay. So today we had another de stress his dad and holding her ice cream occasionally event about. We'll have these things where they just have us the stress. We talked to some dogs. It's, um ice cream free pizza out of snacks. Yeah. So basically, that's a day in the life of Vanderbilt. Oh, and look more. He will recording. Having fun. Hey, Grace Log! Yeah. Ee I know by Misa And that's a day in the life of a Vandy student. Okay, so behind the main academic quad, we have this, like, huge cluster of buildings. And this is where, like a lot of the sociology, the con and like Poly psych classes are. This is one of my favorite.