Wartburg College Campus

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Right next door to Luther Hall, which is like a walk away is another building that has been the heart of my college career so far, which is the city's building, and this is pretty cool. So if you guys I haven't shown you this, this is something you will probably most likely see. And then over here it is from classroom that I showed if, uh, it's basically the computer lab room. Current labs for my one class which rose meet here writing. Pam did that one. Um, there's another costume, right? In this classroom was the one for my Me. You're right. So this is where we mainly wet Metz. And there is another door and the elevator behind here. So I think there's also leads up to the third floor where it leads to the Luther. Hell, yes, top of her. And down here is where the other part of C. T. C. Is. Some of this? Yes. Part of the administration and that were King. You know that, Teo. They basically help us. Any Elektronik cool devices that you have, like computers you're setting up. You're on TV or your blue ray. Whatever that you were trying to connect to the network here, you probably would want to contact them. Has the shows here. It has a signer here if you don't. All right. If the ideas how cask Candace is higher. I guess that we have to call Bush number or email them. You should get some help or information, but I would probably like if they're not showing that sign up. Bye. But when I came in, I walked. I just walked in, and I was like, Hey, I don't know about my Amazon fire stick. Can you help me? They were like, yeah, sure. And they gave me the whole thing, and I just had to email down the information that they said they wanted me to do it and my thing set up. So it was like cooking easy. Is that so? If you ever need help with technology hearing us tell us the end, CTC, because this is the smallest part of the building. Um, but, yeah, it was It's been part of my school life as ideas helped ask. You did help with my electronic devices. And upstairs was my media ready class. Right now, I'm in the W where most of the gym at athletic classes and for language classes take place. So gonna show you now where to go when you come to the W? Our first stop on left, basically where the basketball team plays, and they have a couple games home here in this chin, Perry. Can. There are some awards this side basically on all sides him. Here's a better view off Cooper. Men are here of unopened track, small track and the basketball playing area complete tennis inside the rooms, so it's basically close off some basketball. It's a play on this idea of playing your classrooms. He's crossed our was, like, only, like, four. Yeah. And on. This is where you find a bigger truck number. Other teams practice. Where anybody can use to track during certain time. Downstairs. You have, um, recon work out with machines. Wait. Come in over here. Place where you can find to me. Which is the best move. These supposedly in this school? Um, any gering salad sandwiches? Just anything. Basically. I'm right here. Ha! The world. And in the last place you need to know about you if we do have a health clinic, which is downstairs, Um you just sign right here. I told you where exactly it isthe, and you can go there whenever munition shots. You need, uh, slipped for your class. You're sick. Always. Just come down here and you will sign it paper slip to get your teacher. And that was for you to wear off. You know, class, I'm gonna show you the second building that has really impacted my career here at Warburg And where main, many of her classes will be out. So right here we have the board to what made term classes are for in our study abroad. Um, any other posters? This's the financial aid ofthis poster. It was offices. All right. Here you will find bunch of our people put their stuff at, But I'm not really sure our cost is it? But I knew I know that. But their stuff up here and it's always different. And on these walls is very fine. More information about Martin Luther as marching that there as a big talk when we come to our birth. So there's like a lot of information about him. They think this words updated just this past year. And over there is basically where a few of the crosses are. One of the classrooms I did have my am one twelve class. Also right here if you didn't know. Oh, this is where the president's offices. So he's the president of Barber College. I met with him once to do an interview for my audio production final. And if you like, ever want to talk to him or, like email him, you probably see him around campus or like a campus events. So this is where it is. This is, and you'll probably find it because you'll most likely be walking through. We lose their home. So up here it is. Cleared other eyes. Classes are found. My finest class. Is Mr Pritchett too visible and that only meets on Monday nights. Says I said in my daily schedule video. Oh, I went down that dark hole. We always It was my, uh, freshman. I asked Class, which was Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Well, no glasses they're like, but that doesn't mean eyes class. It will be easy. Um, it basically talks about leadership. Faith service, which is? Are bricks and main points. Second floor on the other side. He walked over there. Um, that's where you can find the staff's office, um, to the main office for the creative writing and leadership. But I don't know if it's open right now because they closes off at a certain time. So this was your tour off through their home. And I know you guys will be coming through here. So that's why you need to see it if you