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All right. So now at the Washington College fastball, for its part, the rec center. It's also I am Games are like volleyball, dodgeball and for real sports were free. And they have fastball here on volleyball there as well. And students love to come and cheer on our team. Also next door is Washington swimming pool. All right. So now I'm leaving. What? Martha Washington Square. And I'm on my way to the dining hall. Get there and over here is where all the postings are. So there a sortie event return the event. Um, any clubs or organizations have something theywant advertised? They'll post it up here. Yeah. So this is what the Cater welcome. Looks like the significance of the underwater is that everyone will pass this a million times in their day because it's the central hub of all back of Devon buildings. And so no matter where you live, you're always gonna be walking across here. Connects to our dining hall. All right, So now I'm on my way to class and I'm talking about the weather here, so we do have four seasons. Sometimes you get them all in one week, though. Last week it snowed reign. It was sunny, sixty four degrees, all in the same way. So it's kind of crazy, but we are right off the water, so it does tend to be pretty windy and it rains a lot as well. All right. This is the bell of washing college. It was donated by alumni of school. And every time washing college wins a sports game, tournament match or anything, students all come out here and they ring the bell and cheer for that team. So. I'm very it's a great place to just do homework and you have been different. It's the campus green were bunch of people way out hanging out one's nice. How unfortunate. All right, So this is the Washington College campus screen. It's where people like to come and study and do homework and just hang out there friends when it's nice out and for you. Nice faces is also where graduation Hi, everyone. I'm suddenly available. I'm from North Brunswick, New Jersey, to an F O's away from Washington. Call it. I am a psychology major with the concentration, clinical counseling, any minor and sociology. I'm so excited for you guys. Get to see what Washington holds looks like. So let's go. Hey, guys, I just want to tell you a little bit about washing college and once all about and tell you why I chose this school. So orgy, when I was looking all I knew was Rutgers and I want could fuck her so bad because it's a big school with football games and a large campus with a lot of supposed spirit. But then when I was looking, I realize that I really want the smallest cool. Because, Professor, the actually interface and being a freshman, it's really important to know professors for recognition letters and present days and everything in between. Human just help on the homework. It's nice to be able to go to their office hours and they know who you are and they know your name. So the school itself is very small, which could be for any self people to me and I love it because there's about firing people in my class itself, which is about the same in my high school. And I knew everyone at my school, which I loved. Everywhere you go, you see people let you know, and it's very comforting, especially being a freshman to know. Okay, I'm walking to the dining hall, but I'm going to see five people who know, and it's very like you see to transition that way because you don't feel so long. Basically, class wise, per class. You have to meet with that class for two hours a week. So if it's Monday, Wednesday Friday, it's fifty minutes so that egos, too. Two hours. If it's Tuesday Thursday, it's an hour and fifteen, and if it's one day a week, that is two hours. So there's four credits per class and each costs me two hours away, depending on if it's four. If it's the full four credits, Um, so you're really not because very often, but you do have a large course load outside of lies because of the four credits and because you're not meeting as much. So you have off while working on studying and a lot of people's butts all reasonable, and they understand they are taking on. The cost is so they're very suitable, really on cementing something. So do as I said earlier, I have a sake major with concentration, political counseling. And what that means is, if you are a psychology major, you can just be general psychology, which focuses on everything in psychology. Or you could do in neuroscience concentration or critical council concentration has kind of hold counseling. Therefore, I take plus signs, classes and more communication discussing. And so that I would get a bachelor and the arson of a bachelor in signs. Um, and then I'm a minor. Sociology is. So take six sociology classes, along with six sociology classes. You have to also take the required, so it's the only houses. So you really don't get to choose the water into that. You really, really want. And then, for psychology, it's take ten classes and they give you the cost of the ad to tape. You can choose between certain ones. I only have like the free ones that are just like fun. So honestly, there are pros and cons, and there are going to put comes a matter where you go. What you decide. The pros are definitely this size. You know, your professors, they know you. You have someone. He restarted his questions. I called the department like I can do research this upcoming summer if I really, like, want Teo or if I can or like you just have so many opportunities because people know who you are, right off the bat. I can. Another Paro is that you're gonna walk downtown only about a ten minute walk to the main chute, which is called High Street. And it's all like local businesses and get ten percent off for most of the places. Like all the coffee shops. A lot of the stores have you to show your soon, my auntie, you get ten percent off and it's all that nothing has changed except for like, there's dominoes and talk about a couple of fast food restaurants. But other than that, everything was very local, like mom, pub places. But coming from home, I didn't have that at all. I was all like to pull away and, sir cou and, oh, job produced and whatnot. Panera so actually nice coming care and knowing that you're supporting families and local was that like getting to know everyone and you'll be walking outside of business. And there's like dogs because owners bring the dog and it's just very friendly. And I'm so nice you meet new people. All of you live in town, just one like, you know, all the students, and they're so nice to you. It's just it's really, really, really welcoming and environment is so special. But I would say along with the pro being in small school, there is the Khan that because it's a small school, that it's hard to network with a lot of people because there's always someone able to choose from to network with. So connections can be loved it. However, when you join clubs and join research opportunities and join us or do you return, you make these connections. That won't mean so much in the long run. So I would say, if you're coming to a small school, join as many things as possible and as many people as possible because these connections are so important, especially because it is a small school. There's not going because my people to me. And so when I was visiting schools I was about twenty. Campus is just a lot and all this goes kind of tend to play together. It was like the scene they use in the dining hall. You see residents all you see, the library and so on. But the thing is to have to be in Washington was literary house, which I you have shown your eyes already. It's amazing. There's free t you do the homework there. It's just so homey and like that stood out to me so much. Clouds like this is call. This is nowhere to be found at any other school and just like the people they like wanted to know who you are. Like my mission's counselor knew my name when I accepted she when I came to visit for, like, Minutes to say, she was like, Congratulations, Sidney, like we're so happy to have you. And I was like, Wow, you know what, my face my name like, you know what their school's kind of feels like. Give that Teo, and it's just special. So I had to go back to my senior year and give myself a advice. I would tell myself that don't stress, but we're gonna end up because you're gonna end up where you are. Meant to end. I was so sure that life last year about choosing the right school and getting into the school that I really want to go to. And sometimes you're number one isn't going anywhere you end up. I was being too mean Washing College, where ended up, and Maris College, which was in New York, and I My heart was settled Maris for a very long time, and then I got my acceptance to both schools. But I got more money to wash in college, and Washington College ended up being this warm, Ah, home, Terry, because that's how it decides, Um, on Washington College. But I would say, Don't stress about where you're getting into getting accepted to because you don't know what you're meant to be and that's move you important because I wish I didn't stress so much about getting into merits or getting in the washing college because it all. I don't works out in the end, no matter what, you're going to be happy with where you end up. All right, So we're now washing college. RECs open and faculty open every day. Mom has pretty good hours and have lots of equipment.