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Thinking about Western Oregon University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Western Oregon University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Western Oregon University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Western Oregon University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Western Oregon University experience. These Western Oregon University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Hello There

Cheyanne Bumgardner

Oregon, Sign Language, Class of 2022



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Thanks For Visiting Western Oregon University! Ackerman Hall

All right. So now I'm gonna show you what a typical double room looks like. A heritage. So Welcome to Heritage Hall. So, as you can see, we have all the same furniture like the other girls. Bags to wardrobes, two dressers, two deaths, trusting recycling bin and then also the maker. Fridge freezer in microwave. So fun perks. So parentage is what is considered the typical freshman hall here on campus. I helped because Heritage houses on Lee first year students. Where is in half German and Landers? They have first and upperclassmen students, Heritage features a ballroom, a billiards fruit and a TV lounge. And they do lots of fun events in the ballroom, so maybe you'll even catching event So right now, we're in Ackerman Hall, and I'm gonna show you what a typical double room and Ackerman looks like, so come on. So this is my room. This is a typical double room for Ackerman. You've got two beds, two dresses to wardrobes, two desks, trash can and recycling bin. And then there's also a micro fridge freezer in my grave. That's a new addition this year. So, yeah, there are a lot of personal living Ackerman like the single Stalin's winter mutual restrooms and the hall specific laundry rooms. There were some things I really enjoy. I also want to tell you a few of my dorm essentials, so those would be a shower caddy and shower shoes. A fan. A match is topper in a locked desk. There are some things you're going to want to have when you come to university. Also, I have a job here on campus called Being Ah hall host. And basically what that means is I give tours of the resident tallest to prospective students and their families here on campus. So if you're looking for a leadership position as a first year student, that's something Okay, so right now we're in the Werner University Center, also known as this is kind of like the main hub of Western organs campus. There are so many great resource is in this building, and we're going to take a little tour so I can show you all of this one degree first. So you know what? Down this way, vending machines that's a college must have. There's a bank and credit union on the side. That's something very unique to have case you're not with. We're running by this office over here. They have lots of windows. And here this is Abby's house. This is Western Organ Center for Equity and gender Justice. They do lots of events on campus. They have resources for anyone who ever just wants to talk and go say hi to deal with domestic violence, sexual assault. That it was all kinds of things like that. Really wonderful people who work in there. Always a good resource to know that you have, because not all and then as we continue over here, we have the Veterans Research Center who is very friendly to our nontraditional students, which includes veterans So they have their office for resource is for veterans who need that. And if you are the spouse of the veteran or the child of a veteran, they will. Over here. Way this building. There's no one in their right now. This is just a little Sunday. This is our center here on campus for the LGBT Q plus community. Again, there's some really wonderful people. They're always there to talk. There's this wonderful closer national coming out day adventurers out here and you can be, too. L G B T Q plus Frederick community here. That's something a lot of people are looking for this computer over here. I do most of the day and even reason. People come here and study. They do meetings here. I'm in there, Scott. The book is well known over here. This office's service learning in True development Center. Can I keep saying this really wonderful people who work in there? That's where you go. If you have any questions about resumes, cover letters, finding a job on or off campus. They're very, very helpful with that. You can walk ins when they quickens as well. This is the non traditional student lounge. We're not gonna go in there, but that's for nontraditional students who are typically older, you know? Not eighteen. Twenty range. Thank you. And then as office as well stands for the Associated Students of us. Morgan University. This is our student government here on campus printing. This is the office where they have meetings. Yeah, that's how they do promotional events throughout the year. All right, so now we're upper level Wei have look. And over here, we have the full story. This is where you're gonna go to pick up all your text books as well as any food. You know what? Really Enjoy bookstore. I spent a lot of time in there. All right. Here. We have to soothe fears office guys met Ellie earlier on. Ellie works in student affairs. This is where you go. If you need coasters approved to be hung up on campus. This be good. If I know all sorts of events, you're going to get so many e mails from the Student Affairs office just telling about all the fun events that we have here on campus. So and then also upstairs in the loop Western. Those were two other places you don't campus in our main hangar. However, with you plan, you do not get forty percent pricing. So not something to note if you're Never in the seating area for gossip. Starting called. As you can see, we have lots of two get together with friends. Over that way, there is another section to the training hall. There more seats to eat, their food and stuff like that. So, like I said, this is where we're gonna be eating most of your food as a student. Here you have a meal plan and their five different meal plan options. All of different prices. And in about cents, you get forty percent of retail pricing with everything you purchased your meal plan. So that's something to see here who you really value. I mean, ability. Great. Wait, do you hear? Wait. He trashed everything that you eat. Everything you purchase when you're eating your train compost heap takes off everything I think we created here, so pretty do that. And over here we have another sustainability option. This is the machine green. It's a ball because reusable, it's a red container that kind of looks like a take out. And you could use that to take any of your to go. Later, when you're finished eating, gives your points and you get next. Everything you just did twenty five cents. Well, this is super. I love it. All right, everyone. So right now I'm here with my friends sensor, and he's going a little bit about himself. So I'm a host. And as a whole host, I also two rooms. Just like Shannon over here. And I am also a first year and I live here on first Christians and in heritage. Yeah. So he lives in here too tall. I live in Ackerman. He lives in heritage. Inhuman MacKenzie, who lives in Flanders. So, yes, you said you're a whole host and you give tours. What's your favorite part about being a cultist? My favorite part of upping your whole host is game to see all the friendly faces on campus. And I like seeing the faces of the people being toward right off looking at the rooms. They're so excited for sure. Yeah, Giving called us for is just so much it is already. So why did you choose to attend? Who has your school? I trust Booth because it is affordable and it is very diverse. You will see a wide variety of people. You will never see the same people. It's always something new and different. Which is something, Angela? Yes, and something that note about the affordability of Western. There are a plethora of universities and colleges in the state of Oregon, and Western organ is actually the second most affordable college in the entire state. So that's something to know. It's cheaper than university word in our organ state university. Which of the two universities that most people think of when they think of organ, So All right, so describe the student body here. You said its diverse. Is there anything else that you think makes our student funny? Interesting. We'll make her strip body interesting is that everyone here is friendly. It can be very surprising. But everyone here is friendly. You can talk to anyone. Everyone you might be walking by, someone you don't know. They might say good morning or hello. It's just a very good, kind community. Yeah, it's definitely community here. Okay, So what is your major in career aspirations? My major is education with a focus in high school Spanish. I want to be a high school Spanish teacher at my old high school. So how would you describe the academic climate here will in general and then also any education In general? Prices are very relaxed. It's not lecture. It's more discussion. Base. Yes. And your teachers, your professors here actually care about you in other colleges like Eww. Oh, you're just a number here. The professor's know you by name, and I really like that. And in the education program, everyone wants to do the same thing. So everyone's pushing each other supporting each other. It's a very good community for education. Yeah, Education is one of our most popular majors here at Western. And that's because we have argue, Believe the best education program in the state working. Yeah, already. So what is your favorite and least favorite part about who and why? And you could be honest and dancing Question. My favorite part about WHOA, like I said earlier, is the sense of community. Everyone here is so friendly, there's just so much to do want Western Teo every like it. And what I don't like about Western is that it's a small campus. There is a long to do on campus, but now off campus. So if you want to go eat somewhere, you have to go to a bigger town like Sailor. That's true. Okay, so this is our last question. This is a bonus question. What is your favorite place to eat off campus either In Monmouth, Foreign independence kid, My favorite place to eat in Monmouth, I would say, is sing fai. They have very good Chinese food. Soup is pretty good. All right. Well, that's all the questions. I have few Thanks for being in this video. Is there anything you would like to add at the very end of this? Let's see what I hoped to see your hero Western. Yeah. We hope to see you on campus since I thank you for being here and we'll see in the Okay, so we're in there Richard Woodcock, education building right now. And I'm gonna show you Run what it's a classroom looks like in here. So you could see this costume is pretty large rather than your typical desk. And that's because the College of Education houses the American Sign Language Slash, English interpreting program as well as the education program. And those are two of our most popular majors here Will. And with those majors, you do a lot of communication work. And most of the causes air. Not your typical lecture class, where you're sitting in desks and rose taking notes, which is something I love. So like in my SL class, we will sit at our tables and we will converse so that everyone can see each other as well as an education classes. They do the same thing, so it's really wonderful classroom lots of natural way. And again, something you will really love is that we don't sit in desks here. It will in a lot of our classes. So now we're in at the honors classroom and the academic program and Support services building. This is our honest costume. I am part of the honors program, and I personally love it. There are a lot of personae in the audio program. Get a really rich experience. You also have smaller class sizes, lots of fun, stuff like that. We also have our own dedicated classroom. Like I said, this is the hottest costume, two glasses and here this term, and this costume is only used by honors students. So that's a really big plus. That's a nice white boards we could. There's some writing on here about philosophy. I have philosophy class this morning, and we were talking about Plato. So the otters costume that we're in right now this is pretty similar to a lot of classrooms here on campus. It will like you saw in the Richard Woodcock Education Building. We don't like to sit at desks in rows here, way like to sit in rounds, and we liketo have communication with each other about something All right, So right now we're in downtown Monmouth. A couple of my friends and I from school. We just went and got some dinner at yeasty yeasty, which we've talked about in some other videos. Used to B C. Man, I'll tell you what. Good food. If you want some quality pizza, go tease Beastie, other restaurants we like to eat out there's, like singing fig, Heidi tacos, those gruesome burger ville. Yeah, we've got some other fun places, even parks. You can hang out out with some of your friends. There's lots of fun places. There's also like d i y. Which is like a Boba tea place. Um, yeah, lots of fun businesses, Mom. It's a pretty small town, so there's not a lot to do. But there is still some things to do. And also about ten minutes down the road, there's a town called independence. All right, so now we're in independence. Like I said, in the last cook, Independence is about ten minutes from Monmouth, so not that far of a drive. It all there is a road that runs right through both towns and you can get to itself find me. We have the Willamette River. Um, in the town where I grew up in my hometown we have a river, So the river is something I really like. Tio, go spend time out. Sometimes they just go sit down by the river and play my ukulele or just sit and think. Um, that's pretty nice. So, yeah, and Independence. There's some other restaurants like, um, my whole Katie and I we just went in eight at a Mexican restaurant and had some very authentic Mexican takis. Um, there's also some more fast food here. There's like a McDonald's in one, there's a dairy queen into subway here. There's like a McDonald's. Lots of other places to eat. There's a cute little ice cream shop called Independent Ice Cream. Parlour is a bookstore, Um, and there's another park. So independence is a really fun little town that I like to spend time. There's more things to do than there is in Monmouth, and it's not that far away. A couple of other things I wanted to talk about it would be like where you couldn't go to purchase things like Where do I go to shop? So in Monmouth there is a store called by Mart, which, if you're from Oregon, you probably heard of Bi Mart so barbaric they have pretty much everything you need. They have school supplies, they have food, cleaning supplies, most of the stuff you're going to need. You can go to Bi Mart if you need. Like an actual grocery store. There's a grocery store called Roths R O T. H s here in Independence. So about ten minutes away and then in a town called Dallas Oregon, which is about fifteen minutes away, there's a safe way. There's a WalMart, their stores like that if you need like a superstore. Um, if you want to go to like a target, that's about thirty minutes away in Salem. And then my last thing I want to talk about is the weather. So here in the will emit Rally of Oregon, it's pretty cold Most of the year. Um, usually forties fifties sixties That's pretty typical for the winter time it gets. It gets warm in the summer, up into the eighties, in the nineties. But during the school year, if you were going to be it woo, it's a pretty cool climate. It rains a lot. You get used to the rain pretty quickly and you learn to appreciate it. But yeah, it's not super warm. It gets pretty chilly, but it's a good way to be fashionable with your long sleeves and your genes. Okay, everyone. So right now, I am here with my friend Ellie and Ellie is gonna tell you a little bit about her And what Quester. Ellie and I am at their years to peer at Westmore University, and I am very involved on Memphis. So I have an early childhood education major, but also involved with the orientation team, which we call plus team. I'm also student ambassador, working this to engage my office as a leadership program, the assistant. So I get to plan incoming events for freshmen on campus. And then I also work in the student affairs office. She does a lot of things here on campus to see her around. And if you come for a tour in person, like she said, she's on plus teams who would like to see her. So you're too, like, main positions are plus Team and Ambassador. You want to explain those? And what are your responsibilities for Krusty? Yeah, so plus team stands for appear letters, understanding students. And basically, what our role is is to work with freshman who have already been admitted, and we look into some orientations of them tell about what they're advising their registration as well as any other questions that you might have to give them housing tours. We helped them get all their housing informations runaway. He also were called parents. And then we also put in a new suit of sinister because a week before soon's come on campus. And what we do is we have events that happened Sunday through Sunday, and it's literally seven AM toe one AM Social events, events, events that just keep happening over and over again, way just like to make sure that freshman Armando elections on campus and they're working to get connected with the right people and that you know where all the different classes are. And I'm also soon ambassador. So what an ambassador's position is is we work with prospective students. So unlike posting where we're already working with students who are admitted, we're working with teams who are admitted and they're looking at different colleges in the area. So as an ambassador, it's kind of my job to really be the face of Western, as in I really sell Western of it. They wanted either not Yeah, So, like I told you guys about how Paul host and I give tours of the president's holes. So Ellie has an ambassador will give a tour of the rest of the campus while I just give tours of the president's house. Yeah. So what is your favorite part about both of those passions going? Maybe rip part is being able to make those connections on busting me get to make connections of not only the student but also the family and sending your child off to college can be like a very sentimental moment, but it can also be bittersweet. And so being able to make those connections parents and, uh, really allow them to realize they're in a safe place and they really are home here in Western is definitely the best. Okay, so why did you choose to attend? Yes. Yeah. So originally was a pre nursing major. My freshman year and Western is one of the only schools in organ. Actually, one of five that hasn't. Ohh. You can't piss on our campuses. It's organ Health and Sciences University. So is usually interested for me. If I want to do all my prerequisites here for nursing, I could just stay in Monmouth. Infinite mission graduate with my nurse three, so it's not really interesting to me. But Western is also known for Education department, and I end up pushing over the station the end of my freshman year. And for me, that was just kind of a turning point for me. That just really made me fall in love with Western. So how would you describe the student body? Yeah, so I would describe the student body as extremely diverse. The student body here has students from all different areas. We also have a large population of international students, which is six percent of our campus. But if you think about being on a smaller campus, that is quite a large amount. And then we also just have a lot of students who want to be involved in different things. So you'll have people who want to work with nations. They'll have people who also want to work with different clubs, organisations. So being able to have that divers, population and diverse student body just really is allows for a very long around the campus. Yeah, so you say six percent of the campus about how many students are there? We were given here. There's about fifty three hundred case. That's okay. So you said your major now is education. What type of education focused in what is your career aspirations? Yeah. So I am in early childhood education, major. And what that means is that when I graduate, I will have my licence and teaching, and I either want to teach kindergarten or first grade it's. And then how would you describe the academic climate here, Lou? In the education program And then? Yeah. So I think that put climate sorry is just very richness. Professors are there with you through the entire process, and they're there to talk, to ask questions, Any support that you may need. This professors are there Tio provide that to you and then also with just academics in general. I feel like all my classes have been very well structured and very well planned out. I get to have a classic kind of fallen to the ground I got into shatters. It's all been super simple on the materials just right there laid out for you. And then, asshole. I would just say that Western is very strong academically, but you're not a smaller university. You really get that one on one experience their professors also with your peers, and it's just so important to college. Okay, So what is your favorite and least favorite thing about? You could be honest. Yeah, So my favorite thing about Wu is definitely being on a smaller campus. That's one thing that's really attracted to me, especially because he had to make connections with all different students, all different parents and faculty and etcetera. But my least favorite thing about Western is Monmouth is a smaller area, So luckily, I am from, uh, New York town, so I'm only from about twenty five minutes away, so I really don't have to go that far to do things. However, it is a smaller Tommy. There's not a lot of things Tio Dio, unless you have it all generally figured out before you. Yeah, for sure. Moment has a population of just under and thousands so that have been mind if you're coming from a bigger city. It's really nice to be in a small town, but it could be definitely a big change. So then, this is our last question is a bonus question. What is your favorite place to eat off campus either In Mom, the cost of freedom? For sure. I'm really big on Mexican food and that is something for me. I understand. Critic about Mexican food on cost. The Breda has one dollar tacos on Tuesday, so I definitely need, like, none of those at a time on DH. Then I would say that East TBC is pretty good too, because I am a pizza addict as well. It's been about Yes, they're about again. Okay, well, is there anything else you'd like to add? I think that whatever school you end up choosing, I think that Westerners summit you should deeply consider. And if you do have the ability, Tio, come out here in schedule. A tour with one of us more than willing to show you around. It's Well, thank you so much for your time. Yes, thank you. I'LL see you later. So now we're in a costume and Campbell Hall camera follows our heart building here on campus. So as you can see, much like our other top story, the desks or not, it grows. We're not sitting in election. He's a really wonderful, nice big desk. Work hard. I'm in an art class this term, but I really enjoy it. And I love having home this desk space. So hey, all where it looks like this cluster working in color wheels so awesome Professor to department. They're all very two very home super patient with your work. And I have a lot of fun working with them, And I have a lot of cost is in