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So one interesting thing about Gonzaga's that it is located in Spokane, Washington, which many people probably don't you don't know about. If you're not from Washington, I'm from Portland, Oregon, and even know about it. Spokane, Washington and Frank right above about me about like a six hour drive. But there's a lot of things to do here. It is listed as like the top ten small cities for Booty's. So there's a lot of food, great food options tried like about like, ten restaurants here, and they all have been fantastic and finish for you. That a really great thing that you could do is go to court Elaine, Idaho, which is only about a half an hour drive here from Spokane, Washington, which is where Gonzaga's located and theirs. It's a giant lake town where there's a lot of things to do like you, Khun go cliff jumping or some hiking. And they're a lot of other options here. Gonzaga. You can do that with not just court Elaine, but there's so much outdoors activities here to do. I definitely recommend it and maybe join Gonzaga Outdoors Club outdoors, which is a club here. Gonzaga. That makes it really easy accessible to do all Okay, so for how is it Gonzaga University? There are a lot of options, especially first years. They're two options you can go with for as a freshman at Gonzaga University, you can either choose the traditional residence halls or you can choose a suite, which is similar should apartments. Most of you guys will probably choose traditional residents holes I live in. Catherine Monica. Ours. We call it C M, but the most popular one is Coughlin, which we call Hotel Kagame. So large other options are Madonna, Alliance, Cream, aunts, Ismet Lincoln, Wrong, Kali and Welsh as well. However, if you guys wanna live somewhere else, that isn't like residence halls because a dorm lifestyle isn't the thing for you. Their options, such as Tui, dollar, Dooley, Dylan, which are like you guys share like a space and a bathroom. But you have your separate rooms that you share with another person. There are options you can choose, such as a single, A double or triple. However, single is very rare here. Guns are because we don't have that much space, and housing is only on campus housing. So the fully library here, Gonzaga is a pretty good library. It's usually where most students on campus do. They're studying. I find that, yes, it's a good option to do, or it's an option to study here in your dorm because desks are like a pretty good size. However, the studies have shown there's studies have shown that if you separate your work space from your sleeping space then or you're studying space, I mean then you become more productive because this the space or the library, which is where I studied because it's a decade dedicated space to do all your studying and your work. Then you like when you get there than your mindset is toe work. Whereas if you do it here, then it's hard to sleep because, Mom, you confused. Your idea of your dorm is not just a sleeping space, but rather it's also work, space and all other things as well. But the fully library has helped desks, which the people, the students and sometimes it measure is there are really helpful, and they can help. You do research, find books, help you out with essays are correct. Your essays, sometimes even and the fully library online is a great resource where they can do all the same things online. Twenty four hour, which is connected to the Jesuit education system here on the West Coast. Not the West Coast. The entire nation, really. And there is the first floor, which is but with the loudest second floor, which is like a medium sound level. And then you're like It's usually quiet study, but like and the third floor is completely silent, like I'd even go up over there inside because L chickened out because it was so quiet. And if you like making small noise, everyone looks at you. There's also the basement, and that place is really for AA group group work. And there is a lot of computers available. If you don't have a computer on campus than a, the library is always a good resource for So game, Daya. Gonzaga is one of the most exciting seasons here, Gonzaga basketball season, which is actually right now. And luckily, I film some amazing clips like Show You the real experience about the basketball season here. Gonzaga. So one thing that AA lot of students do is that we wait in line in the freezing cold of Spokane and, like twenty to thirty five degrees weather in Fahrenheit. So we, like, stay out in the freezing cold to be like the first ones in line for tickets. So we ensure that we get a spot in the student section because there are on ly a limited amount of tickets sold, zeroing in line for ticket distribution. They give one thousand two hundred of US tickets and we camp out in the cold for hours on end, then act like homeless people, right? Blake Hard. So I make sure to bring a blanket and a lot of like, warm clothes. And it's really although sounds like torture. It's really fun because you were with your friends and really just get experience of bonding. You get even more excited for the game day. It's a game day is amazing. Usually held on the same day that you wait in line and you get super hyped and we do our at the beginning the first five minutes before the actual game. The entire student section like does this crazy dance. And we, like, all know what to do and looks freaking amazing on camera. But it's really fun and you get supported. Team, get that team spirit and it's it's Hey, guys. So now I'm going to talk about my major. I'm a nursing major, Zurich Gonzaga, which is very different for a first year student on, uh, I didn't undergraduate for your college because nursing I like to get a nursing major public university or a normal universe. You would have to go through the prerequisites first and then apply to go or to get into nursing school later. And because of that, it's a lot harder, uh, to get into, especially a larger schools such as l. A or U Dub because there's so much more competition. So that's a big reason why I chose Gonzaga University because the nursing school, it was automatic acceptance based on the first year application on the Common, the experience has been really creates a nursing school They said it would be really. Or I know it's gonna be really hard sophomore year and up after again to the actual nursing program in junior year. But a lot of people said that the first year is going to be really difficult, and I got really scared. But I can assure you, nursing students, if you are coming. Two guns at universities, nursing school that it really isn't that much to worry about that for the first year, we'll be totally fine. And I totally believe in you the nursing, the nursing. So because I'm a nursing major. My schedule is really compact compared to other majors except for engineering, because theirs is really compact as well. But because of that, I don't really get very much of the way into the class, is that law? College students would get to take by choice, so that's one downside. But other than that, I think it's a really great opportunity and that highly recommended to anyone and everyone that supply into guns at university. That really advised, too probably sit near the front. So you Teacher Lee, sees you and maybe pays attention to you more. And I feel like it really forces yourself to be a better student by paying attention to the teacher because you know that the teacher can kind of watch because you're so close to them. Also, it's close to the board and easy to read things because sometimes teachers professors forget that. Forget like the size of the screens or not like the size of the entire wall, and so makes a really nice to just sit down near the front so down in the front and get the teacher to pay attention to you. All the classes are kind of mediocre, and sometimes we'll have swivel desks instead of these normal deaths, weaken, move around the classroom and being groups, and you can have a place for a backpack. Thinks it makes a really nice. But these air what most of our classrooms look like, some of the science ones and stuff look a little different, such as labs that look different as well. This is what a normal classroom Gonzaga would look like. Use it like desks here on a clock. He's one of all here on a board and in the projector projector. They always have a lot of functions. Mr. They control everything, Begin your seats, knows class really has assigned seating. However, it's important to note that it's most of our classes here. Gonzaga, Our lecture. Eating. Here comes I go on nichd dot com. It says that, uh, Gonzaga's an A for the campus food. I'd probably give it up, be probably the cause, which is where we mainly eat food, which is our biggest cafeteria here. Gonzaga is has, like, all right food on it, all right to good food on the week days. But on the weekends, it's just is not good. Usually me and my friends go out to eat most of time. But there's also another option, which is called Cataldo, And in that place they have like a set menu for, like the entire semester or year. I don't even know I've only been here first. A mess. Not even a semester so far. But the food is food is good overall, and there's a lot of options. There is vegetarian options, not good, which turn off options. Not very many things that don't have dairy, which kind of sucks like you can ask for it without dairy, but like it isn't as good. And then really weird thing here. Gonzaga's that they don't really. They serve a lot of red meats, like they sort of beef. Almost every single day and pork as well, and they certainly sometimes don't even serve chicken on some days. Which is kind of odd things to me because chickens like the healthiest meat that I know. Um, but the food's pretty good. Although meal plans are similarly priced, they're about like five thousand dollars per year. And then it can go go down to, like, about forty dollars. And somebody do you want unlimited swipes into the cafeteria's that you could get a top tier platinum plan? Or, if you want more bulldog bucks, which you could use a Starbucks or other restaurants this then you could go for Lord. But there isn't really. I wouldn't say one further than another. It's rather which one fits. Year needs the best. So, yeah, that's like, That's the food here, Gonzaga. Going to save you. Go. Bitch. What? No. Killed. Hey, guys. My name's object rowboats from Portland, Oregon. And I'm a first year nursing student. I'm going to be a virtual guide for Gonzaga University All right, So my top five, my top five room essentials for college, I'd say our more unique, Um, you know, like sheets, blanket a towel, like no doubt. The first thing is, ah, Hydro flask. I feel like most people in college already have hydro flasks. It's pretty popular thing. I'm not sure why it's especially popular in the Pacific Northwest on the West Coast in general, and a lot of us, I'll put stickers all around it. It's right here. I got my go zags sticker for a class twenty twenty to. Another thing that I would definitely recommend are some wireless headphones. Ones are called the Jaybird Ex threes. Airpods also work very well, but I used I got the J Bridge because they're like a third of the price of airports and they have. They have a wire, they say wireless, but they still that wire. But they're kind of like it because you can just put around your neck when you just walk around one year listening and someone talks to you thinking, Just drop it, I'll still be there the next. The next thing are some plants. I feel like a lot of people don't have plants in their dorms. It's a death must because it kind of expressions up the entire place and makes it feel bit more homey. You know that in most houses they have the other thing. A long board, really any type of skateboard. I know a lot penny board as well this funds by roommate, but they really make it easy to get around campus really quickly and really fast. Especially when you're late for class is a local. Inzaghi's campuses relatively small, compared tto many other campuses. It's still I can get you out of a pickle, say is like a ten foot cable. This one I definitely recommend anchor, which is the company. This is their breeding cable. I got White comes from red and black as well, but it really helps out on you. Charge your phone and move around. Boom. Just willing only however you like, and they're allegedly and expensive. Really good. A price on this one is about, like twelve dollars, which is a lot cheaper than apples like thirty dollar one that you get in stores. It's not even breathing those air five must haves that I would definitely bring before coming to college in the