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SRC, which is the sports and rec center. Here you can see behind me there's a whole gym which has all the stereotypical equipment in there, like ellipticals and treadmills and that sort of thing. So I'm going to go ahead. Up to the upper level of the game is that you can see some of the other stuff we have here, So I'm going up. You could see beside me is there's also a hot tub here, so that pretty awesome. You can make use of that. It's open a lot. I don't know the exact hours. Then here we have the track. Um, and then on the lower level, underneath the track, our Jim says, basketball, I think. And then also there is a rock wall. So you could rock climb here, which is so much fun. I've done that credibility. It, um what else is fun here? Oh, there's a pool. There are open ours. There's also a really good team we have. I'm gonna go ahead and sure you dance too, because we have one of those pretty Austin. So I don't know you won is in there right now. What we so it's empty right now. Are someone's in there? Basically, this is a dance studio. It's really big. There's a dance that happens on campus every year and anyone's invited to do it. So I did it this year. It was so much fun. We rehearsed in there like once a week, and then we had this big recital and their phone got to dance. And there's all sorts of different kinds of dance, like hip hop, and there is an African step and hula on DH, all sorts of different things that you can. I did ballet in contemporary and jazz and that sort of thing, so that's pretty much the gym. There's also evolving ball court. That's at the other end, and there are people practicing. I can show you that right now outside, there's a tennis court, and then there's also a baseball field off campus where our team practice Lo and welcome to weaken College. I'm in the theater right now. As you can see, we have a set going on behind me for our show that is premiering tonight, which is really exciting. My name is Sarah's. Basic. I'm a freshman here at Wheaton, studying communication with a concentration in theater. So this is my home here on campus, and I'm just so excited that you are here. Teo, look around and see what we did is like I will be showing you my dorm room. I'll walk you through the theater. I'll show you the science building and chapel and all sorts of different things. Speaking of Chapel, Weeden is a Christian college, so you should just know that if we start, we have mandatory chapels on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, thereabout o forty minutes long or so, we have so many different talks that are really awesome. But, yeah, just No, that is You're headed into this tour that this is a Christian school, and we would just love to have you here. We are so excited that you're taking a look around Wheaton's campus on DH with that, let's get started. So we are in a classroom on the third floor of Blanchard Hall on DH. This is actually my anthropology classroom on as you can see behind me, it's not very big. Most classes at Wheaton that I've personally attended have been between fifteen to thirty five students, so not very large. As you can see, it's currently set up inroads, however, for my class, because it's really discussion based. We get the chairs all pushed the side, so it's in you. The professor stands in the middle, and we all kind of sit around him. I like it this way because we get to see each other across the room and we have a lot of small group discussion, so I'll turn to my neighbor and talk to her for a while in the classroom on DH. Itjust is really personal, and I like that. It's small because I get to talk to so many people and that pretty much everyone I know what the name of every one of my classes and I have, like some type of connection to them through one of the discussions we've had in the class, so that's something. I think that's really special about Wheaton and specifically just small schools in general. I guess on is that it allows for a really good class community and just having flexible chairs like this, and it can just move around and who really format it to best suit your class. Dinner, but I thought I'd take you along and tell you a bit about three. Ten. So Wheaton is a really small school. It's about it's under three thousand underground, so it's not very big at all, and it's just a really taking me. So the floors are all pretty small. It's about between thirty two. I think fifty are the most ever on one dorm Florida time and the camp classes are really small, and it's just really nice tight community. I think I already said that, but really, it's so making my point. And yeah, so it's small, but it's also in a really convenient location. So Wheaton is based about forty minutes outside of Chicago, and there's a train station, which is about to he blocks away from campus. You can just hop on the train and go right into the city, which is super convenient. And, yeah, you can also help on the train, the other direction. But there's pretty much just suburbs and cornfields after that, so I'm not really gone in that direction. But it's really nice and you can get to a lot of different places because of the location. So yeah, that's a plus side. Also, with your written account, you get a membership to the Art Institute of Chicago so you can get into their for free, which, if you take the train down to the city, you can just walk straight down to the institute and then on and get in for free, which is a really awesome bonus, tohave students and interacting with different things in this city since it is smaller and we're in more of a suburban town. In a puzzle library, which is a three story library here on campus. There are a lot of really nice books here collections, all sorts of things like that, but there's also the weak in public. Library is about two blocks from campus, and you can get a library card there for free. And a lot of students also make use of that library to get off campus a little bit. There's a ton of books there. It's one of the nicest libraries, and I think it's in the state. But it might just be in the area really big. They redid it just a few years ago, and it's really nice. But, yeah, I'm impossible right now. Impossible. Have a lot of really big collections, sort of really old books have a lot of music scores for musicians here on DH. Yeah, there's computer labs or tons and tons of computers he can use. If you don't have a lot topic college or for some reason your laptop isn't working, you can just go ahead and sign in. I personally use Google Drive to save all of my work and papers so that if for some reason, my computer on my laptop stopped working. I can just head on into the library and used it on the computer labs here. They're also computer labs in the dorms and everywhere else, so you can go there as well. One thing that's kind of fun about metal is they always have an art exhibit going on in the cafe. So the, uh, exhibit that's going up tomorrow is actually my exhibit. Well, not mine. I participated in it, and basically my friend to community. Our project will be all embroider different emotions that we felt it's a super abstract and re it's coming, Really, I embroidered those another green hung up on the wall in the cafe, so anyone who comes in can, like, look, att the things we did and see what our process with their. So it's really good at integrating different things, like art that students are doing on campus and sharing it with everyone who comes into the library because there are a This is one of my secret places on campus. It's called Cold Star Chapel. It's right outside Beamer mean Holy feel past Sam's and solve your case. You could dig here. Yeah, that's cool. This is what it looks like. There's a cross up front there, stained glass windows on Pues there's a paper cross with prayers on it there, and this is a priest that is just wonderful. And I come here in the middle of my day when I just need to be still in quiet. Because aside from the recording this video, this room is primarily silent and people can come and sit and just look at the main altar and then write on here. You can see there are lots of prayer requests have been written. And then if you see at the top, there will be a date. And that means that someone, when someone prays Fred, they write the data to talk. She can come back. If your friend knew, you could see the people have been praying for you in that one really cool thing that some of my friends started doing math here was creating a worship night on Saturdays. So I'm from like nine to eleven on Saturday nights. A whole group of people meet me here, Um, your guitars and voices, sometimes of prayer and Bible reading. And it's completely student led people just come and worship in preparation for Sunday Home help is coming. Run. Yeah, and then over here you can see there are lots of devotionals and Bibles in here. So if you didn't bring your own, you can pick up that. And this just It's one of those places I can best for if you need to get away if you need to take a moment before a big test if you need Teo, I'm just coming here a process. It is quiet, and it is still is so wonderful for the soul because there are so few places on campus where it's actually quite, um, that's really a rarity. Even in your dorm. There'll be people next door playing ukulele or laughing with friends, and it's not bad noise, but it's just constant noise. And so this is just completely a place away from everywhere else on campus. And it's wonderful because right in the middle, so you can really access it wherever you are on campus. You get there likely. So yet this's Goldstar Chapel and it is definitely my favorite, like relax thought, hang out. So I don't really hang out here. But relax. What? It's just like really hidden and wonderful Ali right here. She's a friend of mine, and she's going to tell you a little bit about what life is like a tweeting from her perspective. So yeah, let's go. Hi, guys. I'm a Christian education and ministry major with a Spanish minor. A freshman here at Wieden. I'm in concert choir. I am the freshman class of Chaplin, and I'm really hoping to get a hunger. It's a program called human needs, and Global Resource is It's basically a six month internship and study abroad opportunity. You can spend six months in any country taking classes and working alongside an organization that has to do with your major. So hopefully, I'll be somewhere in Latin America doing something with ministry. Yeah, that's a little bit about me and other questions. What's your favorite event on campus Fever offense? Oh, gosh. Okay, this is kind of funny. We had something called Freshman Speed dating a couple weeks ago, and it was just the funniest thing. But we got to meet a lot of just students we didn't know before and just kind of talk and laugh together, which was awesome. See your favorite and least favorite part of campus life. Good mother. Come least favorite part, I think would just be how stressful a lot of people are. All the same. Just because he is a really big in their academic way have lot of work to do. But I think my favorite part was just me. How we can talk about our faith with anybody, anytime in or out of the classroom. And it's just I'm going discussion, which I love, so Yeah, well, so they come to Eton. Oh, for sure. You heard it from her. Right there. Over, sir. All right, See ya later. So I just snuck into one of the chemistry labs here at Wheaton, and I am here with my friend. Call it and Colin's going to show us around because I am not currently in a lab. I haven't been allowed yet. I have one next semester, but I don't know much about them so far. So he's going to give us a little introduction as to what labs are what they look like and you take it away. Come on. Yeah. So this is one of our John Kim labs. I was in here last semester when I was in in my general chemistry class. If you look over here, these are what we call a few homes. We'll deal with chemicals that may have, you know, certain fuse or give off. Gases that are unhealthy are very powerful, and they have vacuums on the sides on it. It'll send it straight up and out of the building so that we're not having possibly anything dangerous in the lab. Over here. We just have our General Seitz computers that used bottles of de ionized water. That's you know what we use in a lot of experiments when it calls for water. Wait, Go back here. These are scales we use to measure are different either minerals or chemicals or Alvis that we're using their experience. Besides that, that's pretty much it. Oh, this is the desk where usually the teacher TA will sit during the labs. So watch over you and you can always come up to them and ask for advisors asked for help. On the way lab is usually run is that it starts out with a brief overview of what you're going to be doing during their lab. And then they give a, you know, a brief explanation of the science behind what we're doing. They give you a list of all the materials you need to use, and then the procedure you're going to be doing. Uh, then it pretty much, you know, goes on from there. Either you or your lab partner start the experiments and you use materials that hell in your lab ins. Each one is listening, and you get a key at the beginning of the semester. And then this will have all of your chemistry supplies that you need from me and threw out the entire semester being beakers for spatulas, tons of measuring materials just so that you can, you know, do the different experiments. And then by the end of the lab, you'll have the ta or the teacher. Check your results, and then you can go on from there. How long does it usually last? They're blocked out for about two and a half hours, and it just depends on the lab. Sometimes we would get out in about an hour. Sometimes you'd go over. So it depends on how well you do the experiment and how long the experience usually takes. So Well, there you go. Oh, yeah. This is a basic chemistry lab set up here. Very rigorous and academic. And when you're passing, that could just be reminder that, like it's not entirely in our hands on that can be a really big encouragement. So to come here, definitely, god knows, don't feel too much strain from the academic rigor. It's hard, but it's not impossible. And ultimately you have so much support, both from god and from students and from the process. All right, So I am joined with my friend Anastacia. She's a senior here at Wheaton and is a calm theater major. So we're currently in arena theater, which I showed you just a little bit before this. Yeah, So, anesthesia, why don't you tell us a bit about yourself and what you like about campus and everything else? Yeah, eso as she said. I am a calm theater major. The communication department has several different concentration. There's film interpersonal rhetoric in theater, and I am the theater concentration of the communications major on. And it's been really wonderful because I've been able to take a lot of classes here in the theatre. And I also crosses over in the B, G. C and that sort of thing and been have been able to interact with other people who are using communication, other ways, which I love. And so a big positive about campus is. I do like the size of the campus. It's kind of smaller than kind, like the average school. But it's really wonderful because just now, especially is a senior. I go around campus and I'm able to, like see people still talk to people and so I feel like I really know the area and I really know people who are here, and I feel comfortable talking to multiple professors. I love the class size, and so I just think that's really wonderful because you it's very intimate learning environment and I really, really like that. And something that I would like to see improve around campus is kind of the involvement of departments and like crossing Over department, specifically, like in the arts. I think the performing arts can, like, integrate more, especially with the visual arts. And I feel like that can be integrated in other parts of campuses. Well, whether that be through college union or even in other departments, whether that be the sciences or English, or I just think there could be, I think would be very beneficial and wonderful if there was more crossover between departments, and I think that would grow for not only education but experience and you're you'll be able to see everyone else's experience here is well, and the student body here is wonderful. As I said, even though it's really small, it's it's really wonderful because it creates this kind of community that you're all together. And it would be wonderful if you've come to Wheaton. And we would love to have you. So right behind me is Blanchard Hall, and now I'm on Blanchard lawn. So if you look back behind me, you can see it goes on for quite a ways. And if you walk all the way to the corner of the lawn, you can kind of diagonal all the way down to downtown Wheaton. And that's really nice and has a lot of fun things to do there. Yeah, so this is Blanchard lawn. A lot of students will get their hammocks out and hang out on the lawn when it's warmer, mainly in the fall semester, and then later in the spring semester when it's a bit warmer. Yeah, one fun thing about Blanchard line. I guess it's kind of related to it. It's not necessarily the lot itself, but right up on Blanchard is a bell tower and on ly, a time you can ring at the bell is if you have just gotten engaged so you and your fiance can get Pacific permission and approval by aboard somewhere. I don't actually know which one scene that I'm not engaged. I don't know why I need to know that, but you can get specific approval and you can go up and ring the bell. And it's fun isn't student because they'll be walking around and it will be like one eleven or something like that. And the bell will be going off and you'll come and be like, Why is the bell going off? And then you realize, Oh, someone got engaged and that's really special and fun in a good way to just celebrate a za community Something really special like that. So yeah, that's Blanchard Hall behind me on the lawn. And then if we keep going over there is Williston. That's a sophomore junior dorm on right through there. It's hard to see that the admissions building that's new and is really nice you can't see it right in there is the stadium. And then behind me is the Billy Graham Center. BGC. So yeah, if you are here, I know I said that a lot, but I'm just hoping you'll be here. But if you ever do come hang out on Blanchard lawn, it's a lot of fun. You can have picnics with friends or game night's capture the flag. It's fun on here because there's so much space, but also so many trees. Yeah, so that is Blanchard lunch. My friend Kate Leigh here were in the theater together. And Caylee's tell us a bit about herself and her experience, so yeah, I'll take it. Wait, what's you, major? If you like, I'm on it. I am sending communications undecided as to a concentration right now. But honestly, I love Lee, and there's somebody fantastic things about it. Honestly, I can't really say something that I don't really like yet I'm just a freshman. So I haven't been here for a super long time. But one thing that could really past school is just probably people. There are many wonderful interactions communities that have here so up really connected and everyone just you see people, you know, everywhere. You were always so kind conversation heard. Say hi, just check how you're doing on classes, so really stop looking and mix very. I'm just so much honestly, more about just like a good person and how to live life. Sounds like God wants us to rather than just even. It's like all facts of things, but it's honestly an amazing face, my love. It's what's been your favorite like Thanks, because there's so many good ones. I do so many different things. Honestly, I think probably two different fun thing in a sort of like things Worship Night also are honestly, probably my favorite thing about the entire spoke comes together, and they usually have a speaker. But we'll just go to travel on a Sunday night. Everyone's money and just worship the Lord for hours. Sometimes that it goes longer than is post Teo and people just want I'm saying it's just a fantastic time. And one thing. Smith Trevor, one of the Doran's does this thing called off camera. Fast, fast. This huge fun Tucker. A dorm was different, like different movie scenes or something. And it's just a fun time to get people together and have a little craziness. Yeah, so basically frog come perfect. You just lost through the floors on each floor, like our floor was decorated eyes, Caribbean Sea. You kind of liked different actors from the floor like asked out the story and people want Teo and good adventure type like tasks. And you had to, like, Knock over a bottle, wants to make sure aim was good. This is super fun that all of campus really get into, So it's in one of the freshman sophomore dorms, but they were kind of like juniors and seniors there. Well, I'm from all sorts of different building, so it's just a great event. Really connect you to attention. Random people. You wouldn't necessarily know otherwise, and it's just really energetic. Well, thanks for joining us, Katie. Any last words? Anyone coming to me E ten out of ten recommend. So you won't work. It's amazing. They go, you better go. I am in Admire Science Center, and you can see there is a beautiful mural behind me. Meyer has tons of murals, and they're absolutely beautiful. So Meyer Science Center is home to a physics and maths chemistry and all sorts of different departments like that. Peter Science is another one. Geology, really, Anything related to sign it? So we found in this bill and in this building that there are two really cool things. There's an observatory that you can go in and look at the stars, and it's really cool and beautiful and just open the master. Go check that out. And then also there is a green house which has tons of plants that you can look at, and sometimes they'll have greenhouse sales. You can get little succulents, um, or other things for your room or if you're in one of the classes. I think it's beyond biology. Is it? You can, like, help grow, too, from pants in the Green House, So that's really cool. And, yeah, this building is pretty new. It's a bit more modern than others, which I feel like it's appropriate for a science building on. But, yeah, it's really a Lincoln and modern looking and, so I mean the S R. C in front of the trophy case, and our gym has a pool, a hot tub, dance room and intra track. We'd like a fitness room, a rock climbing wall and then four chords. And there's also the tennis courts, which are outside and you and obviously used his student on. And then there's, like time for free swim. I'm in times like the track is open and, yeah, it's open until eleven p. M. On week, days and Saturdays and then on Sunday's Open from two to four. Um, so it's a great place to come if you're passing. Just come for a bit I'm here is different Italian beef. Two way have these intramural different sports in the fall in the spring And tonight we just finished a I am soccer game. Yeah, so they have, like, wheat has, like in real soccer, basketball, volleyball, bad Frisbee, Ultimate Frisbee, Just like every board. Yeah, And then you can just like joining the team. You get to join and then just like, play against teams. And it's like, super fine. They're, like, organize a whole schedule and there's, like, a championship game. So you teachers in the last years? Yeah, over waitin. I am Mr Feel Well. I am in the theater right now, and I was walking by and I thought I would show you a quick peek at weather at Wheaton. So as you can see, it's a little gray today. It's not the prettiest day out, but given that that's what the weather is right now, I figured I'd show you a riel, Really. Look at whether at Weed. So the fall semester is absolutely beautiful. It's really warming to begin this semester. Fall comes and the leaves there gorgeous and they drop on Blanchard lan on all over campus. And then it may be snows like once or twice before you head off for Christmas break. So it's just absolutely lovely. Weather in the fall is just gorgeous. And then the spring semester isn't as wonderful. You get back and there's lots of snow and everyone was really excited and you'll have snowball fights. And for my floor in Smith or Snabe er we all go and make snow Angels on DH. Some guys will run out at the first snow and have a huge it's called the Kingdom runs. They run from chamber to the kingdom, sign and back on, and then Yeah, so it's really fun in the first month or so, but then it kind of just stays, and it doesn't warm up very quickly. So we had snow until about early March. This year we had a heavier snowfall this year than we have in previous years. But it was really cold through March, and then you'll have just, like, up and down weather. So it'll be like, really warm and like yesterday It was in the seventies on DH today. It's in the fifties and then three days ago it was in the thirties and it was snowing. Oh, it's gross kind of all over the place when the spring comes around, but usually by the end of April, right when this master is finishing out, it just gets lovely weather again. And it's just beautiful and sunny and windy. And yeah, so that's how it usually is Is the Eton College sign for Christ's kingdom. That is just a classic leading spot. If you see anything regarding the school, you will see this sign right here. A lot of students will come on their first day and take a picture, sitting at the very top and then again at graduation. And their captain, Gallant come and said, And just a lot of people have traditions of doing that, and that's a pretty common thing. You'll see students dio. I definitely took a first day picture. Andre. Years from now or three years, I will be taking our picture with my friends. Some people jump off. It's a little high. I didn't do that, but it's a really fun spot. And if you do come here, definitely take a first a picture just so you could take a final two. I'm headed to the quad, but I wanted to stop and show you this field right behind me. So it's field is in between. We have Blanchard right there. Adam's art center here, right behind me is Buzz Well, and this field back here is the home of the Dicks Day Attack or Something. And Dicks. Day is day of international class skipping, and basically two freshmen sophomore floors and Fischer have this like fake battle until they face paint all over their faces and either red or blue. That's the two different team colors, and in this field behind me, they just go to town and everyone comes out of chapel, which is right there behind me. There's chapel in the library and in the fields right behind me and everyone concert of chapel. And there's just this huge war, and there are all these Styrofoam swords and wooden shields, and everyone just goes a little crazy, and I think that's happening soon. I don't think will happen for a few weeks, but happens towards the end of the semester. And it's just so much fun. And so that's something fun that happens on the quad. I'm going to walk down to see if I can find the fountain, although I don't know if it'll be on. It's really pretty when it is on, but it might still be too cold for them to have turned it on. Yeah, so it's still off. But here, all trance you can see the fountain is right there. It's all right. Here we have Shell Hall that's for different foreign languages and that type of thing behind Shell Hall. This is a conservatory that's for different music. Events happened there. There's a means of calling there, and music classes take place there. And then back here is Evans Max Evans. It's a dorm for freshmen and sophomores, so that is the main quad. As you can see it, there are some people playing out on the quad. That's a pretty common thing that happens here. I'm walking around, hanging out, especially when the weather is