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Hey, campus. Really? So, um, hi, Sarah. Good morning. Right now, I'm just walking through my campus, and I wanted to just give you guys a quick preview. Right behind me is the pathway to the dorms right in front of that is actually a school of communications. It's newly renovated, and I'm gonna show you guys a little quick clip of it later. But right now, I'm just gonna walk to the main clock, and I'm gonna show you basically with the main quad. Looks like right now it looks like they're setting up something. Usually, the main quad is where a lot of outside vendors comes. Just sell some things to the school as well as just advertise here. So when you walk out to the main quad, as you can see, this building right here is Mary great and center. And that is where most of us actually go first, campus related activities as well as that's where most of our dining options are located right behind me. Over here is the Bender library, and I will show you guys a video clip of that later. That's basically our resource center, as well as our library and a good study space that most people use. So we're just going to take a look at the quad, and I'll show you guys a bunch of clips So quick. Information about the quad is actually named Eric Freedom Quadrilateral, and this is basically where all of our classes are located. As you can see, all the different buildings are different places where classes are, and I'm gonna show you guys around the classes later. But basically this entire quad area is dedicated not just to social activities, but it's also the main spot on campus where people can attend classes. everyone. My name is May I am an American University junior currently on exchange in Taipei, Taiwan at NCCU Super stoked to be giving you a really intimate look into my exchange experience. Um, so I am currently a junior at American University in Washington, D. C. But I am on exchange at, uh National Juncture University or NCCU or Holy Ginger sachet or Jenga like are all the different ways. I'll be referring to it throughout my campus. Real tour. Alright, so little bit about me. I am a junior at a studying transcultural studies, which is, um, a concentration located within my literature department. I also miner in Mandarin language, Asian Studies or Asian American studies. I am originally from Rhode Island, which is a small state in the US, but I moved to D. C my freshman year to attend a U. So I do want to make a note that because I am an exchange student who has been here for three months already, I am actually in my last four weeks here, which has been really emotional, and I just I don't understand how went by so fast anyways, uh, for another day. But since I am in exchange student here at NCCU. I do want to make sure that you understand that my campus real tour is really, from my perspective as an exchange student who's been here for three months s. Oh, my experience, of course, as both being international and only as an exchanged in. It's gonna be a lot different from the local Taiwanese perspective. But throughout my campus riel tour, um, I'm including a lot of my friends who are local comedy students, and I hope that you can get more of a perspective from them in addition to all my friends here that are also on exchange with me. All right, so to continue learning about my exchange program here at NCCU, make sure you watch my next video. So in this video, I mean talking about American University itself instead of just talking about myself. So to start off American University is in the capital of the United States, Washington, D. C. I love it. It is like a little New York. That's what it feels like to me. I'm originally from New York, so I'm also allowed to say that. But American University is about four miles away from the White House, so we are in the suburbs. But it's really, really nice because then you have some, like, actual green and said, just like tall buildings and city and like business people know you really get like the nice stuff, too. While you also have a lot of access to the city. American University gives you a you pass. So that's a free pass that you can use on the Metro stations. No other schools in DC do. That's definitely a resource that I love about American University. So even get off campus and go into the city that's only four miles away. About twenty minute mention Reid, not even on DH. The school itself is about eighty four acres, so it's pretty big, but still small enough where I've never done Lost American University has been raid as on the top one hundred schools in the U S. O. Go us, and it has also been rated as the number one politically active school in America. So it's super politically active. That's political science on the biggest majors here falls under the school that I am in which a school public affairs I love the school public affairs. I am a part of thes e S p a leadership s p a school public affairs leadership program. So Haley recommend applying to that you could find more information about that on the university website. But Teo continue. The student life at American University is also small, but not too small. We have about eight thousand undergraduate students, which sounds kind of small, but, you know, you'LL have to see somebody you don't want to even see everybody want to see. So it's really nice that you can know a lot of people. I personally Well, every time I go on campus, I say hide at least two, three people while I'm working my classes. So it's really, really nice, I guess. Know everybody feels more like a community, but also you don't have to worry about, you know, running to your ex or whatever. It's definitely big enough where you can get away from that as well. Hey, guys. So today I'm going to bring you around campus a little Maxine way to group meeting at building where most of my classes are so Menschel you might walk from my house to there. So it's a really gloomy day. It's been thundering and raining all day, but I'm going to start off my tour at my house. Obviously, it's one of my favorite places on campus because it's where I live. It's actually not on our main campus. It's on, um, a street that's a little bit like it's about a five minute walk from campus. So it is this building right behind me right here. This is the front door, and it just extends up. But I'm just going to show you my walk to main campus. So here we're coming up to the main intersection. Turn this way. This is called the main Gay of you. Here. All the times all meet friends here for lunch would be like, Oh, meet at the main gate and this is the main street where all of our options are. See the captain's back. So funny story. My first day here, um, one of my friends brought me to this bar on campus where there's a fountain. Beautiful. Found him and palm trees and, uh, where I'm from in Rhode Island in D. C. Obviously, there's no palm trees on my campus, so I just, like, sat here and I was like, Wow, the palm trees. And I was like those birds like it was it was pretty embarrassing. Um, but Quick Sunday about the weather. Um, Taipei's is known for its rainy season, and we're in rainy season right now, but it's also known for his reign. So it does rain here, but also, the weather is really nice. Um, it's really a mix. Um, it does rain a lot here. Like today. It was thundering and lightning all morning. So you're on the main part of campus? Same, um, love academic buildings air here as well. You have some construction going on behind me over here. So coming up over here, we have the library, which I've never been to. I've been there once way, Tio, but I, like wasn't productive in there, so I left. And then here we have our college of commerce, which is where a lot of business bosses are by Chinese cost is also in this building. So I'm turning around and actually heading to the general Building, which is where my meeting is on DH. I have one class in this building. This is the information building. This building is where I am going. There is a north and a south wing, and it goes up to, I think, 16 floors. So down here is what we have. McDonald's gate. So sometimes Monique here for food as well. We called McDonald's skate because it's right in front of McDonald's. So this is where I'm heading. So right here we have one of my fierce sauce on campus. It's nicknamed Rome by local students. I forget why, but it's just a really pretty space where people can chill, hang out, eat lunch on the steps, Um, sometimes even have concerts at night. Like one time the guitar club held a concert here, and it was really, really beautiful. So we called this building the General building. Um, and it is actually the biggest building I've ever been in on the campus. My campus back home is pretty small, and we don't really have build big buildings like this. So for me, It is really, really big, especially because especially because it goes up to about 16 floors. So it's really weird for me to take an elevator to class, but that's what I do here. It's where left. Here. We have our gymnasium and track. Track is also currently under construction, so I haven't been able to use it at all. So right now I will be taking the stairs. Uh, try to get some exercise in. I'm going to the fourth floor to meet my group mates for a project like no. It's kind of hard to film right now because it's raining. But I just started my morning off with coffee right near campus, and I'm back on the main street in a wreck. So this is where I get my breakfast every morning. Has to feel something. No. So the other day I talked about how most people I think most people here and to see you. At least exchange students don't eat in the cafeteria here on campus, and Tian is going to give you a little bit more insights about the cafeteria food, I guess. What do you think of the dining hall food on campus like you? NCCU since think it's good. I think most of them things they're good, like my roommate. She likes the food in the cafeteria, but actually I think that because like Coventry was supposed to be cheaper than the outside. But actually the cafeteria is like the same price. Yeah, so it's not attractive to the students. I would say that It's like what 70 Japanese was like 85 for okay, Yeah, so that's about like the same price that you get on the main street and the main street just has more like Donny options, right? Yeah. So we're gonna walk there now, and I'll show you what it looks like. All right, We're heading to the cafeteria, which is that building right there. What is that capture called Ci Shan. Long seasons rest on. Maybe a little bit of entertainment, but entire and late as usual. And we called his Shanti Low like this eyes, despite the spice. Oh, Chinese, Titian. And since he's just murmurs Oh, that's funny. Looks crowded today. Yeah, I'm not What type of women in here? What? That's all? No. The last time we ate here, which was about few weeks ago, there was an earthquake in here. So wait, Tianna, Will other food do they have in here? Yeah. What type of food do they have in here? Way in style, huh, Stan? To, like, style on the gun discount after six o'clock. So get all you can eat, like, $65 a night way. Got a drink shop on. There's a repair off yourself. Do you know when it closed that night? Seven. I think seven. So we're not eating the cafeteria, but we're going to this place right here. What? Yeah. Please introduce yourself and explain why. Okay, so my name is and the reason why I chose you wanted financial. It was really good. So I really like the fact that it was away from home, but it was not too far from home. And I also like that it was a small campus and it was not too large. So can you please describe the student body here? I was head of the student body here is pretty friendly. But I do find that people are really clicking and I wish I could interact with more people. Like outside. Yes. Can you please describe your typical Friday night? Friday night's. Very. If I have a lot of Homer, I'll try toe like, you know, say, let me stay home. Sometimes I go for Howard to go to a party. I mean party. Maybe I'll close the club. Yeah. Can you describe what options here? Okay, so the food options here are really trashed way Only have one dining hall way have, like, fourteen coffee stops. And it is like the coffee shops are good. But it's like they don't They have food. But it's not gonna kill you. It's more like a bad option. And even though we have, like, little other options, just that's really going to fill me up like losing way up out of time. We have, like, one dining hall, like three gyms, and it doesn't make any sense. We need another dining hall, and also the dining hall is really repented. So what is your favorite part of? My favorite part of you would definitely be the campuses because I think you're so beautiful. My, like the quad area and stuff and like Small, What is your least favorite part? My least favorite part will be definitely the food. Yeah, what's your favorite class? Fine. My favorite class will be my music class, which was widely punished. And I just like it because it makes you question things that you have any thoughts. And it's just like a really good like questions. Clyde, what's the surrounding towns on the surrounding? Tom is really white, and it's really suburban. And I feel like I mean, when you get into town, tell you, have more food options and stuff. But I just find a discouraging that I have to go like thirty minutes. It's all going other area. Just find a beauty. Supplies for that has like items from my hair type and fight. It's really deferred, Make or like if I wanted you to see something like we have subways or something like that is no story life of what's your major? My majors, which is communications thought did not. That's a minor. Can you please describe the academic environment here? I found the academic environment here is really good way, have a lot of options. Like if you don't if you need help with something, and I feel like there's a lot of support, can you give one piece of advice perspective? I'm the one piece of advice to prospective students that I would get that even to make sure you choose that which college you want really wise, because they're gonna be here for the next four years. And you don't want to be living every day that you're here complaining about something like, Well, I was here, etcetera, etcetera, for the next four years and also like Don't like College is gonna be different, hard. But it's not a part. I feel like when I was going to college applications, they made it World War three and something that I could never handle, but it's actually possible to avoid it. So, as I mentioned in a previous video, the closest town to like the way You Campus are like the little neighborhood that a U is considered to be a part of is Tenley Town. So although American University is in D. C, we are mourning the suburbs, so it's about four miles away from everything else, like the monuments in the White House and so in the National Mall and everything. So it's really good to be close but still a little bit separated. So tell me, Town is about a twenty minute walk from camp, not even like a fifteen minute walk from campus. But eh, you offers a free shuttle that you could take to get into town. And there there's a bunch of restaurants, and there's like nail salons, hair salons. Young kids, very like a typical small town just has, like the necessities. There's a whole foods giant grocery store stuff like that. It's not very big, not very exciting, but there's definitely it's like a good resource that has, actually, if you want to go grocery shopping, the closest grocery store is whole foods or giant, so those you can just go to on the shuttle and then come back and get some groceries if you want to cook for yourself. Also, since we are so close to D. C, I do are, well, the White House and I mean that the main part of D. C. To go there. And I go to a lot of the other neighborhoods in the station, the other like towns. One that I go to a lot that I'm going to tonight is called Adams Morgan. That's a lot of fun. I try and go there like want to be high school and study at coffee shops. That has, like a lot of bars and coffee shops and the like places like that, which are a lot of fun to go to with friends or just seemed by yourself on DH. Then also Teo, Eat Teo, eat. I like a lot of places and Tenley, there's a lot of great places like Cactus Cantina. There is wrecked rack. Ooh, I think that's what you say on DH. There's like your typical chains, like I mentioned like to pull a Panera. What else? I'm free any now places. You know that kind of things. There's Indian food, Italian food. Chinese food. There's a lot of options in town. The town, which is really good for shopping there is, Oh, also American University gives you a free metro passed no other school indeed. See offers that that's when my favorite features allows you to really connect with the city and you can go all over. And so the shuttle takes you to the Metro Stop, Intently Town and then from Townley Town. I could take the Metro to go to Adams. Morgan DuPont are. There's a lot of different options to go and, like explore the city, which is really, really nice that you offers effort free. It's included in your tuition. So then shopping. There's a really nice gallery or like a mall or whatever. Right near campus. It's one Metro stop away. So that's Mosley Galleria, which is really cool. It has some fancy ones. Uh, was like Louise Tom himself like that. I think once that I can't afford as with a college budget. But if you can afford it, head on over there. If not, don't worry. There's a movie theater on the top floor is just head on over there. That's what I do um, overall experience in the town. I love d. C. I love being in the city. I lived in a very rural part of New Jersey, went where I live at home on. Before that I lived in Manhattan, so I definitely want to get back to the city. But I still didn't want to give up like my green. So, like the grass and the trees, everything. So, um, American University is definitely that perfect blend of the best of both worlds, so it's really been awesome