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So my walk back to my dorm includes passing by this huge construction area on a little bit of roped off area. What you see here is the new science center on It will be opening this fall so incoming freshmen will be one of the first class is to have it all four years on DH. Actually across this way is the old science center, so you can see there's a very stark contrast way were very much in need of a new space because our old science center is kind of getting dingy on the space is a really just not conducive for studying. And it's kind of just depressing people. We'll go to this current science center library. Teo do a lot of all nighters, and it's just not a really great space. So it's nice that they are producing this new space with a lot of sunshine So I had a great little amorous moment a second ago. I was trying to fix my bike outside my dorm and oppressor walked by and asked me how it was going. And since my bike was so rusty, it wasn't running at all. And so he went up to his office and got some W w d forty and help me get my bike running again. So that just goes to show that and this really is a like a tight knit community and from the professor's really are there to help you, even if it's just to help fix your bike. I would recommend having a bike on campus not to get around, because, you know there are some pretty big pills like the one I'm walking down right now, And campus is so small you don't really need a bikes to get around anyways. But we do have a really nice bike path running behind campus. I'll bring you there later, and it can run about ten miles in one direction and foreign the other. But in one direction that will take you to North Hanson. And that's it. Pretty busy little town with a lot of hip little cafes. There's also another college. They're called Smith because we're part of a five colleges for some consortium waken take classes on. He has four other colleges get books from the senator so that could be helpful to have a bike. Because even though we don't have, even though we do have a nice bus system, sometimes you just don't know Wait for that. And sometimes it's a lot more efficient just to bike. Other pros of having a bike on campus are being able to go to the grocery store. There's a target. WalMart and Trader Joe's and Whole Foods kind of mall section in the same direction as North Hampton on the bike path and being able, just tow, take a quick little fifteen minute bike ride. There is very convenient, so I would recommend, but it's So right now I'm in our gym and I don't actually need to work today. I'm taking a couple of weeks off since I just did a fifty k ultramarathon. So I do actually spend a lot of time in here since I cross train and there are ellipticals and weight machines and bikes. I especially like this thin bikes, but it is a pretty small gym, but it does really have everything you need. This is just the second floor, and then downstairs there's a more heavyweight section where there's bench press there, more dumbbells and there's some other weight machines. So I hear the gym is open. Basically any time you need. It's not open twenty four seven, but it is open pretty late and opens also, stays open pretty late and opens pretty early on. Then we also have a pool that has a little bit weirder hours, but I'll take you there in a I'm currently on the freshmen Claude, and you can hear something, anything, because there's an event going on right now, it's the walk for mental health, where basically, you slip in and then do a loop around campus. And it's just no awareness fundraising event for mental house initiatives on campus on de So you'll see a few tables certain finish behind me. There is also some corn hole and yoga going on more bugs on my phone. But you know, this is probably the most central space on campus because the freshmen dorms are located around, and it's just such an open space where there are a lot of major buildings around. So behind me right here is the chapel where a lot of things like convocation and senior Assembly happen on. Then if you see that steeple behind me, that's where the art museum is not in the steeple itself, in a building behind it. And so, um, really, they're just a lot of important buildings here. Finally, right there. That is the library where I'll take you to later. But this is really just a space for people to hang out when the weather is nice there the events. Honestly, it's just really a nice open green space. If you need us like a second, Teo, sit down for a little bit and regroup after class. On one of my favorite spots. Parts of this quarter, the launches which come out whenever the weather is nice as well as the gorgeous view. Uh, from Memorial Hill, which I'll take you to later as well. You can see a glimpse of the mountains Behind me is a pretty important academic, an administrative building. It's called Converse Hall, and this is where the register is located, the Office of Financial Aid. There are also sometimes classes held in this building, and so I definitely recommend getting to know this building. It's also a place where there are a lot of bus drop offs. You can see the one of the most important buses on campuses just running by on a lot of shuttle pickups. So the bus that just went behind us, we'll take you to the little mall complex that is just talking about with the target, the Walmart, Whole Foods, et cetera. But over during spring break and Thanksgiving break, the school actually sponsor shuttles that will go to and from New York, Boston and also Bradley Airport, which is the closest airport to campus. It's about forty five minutes and so very important location, if not for academics or administrative reasons, but also for Now I'm at a pool, and as you can see, there's no one here. And that's because they're some pretty restrictive public swimming hours during the school week. It's usually twelve to two on sometimes in the early morning, like sixty A and also eight to ten at night. So you really do have to plan your schedule. If you want to go on a swim on the weekends, I think it's usually three to five, so there are times for you to come. And what's nice is that even if you're not on the swim team, you can go and some left. And there's also a section with a bunch of Clinton it like kick boards and flippers. Julie's So you will be able to find what you need. Um, other than the gym and the pool, we also do have a skating rink, which has even more restrictive hours that you can actually go in public. Hey, uh, which is pretty nice. And so we do have a bunch of different academic our athletic facilities to be used. We just have to make sure you plan your schedule Okay, so I'm in the campus center now. I'm at the grab and go area. It's not open yet because it's not quite eleven. But I'm just gonna take you through and just show you a bit What it looks like this area is actually called sweats. And so, uh, during nights, you can get some fried foods from their desserts like cookies. They have really good fries and really good Cajun seasoning. Really good back and cheese slices. Well, but this is the area where people go for grabbing Go lunch on. So these two bridges are closed right now, but normally you get things like raps sandwiches. They recently come out with things like sushi and even pizza. So this is a good option if you need to get something quick. Tio, go. Thank you. Um, this is just a little dining space I actually likes ago here on the weekends to study. Sometimes because grabbing goes closed and it's just very quiet. Not a lot of people go here. And then across the way is just the post office where you can get your mail from your little mailbox or if you need to send a package or anything, you go there. And also, I forgot to mention the campus center does have a theater, so sometimes there will be a movie screenings, and that is one of the cases in which people will come here for events and So the view in front of us is one of my favorite parts of campus. The mountain range that you see in the back is called the Holy Oak Mountain range, and it's accessible by about twenty minutes via bus. And so you, Khun, go on some pretty nice hikes just around the campus. And this spot is called Memorial Hill because of the war memorial that you'll see right there. Legend has it that if you walk across that before graduation, you will not graduate on time, so do not recommend walking across that. But this is really just one of the most gorgeous spots. I used to sit on the hill past the memorial with some friends. Freshman here after we had a long day in class. Um o r after we were, like, really stressed about something. And so that is one of my favorite little campus gems right here. So behind me is the campus center, and I don't know if I would consider it a major hub for events. They're a bunch of offices. They're like center for study abroad. There's a multicultural resource center, queers, resource center, women's and gender center. But I don't know if it's really a hangout spot. I would say people really just go there to get their mail, sometimes go to these centers on. There's also a place where you can get, grab and go for lunch rather than going to the dining hall, and so I'll take you through there in a sec. I'm here right now with Marisa. He's a German Ta. And so I just wanted to ask you a few questions about her experience here, since you will obviously have a different perspective, and one of my first questions is just like, What did you find unusual about amorous stir like what did you think was kind of weird or kind of cool? So, coming from a big state school in Germany, I think it's a pretty different experience being an Emerson like the small community. But for like the size of the school, it's very diverse. And I made a lot of people from a lot of different places that actually surprised me. Like how, like different people are here. Yeah, um and also, it's just a whole way off. Community is different in, like a small, private campus where everybody lives on campus. Right? You know, very, like, institutionalized, very unusual, like feeling of university. We have a Germany on this inside the hole into action, too. Possessors completely different. Yeah, like I'm here for a year, and five or six professors know my name and really know who I am as a person where in the big school where you sit in a lecture hall with hundreds of people there just happens. I mean, it can be complicated, too, because I when you don't want to see someone, you still see a person right? That is a problem on campus is like a small place. But I mean, it's still eighteen hundred people. So also you think about it that every year changes like a new class coming and other classes going raise isn't always like some circulations and the people. Well, I think actually, if you want to escape Great. Oh, no, that's very true. I feel like this small campus brings a lot of like intimacy. But it's also like you will see people, whether you want to or not, you know. And to be honest, I don't know if it's for everybody. But personally, I like this intimacy too, because you don't feel like as lost. So you know, when you don't know where everybody is, you go to the dining hall because we just have one. Yeah. Go to the library. And you already probably find some when you know when he can, like, spend time with you. So I quite like that that It's like this, like intimacy. In that sense, it's a family. You really are a similarity. Yeah, No, I feel like especially like you big here, just for a few. Like, Well, I could not a few months, but several months, like not even a full year. You know, I'm saying like, you feel like I see you, like, very integrated into the campus. Like I feel like, sometimes better integrated than me. Like I was in here, you know? So I think it is like it is, like, not hard. Teo, integrate into yourself, you know, make an effort to reach out. Yes, At West, like I made experience in a big schools who sometimes really like, feel lost and alone and also like left alone by authorities and stuff, right? Like administration and all that stuff and hear like everything. And every job on campus has a face. Yeah, And everybody knows this person is the one for financial aid. This person so I'm in the library has, like, much easier to have, like this direct like interaction. Yeah, No, I definitely agree. And what would you say? I guess about, like, academics here, Like I remember we were talking a little bit about, like, the pressure and like, how do you see And worse academics? Um, so what? Emily, I think it's like the ratio of, like, faculty to students. It's like I've been in the class of nine people. Yeah. Also class with four people. Yeah. Or when you just don't understand something, you just walk into your professor's office and ask your question. I think that's like the positive part of the academics and night. You have to talk. The quality's obviously good. Yeah, but is this a lot of pressure? I feel not so much in the finals week, but like on the constant level to master. Unless a lot of pressure and being the best, just like all getting all a's. And, um But I also realize that it's kind of Yeah, so much so I think it could. Change that. But that's really a lot of work. But also knowing it other, like otherwise, that you just have to chill semester and then a crazy, like, stressful finals period. Yeah, like everything counts on and one final exams. I still think it's better this way. What you have, like fun, Cynthia. Little middle of work that you have to submit. But then no. All your life and success is dependent on it. One fine legs out, right? That's that's a nice aspect that you have many chances to kind of like, fixed a great Yeah, but there is definitely a lot of pressure. You know, I definitely, like, especially graduating. Now I feel like I definitely feel the pressure, like and I think a lot of times it's actually self imposed. People like once, you know, get that fancy internship at Google or like Job at Google or whatever or, like, you know, you not only want the highest Latin honors, you want to be like the best person in the apartment, So I think that definitely is here. Um, and sometimes that can be motivating, and sometimes it can be crippling. You just have to know howto like handle it? Yeah, I feel like if you have the right attitude, it's fine. But assist. If one person stress out like they easily affect someone else, and then it's like this chain off six that, like a lot of people, get everyone's just that What if just one person would start to not be stress out and, like, try to, like, spread that like, atmosphere and like attitude? I think it could be better. Uh, no, I agree. And then last thing was just like I wanted to talk a little bit about, like, how you feel about the safety of Everest and, like, just like the trustworthiness of people, because they remember your telling me about the library. Could you just talk a little bit about that? Yeah, sure. So here. When you go, for example, you're working in the library and you want to go to dinner like, No, you wouldn't take all of your back people, literally. Just everything their own way had to be their passports in the bags, the laptops, the phones. It's really like anything. Just leave it on the table and go to dinner. Go to their room for a moment. To like anything and come back after three hours, Not like having left everything out. And still everything is there and everyone is doing. And actually, uh, so there's a lot of trustworthiness. And if there was, I think that I heard yesterday that there was once a laptop stolen uh, but then immediately, it's like and even going to the all the community laptop stolen. And it's a big deal. Big deal happens once it because it never happened, huh? And I think that's like just amazing because at home, sometimes I'm like, not even really trusting. When I quit work. Bye. What exactly? And I think that's a totally different or yesterday at a party. We just left their stuff on the table. Yeah, everyone like their phones, everything. And then I just sit like a random table at some point. And then I just looked on the table all the way there, like ten phones. Friend of people weren't sitting there, huh? Think that's crazy? You know, it is crazy. I remember once I, like, accidentally left my I've had and the library and like it all day, and, um, like no one took it, and it literally just like, random. I've had there all day, so yeah, I definitely feel like there's a great sense of trust and, like, security. Yeah. Who? I also start to like it. Like this. Yeah, I just started. I think yesterday we like, set in a shirt like circle on that test with people. And I wanted to see like this, understand? And then I just walked away and left everything behind. Yeah, it after, like, an hour realized. Oh, my phone is still in a group when they were already knew people sitting there. I need to like dive under this one guy's chair to get my phone. I'm sorry. It was kind of funny. Yeah. No, I mean, I think here definitely way are able to, like, just do what we need and like, you know, just be trust what we have. Do you have anything? Also add also, there's like trees being cut down. So sorry back. Okay. Do you have anything else? No, no, no. I just said I enjoyed the place. Okay. Thanks so much, Louis, that I buy. I'm currently on what we call affectionately the beach Emerse. There are not actually any of each of the numbers, but I think this is just a sarcastic, like, playful name that we made up for this space in the science center. It's really just a I don't know what I call it. It's kind of like a patio observation, that kind of deal. You can see the construction for the new science center behind me can see those two dorms again. King again is still on the right on. You have just a really nice view of the mountain range. People will come out here to study. Sometimes you can see there a few tables and chairs. I'm just really just like a great place to get some sun. If you ever want to get up early enough to see the sunrise, this is a good place to do it, um, on DH. It's really just a great hangout spot once the weather And finally, I would say study abroad is also a big factor because the way I have something after study abroad, there's just a lot of things I'm remembering. But study abroad is important just because your departments are usually very supportive and helping you achieve your meter requirements, but also the fact that financial aid will carry over and you're not expected to pay anymore, even if your programme costume or that is a big deal on last if you're interested in music. The fact that Immerse will pay for your music lessons if you are on financial aid and have had at least one music courses. Also really big perk. And I think all of these things are really the things that stand out to me on DH. In terms of other advice, I would just like to say that this is a really exciting time, you know, I'm graduating, too, so I'm going through the same emotions and I know it's difficulty. And like you might wonder what if? Like what if you choose something else. But I would really just say, Really try to find the best fits school for you really tried Teo. Think about what would be the place where you can grow the most rather than things like prestige, et cetera. And from there, you know, once they're they're just maximize your opportunities. Reach out to people, try to find a strong group. Just keep moving forward. You know, like you'll never know what happens if you had gone somewhere else. And that's okay. Like and making every decision you have, tio give something else up. But the the best thing to do is just to keep moving forward on DH Tio, enjoy what you did decide on and really really just take advantage of that time. And so I wish you all the best. Thank you so much for giving me the chance to show you my school in my community and best I wish Lee right now in the library, and I just wanted to ask her a few questions about her experience as well. And so to start off, could you tell me just a little bit about where you're from and what your major is? It's just basic details. Uh, my name is away, and I come from china. Um, I'm a math major here at Amherst College, and we're both seniors. So we banded together when we were trying Teo, finish our feces on. We created this sort of seminars for ourselves, which is really helpful. Uh, and so one of my first questions just could you describe our student body? And I think I guess they're seminars. A good testament to that. Like, we sort of try to come together. And our struggles, they work through them. I think that student body here series Ivers, and then people are willing to collaborate with each other and talk to each other instead of, you know, starting your own sort of private sphere. I think it's very good to have a community or like a group of friends who can share the struggles that you go through and then goes to the difficulties together. That's really a huge help. Yeah, yeah. Say, yeah. No, I think that's so important. I think that's also one of the challenges. A lot of every student's experience is actually finding that European. But I would definitely say that people are very open to, you know, you sitting down with them, even if you don't know them. Are Justin generally collaborating doing group were? Yeah, that's my freshman year, I think. Yeah, definitely. I think freshman year is the time to, like, really sit down with the wrong people, get to know them even afterwards, like people don't do it as much, but like you still can. And like like it's I think it's a good thing to do. Yeah, because they're new people every year. And, uh, next, Could you tell me a little bit about the academic climate here? May be specific to maths, and we both know that, um, I think the math department here is really great. I mean, every class is about, like, not exceeding forty students. So you get a lot of attention from professors and it's also the size is also like huge enough so that you can find a group of friends to work on problems that's together like me. And I took this class like a few classes actually. Together. Yeah, WeII formed study group so that we can work through the problems together and then built friendship along the way. Yeah, No, I think that's one of the great things about the math major is that, like people really do try to work together. It's like the night before the problems, that's why do we all like, panic together and and also the professors of their accessible like even if you want to go out like at a different time other than office hour, you'll be able to schedule time with the professor. And then, like now, they're willing to help you and guide you along the way. That my stuff? Yeah, but it's so important. Um and could you also tell me a little bit about what drew you to Emerson? The first place? Like what? I brought you here. Was it the things we just talked about? Was it something else? Actually, for me? Honestly, a huge bonus, Like a huge sort of thing that attracted me here. It's really like this guy knows. Oh, yeah. Oh, it's very it's not has nothing related to our study. But then it's very important because without with that financial burden all so much easier for you to really explore what you like in college and not be burdened by this back in the future. And also, I think, embraces. I think, Emery, What attracts me most at Amber's is really the no idea care in the process of education. Like you're not just being You're not just, like going through this process of learning a lot knowledge and skills that you need to survive in the future. But then there's a sort of element of humanistic care in a process that makes you feel no, really comfortable in the light, right? Not just like we're kind of going through this like chain. Yeah, people that's so true. And do you feel that, like, amorous was more difficult for you as an international student? Like what sort of things were in place to you? Help you feel more at home? Especially since I know like you didn't go home for a lot of break. Sometimes I think that must be hard. Yeah, Um, off course. So like there'll be a lot less like fewer people on campus during breaks like, like smaller brakes, like we have breaking news on spring break. But then I guess because I had some kind of international experience before coming to this, so culture shock wise is not that drastic. But there was there was a period of adjustment, but I was very happy to like the adjustment process is not. It's not painful. If I would say it's more sort of exploration and excitement. Yeah, yeah, no, that's good to hear. And I know like they have really good programming over a lot of the breaks. I know you like ice skating, maybe over over winter break. I remember over the summer, even they, like, took us hiking and got us ice cream and everything. So they really do try to, like, entertain us. No. And even if you're not international, I know some people still will stay like people from California. So that's that's really a benefit. Uh, and then last my question would be, Could you tell me your favorite and least favorite part of amorous? We could start with everyone. I guess maybe it's better to start with negative thing. And so we don't end on that. I think I didn't notice I didn't realize this before coming here. But I think with the least think that. But the thing that I like to think about amorous, it's really probably the location just is, uh, it's hard. It's like an hour's of two hours of driving from Boston. And there there is. There is hardly a lot of like you can really get to a lot of places conveniently without a car. And, um but on the flip side is also good because people get too concentrated. They don't have a lot of destruction from there. Yeah, that is very true. Yeah, I would say that it can be really annoying. Sometimes try to get a place in buses and everything and, like, you know, our closest airport isn't even in the state. It's in Connecticut with still forty five minutes away. But it's gonna be a lot of trouble if you want to sort of go back home like fight, fight, uh, even, like, go to job interviews. Oh, yeah, yeah, that's true. Which is which is good. Now that, like, you know, it's kind has been coming in. I feel like I've had so many interviews on Skype now, but then, also, it's like it's not too far away. It's like two hours still assed. Possible is's not super convenient as compared to others. I mean, city days. Yeah, like Harvard. You're already there. Uh, just like, basically, we have to kind of actively looking for a ride, especially if you're not trying to take the long bus ride. But it's nice because there is a lot of community around ride sharing, so you can always post Facebook groups, and your friends will always give you a ride if they're going so that it's really nice on the best of the best heart, Yes, the best time. And for me, it's really, I think, the professor to student relationship. I think that's very important in that either in preparing for your future or is it either like just focusing on the classes that I think that professor teacher student relationship really helped you in every aspect and helping you feel comfortable and also happy and sort of the learning process? Yeah, I definitely agree. I think the professor's like they really do. You get to know you and they like care about you. You know, like I'm professors. Just like and e mails will ask me how I am and like, you know what I did over spring break. It's not just like turning his home working out or something, you know? No, I don't think I would say that is one of the better things about Everest. Do you have anything else to add before way, Finisher? Uh, I think it's okay to say that. Okay, That sounds good. Thanks so much way. This just seemed like a classic college scene, so I went to get a shot of it. To my left is a freshman dorm called Stern's Into My Right is a freshman dorm called James, and that's actually my freshman dorm. Behind me is the art museum, and in front of me is the eyes, Johnson Chapel and right before us, it's just the quad, and everyone's hanging out because of that event I was telling you about earlier, and it just makes me happy to see everyone out here in the sun. Finally, after such a long winter. We're still in the library. We're checking out this exhibition that was created by a class, and it's called You Can't Read this book. So it's about basically books that have been banned, books that are like in gibberish. And we're currently looking at books that are basically art, so there are no words. And so this library is called Frost Library. And it's basically a space not only till it get your books and study, but like their exhibitions. Um, there were thesis write ins on the second floor, and they're a lot of meetings. I would say as well have there. Have you ever been to any special events in here? No. Yeah, this is meetings. It's true. I had my There's a cafe and I had my French thesis meetings in that cafe. Yeah, so yeah, it's the main library. It's nothing too fancy, but it is like a very central space, so you might be spending a lot of So we actually only have one main quad on campus, and that's the freshman Claude, which I'll take you to later. But we do have what is also called Val Quad, the quad in front of our dining hall, and that's right behind me. And you can see there's a huge ten being set up in the dining hall, just right there that we just left. And so sometimes big events will happen on this, caught as well. Anytime we have some sort of festival, there will be a bunch of tents out here. We have something called the Spring Festival and the Fall Festival, where the school will bring in vendors on DH. So there will be like things like elephant ears, Teo fries, basically a whole bunch of junk food that related to that season. And so that's a big community event. And right now we're setting up for a senior. And I I think it's called Senior Ball. And so there will be a lot of food jazz dancing tonight. Um, so that's just a little common space