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So I'm leaving the dining hall again, and I'm looking a little bit because I had forgotten to check the menu or grabbing go, and it had my favorite should put Layton payer at which is the kind of meat substitute its like not really like tofu. It's a little bit meteor, if you know what I mean. But I swiped a devout before I realized that there was this rap at grab and go. And so once you slip into one or the other, you can't go to the other one for lunch. So I had Teo resign myself for about two valve for lunch when there was this great option at grabbing go. So that is one thing to keep in mind. Even though you do have unlimited swipes at Val, there is this limitation between grab and go and bow. Okay, so I'm in the campus center now. I'm at the grab and go area. It's not open yet because it's not quite eleven. But I'm just gonna take you through and just show you a bit What it looks like this area is actually called sweats. And so, uh, during nights, you can get some fried foods from their desserts like cookies. They have really good fries and really good Cajun seasoning. Really good back and cheese slices. Well, but this is the area where people go for grabbing Go lunch on. So these two bridges are closed right now, but normally you get things like raps sandwiches. They recently come out with things like sushi and even pizza. So this is a good option if you need to get something quick. Tio, go. Thank you. Um, this is just a little dining space I actually likes ago here on the weekends to study. Sometimes because grabbing goes closed and it's just very quiet. Not a lot of people go here. And then across the way is just the post office where you can get your mail from your little mailbox or if you need to send a package or anything, you go there. And also, I forgot to mention the campus center does have a theater, so sometimes there will be a movie screenings, and that is one of the cases in which people will come here for events and You'll be happy to know that I did get my shit Pull a temp. I rot from yesterday that I was so sad. I didn't get I was at grand go earlier today and just got it since they were leftovers on DH. I've just been saving it since I had other food throughout the day. But I did realize that I forgot to tell you about our food plants and our meal plans. I mean, just because it's so basic. Amherst. There are really only two options. It's either the full male plan, so free meals a day, unlimited swipes, Um, or there is a second option after your freshman year, where you get two meals a day and you have a certain amount of cut it a month. Schweppes the A place that serves, you know, some of the more comfort foods at night and also Frost Cafe, which is that cafe in the library that has snacks and coffee and things like that on DSO. Those air the three. Those are the two different options that you'll encounter. Amherst There is sort of a third option, which would be either of which would be a being off the meal plan basically, but that's very difficult to dio I amorous like you do have to have some sort of reason to be off the meal plan. But there is also a culture house that is almost like a co op where people cook meals together on DH, so that could be an option for us. Well, after your freshman year, you could apply for this house if you're feeling. But the campus isn't serving your needs or if you're really passionate about food and want to have a sort of community where you are sharing