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Behind me right now. That little tiny building over there is our chapel on the chapel is really cool. It is originally from Sprock SED in England, and they disassembled it brick by brick and brought it to Baker's campus in the nineties. I'll give you a little bit more history when we step inside. So this is our chapel. It's super beautiful. You can see the stained glass windows on this side. Um, it's it's so pretty. It's my favorite building on campus. For sure. It was uprooted from sparks in England and disassembled brick by brick and brought to Baker's campus. Ous, I mentioned earlier, and we have chapel services here every Thursday. They're optional of for students. They're not required. You don't get fined if you don't go nothing like that. But there's no class during that time, and most groups and things won't have you meet then so that you have the option to go to Chapel. If that's something that you would be excited about, there's also free lunch afterwards, which is really fun. I'm in the union. My friend Zach is back here and he's studying lots of students studying union. We have a baker. Orange wall is, oranges are color. There are more students studying over here. Wow. Wow. And we also have these study rooms where you can reserve them and study with your friends. Got a big test or a group project? That's a good place to study. So yeah, There's coffee. Its a coffee. Stand over here. Way. Serve Starbucks coffee sales. Have energy drinks, candy bars. What kind of stuff? Here's my friend Drew Cook. Hello. Say hi. Drew to the people who's my friend and he runs cross country Ideo Baker. So do you like it? Elevator? I'm so glad. So I'm Empoli, um and behind me is our newspaper classroom. Uh, this is a building that I spent a lot of time in. As I'm a mass media major. There's also radio lab and TV station in here. It's a super nice buildings. So no, thank you. Up to the next floor and show you pull him two hundred, which is a classic baker classroom size s o. I talked about and maybe our biggest lecture hall. But this is a typical size lecture hall. So welcome to pull him two hundred. This classroom is about thirty desks. I literally have almost every class in here because some of media major and this is one of the classrooms in this building. It's pretty nicer bunch desks. This classroom is little holds of those chalkboard, and but, yeah, this is another one of our economic buildings. So this is another one of Baker's presidential connections. This is the Taft Bridge, and it sounds exactly like it is. It was named after President Taft. And when tact came to visit Baker, he was coming here to give the first speech on world peace the any U. S president had ever given. Um, and they dedicated this bridge to him. The kind of built it up reinforced to his little scrawny bridge before because he was one of our largest presidents, and then he never washed cross the bridge. Hi campus serial. I am Lily, and I am a Mass media major here at Baker University. The beautiful university I am about to take you on a tour. Oh, I'm originally from Snohomish, Washington. And I found my way over to Kansas after some convincing for sure. But once I got on campus, I immediately fell in love with it. Everything here is incredible. The community here is amazing. That's what ultimately made me decide to go to Baker. Um, so I'm going to show you around our beautiful campus and let you get to know the people here would let you get to know our traditions, our buildings, all that kind of stuff. Um, and I'm so glad Hello, campus. Real friends. I'm back with this, uh, young man over here. What's your name, sir? Hi there. I'm Liam Barnes, being a sophomore. Originally come from Highlands of Scotland. And why did you choose Baker? Would you choose to go here? I personally chose Baker as Baker showed a lot of interest in me when I was tryingto get recruited. And I want to carry on my academics on DH to also run a cz well on DH. So Baker's a great academic on DH athletic program. So here I am. Very cool. And if you could, like, describe the student body, a baker and a few words, what would you describe it as, um, enthusiastic, Determined on loving cool. And then what is thie economic climate in your major? And why'd you choose Avenger? I personally and chose my majors. I'm doing education. I chose education because it's always being something that I was really interested. Me, I really want to be a teacher. And the kids be teaching kids is just something that I think really passionate about. Um, and I believe that physical education is important part of, uh, children's growth on I think it needs to be more. I think it needs to be given more, uh, reputation and want to service. And what's the P program like Baker? I would say it's pretty, uh, really strong. We have Ah, it's it's run by a Dr Edwards. She's a great adviser, and currently I'm actually working in hole in elementary school, working very closely with teachers there on getting to really experience there. So I feel that that's, uh that's really cool. Cool. Well, let's keep walking as you answer the last question. What is your favorite and least favorite part about school? Uh, least favorite part about school is there aren't enough hours in the day. I feel like, okay, to do fun things to do fun things on, then. Also, you have a lot of student athletes on campus on a lot of love, and it takes up a lot of time, I'd say, and you know, when you know when you know, working out or doing other things, you're most likely in the library or in the union studying or homework. So yeah, I'm my favorite thing about Baker is the baker community the family that we have here? Yeah. So It's a great, great place, Tio to live and learn So live and learn a great place to live in Learn here that sign off. This is Leon Bronstein. Peace out.