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So this is our number in there. Yeah, that is our athletic complex. And now I'm just walking towards where a lot of students live. Uh, I really like living on lower. Can't basically puts me in the center of a lot of life. Makes it a lot easier. Teo, be active in going football games hockey because we're So right now, I'm in the Claude that's in between gas and Devlin's Lions and Fulton. There aren't too many students around right now because it class just started. So everyone's either in class or doing whatever they are going to be doing in their break. But this is one of the nicer areas. Definitely. When it's nice or you'll see people, um, sitting out on the grass are sitting on this, uh, would area are on the benches and it's just a nice way to, like meet up with your friends and hang out in between classes. There's a saying that people say to remember it. It's like Doug Flutie loves girls. I think is what it is. And this is just a really nice area where people like to hang out when it's nice outside, they you always see a bunch of people walking around and sitting This is Higgins, which is where a lot of our science classes are held is, I think a very pretty building to be inside of, um, we'll do a lot of studying in here between classes. Um, hang out those chairs. Just a really nice place to be in here is something that has to do with science. There's a lot going on down there. I know that we have a lot of, uh, really good lab space and technology. They don't know anything specific about it at all, but I know that we do have really good premed in nursing programs here, so it's So right now I'm standing right outside of the plex with it, which is a B C's Jim on Main campus. There's also a smaller one on the Newton campus. If your freshmen and you have to live there, but next year they're going to be finished with the new gym. So any of you people who are thinking of applying are going to have that Jim, and it's super nice where they're building it right now. It's gonna be airconditioned. Um, but this is the gym right now. If you're going to transfer something like that, they have a bunch of classes available for free for students at the plaques. And they also have a ton of machines and free weights for whatever you want to do with Jim. And this is just what it looks like from the outside, right? Dog. What is your favorite and least favorite part about campus and why? Fairpark campuses. That is big enough that you can find so many different activities to do. At the same time, you could escape to your own little niche that you wanted to get away from it. If you're finally crowd, that you don't really fit in. So I'm feeling has so much to offer and so much things. Teo, get away from it the same time. What things I hate about campus is all of the hells Oh my God, It hurts so much every day to walk up to a thousand dollars a million dollars in case we got stares and stares, Hells and hills. So this is my ape, man. A sophomores get to live in Sweet. So we each have a double room and then a little messy right now. I have a nice large bathroom. Wait. Yeah, Wait so Friday. Yeah, This is right, man. So right now we're inside gas in which is a really tall, pretty building that I that's you're gonna love our brochures and things. Um, this is the center. He's a statue, and it's very pretty. I enjoyed a lot. It's quiet in here right now, but this is where I take a lot of my class. And, uh, this is the room that people studying. It's it's dark and but it's like, really quiet, like kind of a places you don't know about. So yeah, that's like a really good place to study from here. This building's really pretty from the inside and Hi. My name is Sam Regan, and I'm a sophomore at Boston College. I'm currently studying English communications, and I have a minor in American studies. And I'm going to take you guys on a tour today, just by average day where I like to eat, work out, take my classes. Um, things like that's my favorite spot on campus. Should be good. Um, yeah. So let's get started. So right now I'm standing outside of gas in which is probably the most famous building on campus. Um, everyone loves take pictures in front of it. It's really pretty. And in here, you'll just have, uh, arrangement of different classes. I had my perspectives class in here. You can have discussions in here. Like, basically, any class that doesn't have a designated building for it could potentially be in this building. Uh, this is what the outside of the building looks like. That is the top of gas in with the infamous gas and Graham. And then it's just the same on both sides. So this is the first word. There is kind of a library section over there people can study in. And this is what it looks like when you walk in from the side. But if you walk in from the front, um, this is that you get So there's a nice little sculpture over there about on each side Yeah. Conference room here, and then this's the other door. Fickle library. Go down, both of youse there just a few classes, but so on the first floor, there are few classrooms, but not that many if you have class and gas, and it'll probably be on either the second or third floor, which are set up basically the same, and their third floor also has like a lounge area where people can sometimes sit and do work. They're just stares on either side. The building has watts an hour later, and if you're just not feeling it, just classrooms along each of these walls and as well as on the other side. It's kind of like, um, H shaped so that in this hall they're just pretty much bathrooms and of you into the little the area that I should No. So this is what it looks like when you walk outside of gas in and this is London Lane. So you're gonna walk down this during commencement and then also for graduations was nice, wayto kind of book. All right. Hey, guys. So I'm here with Ben right now. Do you want to introduce yourself? I'm Ben Caruso, my biology major, on the few men track and a sophomore here house. Okay, so why did you choose to come to BC? I chose to come to the sea? Because it was a great academic atmosphere. Um, along with d one competitive sports that you could go to watch every season. Okay, so how would you describe the student body here? B C student body here is very driven. Everyone was career oriented, but also fine time for extracurricular activities. Okay, so what are some of the clubs that you're involved in? One of the clubs that I'm involved in Boston College Med Life. It stands for medicine, education and development for low income families everywhere. And what we do in the club. We go Teo Less fortunate countries such as Peru and Ecuador. And you work in a mobile clinic and pass out medicine and give physicals to common people. Okay, so kind of along the same lines. But how would you describe the academic climate here? B C Very competitive, everyone. It's not cutthroat competitive, but everyone's looking for their career and career. Right. Okay, so you said that it's competitive, but would you still say that people are willing to give you help if you need it? Like other students in your boss's? Yeah, definitely. Students are always looking out for each other. Especially like your friends. You could help each other with homework, and some of the professors even encourage that. Okay, so, lastly, um, what would you say is your favorite and least favorite part of Boston College? I'd say my favorite part of Boston College is definitely the homey atmosphere that surrounds this campus. There's so many great people here in Flint, professors and people you meet. Okay, So what's your least favorite part about? Boston College? Bye. Part Howard. Lovely. Happiness that's surrounds a lot of the students. I go here. Um, everyone needs to have Patagonia. What's serious? Never call me timberlands for being boots. No, I can get expensive. Yeah, you don't have the money. Do you think that even if you don't have those, like, is there pressure that you feel like you won't fit in a little bit? I'd say there's definitely a little bit of pressure to fit in with the crowd and have all those nice things. But also, no one's going to judge you if you don't. Yeah. All right. So thanks for telling me a little bit about, um, your experience here at B. C. I think you have anything. Last advice, Tio. Freshman study hard. Uh, first semester. I didn't do too well, so don't worry too much. If you don't feel well, just put into overdrive next month. Cool. Thanks. Fred and I were at the night game tailgates A lot of fun. Everyone say hi. BC REV Indiana Game How are we tonight? Oh, yeah, So right now I'm walking through BCS main academic campus. As you can see behind me there are lots of pre buildings and green space, Anya. Because you just introduce yourself for me and explain why you chose to come to D. C. It would. So my name is Mark Mendez. I'm a senior Boston College and I wanted to be campus playschool huge sports team. You know, the great life like everybody wants. That's why I came here. So I do most of my studying in this library O'Neill just because I enjoy it, but there's tons of different places you can study you can go into classrooms on was a little study in the dining hall's There's like al coves there, a little bit quieter on. And then all the dorms have, like big nice lounges. People who study in groups and, like talk and socialize little bit, which is really nice freshman year. Uh, it's not from here, too, but it's not his promise because, you know, freshman year and you just, like, go in the hall into your homework. And it's really a good way to meet people when you're stressed. Because colleges, you know, like a lot in the beginning, but still like being social and feeling like you're meeting on people having a good time. Um, so right now we're at one of our more popular use. I guess you could say which is You can see, um, our stadium behind me. And like a few of the buildings in Boston way, call this like the million dollars Tears. I guess they've cost a lot of money there. Like he threw something so There's no ice in them in the winter, but they're like seven flights of stairs on campus, that's for sure. But I don't mind it. Um, and yeah, so that's our football stadium, which we spend a lot of time, especially in the fall. It's a lot of fun going to games tailgating get all dressed up in school spirit. And, um, as I said, you can see Boston Mayor wishes really cool that we're weaken, just just barely see, like some the taller buildings. But, um, it's really cool that we're, like, removed from the city but have like, our own space, Um, which I like a lot. You can go in whenever you want, actually volunteer in the city at, uh, tutoring center, which is like a lot of fun. So I go in the city twice a week. Uh, and it's like, really accessible. So right now I'm walking down the million dollars stairs, which is sort of a running joke on campus where these stairs cost, uh, about a million dollars to build because they're heated or something's. There's never ice and I'm in the winter, but their what connects academic campus to lower campus, which is like the center of student cultural life there's that's well, stadium Football stadium athletic complex, two of our dining halls and almost all upperclassmen lived down So right now, I'm in the largest lecture hall on campus, which is this size, and there's like a big board and the processions there with the microphone. I've had one class in here, and it was like it was still really interactive because it's still a pretty small room and comparison. Do I think some schools? Oh, but yeah. So if you take any intro crosses that are really popular, they might be in a classroom like this. But I don't know. I didn't mind it. Thiss one is actually in Devlin, which is where our A lot of people here say they love the architecture of all the buildings are so pretty and nice inside. Um just makes everything just really pleasant place to spend time, you know? You know that Crane's doing here, but Hi. So right now I'm at the reservoir, which is just a short walk from campus. And it's a great place to exercise. Walk by, just do some of the hat, just bring your campus, which is so nice. So that's where I am right now. So this is just of you. The quad in front of our library. Um, coming outside of gas in That is a really nice day. It's not that easy. But this is gorgeous. So I wanna bring you over to our Molina are stairs where you can see baseballs. Hi, guys. I'm with Beatrice. Yes. You introduce yourself. Hi. My name is Beatrice. I'm majoring in business mining in international studies and Chinese. And I'm rooming with McKenna this year. Yeah. Um, okay, so why did you choose to come here? So I was looking at a lot of competitive business schools, and Boston College is really stood out to me. So that's one of the main reasons why I chose B C. And then also because coming from Houston, I kind of wanted to explore a new area, and the Northeast just seemed like a great option, especially Boston. Cool. How do you describe the student body here? PC, I'd say the student body, It's you really? It's really what you make of it. You can find all sorts of people, people that you like, people that you don't like, but I think everyone's really nice. Everyone's really, like, involved in a lot of things. That smell which makes, like your friends, friend groups like, really dynamics and makes it a lot of fun. All right, cool. So you are to send your major, but how would you describe the academic climate here? PC, I'd say it's definitely very competitive. People are always trying tio, maybe do a few more things than someone else, just to kind of look better. But it's also very. It's also a very strong community in the sense in all of your group projects, we really see like how people try to work together. So it's a competitive, but also helpful. Yeah. Okay, So what are your favorite parts is, I think my favorite parts are how my favorite part is, definitely how many clubs on activities who can get involved with like I'm in the corral, which is our big choir. And I never did choir in high school, so that has definitely been fun. Then I'm also part of the Spoon University chapter, which is like a food blogger, which is also great. So, yeah, definitely all the clubs where you can meet people and make friends. All right, what's your least favorite part? That's my least favorite part would definitely have to be Maybe the lack of diversity, even though every year it seems to be getting more and more divers. But definitely that because my I'm originally Spanish. So that's been a little weird, not meaning that many people that are Spanish. But you still, as I said before, it's getting more and more divers every year and you still meet great So right now, I'm on the fourth floor. Our library. It's one of three libraries, actually, but it's the biggest studying because there are just tons of space, tons of different kinds of ways to say, uh and the librarians, her really like If you ever need anything, you just look something up. I know there's tons of books. Tons of resource is like they can get it for you really quickly. It's really helpful research papers of any kind like history. English like you have to some rebelscause, especially for Arts and Sciences. So this library isn't really one that is shown on the typical tour because isn't has pretty. It's our other one. Looks like a hog words I like. I like it a lot better in here. It's a lot brighter. Um, just one more space. There's a lot more resource is as faras computers, and it's called Wipe Raids were really helpful. And it's twenty four hours so I can study just whatever is best for you. It was really nice. So this is the reservoir, which is right near B C campus. You can see gas in the background of some cranes. They're going into the construction on a new athletic complex. It's just a really great place to run. Walk. It's exercise. I really enjoy it. Uh, gives me an escape from, you know, the city campus. Five. You know, it's very close. How do you feel about a little lost? I mean Rose's comeback. Next, tell it again. All right, everybody's had to learn a sport and game. Okay, so right now I'm standing right outside of Dublin Hall, which is one of the academic buildings on campus. This is probably the building that I have most of my classes in. Just because I'm an environmental studies major and a lot of the environmental classes are in this building as well. They're also there's also, um, a giant lecture hall that, like any random class, Khun B in there was, like, an economics class, a psychology class in that, um, room last year. So that's really for any subject. But most of the other, um, environmental classes, if you're gonna take them, are gonna be in this building. Additionally, this is the building that you come. Teo, when you come, if you're going to tour the campus, this is where you're going to meet and have the first little section of your tour. So this is just the outside of the building. It's pretty standard. Um, it's really nice. And they just renovated the inside of the building, So I'll show you that now. So this is what it looks like when you walk in. This is where you'd meet. If you're going on a tour, Um there bathroom's back there. The stairs are right. Tear right as you walk in, and they're just more offices and, um, rooms like that in that room. There's a class going on right now, but that's the giant lecture hall. So, um, one of my friends has his forgo clause in there, so that's just election home for any large losses at BC. And then there are more classrooms down this way, and they're still renovating it. So that's why they're these, like tape on things, their water fountains and more bathrooms on the basement, for so they're just more bathrooms here on the second floor, there's another class right there. There are some office is over here, and then this is where a lot of the environmental studies offices are, as well as some of the lab rooms and other classrooms for different. So yet the third floor is basically the same as the second floor, with the same general set up and So right now, I'm inside Stokes, which is one of buildings. That house is most of our humanities. I think classes. So it's like most m cat English history on that much other random classes. Um, a lot of her constantly housed by apartment. Um, what Anyways, this is what a typical clashing looks like. That's about thirty people. I'd say I have most of their classes in rooms like this as an English calm major. And I think that a lot of people with similar majors and people who are in Lynch could say the same. I said, the only classes that get really big here are like our core history classes, science classes and, like the beginning, classes for the pre med or business class is those our own bigger lecture halls. But those never really exceed like a hundred students. So this is Higgins, which is where a lot of science courses are. It's one of our newer buildings. There's tons of really good technology, but it gets pretty and this is a really good place to study with Some nice natural light. Could place also be social between classes. I don't know. I like this room a lot. I love these chairs. It's just a very pleasant place So I am currently in only a library, which is my favorite library study, because it's one of our biggest. There's, like tons of space tons of salads. Right now, Me and Katie say hi. We're on the third floor, which is where the floor is that you can talk when it gets quiet as you go helps. There's like a lot of different options for how you like to study, so we're just gonna be here for the next day before our next class. I mean, Elise are walking to the plex right now to do a little exercise before class. Um, we're on lower campus right now, which is like where a lot of the upperclassmen live. And it's also where we have tailgates and things. Over here is the mod lot. And then behind that is the mods, which is where a lot of seniors live. It's like the really coveted housing for seniors and it's where are really fun. Tailgates are but twenty one to go, so I don't know anything about it. But I've seen snapshots and it looks awesome and I'm very excited for that and a So right now we're in the athletic complex, ABC, which is way. Call the Flash. I actually work here as a ref, er in Real Bible and meet my friends Play in a moral sports. We actually just lost our first boy ball game to say hi from him. Practice Tomorrow night. We'll be here for a vial for